This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide

70 Fun and Easy Experiments for Kids to Learn More About Our Solar System

Author: Emma Vanstone

Publisher: Page Street Kids

ISBN: 1624145256

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 192

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Building a rocket and learning about science has never been easier with This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide. Fun experiments for kids and adults teach you how to build mind-blowing projects, each designed to show how mechanical science and astrophysics work from the inside out. Use everyday items like bottles, cardboard, glue and tape to build awesome rocket ships, paper spinners and mobile rocket launch pads, all while learning concepts like Newton’s Third Law of motion (for every action there is always an opposite and equal reaction), speed, gravity and air resistance. Kids learn to make scientific observations, ask questions, identify and classify and find answers to their questions, all while investigating space. This book will feature 70 activities and 60 photographs.

This Is Rocket Science

True Stories of the Risk-taking Scientists who Figure Out Ways to Explore Beyond

Author: Gloria Skurzynski

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426307179

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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..three, two, one... we have liftoff! From the award-winning author of Are We Alone? comes a title to propel young imaginations far into space. This Is Rocket Science explores the past, present, and future of space travel. The compelling text—vetted by NASA scientists—is a combination of history, science, human drama, and future challenges. Readers learn how fireworks in ancient China developed into the fire arrows used by Genghis Khan; we meet Sir Isaac Newton, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and learn how their imaginations shaped rocketry. We revisit the era of Sputnik, the satellite that launched a superpower space race, ending with moonwalks and a rendezvous in space. Finally we look forward to the future challenges of Mars and beyond. We also get a sneak peek at new technologies like space elevators, solar sails, ion propulsion, and more.

Rocket Science for Babies

Author: Chris Ferrie

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

ISBN: 9781492656258

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Ages 0 to 3 years Rocket Science for Babies by Chris Ferrie is an introduction to aerospace engineering (also known as rocket science). Baby will learn the principles of lift and thrust, the forces responsible for flight. This is the first in a series of books designed to stimulate your baby and introduce them to the world of science. Also coming in May are: Newtonian Physics for Babies General Relativity for Babies Quantum Physics for Babies

It's Not Rocket Science

Author: Ben Miller

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748128506

Category: Science

Page: 320

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The Top Ten Bestseller Black holes. DNA. The Large Hadron Collider. Ever had that sneaking feeling that you are missing out on some truly spectacular science? You do? Well, fear not, for help is at hand. Ben Miller was working on his Physics PhD at Cambridge when he accidentally became a comedian. But first love runs deep, and he has returned to his roots to share with you all his favourite bits of science. This is the stuff you really need to know, not only because it matters but because it will quite simply amaze and delight you. 'Let me show you another, perhaps less familiar side of Science; her beauty, her seductiveness and her passion. And let's do it quickly, while Maths isn't looking' Ben Miller 'This book makes climate change actually seem interesting. Not just important - it's obviously important - but interesting. As a result I bought lots of other books about climate change, something I now regret' David Mitchell Ben Miller is, like you, a mutant ape living through an Ice Age on a ball of molten iron, orbiting a supermassive black hole. He is also an actor, comedian and approximately one half of Armstrong & Miller. He's presented a BBC Horizon documentary on temperature and a Radio 4 series about the history of particle physics, and has written a science column for The Times. He is slowly coming to terms with the idea that he may never be an astronaut.

It's ONLY Rocket Science

An Introduction in Plain English

Author: Lucy Rogers

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 038775377X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 350

View: 2808


"Well, it’s not rocket science, is it?" How many times have you heard people use that expression when they mean something pretty simple? There are other areas of science and technology that are arguably more challenging than rocket science, but no other (perhaps apart from brain surgery) has entered mainstream English vocabulary as a byword for ‘difficult’. But ‘hard to understand’ isn’t the same as ‘impossible to understand’, as Dr Lucy Rogers – who is herself currently working as a rocket scientist – shows in this book. She describes, in everyday terms and entirely without complex math, just what is involved in launching something into space, to explore the universe beyond our small planet. If you want to understand the fundamentals of space flight, from how to leave the Earth – including the design of the rocket and vehicle, mission planning, navigation and communication – to life in space and the effects of weightlessness, begin your journey here.


Maybe It Is Rocket Science

Author: James T. Bradford

Publisher: Gospel Publishing House

ISBN: 9781607311386

Category: Preaching

Page: 104

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It s not rocket science. As a pastor or leader, perhaps there are many areas of ministry to which you have heard this saying applied. However, is preaching God s Word one of them? Could it be that unfolding the text, developing an outline, and presenting the Bible are much more complex than simple? James Bradford applies his considerable experience in the field of scientific research to answering the tough questions about preaching that many ministers have. Preaching: Maybe It Is Rocket Science is a book that will challenge you to strive for excellence in the study of God s Word, while at the same time equipping you for a deeper level of ministry. Bradford covers topics that are relevant to the life of the leader, such as training, rebuking, time management, and aligning your life with your message. It is a book that shows that there is more to preaching than meets the eye, and that, just maybe, it is rocket science after all.

It Really Is Rocket Science

A Rock'n'roll Fantasy

Author: Brad H. Branham

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781493602933

Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 1343


Welcome to dark comedy and twisted romance. Rocker-in-self-exile Blar Umlaut spots an enchanting Goth princess in a snowstorm. The chain of events after that lead to a revival of his career, a new band, romance, adventure, and dark hilarity with the trio of women he befriends. "The Lost Girls" need a bootstrap to break into the music business. Blar isn't certain whether he's helping because he's smitten or because it would be a crime to let their outstanding talent go unnoticed. Being merely human, it's a lot of both. It Really IS Rocket Science ... after all. Blar is waking up after a decade of melancholy over screwing up his first band and first love. The petite bass guitarist Tsika has conflicting priorities between career and caring for her best friend. Kpau, drummer and wild breeze, wants life to be a roller coaster. Glycerin, lead guitarist, is a damaged enigmatic mystery even to her closest friend Tsika. Set in Portland, Oregon with farflung adventure across the globe; grounded in the modern music business; a story of dark comedy about misfits getting through each day as they cope with life and potential fame. This is the first volume of a series following the life, adventures, romances, and antics of the eccentric and quirky members of a rock band.

Introduction to Rocket Science and Engineering

Author: Travis S. Taylor

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420075292

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 310

View: 1151


An overall view of the vast spectrum of knowledge needed by practicing rocket scientists and engineers, Introduction to Rocket Science and Engineering presents the history and basics of rocket theory, design, experimentation, testing, and applications. It covers an array of fields, from advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics to logistics, systems engineering, and politics. The text begins with a discussion on the discovery and development of rockets as well as the basic principles governing rockets and rocket science. It explains why rockets are needed from economic, philosophical, and strategic standpoints and looks at why the physics of the universe forces us to use rockets to complete certain activities. Exploring how rockets work, the author covers the concepts of thrust, momentum, impulse, and the rocket equation, along with the rocket engine, its components, and the physics involved in the generation of the propulsive force. He also presents several different types of rocket engines and discusses the testing of rocket components, subsystems, systems, and complete products. The final chapter stresses the importance of rocket scientists and engineers to think of the unusual, unlikely, and unthinkable when dealing with the complexities of rocketry. Taking students through the process of becoming a rocket scientist or engineer, this text supplies a hands-on understanding of the many facets of rocketry. It provides the ideal foundation for students to continue on their journey in rocket science and engineering.

This is (not) Rocket Science

Author: Lucio Di Jasio


ISBN: 1312907770

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 160

View: 6733


How a new generation of microcontrollers featuring core independent peripherals redefined embedded control.

Rocket Science

Author: Andrew Rader

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981832651


Page: 44

View: 7230


Ever wonder how spaceships work? Rocket Science is a tour of the latest in spacecraft technology and planetary exploration by real-life aerospace engineer Andrew Rader and illustrator Galen Frazer. Explaining the physics of space travel in a way that's easy to understand, the book is accessible to anyone. It's sure to ignite the imagination of kids of all ages, and even curious adults. How do rockets work? Why do they use staging? What's an orbit? Is there gravity in space? How did we get to the Moon? How would we get to Mars? Could we get to another star? These are just a few of the questions discussed in Rocket Science. Rocket Science is primarily aimed at kids in the 6-10 range, but its illustrations would be appealing to younger kids if parents were reading, and the book is even suitable as a light reader for adults interested in learning a thing or two about space engineering and planetary science. This hardcover book features 42 full spread illustrations by professional graphic artist Galen Frazer. Rocket Science is the third book by Andrew and Galen, the first two being Epic Space Adventure and Mars Rover Rescue, which were aimed at younger kids.

Area 52

A Comedy Script Book: Pilot Episode: It Is Rocket Science

Author: de-Ann Black

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781908072375

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 94

View: 5366


This is a script book. It is laid out in script format.Storyline: Somewhere in the heart of rural Scotland is a well-kept secret - a hidden location for a self-assembly business that manufactures traditional English, Scottish and Irish pubs ready-made and flat-packed to be sold on the international market. Business is starting to thrive for the owner, Fergus, and the two lads who work for him - Alvie and Teapot. Orders are coming in from buyers in Europe and America. This is spectacular news for Fergus who has found a special way to create these pubs. It's astonishing what you can do with a hammer, nails, varnished newspapers, old photographs of someone's grandfather and sticky backed plastic. But with success comes competition. How long will it be before someone else jumps on the bandwagon and manufactures Fergus' pubs for sale abroad? For this reason, Fergus protects his location and methods fiercely from prying eyes. He moves from London up to a derelict croft in the wilds of Scotland that was left to him by his late grandmother. Within the basic workshop of Area 52, Fergus and his team go to great lengths to protect their production methods. Unfortunately, the area that Fergus unwittingly names Area 52 (sums are not his strong point), is part of a secret rocket science base where three rocket scientists (Professor Prith, Nora Blonde and Jack) work on space related projects. One lot doesn't know about the other - at least not at first. When Fergus finds out his secret stronghold is compromised by the rocket scientists, he's determined to fight for his territory, especially when he's about to expand his pub production. The new thistle logos are already at the printers. The sign outside his secret business reads: UFO and has an entirely different meaning than sighting flying saucers.

It Really Is Rocket Science

Go Go Godzilla

Author: Brad Branham

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692239445


Page: 482

View: 9963


The ROCKET SCIENCE band is jetting their way to Japan for a month long tour in the land of the Rising Sun, finishing off with a bang at the big summer rock festival. But will they make it there in one piece? The enigmatic traumatized Glycerin is suffering from clinical suicidal depression, Hank and Sashiko are circling like honey badgers flipping between snarls and cuddles. Tsika is trying to balance Blar, Glycerin, her desire for fame, and her dreams of family without going criminally insane herself. Aina just wants everyone to stay alive, happy, and making money. Comedy, crisis, and twisted romance continue as the band rumbles through the land of geisha, anime, sushi, and Yakuza. Alien food, ancient temples, and the challenge of finding a public bath that allows tattoos await as the musical misfits battle their own monsters rather than the most iconic Japanese monster of all. The third volume of the Rocket Science saga.


An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants

Author: John Drury Clark

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813599199

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 302

View: 868


This newly reissued debut book in the Rutgers University Press Classics Imprint is the story of the search for a rocket propellant which could be trusted to take man into space. This search was a hazardous enterprise carried out by rival labs who worked against the known laws of nature, with no guarantee of success or safety. Acclaimed scientist and sci-fi author John Drury Clark writes with irreverent and eyewitness immediacy about the development of the explosive fuels strong enough to negate the relentless restraints of gravity. The resulting volume is as much a memoir as a work of history, sharing a behind-the-scenes view of an enterprise which eventually took men to the moon, missiles to the planets, and satellites to outer space. A classic work in the history of science, and described as “a good book on rocket stuff…that’s a really fun one” by SpaceX founder Elon Musk, readers will want to get their hands on this influential classic, available for the first time in decades.

It's Not Rocket Science

4 Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution

Author: Dave Anderson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119116635

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 3250


It's Not Rocket Science it is a common sense call for organizations to return to sustainable business success fundamentals that have proven themselves true over the centuries.It's Not Rocket Science asserts that we already have heard, been taught, and know well the answers for sustainable personal and organizational growth. Businesses must focus on their core to succeed. This book will compellingly present a no-nonsense blueprint for returning business cultures and strategies to a foundation built upon rock solid fundamentals, not shifting sands. Each chapter will open with,The Challenge, which outlines a condition existing in business today, because of a departure from common sense fundamentals and pursuing the latest version of “rocket science”, and will conclude with,What's Next?, which are simple steps to follow to implement the chapter's lessons.

It Was Rocket Science

Flying the Mission of Business Success

Author: Motivational Press, Incorporated,Tom Taormina

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781628650839

Category: Science

Page: 258

View: 4357


Rocket science

50 flying, floating, flipping, spinning gadgets kids create themselves

Author: Jim Wiese

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780439234924

Category: Experiments

Page: 115

View: 5954


Rocket Science for Traders

Digital Signal Processing Applications

Author: John F. Ehlers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471405672

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

View: 7192


Predict the future more accurately in today's difficult tradingtimes The Holy Grail of trading is knowing what the markets will do next.Technical analysis is the art of predicting the market based ontested systems. Some systems work well when markets are "trending,"and some work well when they are "cycling," going neither up nordown, but sideways. In Trading with Signal Analysis, notedtechnical analyst John Ehlers applies his engineering expertise todevelop techniques that predict the future more accurately in thesetimes that are otherwise so difficult to trade. Since cycles andtrends exist in every time horizon, these methods are useful evenin the strongest bull--or bear--market. John F. Ehlers (Goleta, CA) speaks internationally on the subjectof cycles in the market and has expanded the scope of hiscontributions to technical analysis through the application ofscientific digital signal processing techniques.

Coffee Isn't Rocket Science

A Quick and Easy Guide to Buying, Brewing, Serving, Roasting, and Tasting Coffee

Author: Sebastien Racineux,Chung-Leng Tran

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

ISBN: 0316439568

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 4082


This fully-illustrated, highly-informative, and fun primer presents a whole new way to know and enjoy any type of coffee. In the same format as the highly-praised Wine Isn't Rocket Science. Rocket science is complicated, coffee doesn't have to be! With information presented in an easy, illustrated style, and chock-full of the fool-proof and reliable knowledge of a seasoned barista, COFFEE ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE is the guide you always wished existed. From how coffee beans are grown, harvested and turned into coffee, the history and flavor profiles of beans from every country, making pour-overs, cold brew, and latte art, and the cultural practices of drinking coffee around the world, this book explains it all in the simplest way possible. All information is illustrated in charming and informative four-color drawings that explain concepts at a glance.