W.D., Did You Hear Me?

Author: Nicole Kalmbach

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491811137

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

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"W.D...." "W.D., time to get up!" "W.D., did you hear me?" Come and join W.D as he uses his imagination to do everything but what he is supposed to do.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Author: Lionel Shriver

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 9781582438870

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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That neither nature nor nurture bears exclusive responsibility for a child's character is self-evident. But generalizations about genes are likely to provide cold comfort if it's your own child who just opened fire on his feellow algebra students and whose class photograph—with its unseemly grin—is shown on the evening news coast-to-coast. If the question of who's to blame for teenage atrocity intrigues news-watching voyeurs, it tortures our narrator, Eva Khatchadourian. Two years before the opening of the novel, her son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker, and the much-beloved teacher who had tried to befriend him. Because his sixteenth birthday arrived two days after the killings, he received a lenient sentence and is currently in a prison for young offenders in upstate New York. In relating the story of Kevin's upbringing, Eva addresses her estranged husband, Frank, through a series of startingly direct letters. Fearing that her own shortcomings may have shaped what her son became, she confesses to a deep, long-standing ambivalence about both motherhood in general—and Kevin in particular. How much is her fault? We Need To Talk About Kevin offers no at explanations for why so many white, well-to-do adolescents—whether in Pearl, Paducah, Springfield, or Littleton—have gone nihilistically off the rails while growing up in the most prosperous country in history. Instead, Lionel Shriver tells a compelling, absorbing, and resonant story with an explosive, haunting ending. She considers motherhood, marriage, family, career—while framing these horrifying tableaus of teenage carnage as metaphors for the larger tragedy of a country where everything works, nobody starves, and anything can be bought but a sense of purpose.

The Complete Short Stories of W.D. Howells (Illustrated Edition)

Christmas Every Day, Boy Life, Between the Dark and the Daylight, The Daughter of the Storage and Other Things in Prose and Verse, A Fearful Responsibility, Buying a Horse & many more

Author: William Dean Howells

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 8075838378

Category: Fiction

Page: 385

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This unique collection of William Dean Howells' complete short stories has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards. William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was an American realist author, literary critic, and playwright. Nicknamed "The Dean of American Letters", he was particularly known for his tenure as editor of the Atlantic Monthly as well as his own prolific writings, including the Christmas story "Christmas Every Day", and the novels The Rise of Silas Lapham and A Traveler from Altruria. Howells is known to be the father of American realism, and a denouncer of the sentimental novel. He was the first American author to bring a realist aesthetic to the literature of the United States. His stories of Boston upper crust life set in the 1850s are highly regarded among scholars of American fiction. Table of Contents: Introduction WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS by Charles Dudley Warner Short Stories Christmas Every Day Turkeys Turning the Tables The Pony Engine and the Pacific Express The Pumpkin Glory Butterflyfutterby and Flutterbybutterfly Adventures in a Boy's Town Life in a Boy's Town Games and Pastimes Glimpses of the Larger World The Last of a Boy's Town A Sleep and a Forgetting The Eidolons of Brooks Alford A Memory that Worked Overtime A Case of Metaphantasmia Editha Braybridge's Offer The Chick of the Easter Egg A Daughter of the Storage A Presentiment Captain Dunlevy's Last Trip The Return to Favor Somebody's Mother The Face at the Window An Experience The Boarders Breakfast is My Best Meal The Mother-Bird The Amigo Black Cross Farm The Critical Bookstore A Feast of Reason City and Country in the Fall Table Talk The Escapade of a Grandfather Self-Sacrifice A Fearful Responsibility At the Sign of the Savage Tonelli's Marriage Buying a Horse Reminiscences and Autobiography A Boy's Town Years of My Youth

Mark My Words

Author: W.D. Foster

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781414063737

Category: Fiction

Page: 504

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"Mark My Words" is a saga about Allan Christopher and his family. Allan is a self-made, African-American multimillionaire approaching sixty. He and his wife Maureen have been married for forty years, and they have eight children and seventeen grandchildren. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri, starting out with nothing but family, very high intelligence, ambition, and drive. Graduating from high school at age sixteen, he worked his way through trade school to become an electrician. He was confronted with discrimination and prejudice, especially in the workplace. In his drive to succeed and refusal to be held down, he opened a fix-it shop in Chicago, and through hard work and determination turned it into a multi-million-dollar electronics corporation. He's "made his mark." For the last twenty-five years, his home has been a thirty-room estate in Evanston, Illinois. He's very articulate, and is among the Who's Who of Black America. His company is among those listed in the Fortune 500. He enjoys fine cars, like his collection of vintage automobiles. His children are educated and successful in their own right. He has contributed greatly to the community, considered to be one of its "movers and shakers." His business and social connections are numerous, and he faithfully attends church on Sundays. But has he made it? With the advent of his sixtieth birthday, his character, his past and his beliefs come into focus, honor and question as his story is told through the eyes of his family... including his four gay children... and with it his impact on their lives. The time is May 1988; the place, Chicago.

The History and Origin of the Law Reports

Together with a Compilation of Various Documents Showing the Progress and Result of Proceedings Taken for Their Establishment. And the Condition of the Reports on 31st December, 1883

Author: William Thomas Shave Daniel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law reporting

Page: 359

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Reprinted Buffalo, Dennis & Co., Inc. The history & origin of the law reports, together with a compilation of various documents showing the progress & result of proceedings taken for their establishment & the condition of the reports on December 31, 1883.

Healing Times

A Personal Workbook

Author: Louise Giroux

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781551450896

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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If you're looking for a hands-on resource to help you increase your self-awareness and improve your day-to-day life, then Louise Giroux's Healing Times is for you. The twelve chapters cover such subjects as family or origin, inner-child work, sexuality, couple relationships, career, parenting, illness and divorce. Includes case studies as well as a variety of creative, insightful exercises for you to use for personal healing.

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?

And Other Questions You've Been All but Dying to Ask a Medium

Author: Concetta Bertoldi

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061743372

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Medium Concetta Bertoldi answers all your questions about life after life . . . from the irreverent: (If the dead are always with us, do they have a XXX view of my bedroom?) . . . to the poignant: (Will my deceased father be with me when I walk down the aisle on my wedding day?) . . . to the heartfelt: (When loved ones leave this life too early or under tragic circumstances, are they eternally heartbroken or can they find peace in heaven?) Concetta Bertoldi has been communicating with the "Other Side" since childhood. In Do Dead People Watch You Shower?, the first-ever book of its kind, she exposes the naked truth about the fate and happiness of our late loved ones with no-holds-barred honesty and delightfully wry humor, answering questions that range from the practical to the outrageous. In addition she shares with us her own intimate secrets, revealing with refreshing candor how her miraculous gift has affected her life, her marriage, her friendships, and her career, as well as the myriad ways she has used it to help others.


Author: Mark Lemon,Henry Mayhew,Tom Taylor,Shirley Brooks,Sir Francis Cowley Burnand,Sir Owen Seaman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Caricatures and cartoons

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The Works of Shakespeare

Carefully Prepared from the Earliest and More Modern Editions

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: N.A


Category: English literature

Page: 357

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Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

Author: Philip Larkin

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571264611

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 496

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Philip Larkin met Monica Jones at University College Leicester in autumn 1946, when they were both twenty-four; he was the newly-appointed assistant librarian and she was an English lecturer. In 1950 Larkin moved to Belfast, and thence to Hull, while Monica remained in Leicester, becoming by turns his correspondent, lover and closest confidante, in a relationship which lasted over forty years until the poet's death in 1985. This remarkable unpublished correspondence only came to light after Monica Jones's death in 2001, and consists of nearly two thousand letters, postcards and telegrams, which chronicle - day by day, sometimes hour by hour - every aspect of Larkin's life and the convolutions of their relationship.

Looking Like Me

Author: Walter Dean Myers

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books

ISBN: 1512408581

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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When you look in a mirror, who do you see? A boy? A girl? A son? A daughter? A runner? A dancer? Whoever and whatever you see―just put out your fist and give yourself an "I am" BAM! This jumping, jazzy, joyful picture book by the award-winning team of Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers celebrates every child, and everything that a child can be.