The Strange Story Book

Author: Mrs. Andrew Lang

Publisher: eKitap Projesi & Cheapest Books

ISBN: 6052259957

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 276

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Now as this is the very last book of all this series that began in the long long ago, perhaps you may like to hear something of the man who thought over every one of the twenty-five, for fear lest a story should creep in which he did not wish his little boys and girls to read. He was born when nobody thought of travelling in anything but a train—a very slow one—or a steamer. It took a great deal of persuasion to induce him later to get into a motor and he had not the slightest desire to go up in an aeroplane—or to possess a telephone. Somebody once told him of a little boy who, after giving a thrilling account at luncheon of how Randolph had taken Edinburgh Castle, had expressed a desire to go out and see the Museum; 'I like old things better than new,' said the child! 'I wish I knew that little boy,' observed the man. 'He would just suit me.' And that was true, for he too loved great deeds of battle and adventure as well as the curious carved and painted fragments guarded in museums which show that the lives described by Homer and the other old poets were not tales made up by them to amuse tired crowds gathered round a hall fire, but were real—real as our lives now, and much more beautiful and splendid. All beasts were his friends, just because they were beasts, unless they had been very badly brought up. He never could resist a cat, and cats, like beggars, tell each other these things and profit by them. A cat knew quite well that it had only to go on sitting for a few days outside the window where the man was writing, and that if it began to snow or even to rain, the window would be pushed up and the cat would spend the rest of its days stretched in front of the fire, with a saucer of milk beside it, and fish for every meal. But life with cats was not all peace, and once a terrible thing hap-pened when Dickon-draw-the-blade was the Puss in Possession. His master was passing through London on the way to take a journey to some beautiful old walled towns in the south of France where the English fought in the Hundred Years War, and he meant to spend a few weeks in the country along the Loire which is bound up with the memory of Joan of Arc. Unluckily, the night after he arrived from Scotland Dickon went out for a walk on the high trellis behind the house, and once there did not know how to get down again. Of course it was quite easy, and there were ropes of Virginia creeper to help, but Dickon lost his presence of mind, and instead of doing anything sensible only stood and shrieked, while his master got ladders and steps and clambered about in the dark and in the cold, till he put Dickon on the ground again. Then Dickon's master went to bed, but woke up so ill that he was obliged to do without the old towns, and go when he was better to a horrid place called Cannes, all dust and tea-parties.

Eine seltsame Geschichte


Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton

Publisher: Benu Verlag

ISBN: 9783934826007


Page: 388

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"Eine seltsame Geschichte" (Original: A Strange Story) des englischen Autors Edward Bulwer-Lytton aus dem Jahre 1861 ist ein Meisterwerk der fantastischen Literatur. Im Mittelpunkt des Romans, der zugleich eine spannende Kriminalerzahlung ist, stehen die seltsamen Erlebnisse des englischen Landarztes Allen Fenwick, eines strengen Rationalisten und orthodoxen Wissenschaftlers, der fur wirklich nur halt, was er sieht oder mit den eigenen Sinnen erfahren kann, und der die Existenz einer Seele nicht gelten lasst. Fenwicks Weltbild bekommt Risse, als er der elfenhaft schonen Lilian Ashleigh begegnet, einer Frau, die ganz unter dem Einfluss einer jenseitigen Welt zu stehen scheint. Der verfuhrerische Schwarzmagier Edward Margrave, der auf der Suche nach dem unsterblich machenden Lebenselixier sich der Hilfe des beruhmten Arztes fur seine alchemistischen Experimente zu versichern sucht, gewinnt Einfluss auf die junge Lilian, und unheilvolle Schatten fallen auf Fenwicks hoffnungsvoll erbluhte Liebe. Sir Philipp Derval, ein Eingeweihter in orientalische Geheimnisse, fallt nach seiner Ruckkehr aus dem Ausland einem heimtuckischen Mordanschlag zum Opfer und Allen Fenwick gerat unter Verdacht. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, geboren am 25. Mai 1803 in London, schuf ein vielseitiges literarisches Werk. Beruhmt sind nicht nur seine historischen Romane Die letzten Tage von Pompeji und Rienzi, sondern vor allem auch seine fantastisch-okkulten Romane, unter denen neben Zanoni und Das kommende Geschlecht der hier in ungekurzter Fassung neu vorgelegte fantastische Kriminalroman Eine seltsame Geschichte besonders herausragt. Bulwer-Lytton starb am 18. Januar 1873 in Torquay.

The Strange Story of Ahrinziman

Author: Anita Silvani

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787307936


Page: 284

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1906 Spiritualism Philosophy written as a novel. a sequel to a Wanderer in the Wastelands. the philosophy of Ahrinziman, the Persian - what life hath taught of the Soul; life lived on Earth and life of ages in the Abyss and in the Heavens of the Beyon.

The Strange Story of the Quantum

An Account for the General Reader of the Growth of the Ideas Underlying Our Present Atomic Knowledge

Author: Banesh Hoffmann

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486205185

Category: Science

Page: 285

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This timeless exploration of the work of the great physicists of the early 20th century employs analogies, examples, and imaginative insights rather than computations to explain the dramatic impact of quantum physics on classical theory. Topics include Pauli's exclusion principle, Schroedinger's wave equation, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and many other concepts. 1959 edition.

A Strange Story

Author: N.A

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 146558966X

Category: Fiction

Page: 808

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FIFTEEN years ago began H. official duties compelled me to spend a few days in the principal town of the province of T . I stopped at a very fair hotel, which had been established six months before my arrival by a Jewish tailor, who had grown rich. I am told that it did not flourish long, which is often the case with us; but I found it still in its full splendour: the new furniture emitted cracks like pistol-shots at night; the bed-linen, table-cloths, and napkins smelt of soap, and the painted floors reeked of olive oil, which, however, in the opinion of the waiter, an exceedingly elegant but not very clean individual, tended to prevent the spread of insects. This waiter, a former valet of Prince G.'s, was conspicuous for his free-and-easy manners and his self-assurance. He invariably wore a second-hand frockcoat and slippers trodden down at heel, carried a table-napkin under his arm, and had a multitude of pimples on his cheeks. With a free sweeping movement of his moist hands he gave utterance to brief but pregnant observations. He showed a patronising interest in me, as a person capable of appreciating his culture and knowledge of the world; but he regarded his own lot in life with a rather disillusioned eye. "No doubt about it," he said to me one day; "ours is a poor sort of position nowadays. May be sent flying any day!" His name was Ardalion. I had to make a few visits to official persons in the town. Ardalion procured me a coach and groom, both alike shabby and loose in the joints; but the groom wore livery, the carriage was adorned with an heraldic crest. After making all my official calls, I drove to see a country gentleman, an old friend of my father's, who had been a long time settled in the town . I had not met him for twenty years; he had had time to get married, to bring up a good-sized family, to be left a widower and to make his fortune. His business was with government monopolies, that is to say, he lent contractors for monopolies loans at heavy interest . "There is always honour in risk," they say, though indeed the risk was small.

The Strange Story of Jonah

& How He Learned About God

Author: Mark Sisson

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490838988

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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There’s a good chance you know something about the story of Jonah. But you might have missed a few things... The Strange Story of Jonah takes the reader through the experiences, trials, and lessons of Jonah, and does so with lively illustrations and a healthy dash of humor – but not at the expense of the central message. The Strange Story of Jonah is a children’s book that is sure to entertain readers of all ages.

The Book of Mirdad

The Strange Story of a Monastery which was Once Called The Ark

Author: Mikhail Naimy

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1780283083

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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A classic of spiritual literature - Mikhail Naimy, a contemporary of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet, has woven legend, mysticism, philosophy and poetry into a powerful allegorical story that has touched the hearts of millions of readers.