Another Day in the Frontal Lobe

A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside

Author: Katrina Firlik

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: 0812973402

Category: Medical

Page: 271

View: 3144


Presents a memoir by a neurosurgeon, describing the tools in the operating room, the tough ethical dilemmas confronting doctors, some of the author's most bizarre cases, trends in the field, and possible advances on the horizon.

Becoming Dr. Q

My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon

Author: Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520949609

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 4719


Today he is known as Dr. Q, an internationally renowned neurosurgeon and neuroscientist who leads cutting-edge research to cure brain cancer. But not too long ago, he was Freddy, a nineteen-year-old undocumented migrant worker toiling in the tomato fields of central California. In this gripping memoir, Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa tells his amazing life story—from his impoverished childhood in the tiny village of Palaco, Mexico, to his harrowing border crossing and his transformation from illegal immigrant to American citizen and gifted student at the University of California at Berkeley and at Harvard Medical School. Packed with adventure and adversity—including a few terrifying brushes with death—Becoming Dr. Q is a testament to persistence, hard work, the power of hope and imagination, and the pursuit of excellence. It’s also a story about the importance of family, of mentors, and of giving people a chance.

Into the Magic Shop

A neurosurgeon's true story of the life-changing magic of compassion and mindfulness

Author: James Doty

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444786202

Category: Medical

Page: 288

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James Doty grew up in California, deeply poor, with an alcoholic father and an invalid mother who tried to commit suicide. His life was a dead end until the summer he was 12, when he stumbled into the Cactus Rabbit Magic Shop looking for a plastic thumb. Inside he encountered Ruth, who gave him a series of practices designed to ease his suffering and manifest his desires. Her final mandate was that he make sure to keep his heart open and to teach these techniques to others. Jim would go on to put Ruth's practices to work and experience extraordinary results - power, wealth, and expensive habits. But he neglects to mind Ruth's instruction to keep his heart open with disastrous results - until he has the opportunity to make a spectacular charitable contribution that will virtually ruin him. Part memoir, part science, part inspiration, and part practical instruction, Into the Magic Shop shows us the extraordinary things that happen when we harness the power of both the brain and the heart

When the Air Hits Your Brain: Tales from Neurosurgery

Author: Frank Vertosick

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393344029

Category: Medical

Page: 272

View: 1609


The story of one man's evolution from naive and ambitious young intern to world-class neurosurgeon. With poignant insight and humor, Frank Vertosick Jr., MD, describes some of the greatest challenges of his career, including a six-week-old infant with a tumor in her brain, a young man struck down in his prime by paraplegia, and a minister with a .22-caliber bullet lodged in his skull. Told through intimate portraits of Vertosick’s patients and unsparing yet fascinatingly detailed descriptions of surgical procedures, When the Air Hits Your Brain—the culmination of decades spent struggling to learn an unforgiving craft—illuminates both the mysteries of the mind and the realities of the operating room.

A Mindful Life

A Brain Surgeon's Personal Experiences and Philosophical Reflections on Living Fully

Author: Vivekanand Palavali

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780977731107

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 129

View: 1495


BEFORE YOU FACE DEATH, FIND LIFE. What if you had to potentially face death every day? You might just look at your own life quite differently. By working to cheat death with every medical means at his disposal, neurosurgeon Dr. Vivekanand Palavali has put forward a new way to live. Welcome to the world of a neurosurgeon -- a world ripped apart by horrifying accidents, brain tumors, gunshots and strokes. Dr. Palavali immerses you in the grief and triumph of families struggling to deal with parents, children and spouses on the verge of death. In a series of powerful true stories, he walks you through his own awakening to the fragility of life. By overcoming his own fear of death, a journey he openly shares in the pages of this amazing book, Dr. Palavali has been given unique insights on life. His message of how to find and keep real happiness is both uplifting and vital in a world that seems increasingly beyond comprehension.

Crinkle Nose

Author: M. D. Ph. D. Andrew Freese

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457512315


Page: 152

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Crinkle Nose is a fictional novel that introduces Alex, an idealistic young college graduate about to enter his first year at Harvard Medical School, filled with optimism and naivety about his chosen profession. Medical School, however, teaches Alex many lessons about reality and life, and in the process, he discovers his inner self and his own complex motivations. He becomes torn by his affection for two women, who happen to be close friends, but who are polar opposites. One of them, Eileen, is a sexual, fiery coal-haired seductress and fellow medical student, and the other, Mary, a sexually repressed, seemingly innocent, but cold-hearted management trainee. As Alex progresses through his years as a medical student, this novel juxtaposes his emotional, physical and spiritual growth with his divided loyalties to these two women. In the end, Alex is left wondering whether love can prevail and overcome betrayal and pain. Andrew Freese is a neurosurgeon in the Philadelphia area. After graduating with a combined M.D. and Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he completed a Neurosurgery residency and fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Following this, he served on the faculties of several universities and medical schools, culminating in his position as Chairman of Neurosurgery at the University of South Carolina. He is now in private practice with additional academic appointments, and recently founded a spine and consumer products technology company, FreeseTEC. He has authored hundreds of papers and abstracts, several books on clinical neurosciences, and multiple patents. He has lectured throughout the world on his pioneering work in the field of gene therapy for neurological diseases, including the world's first successful human gene therapy trial for a neurological disease, Canavan Disease. He has been featured in numerous popular press articles and television shows, including Dateline. Dr. Freese has four children, the oldest of whom is a student at Harvard, and the other three at a private school in the Philadelphia area. He has participated in the care of approximately 20,000 patients and has performed about 5,000 surgical procedures.

If I Get to Five

What Children Can Teach Us About Courage and Character

Author: Fred Epstein,Josh Horwitz

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466855274

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

View: 9312


A world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon shares the lessons of courage, compassion, and resilience that he's learned from his exceptional young patients If I Get to Five is a one-of-a-kind book by a one-of-a-kind human being. The medical world knows him as Fred Epstein, M.D., the neurosurgeon who pioneered life-saving procedures for previously inoperable tumors in children. His patients and their families know him simply as Dr. Fred, the "miracle man" who has extended them both a healing hand and an open heart. "I simply can't accept the idea of kids dying," is how Epstein explains his commitment to saving patients. As a child, he had to overcome severe learning disabilities to realize his dream of becoming a doctor. Later, as the world's leading pediatric neurosurgeon, he did whatever it took to rescue children that other doctors had given up on. Epstein credits his young patients as his most important teachers. "We tend to think of children as fragile, little people," he writes. "To me, they're giants." If I Get to Five relates the unforgettable experiences he's shared with children-lessons in courage, compassion, love, and hope-that we can all draw on to overcome adversity at any stage of life. In If I Get to Five, Epstein meditates on these lessons at a time when they parallel his own experiences, as he recovers from a near-fatal head injury. If I Get to Five is a riveting profile of courage and compassion. No one who reads this remarkable book will ever look at children-or adversity-in the same way.

Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques


Author: Laligam N. Sekhar,Richard Glenn Fessler

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 1604067705

Category: Medical

Page: 1074

View: 3433


Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Brain presents the current information on how to manage diseases and disorders of the brain. Ideal as a reference for review in preparation for surgery, this atlas features succinct discussion of pathology and etiology that helps the reader gain a firm understanding of the underlying disease and conditions. The authors provide step-by-step descriptions of surgical techniques, clearly delineating the indications and contraindications, the goals, the operative preparation and anesthesia, and postoperative management. Common complications of techniques are also emphasized. Over 900 illustrations aid the rapid comprehension of the surgical procedures described in the text.Highlights: Clear descriptions of the surgical management of aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, occlusive and hemorrhagic vascular diseases, tumors, lesions, pain disorders, trauma, infections, and more Detailed discussion of disease pathology, etiology, and differential diagnosis Concise outlines of indications, contraindications, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each technique illuminate the rationale behind surgical management More than 900 illustrations, including 684 in full-color, demonstrate key concepts Sections on the latest techniques in stereotactic and minimally invasive surgery This companion volume to Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Spine and Peripheral Nerves is an essential reference for all neurosurgeons and residents seeking the current information on state-of-the-art techniques in brain surgery.


Father of Modern Neurosurgery

Author: M. D. Larry Rogers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781633931138

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 544

View: 540


M. Gazi Yasargil: Father of Modern Neurosurgery describes Professor Yasargil developing a means of reducing the mortality rates associated with the deadliest of brain pathologies from thirty percent in the mid-1960s to less than two percent. It required not only a vastly redesigned microscope, but an array of new surgical instruments, even a new way of thinking. 1967 witnessed neurosurgeons flocking to Zurich from around the world to learn his method. Yasargil possessed a truly amazing surgical talent, but his brand of microneurosurgery allowed even the lesser skilled to achieve stunning results if the requisite laboratory-hours to master the method were observed. Yasargil's life and times were as dramatic and challenging as microneurosurgery was important. He was born in a cave in rural east Turkey as his parents were held at gunpoint by outlaws determined to challenge the new government in Ankara. At eighteen, with his family's hearts in their throats, he was off to Vienna to study medicine. But when Nazi police suspected him of being a Jew, he was not allowed to register for classes. But instead of returning to Turkey defeated, he chose to push into Germany where he bargained enrollment as a first year medical student. From 1943 to 1945 he was harassed by Hitler's police as a potential spy. Headstrong, confident-he typically made matters worse. The bombs killing some of his classmates were dropped from British and American aircraft. Since this story contains as much history and adventure as medical triumph, a brief glossary of medical terms make it accessible to anyone reading at the high school level.

Neurosurgery Practice Questions and Answers

Author: Mark Shaya,Remi Nader

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 160406529X

Category: Medical

Page: 240

View: 2104


Neurosurgery Practice Questions and Answers will test your knowledge of the important topics appearing in the neurosurgery board exam. The questions cover bread and butter neurosurgery, as well as the molecular basis of neurologic disease and critical care concerns. Explanations for each answer help you review key concepts. Highlights: Mirrors the multiple-choice question format of the board exam Organizes questions randomly, not by topic, to simulate the board exam Features questions that require interpretation of more than 100 radiologic images and intraoperative photographs Residents preparing for the neurosurgery board exam, as well as established neurosurgeons preparing for certification exams will welcome this text for study, practice, and review.


A Life in Brain Surgery

Author: Henry Marsh

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474603882

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 3873


THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER Henry Marsh has spent a lifetime operating on the surgical frontline. There have been exhilarating highs and devastating lows, but his love for the practice of neurosurgery has never wavered. Prompted by his retirement from his full-time job in the NHS, and through his continuing work in Nepal and Ukraine, Henry has been forced to reflect more deeply about what forty years spent handling the human brain has taught him. Moving between encounters with patients in his London hospital, to those he treats in the more extreme circumstances of his work abroad, Henry faces up to the burden of responsibility that can come with trying to reduce human suffering. Unearthing memories of his early days as a medical student, and the experiences that shaped him as a young surgeon, he explores the difficulties of a profession that deals in probabilities rather than certainties, and where the overwhelming urge to prolong life can come at a tragic cost for both patients and for those who love them. In this searing, provocative and deeply personal memoir, the bestselling author of Do No Harm finds new purpose in his own life as he approaches the end of his professional career, and a fresh understanding of what matters to us all in the end.

Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade

Author: Alan R. Cohen

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 1604068701

Category: Medical

Page: 735

View: 6957


Pediatric neurosurgery is a uniquely exacting subspecialty in which surgeons are given the extraordinary privilege of alleviating suffering for gravely ill children, and in best-case scenarios, restoring their health. Understanding the vast and complex anatomy, pathology, and pathophysiology that evolves throughout childhood presents considerable challenges. Further, the field is rapidly progressing with advancements in neurodiagnostic imaging and surgical instrumentation, as well as an expanding knowledge of the molecular and genetic bases underlying many neurosurgical disorders. While this book’s primary focus is on how to achieve technical excellence in the OR, this is a remarkably personal book about the art of pediatric neurosurgery. In it you will find wisdom gained from decades of experience. Read this book, use the knowledge you gain from it, and you will become a safer, more skillful neurosurgeon. Special Features: More than 800 stunning, full-color illustrations Online access to videos in which experts from all over the world demonstrate the operative nuances and techniques that help surgeons get patients safely in and out of the OR Written by master surgeons from 10 countries who share a wealth of insightful wisdom garnered from years of experience, refinement of surgical techniques, and development of numerous innovations Surgical pearls, operative nuances, procedural modifications, and techniques for avoiding and dealing with pitfalls This state-of-the-art volume is an unparalleled teaching tool that reveals invaluable tricks of the trade. It is an essential resource for pediatric and general neurosurgeons, neurosurgery residents and fellows.


The Essential Guide to the Oral and Clinical Neurosurgical Exam

Author: Vivian A. Elwell,Ramez Kirollos,Syed Al-Haddad

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482227606

Category: Medical

Page: 181

View: 5281


Neurosurgery: The Essential Guide to the Oral and Clinical Neurosurgical Examination is the first book of its kind to cover the International and Intercollegiate FRCS Specialty Examination in Neurosurgery. It will also help you prepare for the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) examination and other neurosurgical examinations around the world. Written by neurosurgeons, this book is a hands-on guide that translates basic science and theories of neurosurgery into clinical practice. This comprehensive resource takes a standardized and logical approach to the clinical neurosurgical examination. Based on the authors’ own clinical practice, teaching and examination experiences, this book provides candidates with a firm grasp of neuroscience and the ability to solve problems under pressure. Scenario- and patient-based, the book covers history-taking, clinical examination, differential diagnosis, investigations, management, treatment options and potential complications. The text is based on the Royal College of Surgeons of England and U.S. board syllabuses. In addition to serving as a reliable preparation resource for the neurosurgical examination, it will also be invaluable in your future surgical practice.

The Map of Heaven

A neurosurgeon explores the mysteries of the afterlife and the truth about what lies beyond

Author: Eben Alexander,Ptolemy Tompkins

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 034940352X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 7344


When Dr Eben Alexander wrote about his own startling near-death experience in Proof of Heaven, he was contacted by countless people from all walks of life. His story had touched them personally and they in turn had their own miraculous experiences of the afterlife to share with Eben. In The Map of Heaven, Eben recounts the astonishing stories he has heard on his travels, from near-death experiences and encounters with angelic beings to inspiring messages from departed loved ones. Each account helps us to understand just how vast the universe really is. Drawing on these accounts and lessons from religious leaders, philosophers and scientific investigations into the role of consciousness, Eben explores our true place in the universe and what exactly exists beyond death.

The Neurosurgeon's Handbook

Author: George Samandouras

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198570678

Category: Medical

Page: 930

View: 4268


A compact, readable and highly-authoritative source of critical neurosurgical information, Neurosurgery has been produced with the participation of some of the world's leading neurosurgeons and neuroclinicians and is based on the curriculum of British, European and North American neurosurgical training programs. The book is extensively illustrated with hundreds of figures demonstrating the imaging features of all major neurosurgical pathologies, including diagrams explaining key anatomical and surgical concepts, and images showing the features of common brain tumours. There are key references at the end of each chapter and critical commentary of neurosurgical literature is also included. The handbook concisely covers all aspects of adult and paediatric neurosurgery. It is systematically and clearly broken down into easy-to-follow sections such as introductory basic concepts, definitions, epidemiology, pathology, clinical and neuroradiological characteristics, clinical management and decision making. Additional sections on operative treatment include the key critical surgical anatomy, and clear, step-by-step descriptions of common surgical techniques. Widely accepted practice guidelines, major classification schemes and common scales are clearly presented and explained.

Do No Harm

Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery

Author: Henry Marsh

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466872802

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 5579


A New York Times Bestseller Shortlisted for both the Guardian First Book Prize and the Costa Book Award Longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction A Finalist for the Pol Roger Duff Cooper Prize A Finalist for the Wellcome Book Prize A Financial Times Best Book of the Year An Economist Best Book of the Year A Washington Post Notable Book of the Year What is it like to be a brain surgeon? How does it feel to hold someone's life in your hands, to cut into the stuff that creates thought, feeling, and reason? How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially lifesaving operation when it all goes wrong? In neurosurgery, more than in any other branch of medicine, the doctor's oath to "do no harm" holds a bitter irony. Operations on the brain carry grave risks. Every day, leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh must make agonizing decisions, often in the face of great urgency and uncertainty. If you believe that brain surgery is a precise and exquisite craft, practiced by calm and detached doctors, this gripping, brutally honest account will make you think again. With astonishing compassion and candor, Marsh reveals the fierce joy of operating, the profoundly moving triumphs, the harrowing disasters, the haunting regrets, and the moments of black humor that characterize a brain surgeon's life. Do No Harm provides unforgettable insight into the countless human dramas that take place in a busy modern hospital. Above all, it is a lesson in the need for hope when faced with life's most difficult decisions.

The First 20 Hours

How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!

Author: Josh Kaufman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101623047

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 8766


Forget the 10,000 hour rule— what if it’s possible to learn the basics of any new skill in 20 hours or less? Take a moment to consider how many things you want to learn to do. What’s on your list? What’s holding you back from getting started? Are you worried about the time and effort it takes to acquire new skills—time you don’t have and effort you can’t spare? Research suggests it takes 10,000 hours to develop a new skill. In this nonstop world when will you ever find that much time and energy? To make matters worse, the early hours of prac­ticing something new are always the most frustrating. That’s why it’s difficult to learn how to speak a new language, play an instrument, hit a golf ball, or shoot great photos. It’s so much easier to watch TV or surf the web . . . In The First 20 Hours, Josh Kaufman offers a systematic approach to rapid skill acquisition— how to learn any new skill as quickly as possible. His method shows you how to deconstruct com­plex skills, maximize productive practice, and remove common learning barriers. By complet­ing just 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice you’ll go from knowing absolutely nothing to performing noticeably well. Kaufman personally field-tested the meth­ods in this book. You’ll have a front row seat as he develops a personal yoga practice, writes his own web-based computer programs, teaches himself to touch type on a nonstandard key­board, explores the oldest and most complex board game in history, picks up the ukulele, and learns how to windsurf. Here are a few of the sim­ple techniques he teaches: Define your target performance level: Fig­ure out what your desired level of skill looks like, what you’re trying to achieve, and what you’ll be able to do when you’re done. The more specific, the better. Deconstruct the skill: Most of the things we think of as skills are actually bundles of smaller subskills. If you break down the subcompo­nents, it’s easier to figure out which ones are most important and practice those first. Eliminate barriers to practice: Removing common distractions and unnecessary effort makes it much easier to sit down and focus on deliberate practice. Create fast feedback loops: Getting accu­rate, real-time information about how well you’re performing during practice makes it much easier to improve. Whether you want to paint a portrait, launch a start-up, fly an airplane, or juggle flaming chain­saws, The First 20 Hours will help you pick up the basics of any skill in record time . . . and have more fun along the way.


Author: Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil,M. Curcic,Chad D. Abernathey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783131165015

Category: Central nervous system

Page: 526

View: 9066


This volume presents a new perspective of basic neuroscientific investigations for the operative treatment of CNS tumours. The "Microneurosurgery" series draws on experience gained from the microsurgical treatment of CNS tumours in 3500 patients who have been operated on during the last 25 years.