Impressionists in London

French Artists in Exile

Author: Caroline Corbeau-Parsons

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

ISBN: 9781849765244

Category: Artists

Page: 272

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This title charts the story of the French artists who took refuge in London during and after the devastating Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune. Following these traumatic events there was a creative flourishing in London as the exiles responded to British culture and social life - regattas, processions, parks, and of course the Thames.

The Impressionist and the City

Pissarro's Series Paintings

Author: Richard R. Brettell,Joachim Pissarro

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300053509

Category: Art

Page: 230

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Camille Pissarro is perhaps best known for the landscape paintings of his early career, yet in the final decade of his life (1893-1903) he began to depict urban scenes and his paintings from this period, of Paris, Rouen and the busy ports of Dieppe and Le Havre formed an important component of his artistic output. At this time Pissarro, like Monet, started to work on canvases in series, ofthen pointing several simultaneously and discarding one temporarily when the light, the weather or his mood altered. He started all of them at the scene and worked with extraordinary speed and deftness.

The Age of the Avant-Garde


Author: Hilton Kramer

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412813859

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 588

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Hilton Kramer, well known as perhaps the most perceptive, courageous, and influential art critic in America, is also the founder and co-editor (with Roger Kimball) of The New Criterion. This comprehensive book collects a sizable selection of his early essays and reviews published in Artforum, Commentary, Arts Magazine, The New York Review of Books, and The Times, and thus constituted his first complete statement about art and the art world. The principal focus is on the artists and movements of the last hundred years: the Age of the Avant-Garde that begins in the nineteenth century with Realism and Impressionism. Most of the major artists of this rich period, from Monet and Degas to Jackson Pollock and Claes Oldenburg, are discussed and often drastically revaluated. A brilliant introductory essay traces the rise and fall of the avant-garde as a historical phenomenon, and examines some of the cultural problems which the collapse of the avant-garde poses for the future of art. In addition, there are chapters on art critics, museums, the relation of avant-garde art to radical politics, and on the growth of photography as a fine art. This collection is not intended to be the last word on one of the greatest as well as one of the most complex periods in the history of the artistic imagination. The essays and reviews gathered here were written in response to particular occasions and for specific deadlines--in the conviction that a start in the arduous task of critical revaluation needed to be made, not because a critical theory prescribed it but because our experience compelled it!

Gardner's Art Through the Ages: A Concise Global History

Author: Fred S. Kleiner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285402235

Category: Education

Page: 656

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GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES: A CONCISE GLOBAL HISTORY has been written from the ground up to create a one-semester, student-friendly introduction to art history, while retaining the impeccable reliability and scholarship of GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES. This beautifully illustrated third edition has been updated to make it easier than ever for your students to master the material. New features include a chapter dedicated to contemporary art worldwide, coverage of many new images, hundreds of images that have been upgraded for clarity and color-fidelity, chapter features that add cultural context, and much more. A comprehensive, integrated set of online resources brings course content to life, providing students with the tools they need to excel in your class, regardless of their particular learning styles. GARDNER's has built its stellar reputation on the inclusion of the most significant images and monuments, discussions of these images in their full historical and cultural contexts, reproductions of unsurpassed quality, scholarship that is up-to-date and deep, the consistent voice of a single storyteller, reliability, and more online help for students and instructors than any other art survey text. CourseMate, the online learning environment that can be used on its own or as an LMS-specific course cartridge, provides an interactive experience for exploration, study, and development of critical-thinking skills. It includes an interactive eBook, all images included within the text, an expanded video section, audio resources, image flashcards, a printable Slide Guide suitable for note-taking, and much more. Dynamic lecture tools will save instructors time in preparing for class and in personalizing their lectures--a Digital Image Library with full zoom capabilities, side-by-side comparison tools, and Google Earth integration. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Edgar Degas

The Last Landscapes

Author: Columbus Museum of Art,Ny Carlsberg glyptotek

Publisher: Merrell Pub Limited


Category: Art

Page: 127

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The great French Impressionist Edgar Degas (1834-1917) is best known for his images of Parisian life-for his superb renditions of cafe society, the ballet, and horse racing-and for his intimate interior scenes of bathing women. As this beautifully illustrated book reveals, however, he also maintained a lifelong interest in landscape subjects that until now has gone largely unrecognized. Despite taunting his friend Henri Rouart for "painting on the edge of a cliff," commenting "painting is not a sport," his love of this genre inspired him to create many paintings, pastels, and prints; it was, after all, the theme that the fifty-eight-year-old artist chose for his only solo show in France.

Urban Avant-Gardes

Art, Architecture and Change

Author: Malcolm Miles

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113450005X

Category: Design

Page: 288

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Urban Avant-Gardes presents original research on a range of recent contemporary practices in and between art and architecture giving perspectives from a wide range of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences that are seldom juxtaposed, it questions many assumptions and accepted positions. This book looks back to past avant-gardes from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries examining the theoretical and critical terrain around avant-garde cultural interventions, and profiles a range of contemporary cases of radical cultural practices. The author brings together material from a wide range of disciplines to argue for cultural intervention as a means to radical change, while recognizing that most such efforts in the past have not delivered the dreams of their perpetrators. Distinctive in that it places works of the imagination in the political and cultural context of environmentalism, this book asks how cultural work might contribute to radical social change. It is equally concerned with theory and practice - part one providing a theoretical framework and part two illustrating such frameworks with examples.

Art in Exile

Polish Painters in Post-war Britain

Author: Douglas Hall

Publisher: Sansom & Company

ISBN: 9781904537663

Category: Art

Page: 395

View: 402


'Art in Exile' is about a body of painters who have generally been margenalised by British art historians - the Polish exiles from war and persecution who made their homes and careers in Britain before or after 1939.

Impressionist London

Author: Eric Shanes

Publisher: N.A


Category: Impressionism (Art)

Page: 184

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Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro fled from war-torn France to London in 1870 and produced some of their most appealing work in the city, during both that visit and later sojourns. Alfred Sisley created some of his finest and most lovely pictures just outside London, finding particular inspiration in the regattas that took place at Hampton Court