Variational Methods for Nonlocal Fractional Problems

Author: Giovanni Molica Bisci,Vicentiu D. Radulescu,Raffaella Servadei

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107111943

Category: Mathematics

Page: 400

View: 6188


A thorough graduate-level introduction to the variational analysis of nonlinear problems described by nonlocal operators.

Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applications

Author: Francesco Mainardi

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 3038972061

Category: Mathematics

Page: 208

View: 8752


This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applications" that was published in Mathematics

The Banach–Tarski Paradox

Author: Grzegorz Tomkowicz,Stan Wagon

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316571556

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

View: 2636


The Banach–Tarski Paradox is a most striking mathematical construction: it asserts that a solid ball can be taken apart into finitely many pieces that can be rearranged using rigid motions to form a ball twice as large. This volume explores the consequences of the paradox for measure theory and its connections with group theory, geometry, set theory, and logic. This new edition of a classic book unifies contemporary research on the paradox. It has been updated with many new proofs and results, and discussions of the many problems that remain unsolved. Among the new results presented are several unusual paradoxes in the hyperbolic plane, one of which involves the shapes of Escher's famous 'Angel and Devils' woodcut. A new chapter is devoted to a complete proof of the remarkable result that the circle can be squared using set theory, a problem that had been open for over sixty years.

Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods

Second Revised Edition

Author: John P. Boyd

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486141926

Category: Mathematics

Page: 688

View: 5757


Completely revised text applies spectral methods to boundary value, eigenvalue, and time-dependent problems, but also covers cardinal functions, matrix-solving methods, coordinate transformations, much more. Includes 7 appendices and over 160 text figures.

Nonlocal Diffusion and Applications

Author: Claudia Bucur,Enrico Valdinoci

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319287397

Category: Mathematics

Page: 155

View: 6647


Working in the fractional Laplace framework, this book provides models and theorems related to nonlocal diffusion phenomena. In addition to a simple probabilistic interpretation, some applications to water waves, crystal dislocations, nonlocal phase transitions, nonlocal minimal surfaces and Schrödinger equations are given. Furthermore, an example of an s-harmonic function, its harmonic extension and some insight into a fractional version of a classical conjecture due to De Giorgi are presented. Although the aim is primarily to gather some introductory material concerning applications of the fractional Laplacian, some of the proofs and results are new. The work is entirely self-contained, and readers who wish to pursue related subjects of interest are invited to consult the rich bibliography for guidance.

From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis

A Probabilistic Approach

Author: Agnès Desolneux,Lionel Moisan,J.-M. Morel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387726357

Category: Computers

Page: 276

View: 728


This book introduces a new theory in Computer Vision yielding elementary techniques to analyze digital images. These techniques are a mathematical formalization of the Gestalt theory. From the mathematical viewpoint the closest field to it is stochastic geometry, involving basic probability and statistics, in the context of image analysis. The book is mathematically self-contained, needing only basic understanding of probability and calculus. The text includes more than 130 illustrations, and numerous examples based on specific images on which the theory is tested. Detailed exercises at the end of each chapter help the reader develop a firm understanding of the concepts imparted.

Geometry and Physics

Author: Jürgen Jost

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642005411

Category: Mathematics

Page: 217

View: 9430


"Geometry and Physics" addresses mathematicians wanting to understand modern physics, and physicists wanting to learn geometry. It gives an introduction to modern quantum field theory and related areas of theoretical high-energy physics from the perspective of Riemannian geometry, and an introduction to modern geometry as needed and utilized in modern physics. Jürgen Jost, a well-known research mathematician and advanced textbook author, also develops important geometric concepts and methods that can be used for the structures of physics. In particular, he discusses the Lagrangians of the standard model and its supersymmetric extensions from a geometric perspective.

Asymptotic Integration And Stability: For Ordinary, Functional And Discrete Differential Equations Of Fractional Order

Author: Baleanu Dumitru,Mustafa Octavian G

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814641111

Category: Mathematics

Page: 208

View: 6713


This volume presents several important and recent contributions to the emerging field of fractional differential equations in a self-contained manner. It deals with new results on existence, uniqueness and multiplicity, smoothness, asymptotic development, and stability of solutions. The new topics in the field of fractional calculus include also the Mittag-Leffler and Razumikhin stability, stability of a class of discrete fractional non-autonomous systems, asymptotic integration with a priori given coefficients, intervals of disconjugacy (non-oscillation), existence of Lp solutions for various linear, and nonlinear fractional differential equations.

Compactness and Contradiction

Author: Terence Tao

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821894927

Category: Mathematics

Page: 256

View: 3012


There are many bits and pieces of folklore in mathematics that are passed down from advisor to student, or from collaborator to collaborator, but which are too fuzzy and nonrigorous to be discussed in the formal literature. Traditionally, it was a matter

Plasticity and Beyond

Microstructures, Crystal-Plasticity and Phase Transitions

Author: Jörg Schröder,Klaus Hackl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3709116252

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 412

View: 2030


The book presents the latest findings in experimental plasticity, crystal plasticity, phase transitions, advanced mathematical modeling of finite plasticity and multi-scale modeling. The associated algorithmic treatment is mainly based on finite element formulations for standard (local approach) as well as for non-standard (non-local approach) continua and for pure macroscopic as well as for directly coupled two-scale boundary value problems. Applications in the area of material design/processing are covered, ranging from grain boundary effects in polycrystals and phase transitions to deep-drawing of multiphase steels by directly taking into account random microstructures.


Author: Witold Nowacki

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483162486

Category: Science

Page: 578

View: 5354


Thermoelasticity, Second Edition reviews advances in thermoelasticity and covers topics ranging from stationary problems of thermoelasticity to variational theorems of stationary thermoelasticity; stresses due to the action of a discontinuous temperature field in an infinite elastic body; the action of heat sources in the elastic space; and thermal inclusions in an infinite disc and semi-infinite disc. Three different sets of differential equations describing the fields of strain and temperature are presented. This book is comprised of 12 chapters and begins with a discussion on basic relations and equations of thermoelasticity. Thermoelasticity is treated as a synthesis of the theory of elasticity and the theory of heat conduction. Some particular cases of thermoelasticity are then investigated, including stationary problems, the theory of thermal stresses, and classical dynamic elasticity. Dynamic effects due to the action of a non-stationary temperature field are examined, along with plane harmonic waves in an elastic space and thermal stresses in plates, shells, and viscoelastic bodies. The final chapter focuses on micropolar thermoelasticity, magnetothermoelasticity, and thermopiezoelectricity. This monograph will be of interest to physicists and mechanical engineers.

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

Author: Kai Velten

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527627618

Category: Science

Page: 362

View: 6152


This concise and clear introduction to the topic requires only basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra - all other concepts and ideas are developed in the course of the book. Lucidly written so as to appeal to undergraduates and practitioners alike, it enables readers to set up simple mathematical models on their own and to interpret their results and those of others critically. To achieve this, many examples have been chosen from various fields, such as biology, ecology, economics, medicine, agricultural, chemical, electrical, mechanical and process engineering, which are subsequently discussed in detail. Based on the author`s modeling and simulation experience in science and engineering and as a consultant, the book answers such basic questions as: What is a mathematical model? What types of models do exist? Which model is appropriate for a particular problem? What are simulation, parameter estimation, and validation? The book relies exclusively upon open-source software which is available to everybody free of charge. The entire book software - including 3D CFD and structural mechanics simulation software - can be used based on a free CAELinux-Live-DVD that is available in the Internet (works on most machines and operating systems).

Stochastic Analysis and Applications to Finance

Essays in Honour of Jia-an Yan

Author: Tusheng Zhang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814383589

Category: Electronic books

Page: 465

View: 9276


This volume is a collection of solicited and refereed articles from distinguished researchers across the field of stochastic analysis and its application to finance. The articles represent new directions and newest developments in this exciting and fast growing area. The covered topics range from Markov processes, backward stochastic differential equations, stochastic partial differential equations, stochastic control, potential theory, functional inequalities, optimal stopping, portfolio selection, to risk measure and risk theory. It will be a very useful book for young researchers who want to learn about the research directions in the area, as well as experienced researchers who want to know about the latest developments in the area of stochastic analysis and mathematical finance. Sample Chapter(s). Editorial Foreword (58 KB). Chapter 1: Non-Linear Evolution Equations Driven by Rough Paths (399 KB). Contents: Non-Linear Evolution Equations Driven by Rough Paths (Thomas Cass, Zhongmin Qian and Jan Tudor); Optimal Stopping Times with Different Information Levels and with Time Uncertainty (Arijit Chakrabarty and Xin Guo); Finite Horizon Optimal Investment and Consumption with CARA Utility and Proportional Transaction Costs (Yingshan Chen, Min Dai and Kun Zhao); MUniform Integrability of Exponential Martingales and Spectral Bounds of Non-Local Feynman-Kac Semigroups (Zhen-Qing Chen); Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection with Finite Transactions (Xiangyu Cui, Jianjun Gao and Duan Li); Quantifying Model Uncertainties in the Space of Probability Measures (J Duan, T Gao and G He); A PDE Approach to Multivariate Risk Theory (Robert J Elliott, Tak Kuen Siu and Hailiang Yang); Stochastic Analysis on Loop Groups (Shizan Fang); Existence and Stability of Measure Solutions for BSDE with Generators of Quadratic Growth (Alexander Fromm, Peter Imkeller and Jianing Zhang); Convex Capital Requirements for Large Portfolios (Hans FAllmer and Thomas Knispel); The Mixed Equilibrium of Insider Trading in the Market with Rational Expected Price (Fuzhou Gong and Hong Liu); Some Results on Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motions (Yaozhong Hu, Daniel Ocone and Jian Song); Potential Theory of Subordinate Brownian Motions Revisited (Panki Kim, Renming Song and Zoran Vondraiek); Research on Social Causes of the Financial Crisis (Steven Kou); Wick Formulas and Inequalities for the Quaternion Gaussian and -Permanental Variables (Wenbo V Li and Ang Wei); Further Study on Web Markov Skeleton Processes (Yuting Liu, Zhi-Ming Ma and Chuan Zhou); MLE of Parameters in the Drifted Brownian Motion and Its Error (Lemee Nakamura and Weian Zheng); Optimal Partial Information Control of SPDEs with Delay and Time-Advanced Backward SPDEs (Bernt yksendal, Agn s Sulem and Tusheng Zhang); Simulation of Diversified Portfolios in Continuous Financial Markets (Eckhard Platen and Renata Rendek); Coupling and Applications (Feng-Yu Wang); SDEs and a Generalised Burgers Equation (Jiang-Lun Wu and Wei Yang); Mean-Variance Hedging in the Discontinuous Case (Jianming Xia). Readership: Graduates and researchers in stochatic analysis and mathematical finance.

Advances in Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory

Contributions from AMAT 2012

Author: George A. Anastassiou,Oktay Duman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461463939

Category: Mathematics

Page: 486

View: 7198


Advances in Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory: Contributions from AMAT 2012 is a collection of the best articles presented at “Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory 2012,” an international conference held in Ankara, Turkey, May 17-20, 2012. This volume brings together key work from authors in the field covering topics such as ODEs, PDEs, difference equations, applied analysis, computational analysis, signal theory, positive operators, statistical approximation, fuzzy approximation, fractional analysis, semigroups, inequalities, special functions and summability. The collection will be a useful resource for researchers in applied mathematics, engineering and statistics.​

Advanced Fractional Differential and Integral Equations

Author: Gaston M. N'Guerekata,Mouffak Benchohra,Saīd Abbas

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781634631099

Category: Mathematics

Page: 414

View: 5269


Fractional calculus deals with extensions of derivatives and integrals to non-integer orders. It represents a powerful tool in applied mathematics to study a myriad of problems from different fields of science and engineering, with many break-through results found in mathematical physics, finance, hydrology, biophysics, thermodynamics, control theory, statistical mechanics, astrophysics, cosmology and bioengineering. This book is devoted to the existence and uniqueness of solutions and some Ulam's type stability concepts for various classes of functional differential and integral equations of fractional order. Some equations present delay which may be finite, infinite or state-dependent. Others are subject to multiple time delay effect. The tools used include classical fixed point theorems. Other tools are based on the measure of non-compactness together with appropriates fixed point theorems. Each chapter concludes with a section devoted to notes and bibliographical remarks and all the presented results are illustrated by examples. The content of the book is new and complements the existing literature in Fractional Calculus. It is useful for researchers and graduate students for research, seminars and advanced graduate courses, in pure and applied mathematics, engineering, biology and other applied sciences.

Geometric Methods in PDE’s

Author: Giovanna Citti,Maria Manfredini,Daniele Morbidelli,Sergio Polidoro,Francesco Uguzzoni

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319026666

Category: Mathematics

Page: 373

View: 3650


The analysis of PDEs is a prominent discipline in mathematics research, both in terms of its theoretical aspects and its relevance in applications. In recent years, the geometric properties of linear and nonlinear second order PDEs of elliptic and parabolic type have been extensively studied by many outstanding researchers. This book collects contributions from a selected group of leading experts who took part in the INdAM meeting "Geometric methods in PDEs", on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Ermanno Lanconelli. They describe a number of new achievements and/or the state of the art in their discipline of research, providing readers an overview of recent progress and future research trends in PDEs. In particular, the volume collects significant results for sub-elliptic equations, potential theory and diffusion equations, with an emphasis on comparing different methodologies and on their implications for theory and applications.

A Primer in Density Functional Theory

Author: Carlos Fiolhais,Fernando Nogueira,Miguel A.L. Marques

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540370722

Category: Science

Page: 258

View: 4857


Density functional theory (DFT) is by now a well-established method for tackling the quantum mechanics of many-body systems. Originally applied to compute properties of atoms and simple molecules, DFT has quickly become a work horse for more complex applications in the chemical and materials sciences. The present set of lectures, spanning the whole range from basic principles to relativistic and time-dependent extensions of the theory, is the ideal introduction for graduate students or nonspecialist researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with both the basic and most advanced techniques in this field.

Production Factor Mathematics

Author: Martin Grötschel,Klaus Lucas,Volker Mehrmann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642112485

Category: Mathematics

Page: 402

View: 978


Mathematics as a production factor or driving force for innovation? Those, who want to know and understand why mathematics is deeply involved in the design of products, the layout of production processes and supply chains will find this book an indispensable and rich source. Describing the interplay between mathematical and engineering sciences the book focusses on questions like How can mathematics improve to the improvement of technological processes and products? What is happening already? Where are the deficits? What can we expect for the future? 19 articles written by mixed teams of authors of engineering, industry and mathematics offer a fascinating insight of the interaction between mathematics and engineering.