The Family Tree Historical Atlas of American Cities

Author: Allison Dolan,Family Tree Editors

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1440350655

Category: Reference

Page: 224

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Journey to the big city! Explore your ancestors' hometowns! This book guides you through American history by looking at the United States' sixteen most populous and historically influential cities, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, and Baltimore. Each section features beautiful, full-color maps published at crucial points in each city's history, tracing its growth and development from its founding to the early 1900s. Use the maps to find your ancestor's home, trace your ancestor's walk to work, and identify the streets and buildings from your ancestor's everyday life. Delve further into the past with a quick-reference timeline of key dates from each city's history. You’ll also discover easy genealogy research tips for finding local birth, marriage, and death records; federal and state censuses; and city directories. The book features: More than 130 full-color historical maps of sixteen important cities, including New York, Houston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles Timelines highlighting the most important moments in each city's history Lists of city-specific genealogy websites and resources for records that will help you discover your family history An index with instructions on viewing online versions of each map, allowing you to zoom in for more detail or use them with programs like Google Earth Whether your family hails from the streets of Brooklyn or the hills of San Francisco, this atlas--designed especially for genealogists--will help you better understand your city-dwelling ancestors.

The Family Tree Historical Maps Book

A State-By-State Atlas of US History, 1790-1900

Author: Allison Dolan,Family Tree Magazine Editors

Publisher: Family Tree Books

ISBN: 9781440336782

Category: Reference

Page: 222

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Collects reproduction maps of each state from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, cataloging the progression from territory to state.

The Family Tree Historical Maps Book - Europe

A Country-by-Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s

Author: Allison Dolan,Family Tree Magazine Editors

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1440342067

Category: Reference

Page: 224

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Journey to the Old Country From Ireland to Italy, Portugal to Poland, Germany to Greece, and everywhere in between, explore your ancestors' European homelands through more than 200 gorgeous reproductions of 18th-century maps, 19th-century and early 20th-century maps. These full-color period maps--covering the peak years of European immigration to America--will help you understand changing boundaries in ancestral countries, and inform your search for genealogical records. Inside you'll find: Historical maps of the European continent showing how national borders evolved over three centuries Detailed country maps illustrating key geographical units--provinces, counties, regions, cities and more Time lines of important events in each country's history Lists of administrative divisions by country for easy reference A complete index to aid in viewing maps of interest in greater detail online This country-by-country atlas is an indispensable tool for European genealogy. Put your ancestral origins in geographical context, unravel the boundary changes that trip up genealogists, and envision the old country as your ancestors knew it. The book is also a valuable reference for teachers, homeschooling parents and anyone with an interest in European history. Time travel across the continent with the Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe.

Genealogy and the Librarian

Perspectives on Research, Instruction, Outreach and Management

Author: Vera Gubnitskaia

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476633223

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 301

View: 6765


Covering trends, issues and case studies, this collection presents 34 new essays by library professionals actively engaged in helping patrons with genealogy research across the United States. Topics include strategies for finding military and court records, mapping family migration and settlement, creating and accessing local digital services, and developing materials and instruction for patrons. Forewordist D. Joshua Taylor, host of Genealogy Roadshow and president of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, notes: “The increasing popularity of the topic requires that any librarian who encounters genealogical customers remain on the forefront of new developments in the field.”

Red Book

American State, County, and Town Sources

Author: Alice Eichholz

Publisher: Ancestry Publishing

ISBN: 9781593311667

Category: Reference

Page: 781

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" ... provides updated county and town listings within the same overall state-by-state organization ... information on records and holdings for every county in the United States, as well as excellent maps from renowned mapmaker William Dollarhide ... The availability of census records such as federal, state, and territorial census reports is covered in detail ... Vital records are also discussed, including when and where they were kept and how"--Publisher decription.

Atlas of American history

Author: Kenneth T. Jackson,James Truslow Adams

Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co


Category: Science

Page: 294

View: 5212


One hundred forty-seven maps locate regions, towns, routes, and geographical landmarks important in the exploration, colonization, development, and westward expansion of America


Die Geschichte meiner Familie und einer Gesellschaft in der Krise

Author: J. D. Vance

Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage

ISBN: 3843715777

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 9062


Seine Großeltern versuchten, mit Fleiß und Mobilität der Armut zu entkommen und sich in der Mitte der Gesellschaft zu etablieren. Doch letztlich war alles vergeblich. J. D. Vance erzählt die Geschichte seiner Familie — eine Geschichte vom Scheitern und von der Resignation einer ganzen Bevölkerungsschicht. Armut und Chaos, Hilflosigkeit und Gewalt, Drogen und Alkohol: Genau in diesem Teufelskreis befinden sich viele weiße Arbeiterfamilien in den USA — entfremdet von der politischen Führung, abgehängt vom Rest der Gesellschaft, anfällig für populistische Parolen. Früher konnten sich die »Hillbillys«, die weißen Fabrikarbeiter, erhoffen, sich zu Wohlstand zu schuften. Doch spätestens gegen Ende des 20sten Jahrhunderts zog der Niedergang der alten Industrien ihre Familien in eine Abwärtsspirale, in der sie bis heute stecken. Vance gelingt es wie keinem anderen, diese ausweglose Situation und die Krise einer ganzen Gesellschaft eindrücklich zu schildern. Sein Buch bewegte Millionen von Lesern in den USA und erklärt nicht zuletzt den Wahltriumph eines Donald Trump.

Die Insel der besonderen Kinder


Author: Ransom Riggs

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426411954

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8755


Ransom Riggs' Bestseller "Die Insel der besonderen Kinder" in der Filmausgabe zur Verfilmung von Tim Burton Manche Großeltern lesen ihren Enkeln Märchen vor. Aber was Jacob von seinem Opa hörte, war etwas ganz anderes: Abraham erzählte ihm von einer Insel, auf der abenteuerlustige Kinder mit besonderen Fähigkeiten leben, und von Monstern, die auf der Suche nach ihnen sind. Erst Jahre später, als sein Großvater unter mysteriösen Umständen stirbt, erinnert Jacob sich wieder an die Schauergeschichten und entdeckt Hinweise darauf, dass es die Insel wirklich gibt. Er macht sich auf die Suche nach ihr und findet sich in einer Welt wieder, in der die Zeit stillsteht und er die ungewöhnlichsten Freundschaften schließt, die man sich vorstellen kann. Doch auch die Ungeheuer sind höchst real – und sie sind ihm gefolgt ...

New Mexico

A History of Four Centuries

Author: Warren A. Beck

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780806143835

Category: History

Page: 400

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The history of New Mexico is the story of three contrasting cultures-Indian, Spanish, and Anglo-American-clashing, coexisting, and blending. Here the Indians of Hawikuh-the first Zuni pueblo encountered by Coronado's soldiers-gave battle to the Europeans in 1540. Here also Indians last took a stand against federal troops in 1913. A rich and colorful Spanish tradition, including institutions of family and church, social organizations, and the Spanish language, continues strong a century and a half after the acquisition of the territory by the United States. Anglo-Americans have also made their mark upon the land with public works, highways, and rapidly developing towns and cities. This history of New Mexico is intended for readers who want a brief, yet comprehensive treatment of the state's development. Warren A. Beck takes a balanced approach to all the themes in the state's varied history. He allows the whole story to emerge from the facts-in a concise and readable format. "Here is a book that every traveler in the state of New Mexico will want handy in his glove compartment, and every resident of the state who entertains visitors will want on his bookshelf. . . . It is loaded with information." Hispanic American Historical Review "A readable account of New Mexico history that hits the high spots of the past 400 years." New Mexico Magazine "Beck's book gives appropriate weight to each of five distinct divisions of the area's history-the Indian, the Spanish, the Mexican, the Territorial, and the Statehood periods. . . . The presentation is clear, pointed, and the story is carried through with the minimum of digression." Journal of the West Warren A. Beck (1918-91) was Professor of History at California State University, Fullerton. He is the co-author, with Ynez D. Haase, of Historical Atlas of New Mexico, Historical Atlas of California, and Historical Atlas of the West.

City Atlas

Discover the personality of the world's best-loved cities in this illustrated book of maps - See more at:

Author: Martin Haake

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

ISBN: 1847807011

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 2267


Take a tour of Toronto, look around Lisbon or hot-foot it to Helsinki with this global adventure in a book! 30 best-loved cities from around the world are brought to life with illustrations by Martin Haake, which show in fabulous detail key landmarks, famous people, iconic buildings and cultural icons for all the family to enjoy. A search-and-find game on every page helps young readers to explore every city and spot the hundreds of details that makes each place unique.


A New Cyclopaedia, Comprehending a Complete Series of Essays, Treatises, and Systems, Alphabetically Arranged; with a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Words ... Illustrated with Engravings, Those on History Being from Original Drawings by Edwards and Others ...

Author: John Mason Good,Olinthus Gregory,Newton Bosworth

Publisher: N.A


Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: N.A

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Journeys in Time

A New Atlas of American History

Author: Susan Washburn Buckley,Elspeth Leacock,Rodica Prato

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618311149

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 2055


Thousands of visual and verbal facts map twenty journeys that have shaped America's past, from Columbus's sailing across the Atlantic to the pilgrims and explorers. Reprint.


A New Cabinet Cyclopaedia, Comprehending a Complete Series of Essays, Treatises, and Systems, Alphabetically Arranged...

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

View: 8829


The Genealogist's Companion & Sourcebook

Author: Emily Croom

Publisher: Betterway Books


Category: Reference

Page: 256

View: 8953


This intermediate-level guide describes the types of collections available in libraries throughout the country, discusses such sources as newspapers, city directories, and cemetery records, and includes sections on African American and Native American genealogy.

A Historical Atlas of Kuwait

Author: Kurt Ray

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9780823939817

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 4711


Maps and text chronicle the history of Kuwait, from early Sumerian settlements to the Persian Gulf War.

Island of Vice

Theodore Roosevelt's Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York

Author: Richard Zacks

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385534027

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 8110


A ROLLICKING NARRATIVE HISTORY OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT'S EMBATTLED TENURE AS POLICE COMMISSIONER OF CORRUPT, PLEASURE-LOVING NEW YORK CITY IN THE 1880s, AND HIS DOOMED MISSION TO WIPE OUT VICE In the 1890s, New York City was America’s financial, manufacturing, and entertainment capital, and also its preferred destination for sin, teeming with 40,000 prostitutes, glittering casinos, and all-night dives packed onto the island’s two dozen square miles. Police captains took hefty bribes to see nothing while reformers writhed in frustration. In Island of Vice, bestselling author Richard Zacks paints a vivid picture of the lewd underbelly of 1890s New York, and of Theodore Roosevelt, the cocksure crusading police commissioner who resolved to clean up the bustling metropolis, where the silk top hats of Wall Street bobbed past teenage prostitutes trawling Broadway. Writing with great wit and zest, Zacks explores how Roosevelt went head-to-head with corrupt Tammany Hall, took midnight rambles with muckraker Jacob Riis, banned barroom drinking on Sundays, and tried to convince 2 million New Yorkers to enjoy wholesome family fun. In doing so, Teddy made a ruthless enemy of police captain “Big Bill” Devery, who grew up in the Irish slums and never tired of fighting “tin soldier” reformers. Roosevelt saw his mission as a battle of good versus evil; Devery saw prudery standing in the way of fun and profit. When righteous Roosevelt’s vice crackdown started to succeed all too well, many of his own supporters began to turn on him. Cynical newspapermen mocked his quixotic quest, his own political party abandoned him, and Roosevelt discovered that New York loves its sin more than its salvation. Zacks’s meticulous research and wonderful sense of narrative verve bring this disparate cast of both pious and bawdy New Yorkers to life. With cameos by Stephen Crane, J. P. Morgan, and Joseph Pulitzer, plus a horde of very angry cops, Island of Vice is an unforgettable portrait of turn-of-the-century New York in all its seedy glory, and a brilliant portrayal of the energetic, confident, and zealous Roosevelt, one of America’s most colorful public figures. From the Hardcover edition.