The Lemon Popsicle Book

Author: Roy Mitchell,Paul Sutton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780993177064

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 286

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With it's glorious backdrop of fifties rock and roll, Lemon Popsicle told of the sexual misadventures of three boys in Tel Aviv. The film broke box-office records around the world and helped to establish the producers, Golan and Globus, as a force in Hollywood. Britain's Popsicle expert, Roy Mitchell, pools his resources with the historian, Paul Sutton, to produce a pictorial celebration of all the Popsicle films and spin-offs, from Eskimo Limon in Israel, and the Eis Am Stiel films co-produced in Germany, to the popular U.S. remake, The Last American Virgin.

Dance to the Devil's Tune (Lady Law & The Gunslinger, Book 2)

Western Historical Romance

Author: Adrienne deWolfe

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 1614179921

Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 4033


"Sadie is hot on the trail of the jewel thief and deadly perp, Maestro, who uses music to transform his victims into thieves and murderers, who follow his command. This is rather heady super-science for a Western novel: it brings to mind the satisfying feel of the TV classic, The Wild, Wild West." ~ D. Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews --Denver, November,1883-- Maestro's music creates mindless puppets, who commit crimes at his command. To lure the sinister jewel thief out of hiding, Pinkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a wealthy widow. Fearing for her safety, William "Cass" Cassidy, her hotheaded lover, hatches his own plot to end Maestro's killing spree. But his daring gamble backfires and costs him Sadie's trust. Now Cass is on the run, hunted by Maestro and the Pinkertons. Torn between her mission and her gunslinging lover, Sadie must stop Cass's showdown with Maestro, or risk losing her badge and her man. PUBLISHER NOTE: Adrienne deWolfe is known for her meticulous attention to historical detail and character development that make her historical western romance stories leap off the page. Fans of B.J. Daniels, Melanie Shawn, C.J. Petit and Nora Roberts will want to read the Lady Law and the Gunslinger Series. “Adrienne deWolfe's writing is clever and unconventional . . . Guaranteed to please."~ Pamela Morsi, New York Times Best-selling author "Adrienne is undoubtedly an author to watch. She writes beautifully, with a style as high, wide, and handsome as the Texas sky... Jennifer Blake, New York Times Best-selling Author Adrienne deWolfe has a great writing style, with plenty of humor and a pinch of naughtiness that is pure delight to the reader."~ Belles and Beaux of Romance Adrienne deWolfe is a jewel of a find for your keeper shelf.” ~ Christina Dodd, New York times Best-selling Author "Adrienne deWolfe never ceases to delight. Her spunky heroine's and sexy heroes offer an exciting read every time. The subtle levels and dimensions deWolfe gives her stories and her characters are an added bonus. She is a true storyteller for anyone who enjoys something above the ordinary." ~ Julie Ortolon, USA Today Best-selling Author “Adrienne deWolfe is a master storyteller” ~ "Adrienne does not just write bestsellers or award winners, she writes from the heart. Each book captures readers’ interest, pulls them in, then leaves readers wanting more. If it is written by Adrienne, one book is never enough.” ~ Bunny’s Book Reviews LADY LAW & THE GUNSLINGER, in series order Devil in Texas Dance to the Devil's Tune VELVET LIES in series order Scoundrel for Hire His Wicked Dream Seduced by an Angel WILD TEXAS NIGHTS in series order: Texas Outlaw Texas Lover Texas Wildcat

The Global Film Book

Author: Roy Stafford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136474587

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 368

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The Global Film Book is an accessible and entertaining exploration of the development of film as global industry and art form, written especially for students and introducing readers to the rich and varied cinematic landscape beyond Hollywood. Highlighting areas of difference and similarity in film economies and audiences, as well as form, genre and narrative, this textbook considers a broad range of examples and up to date industry data from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Latin America. Author Roy Stafford combines detailed studies of indigenous film and television cultures with cross border, global and online entertainment operations, including examples from Nollywood to Korean Cinema, via telenovelas and Nordic crime drama. The Global Film Book demonstrates a number of contrasting models of contemporary production, distribution and consumption of film worldwide, charting and analysing the past, present and potential futures for film throughout the world. The book also provides students with: a series of exploratory pathways into film culture worldwide illuminating analyses and suggestions for further readings and viewing, alongside explanatory margin notes and case studies a user friendly text design, featuring over 120 colour images a dynamic and comprehensive blog, online at, providing updates and extensions of case studies in the book and analysis of the latest developments in global film issues.

Portuguese Vocabulary - A Portuguese Phrase Book To Learn the Picture and Word Way

1.000 Words, Imagens and Bilingual Texts to Learn Portuguese Faster

Author: Mobile Library

Publisher: Mobile Library

ISBN: 8829568678

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: N.A

View: 3845


This eBook allows you to learn Portuguese vocabulary using images and bilingual text. It's a great tool for Portuguese learning because it includes: 1.000 Words 1.000 Images 1.000 Bilingual Texts Portuguese to English You can learn the Portuguese language by reading the 10 chapters included in this amazing Portuguese for foreigners eBook: [ Chapter 01 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT PROFESSIONS, TRAVEL AND FAMILY, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 02 ] - 100 ANIMALS NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 03 ] - 100 IMAGES OF ACTIONS AND FEELINGS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 04 ] - NUMBERS FROM 0 TO 100, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 05 ] - 100 FOOD ELEMENTS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 06 ] - 100 DRINK ELEMENT NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 07 ] - 100 WORDS, WITH COMIC CHARACTERS IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 08 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT CHRISTMAS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 09 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT SIGNS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 10 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT MUSIC, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT Because of the diversity of subjects, you can use this Portuguese to English dictionary of topics almost like a Portuguese language course. You will discover that this Portuguese edition is very simple to use and that the image included for every word (along with the Portuguese translation) will help you to memorize faster. Why to choose this Portuguese language book? Because it brings together the two best ways to learn: - The Word with Image Method - The Bilingual Reading, Portuguese to English Learning Italian key words with this book is very simple: - Just see the image - Read the name in English - Read the corresponding word in Portuguese Just see the image and learn a new word, then go to the next image and do the same. Each new image will help you memorize a word in the new language. Step by step, you will begin to learn Portuguese words, understand it and memorize more and more Portuguese vocabulary. Just see the images and learn to say it in Portuguese. Use this English Portuguese visual dictionary to learn Portuguese faster!

The Witness Book

Sensitive Stories of Christian Outreach

Author: Valerie Brian Anderson Murphy

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449732909

Category: Religion

Page: 112

View: 8103


Life and death. Witnessing for Christ. We are all called to love. Eternal issues are what's relevant. And as we grow as Christians, we are all to think more and more from a divine perspective. So many in the world are lost and are ushered into hell and torment every day. However, we could help prevent this. A kind word. A lifetime example of Christ. Love others. Some social conformity, please and thank you at a Seven Eleven, and we all dress the same and shop at the same stores. Sometimes this kind of unity and conformity blinds us to how we all need God. And some are lost. The trappings. The glitz. Pleasure. Celebrities. The world system. Like taking a ticket at a deli mart. Stand in line. People don't hear the small cry of a soul sucked into a world system of high technology, and it is too late to say something or bring them back. The heartache of the survivors lives on with eternal questions. There is only one truth and one way to heaven. By becoming born-again. This book is about witnessing, its vital importance. Most of the stories are based on the author's true accounts. Examples of different types of witnessing, problems encountered, different personalities. People are all in different places spiritually on their earthly pilgrimage. This book is a very helpful tool, equipping us to witness on higher levels and with greater expectations. And should we fall short, God can use any and every witness, no matter how small. For we are not responsible for bearing the fruit. We are only called to witness for Christ. But most of all we are called to love.

Spanish ( Easy Spanish ) Learn Words With Images (Super Pack 10 Books in 1)

1.000 Spanish Words, 1.000 Images, 1.000 Bilingual Texts (a 10 Books Pack to Save & Learn Spanish Faster)

Author: Mobile Library

Publisher: Mobile Library

ISBN: 8829555797

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: N.A

View: 2231


This Pack joins 10 Volumes of the collection Learn Words With Images, and allows you to learn Spanish the easy way with the help of images and bilingual text. Use it to save and learn faster Spanish words, this great Pack includes: 1.000 Spanish Words 1.000 Images 1.000 Bilingual Texts These are the 10 Volumes included in this great eBooks Pack, at a discount price (you get 3 books for free): [ Vol 01 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT PROFESSIONS, TRAVEL AND FAMILY, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 02 ] - 100 ANIMALS NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 03 ] - 100 IMAGES OF ACTIONS AND FEELINGS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 04 ] - NUMBERS FROM 0 TO 100, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 05 ] - 100 FOOD ELEMENTS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 06 ] - 100 DRINK ELEMENT NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 07 ] - 100 WORDS, WITH COMIC CHARACTERS IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 08 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT CHRISTMAS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 09 ] - 100 WORDS ON SIGNS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Vol 10 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT MUSIC, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT Use this economic thematic visual dictionay to Save & Learn Spanish vocabulary faster! Why to choose this eBooks to Learn Faster? Because the Learn With Images books brings together the two best ways to learn Spanish: - The Word with Image Method - The Bilingual Reading English Spanish Learning Spanish vocabulary with these books is very simple: - See the photo - Read the name in English - Read the corresponding word in Spanish Each new image will help you memorize a word in the new language, in these learn Spanish books for beginners. Just see the image and learn a new word, then go to the next image and do the same. Step by step, with this learn spanish books for beginners, you will begin to learn Spanish words, understand it and memorize more and more words and learn Spanish rapidly. Just see the images and learn to speak in Spanish. Learn Spanish the fast and fun way!

The Armchair Book of Baseball II

Author: John Thorn

Publisher: Scribner


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 432

View: 7787


A collection of articles and commentaries about America's favorite pastime, features bestselling writers such as Thomas Boswell, James Michener, and Philip Roth, and sportswriters including Roger Angell, Roger Kahn, and Jim Murray

The Sunny Day Book

Author: Jane Bull

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: 9780756603083

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 47

View: 8212


Atmospheric photography and simple text present more than fifty outdoor projects that encourage kids to use their minds and hands for creative fun in the garden or park.

The Film Year Book

Author: Al Clark

Publisher: Grove Pr

ISBN: 9780394624655

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 192

View: 6897


Reviews the major films of the year, discusses developments in the motion picture industry, and lists film awards, production companies, festivals, and archives

Das Tagebuch der Callie Snow

Author: Emma Chastain

Publisher: cbt Verlag

ISBN: 3641202949

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9357


Mein Tagebuch der Küsse und Katastrophen »Hi, ich bin Callie Snow, und mein Leben ist ein bisschen desaströs im Moment. Okay, ich hab die Hauptrolle im Schulmusical bekommen. Aber ... 1. Ich bin eine Kussjungfrau (sooo peinlich). 2. Meine beste Freundin, Hannah, macht mich wahnsinnig. 3. Ich glaub, ich hab mich in Mac Brody verknallt, den beliebtesten Jungen aus der Abschlussklasse, dessen wunderschöne Freundin nicht mal Eyeliner braucht. 4. Mein Dad fragt ständig, ob bei mir alles okay ist. Meine Mom hat mir dieses Tagebuch geschenkt, deshalb schreib ich jetzt alles auf. Das ist bisher das schlimmste Jahr in meinem Leben ... oder vielleicht doch das beste?«

The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries

Dozens of Recipes for Gourmet Sweets and Sauces

Author: Claes Karlsson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1626362726

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 691


Cookbook author and professional pastry chef Claes Karlsson has gathered together delicious recipes for his very best cakes, pastries, cookies, and puddings. All of these treats are equally well-suited for a fancy party or rounding off a simple coffee break. Ranging from the divinely simple to the stunningly sophisticated, the sweets in The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries will become your go-to recipes for every occasion! Some of the delectable treats you’ll master include: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Syrup Cinnamon Waffles with Apple Cream Chocolate Mousse with Caramel and Almonds Vanilla Cakes with Lemon Curd Coffee Cheesecake Mixed Berry and Vanilla Crumble Chocolate Sandwich Cookies There is also an entire chapter devoted to basic recipes, like frostings, sauces, and edible decorations, so you can begin to experiment with different combinations and create your own amazing desserts! Beautiful full-color photographs illustrate the recipes, inspiring you to take your baking skills to new heights. Guided by the knowledge and techniques of this master pastry chef, you will find these recipes a joy to make and a delight to consume!

Clinical Companion for Maternity & Newborn Nursing - E-Book

Author: Shannon E. Perry,Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 032329393X

Category: Medical

Page: 480

View: 7477


Provide competent and sensitive maternal and newborn nursing care with Clinical Companion for Maternity & Newborn Nursing, 2nd Edition! Ideal for quick reference in the clinical setting, this book offers the information you need on topics such as pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, and care of the newborn, including potential complications for each. Expert authors Dr. Shannon E. Perry, Kitty Cashion, Dr. Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, and Kathryn R. Alden stress the importance of safe nursing practice as outlined in the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative. Teaching for Self-Management boxes offer a guide to communicating follow-up care to patients and their families. Signs of Potential Complications boxes help you recognize the signs and symptoms of complications and provide immediate interventions. Procedure boxes offer easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions for maternity skills and procedures. Emergency boxes may be used for quick reference in critical situations. Nursing Alerts highlight critical information that must be considered when providing care. Medication Guides in an appendix provide a key reference for common drugs and their interactions. Updated content provides the most current practice guidelines, including expanded information on obesity, the late preterm infant, and fetal heart rate pattern identification. Safety Alerts highlight developing competencies related to safe nursing practice in conjunction with the QSEN initiative on quality and safety in nursing care.

Managing Staff: You Can't Make Lemons Out of Lemonade!

Author: Olive Church

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781432747893

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 172

View: 1131


Most management books tell you how to manage. Church's book also tells you how to BE managed, although not how you can get out of hot water if you run up against somebody like the Lemon chap or the Popsicle dean. If you already know these things, pat yourself on the back. If you're a new boss or entrepreneur, you'll be tickled to discover that Olive's tips work. She probes human behavior, revisits the past and looks to the future, as you motivate your associates to care about people, product, and profits.