The Wedding Officiant's Guide

How to Write and Conduct a Perfect Ceremony

Author: Lisa Francesca

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452130515

Category: Reference

Page: 136

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Last year, one in three American weddings were officiated by a friend or family member. With the officiating trend on the rise, novice officiants need a resource to guide them. In The Wedding Officiant's Guide, interfaith minister Lisa Francesca breaks down the entire officiating process, from becoming an ordained officiant and interviewing the couple to drafting and performing a moving ceremony. Written in an engaging and friendly tone, and featuring empowering advice, suggested readings, stories and lessons learned from new officiants, and practical tips from wedding planners, this inviting handbook will help new officiants write and deliver a wedding ceremony that fulfills marriage laws, delights guests, and honors the marrying couple.

A Wedding Ceremony to Remember

Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding

Author: Marty Younkin

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1612541070

Category: Reference

Page: 148

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The Web edition of this best-selling book now offers even more choices. Choose from nine complete ceremonies, a variety of Vows, Readings, Prayers and Blessings, Wedding Traditions, and other Special Touches to design your ceremony and make it uniquely you. An Order of Service, Program Samples, Diagrams, Rehearsal and Ceremony Worksheets assist you with all the details that make your decisions "a piece of cake." This book is written for and highly recommended by Brides and Grooms, Wedding Consultants, and Ceremony Officiants.

Do It Yourself Wedding Ceremony

Creating and Officiating Your Unforgettable Day

Author: Dayna Reid

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483543188

Category: Reference

Page: 252

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“Do It Yourself Wedding Ceremony: Creating and Officiating Your Unforgettable Day,” (updated, expanded and revised edition of previously titled bestseller, "Sacred Ceremony: Create and Officiate Personalized Wedding Ceremonies") brings the focus back to the real purpose of a wedding ... not the cake, the dress or the centerpieces, but the sacred agreement between two people that defines their marriage. Practical help for selecting the right words for your wedding, from pure suggestions to full sample ceremonies. A step-by-step overview of the many possible elements that can be included in a ceremony, from approval and dedication blessings, to the declaration of intent and pronouncement (the only legal stipulations involved), to vows and the exchange of rings, to the kiss and the close with abundant samples inspired by the spiritual or nonspiritual, traditional or alternative, biblical scripture, Native American blessings and prayers, Buddhist homilies, rabbinical teachings, Irish blessings and toasts; Armenian, Hawaiian, Inuit; Rumi, Oscar Levant, Kierkegaard; song lyrics, movies, children's books, television. Readers are encouraged to broaden the ceremony with personal touches, such as the ringing of little brass bells instead of the shower of rice or birdseed. Lastly, Dayna Reid takes on the bureaucracy; obtaining license, filing paperwork, officiating.

The Wedding Ceremony Planner

The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day

Author: Judith Johnson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781402278228

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 368

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The essential guide to creating an unforgettable ceremony that reflects the unqiueness of your relationship The Wedding Ceremony Planner is the only comprehensive and user-friendly guide, covering everything a couple needs to celebrate their wedding in a personal way. From elegant readings, to often-overlooked logistics, to the inclusion of special family members into the ceremony, this is an absolute essential for anyone planning a wedding. Written by a true expert, Reverend Judith Johnson delivers a wealth of tips and resources so couples can create the ultimate wedding that's true to their own spirit, beliefs, and traditions.

The Distinctive Wedding Ceremony

Planning Guide for Creating a Personalized, Unique Ceremony Supporting ALL Couples, Same Sex and Opposite Sex Or How to Write Your Own Vows Ideal for

Author: Mary Calhoun

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781493636426

Category: Reference

Page: 172

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"An extensive guide for both same-sex and opposite sex couples wishing to design a unique, seamless, and memorable ceremony. It also serves as a how-to resource for officiants of all faiths, from novice to sage.

The Wedding Officiant's Manual

The Wedding Guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Wedding Ceremonies

Author: Sunny Dawn Johnston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780979811937

Category: Marriage service

Page: 132

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"The Wedding Officiant's Manual: A guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Wedding Ceremonies" The Wedding Officiant's Manual is an essential guide for anyone who wants to create a wedding ceremony. Sunny Dawn Johnston, an Ordained Officiant with over a decade of experience, has written this book from the Officiants perspective. However, this manual can be used by brides, grooms and wedding consultants as well as ceremony Officiants. This guide contains fourteen complete ceremonies and a variety of vows, poems, prayers, blessings and wedding traditions. There are also several special tips that only a seasoned pro would know. Johnston's goal is to offer you a variety of material that honors your unique beliefs, traditions and intentions. "The Wedding Officiant's Manual" takes the guesswork out of the ceremony creating process and gives you options galore, all in one handy book. Included is a Q&A form to make the entire experience from beginning to end as stress free as possible. This is the Ultimate guide for step-by-step instruction on creating the perfect ceremony.

Sacred Ceremony

Create and Officiate Personalized Wedding Ceremonies

Author: Dayna Reid

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781456491444

Category: Reference

Page: 237

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Practical help for selecting the right words for your wedding, from pure suggestions to full sample ceremonies.

A Ceremony of Marriage

Author: Kenneth Copeland

Publisher: Kenneth Copeland Publications

ISBN: 9780938458159

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 15

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A Ceremony of Marriage contains insights into the marriage relationship everyone should know, and includes the Scripture-based ceremonial wedding vows every couple can cherish.

The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions [Revised Edition]

Readings, Rituals, Music, Dances, and Toasts

Author: Carley Roney

Publisher: Potter Style

ISBN: 0770433820

Category: Reference

Page: 224

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From the #1 wedding brand comes this indispensable resource, completely revised and updated, to help you choose the perfect words, music, and traditions for your ceremony and reception The ceremony is the cornerstone of your wedding celebration. There are countless ways to make it your own, from meaningful poetry readings to the music that plays as you walk down the aisle. The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions is an important resource for brides and grooms. New and expanded topics in this edition include: -Interfaith ceremonies and blending spiritual traditions -Ways to use technology to enhance your ceremony -New online resources for finding the perfect words for your vows, program, and more -Gay marriages and civil unions -Popular song choices that are already considered classics Throughout, you’ll also find a rich and inspiring selection of both classic and original ideas for: -Religious or secular vows and readings -Traditions and symbolic rituals -Speeches and toasts -Music for the processional, recessional, and the special dances at the reception

The Pastor's Wedding Manual

Author: Jim Henry

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1433676729

Category: Religion

Page: 189

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A collection of creative wedding ceremonies and helps to guide the pastor in making the wedding service a worshipful experience.

The Marriage Ceremony

Step-By-Step Handbook for Pastors and Ministers

Author: Pst Robert R. Thibodeau

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692207444

Category: Religion

Page: 56

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This handbook makes a great gift for a newly ordained Minister of the Gospel or Seminary Graduate! This handbook has been designed to assist the Pastor or Minister of the Gospel in performing Marriage Ceremonies. The easy "step-by-step" format is simple to follow and has spaces provided to insert the names of the Bride and Groom. The three main ceremonies are included in this handbook: 1. The Traditional Wedding Ceremony which incorporates scripture reading and charges to the bride, the groom, the witnesses in the wedding party and also the audience. The author has been using this system extensively for over 20 years and has never failed to get several compliments on the ceremony. 2. The Civil Ceremony. This is a short, easy and quick wedding ceremony. It is often performed at City Hall, but be used anywhere. The author has even used in a local jail where an inmate and his fiance were married! It "mentions" God, but not to the extent of the other two types of ceremonies. 3. The "Episcopalian" Ceremony. This is a longer ceremony (very rarely used by the author) and incorporates the taking of communion as well as all the other elements of the Traditional Ceremony. This handbook is a compilation of many different marriage manuals the author has used for over 20 years of performing marriage ceremonies. Taking "the best" sections from various manuals and combining them into one, "easy to use" handbook and written in a "Step-by-Step" format allows the user to immediately take this Handbook and perform marriage ceremonies like they have been doing it for years!

How to Write Wedding Vows

A Wedding Vow Workbook

Author: Kelly Carr

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615662107

Category: Reference

Page: 138

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A Simple Formula for Writing Elegant Wedding Vows Are you getting married soon? Do you want to write your own wedding vows? "How To Write Wedding Vows: A Wedding Vow Workbook" may be just the book you have been looking for. Even if you have never been a writer or you do not have the "poetic gene," you can write wedding vows that will make your fiancé's heart feel truly loved and valued on your wedding day. "The 30 Minute Wedding Vow Template" in chapter 11 is worth the price of the book. Even if you have plenty of time before your ceremony, this special template which was designed especially for this book is a good way to begin writing your own vows. It makes it almost as simple as fill in the blank, only much more elegant. Dr. Kelly Carr is a pastor and wedding officiant that has performed more than 500 weddings and wedding renewal ceremonies. He has worked with hundreds of couples on their wedding vows. Now he has put his materials together in book form so that they will help hundreds more. Dr. Carr is a licensed and ordained minister and his basic vows are from a Christian tradition. He shows you how to adapt the most common wedding vows and ring vows into personalized and customized vows or how to start from scratch and write your own personal vows. The book begins by asking the simple question of whether or not a couple really wants to write their own vows. Is it necessary to write your own vows to make the ceremony unique? Chapter two gets right into the heart of the matter offering 10 tips for writing your own customized wedding vows or ring vows. Dr. Carr also discusses the option of making a personal statement instead of customized wedding vows. The book includes some resources, such as quotes about love and marriage, and a list of more than 150 romantic words that will assist the bride or groom who is trying to write their own vows. There is a chapter that includes some real examples of self-written wedding vows and ring vows. One chapter discusses the origin of the basic traditional wedding vows that have been used for the past 500 years in the English language. There is writing space included in the book to make your own personal notes so that you can use the book as a workbook for writing your own wedding vows. Table of Contents Preface 1. Really Want To Write Your Own Vows? 2. Ten Tips For Writing Memorable Vows 3. Wedding Vows Or A Personal Statement? 4. Classic Wedding Vows And Ring Vows 5. Fifty Quotes Of Love 6. Fifty Quotes Of Marriage 7. A List Of Most Romantic Words 8. Examples Of Personalized Vows 9. The Origin Of Traditional Wedding Vows 10. Seven Creative Writing Tips 11. The 30 Minute Wedding Vow Template ABOUT THE AUTHOR Write Your Vows Here Sources Consulted Contact Information Whether you are a couple planning to get married soon, or a wedding officiant who is often asked to help a couple write their own vows, "How To Write Wedding Vows" is a worthwhile investment. Writing your own vows does not have to be difficult. A good coach can make it both easier and better. Let Dr. Carr help you write your own wedding vows that will be both beautiful on your wedding day and memorable for a lifetime.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony

Choosing the Perfect Words and Officiating Your Unforgettable Day

Author: Dayna Reid

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781499297119

Category: Reference

Page: 244

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Choose the Perfect Words For Your Unforgettable Wedding Day. In this revised, expanded and retitled edition of the previously titled bestseller, "Sacred Ceremony," “Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony,” brings the focus back to the real purpose of a wedding … the sacred agreement between two people that defines their marriage. In step-by-step, informative chapters, Dayna Reid describes the elements of a wedding ceremony from beginning to end, and the choices people can make with each element. “Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony” includes a wealth of wording and ceremony selections, to celebrate diverse styles, beliefs and traditions, from Christian to Zen, to the simple declarations of love that transcend tradition. Reid, an ordained Officiant with more than a decade of experience discovered “the few ceremony books available were written in either a particular style or from a specific religious view, offering limited variety for customizing a wedding to reflect a couple's unique and personal perspective and intentions.” Some key information within the book: • A large collection of spiritual and non-spiritual wording examples • Several sample wedding and renewal ceremonies • A worksheet to help easily compose the ceremony • Instructions for obtaining a marriage license • Who can legally perform the ceremony and steps to becoming ordained • Advice on selecting the right Officiant • Information on filing the paperwork to make the wedding legal

Your Interfaith Wedding

A Guide to Blending Faiths, Cultures, and Personal Values Into One Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

Author: Laurie Sue Brockway

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313378010

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 2124


For those looking to create a personalized wedding ceremony that honors and celebrates the diverse religious, racial, or ethnic backgrounds of the couple and their families, this book provides expert guidance for perfectly blending traditions and faiths. * Contains insights shared by brides and grooms, interviews and information from other attributed sources, as well as special contributions from Rev. Victor Fuhrman * Presents exclusive materials designed by the author throughout more than a decade of experience in ministry

The Conscious Wedding Handbook

How to Create Authentic Ceremonies That Express Your Love

Author: Lila Sophia Tresemer,David Tresemer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781622034888

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 225

View: 9972


The joining of two people in a committed relationship is sacred. Why? Because our intimate partnerships offer an unparalleled path to the highest expression of our love for each other and for the whole of life.The Conscious Wedding Handbook was created to support couples who are beginning their adventure together, or who want to deepen or revivify an existing relationship. How do we design a wedding ceremony that expresses the depths of our commitment and the shared vision for our marriage? What are the building blocks of a lasting partnership that will bring out the best in everyone? Lila and David address these questions and more, empowering readers with practical exercises for sustaining conscious partnership and covering everything from writing your own wedding vows, to choosing facilitators and guests, to the “Sacred Moment” at the core of a conscious wedding.

The Ultimate Wedding

Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired'

Author: Amy E. Long

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780966499209

Category: Marriage customs and rites

Page: 143

View: 969


The Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Author: Lynda Wright

Publisher: How To Books

ISBN: 1848034504

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 8047


Your dream wedding starts with this first simple step. Your wedding day marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life, so you'll want to make sure it's as wonderful as you always dreamed it would be. This book will guide you through all the organisational detail of your wedding preparations so that you'll feel completely confident about the many choices and decisions you will have to make. Written and designed in a logical, easy-to-use style, it concentrates on the practical aspects of preparing for your big day and is divided into three parts: * The Countdown Calendar, detailing all the vital steps at each stage of the preparations * The Action Plans, showing the step-by-step sequences needed to organise the transport, flowers, photography and all the other essentials * The Checklists, providing lots of space for you to record all the relevant information, so that you can track your progress and ensure that nothing has been overlooked If you follow this book step by step, you'll feel confident that your big day will be a great success and one that you'll remember for the rest of your life.