A Companion to Pedro AlmÃ3dovar

Author: Marvin D'Lugo,Kathleen M. Vernon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118325389

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 584

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Edited by leading authorities on the subject, and bringing together a stellar cast of contributors, this detailed appraisal of Pedro Almodóvar’s unique cinematic art examines the themes, style, and aesthetics of his oeuvre and locates it in the context of the profound cultural transformations in Spain since the 1970s. Brings together a stellar cast of contributors from across the globe including recognized and established specialists as well as talented younger scholars Features contributions by Spanish film historians, where studies of Almodóvar’s work have been underrepresented in the academic literature Deploys new approaches to the analysis of film authorship by exploring contextual issues such as Almodóvar’s transnational appeal and the political dimensions of his works Traces the director’s fruitful collaborations in the areas of art and design, fashion and music

Conversaciones con Pedro Almodóvar

Author: Pedro Almodóvar,Fréderic Strauss

Publisher: Ediciones AKAL

ISBN: 9788446016113

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 190

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A lo largo de sus conversaciones con Fréderic Strauss, la palabra del cineasta Pedro Almodóvar fluye libre, rompiendo los límites de la entrevista para evocar los recuerdos de la infancia, la explicación técnica de una escena, el comentario apasionado y cinéfilo de sus películas fetiche, la narración de un guión nunca rodado, las interpretaciones personales de un objeto, de una imagen, de un personaje... Las declaraciones del cineasta son tan prolíficas como el universo al que nos llevan y que se van dibujando a través de los documentos de trabajo del cineasta y de sus colaboradores más próximos: fotos, dibujos, textos, partituras, maquetas... El libro encuentra así el movimiento de una creación que siempre se renueva.

Pedro Almodovar

Author: Hermann Kappelhoff,Daniel Illger

Publisher: N.A


Category: Motion pictures, Spanish

Page: 118

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La piel en la palestra

Estudios corporales II

Author: Alba del Pozo García,Alba Serrano Giménez

Publisher: Editorial UOC

ISBN: 8497884698

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 440

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Nos proponemos desplegar un abanico de encuentros posibles con cuerpos que nos rodean a diario. Los textos del presente volumen re-enfocan los planos fílmicos que nos entretienen y las fotografías que nos hechizan, re-sintonizan las voces que nos hacen bailar, hacen re-actuar a actrices y actores en nuevos escenarios: son ejemplos de una mirada cultural re-formateada y capaz de palpar la piel a la que el pensamiento occidental se ha acostumbrado a dar la espalda. En primer lugar dan la razón a Stuart Hall en aquello de que los significados son móviles y por lo tanto negociables; en segundo lugar llaman a la posibilidad de diálogo entre distintas disciplinas y, por último, ponen la identidad en el punto de mira, estableciendo así una clara continuidad con el anterior volumen de esta colección dedicado a los estudios culturales.

Featuring Post-national Spain

Film Essays

Author: Andrés Zamora

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1781383146

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 206

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In the last quarter of the twentieth century a considerable number of Spanish films were involved in the task of essaying the nation, that is, of attempting to make it or make it over, of trying to reshape a national identity inexorably dictated by General Francisco Franco up to his death. The book explores four major issues in this regard: 1) the filmic negotiations of the borders of the nation, focusing particularly on the debated and controversial development of Basque cinema vis-à-vis the films produced in the rest of Spain; 2) the persistence of the old obsession with violence, thought of as an inescapable native trait, in a large amount of post-dictatorial films; 3) the newfound insatiable appetite for cinematic travelling, for going out and coming in through all possible variations of the road and travel movie genres; 4) and the vindication of the mother qua a benign emblem of the land and its people, of the nation. There is a narrative in Spanish cinema, taken as a collective discourse, which ties together these four cinematic topoi and proposes a nation whose specificity must be precisely its impurity-difference within as essence-a hybrid nation located in temporal and spatial rendezvous of past and present, tradition and novelty, centre and margin, inside and outside, on and beyond.

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film: Romantic comedy - Yugoslavia

Author: Barry Keith Grant

Publisher: Schirmer Books

ISBN: 9780028657950

Category: Electronic books

Page: 4

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This volume, covering entries from "Romantic Comedy" to "Yugoslavia," features genres, studios, national cinemas, relevant technological and industrial topics, cultural issues, critical approaches to films, and sidebars profiling important figures in film history.

Pedro Almodovar

Author: Ernesto R. Acevedo-Munoz

Publisher: British Film Institute

ISBN: 9781844571499

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

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The book provides a detailed introduction to the essential themes, style, and aesthetics of Pedro Almodóvar's films, put in the context of Spain's profound cultural transitions since 1980. With precise and close analysis, the book covers the major concerns of the most successful of all Spanish film directors and makes direct, clear connections to the logic of Almodóvar's aesthetic and stylistic choices. By spanning the entirety of Pedro Almodóvar's feature-making career, the book emphasizes the director's sensibility to make the outrageous believable and to always give a unique spin to the issues of Spanish history, culture and identity. A detailed and comprehensive approach to all of Pedro Almodóvar's feature films from the outrageous 1980 Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls on the Heapto the sophisticated 2004 Bad Education, this book provides more than an introduction and intimate look at the topics, style, aesthetics, and cultural sensibilities of Spain's most distinguished and celebrated film director since Luis Buñuel. By focusing on a film-by-film, and often scene-by-scene analysis, this book offers a meticulous interpretation of characters, situations, allusions, and cultural intersections as well as emphasizes the meaning and weight of cultural, historical and social contexts. The book traces the evolution of Almodóvar's career, from the perspective of aesthetic, narrative and stylistic concerns, and places those changes in the logical context of Spain's historical trajectory from the end of Franco's dictatorship to the transition to democracy, exploring Almodóvar's interest on issues of identity, sexuality, and nationalism.

Bridging continents

cinematic and literary representations of Spanish and Latin American themes

Author: Nora Glickman,Alejandro Varderi

Publisher: N.A


Category: Motion pictures and literature

Page: 230

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Forms of being

cinema, aesthetics, subjectivity

Author: Leo Bersani,Ulysse Dutoit

Publisher: British Film Institute


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 185

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A book that both presents startling and enriching interpretations of three major films and proposes a radical, far-reaching account of subjectivity and human relationships.


Revista del cine español

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Motion pictures

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Kompakt & Visuell Film

Geschichte, Genres, Regisseure, Top 100 Filme, Kino International

Author: Ronald Bergan,Kirsten Borchardt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831010875


Page: 512

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