Learning and Personality

The Experience of Introverted Reflective Learners in a World of Extroverts

Author: William K. Lawrence

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443881481

Category: Education

Page: 120

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How does an introverted student with a visual or auditory learning preference find success in a classroom built for extroverted kinesthetic learners? While student discussion in the classroom is invaluable, it also presents an issue for many students, not only in how they feel in the class setting, but in how they ultimately learn. Given the emerging understanding of differing personality types and learning preference, it is questionable whether all students are served by socially active methods that mandate students to speak. Learning and Personality documents how introverted and intrapersonal students are being subjected to uncomfortable situations in schools today. This book focuses on the classroom experience of students who have been identified as learning best through reflection and observation. The author uses an American college writing class as the setting to explore the in-depth experience of common first year students. The results of this primary qualitative study reveal a glaring conflict within mainstream educational theory. With more than five years of research and over one hundred references cited from sources that span two centuries, this book calls attention to a mass misunderstanding of introversion, as well as the effects of instructional methods that appeal to only one type of personality.

The experience of introversion

an integration of phenomenological, empirical, and Jungian approaches

Author: Kenneth Joel Shapiro,Irving E. Alexander

Publisher: Duke Univ Pr


Category: Medical

Page: 180

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Die Bedeutung von Introvertierten in einer lauten Welt

Author: Susan Cain

Publisher: Riemann Verlag

ISBN: 3641106214

Category: Psychology

Page: 464

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Selbstsicheres Auftreten und die Beherrschung von Small Talk sind nicht alles. Susan Cains glänzendes Plädoyer für die Qualitäten der Stillen. „Ein leerer Topf klappert am lautesten“. Aber wer der Welt etwas Bedeutendes schenken will, benötigt Zeit und Sorgfalt, um es in Stille reifen zu lassen. „Still“ ist ein Plädoyer für die Ruhe, die in unserer Welt des Marktgeschreis und der Klingeltöne zu verschwinden droht. Und für leise Menschen, die lernen sollten, zu ihrem „So-Sein“ zu stehen. Ohne sie hätten wir heute keine Relativitätstheorie, keinen „Harry Potter“, keine Klavierstücke Chopins, und auch die Suchmaschine „Google“ wäre nie entwickelt worden. „Still“ baut eine Brücke zwischen den Welten, kritisiert aber das gesellschaftliche Ungleichgewicht zugunsten der Partylöwen und Dampfplauderer. Es herrscht eine „extrovertierte Ethik“, die stille Wasser zwingt, sich anzupassen oder unterzugehen. Ihre Eigenschaften – Ernsthaftigkeit, Sensibilität und Scheu – gelten eher als Krankheitssymptome denn als Qualitäten. Zu unrecht, sagt Susan Cain, und stellt sich gegen den Trend, der „selbstbewusstes Auftreten“ verherrlicht. „Still“ ist das Kultbuch für Introvertierte, hilft aber auch Extrovertierten, ihre Mitmenschen besser zu verstehen.

The Introvert Charismatic

The gift of introversion in a noisy church

Author: Mark Tanner

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 0857215892

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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The modern Christian world – most notably in charismatic and evangelical circles – often seems dominated by extrovert behaviour. Those who are easy with exuberant worship, relish large crowds and are recharged by fellowship seem to set the tone. Introverts – those who recharge their batteries in private – can sometimes find charismatic culture a bit shallow, loud, driven or insensitive, but still love the things that God is doing. Those whose faith is at its most meaningful in private worship or one-to-one conversation can easily feel excluded – as if they need to shout before God will move in power. Is introversion a sin to be forgiven, an illness to be healed or an oppression to be defeated? "It is none of those things," emphasizes Mark Tanner. "Introversion is a creation gift. It is part of the image of God." This book will be a means of freedom to those who read it: It is right to worship God with the personality you have been given; the Holy Spirit wants to use introverts; the world and the Church need them – they are a gift.

Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type

The reservoir of consciousness

Author: John Beebe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317413660

Category: Psychology

Page: 232

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This book encapsulates John Beebe’s influential work on the analytical psychology of consciousness. Building on C. G. Jung’s theory of psychological types and on subsequent clarifications by Marie-Louise von Franz and Isabel Briggs Myers, Beebe demonstrates the bond between the eight types of consciousness Jung named and the archetypal complexes that impart energy and purpose to our emotions, fantasies, and dreams. For this collection, Beebe has revised and updated his most influential and significant previously published papers and has introduced, in a brand new chapter, a surprising theory of type and culture. Beebe’s model enables readers to take what they already know about psychological types and apply it to depth psychology. The insights contained in the fifteen chapters of this book will be especially valuable for Jungian psychotherapists, post-Jungian academics and scholars, psychological type practitioners, and type enthusiasts.

Jungian Psychoanalysis

Working in the Spirit of Carl Jung

Author: Murray Stein

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812697219

Category: Psychology

Page: 488

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Written by 40 of the most notable Jungian psychoanalysts — spanning 11 countries, and boasting decades of study and expertise — Jungian Psychoanalysis represents the pinnacle of Jungian thought. This handbook brings up to date the perspectives in the field of clinically applied analytical psychology, centering on five areas of interest: the fundamental goals of Jungian psychoanalysis, the methods of treatment used in pursuit of these goals, reflections on the analytic process, the training of future analysts, and special issues, such as working with trauma victims, handicapped patients, or children and adolescents, and emergent religious and spiritual issues. Discussing not only the history of Jungian analysis but its present and future applications, this book marks a major contribution to the worldwide study of psychoanalysis.

Introverts in the Church

Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture

Author: Scot McKnight

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830889272

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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Adam McHugh shows how introverts can live and minister in ways consistent with their personalities. With practical illustrations from church and parachurch contexts, McHugh explains how introverts and extroverts process information and approach relationships differently and how introverts can practice Christian spirituality in ways that fit who they are.

The Happy Introvert

A Wild and Crazy Guide to Celebrating Your True Self

Author: Elizabeth Wagele

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 156975473X

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend

Making and Breaking Sibling Bonds

Author: Dorothy Rowe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136592253

Category: Psychology

Page: 376

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Stories about siblings abound in literature, drama, comedy, biography, and history. We rarely talk about our own siblings without emotion, whether with love and gratitude, or exasperation, bitterness, anger and hate. Nevertheless, the subject of what it is to be and to have a sibling is one that has been ignored by psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. In My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend, Dorothy Rowe presents a radically new way of thinking about siblings that unites the many apparently contradictory aspects of these complex relationships. This helps us to recognise the various experiences involved in sibling relationships as a result of the fundamental drive for survival and validation, enabling us to reach a deeper understanding of our siblings and ourselves. If you have a sibling, or you are bringing up siblings, or, as an only child, you want to know what you’re missing, this is the book for you.

Die Macht der Introvertrierten

Der andere Weg zu Glück und Erfolg

Author: Marti Olsen Laney

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783456852270


Page: 302

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Sie fühlen sich oft schon von Kindesbeinen an anders? Sie schätzen Einsamkeit oder den intensiven Kontakt mit wenigen engen Freunden? Sie beteiligen sich oft nur an Gesprächen, wenn Sie wirklich etwas zu sagen haben? Sie ziehen sich zurück, wenn Sie unter Druck geraten? Keine Sorge, Sie sind introvertiert und befinden sich in guter Gesellschaft: Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Gates, Clint Eastwood oder auch Harrison Ford sind ebenfalls introvertierte Menschen. Aber obwohl die Introvertierten zwar etwa ein Viertel der Bevölkerung stellen, scheinen sie oft in einem Meer von Extrovertierten unterzugehen. Zu dominant sind die restlichen 75 Prozent, zu selbstbewusst treten Extrovertierte in allen Lebenslagen auf, zu schnell ergreifen sie das Wort. Dabei sind es oft die Introvertierten, die ein Problem klarer analysieren oder eine Strategie wirklich zu Ende denken. Marti Olsen Laney ist Psychologin und Expertin für Introversion. In diesem Ratgeber klärt sie darüber auf, was es heißt, ein “Innie” zu sein, und zeigt mit vielen praktischen Tipps für alle Lebenslagen, wie Sie als introvertierter Mensch erfolgreicher und glücklicher leben können.

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology

Author: Gregory A. Kimble,Michael Wertheimer,Charlotte White

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1317759923

Category: Psychology

Page: 384

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This book presents a series of informal biographies about major figures in the history of psychology. A unique combination of expertise and human appeal, the volume places the contributions of each pioneer in a new and fascinating perspective. For instance, several of the authors use the novel approach of having the pioneers return to the present day to reflect back on their work as it relates to the here and now. Revisions of speeches given in a popular series of invited addresses at psychological conventions, the chapters offer appealing glimpses into the lives of individuals who made a difference in the early years of psychology as a field of study. Each of the five volumes in this series contains different profiles thereby bringing more than 100 of the pioneers in psychology more vividly to life.

Foundations of Morality, Human Rights, and the Human Sciences

Phenomenology in a Foundational Dialogue with the Human Sciences

Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka,Calvin O. Schrag

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400969759

Category: Science

Page: 581

View: 6160


The essays in this volume constitute a portion of the research program being carried out by the International Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences. Established as an affiliate society of the World Institute for Ad vanced Phenomenological Research and Learning in 1976, in Arezzo, Italy, by the president of the Institute, Dr Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, this particular society is devoted to an exploration of the relevance of phenomenological methods and insights for an understanding of the origins and goals of the specialised human sciences. The essays printed in the first part of the book were originally presented at the Second Congress of this society held at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 12-14 July 1979. The second part of the volume consists of selected essays from the third convention (the Eleventh International Congress of Phenomenology of the World Phenomen ology Institute) held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1981. With the third part of this book we pass into the "Human Rights" issue as treated by the World Phenomenology Institute at the Interamerican Philosophy Congress held in Tallahassee, Florida, also in 1981. The volume opens with a mono graph by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka on the foundations of ethics in the moral practice within the life-world and the social world shown as clearly distinct. The main ideas of this work had been presented by Tymieniecka as lead lectures to the three conferences giving them a tight research-project con sistency.

Cross-cultural Anxiety

Author: Charles Donald Spielberger,Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780891169406

Category: Psychology

Page: 212

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First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Internment in Concentration Camps and Its Consequences

Author: P. Matussek

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642660754

Category: Medical

Page: 272

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It remained for Nazi Germany to design the most satanic psychological experi ment of all time, the independent variables consisting of brutality, bestiality, physical and mental torture on an unprecedented scale. What were the effects of this massive assault on the human spirit, on man's ability to assimilate such experiences, if he survived physically? While the terror of the Nazi concentration camps has been indelibly engraved in the history of Western civilization as its most shameful chapter, little systematic study has been addressed to the subsequent lives of that minority of inmates who were fortunate enough to escape physical annihilation and lived to tell about their nightmare. Dr. PAUL MATUSSEK, a respected German psychiatrist, aided by a small group of collaborators, performed the task of identifying a group of victims (mostly Jews but also political prisoners), who, following their liberation, had settled in Germany, Israel, and the United States. By careful interviews, questionnaires, and psychological tests he brought to bear the methods of sensitive clinical inquiry on the experiences of those who dared to reminisce and who were sufficiently trusting to share their feelings and memories with clinical investigators. It is a telling commentary that many people, even after the passage of years, refused to respond.

Stress Management

From Basic Science to Better Practice

Author: Wolfgang Linden

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452238669

Category: Psychology

Page: 232

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Stress Management: From Basic Science to Better Practice examines documented pathways between stress and health and develops the scientific foundations for sound interventions. The book begins with a broad review of the term 'stress' and its importance for health. The text then provides a critical examination of the elements of the stress process, extracts supporting research for a rationale of stress management and describes various stress management techniques and their effectiveness.


A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness

Author: Evelyn Underhill

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486123707

Category: Philosophy

Page: 544

View: 360


DIVClassic introduction to mysticism and mystical consciousness: awakening of the self, purification, voices and visions, ecstasy and rapture, dark night of the soul, much more. /div


Perspectives on Research and Treatment

Author: Warren H. Jones,Jonathan M. Cheek,Stephen R. Briggs

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1489905251

Category: Psychology

Page: 398

View: 1686


This volume is about shyness: its definitions and conceptualization as a psy chological construct, research on its causes and consequences, methods for meas uring shyness, strategies for alleviating the unpleasant experiences associated with shyness, and its connection to other forms of social anxiety and inhibition. the book together was to provide a resource for The principal goal in putting psychologists from several subdisciplines, most notably social, personality, clin ical, and development13-l psychology, in addition to social scientists from other disciplines. We do riot assume that these chapters, considered collectively or individually, provide answers to every conceivable issue with respect to shyness. Rather, we hope that the book will serve to integrate what is known about shyness on the basis of current research and theorizing and to provide both directions and impetus for continued research, theoretical evolution, and improved techniques of assessment and intervention. But one might ask, why another book on shyness? In particular, why a book at this time given the recent appearance of other books on the topic and in view of the extensive literature on related topics such as introversion and anxiety-topics that would seem to compete with shyness for the same concep tual space? Our decision to edit this volume was prompted by several consid erations, some practical, others more substantive in nature.

Experiential Learning

Experience as the Source of Learning and Development

Author: David A. Kolb

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 0133892506

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 7579


Experiential learning is a powerful and proven approach to teaching and learning that is based on one incontrovertible reality: people learn best through experience. Now, in this extensively updated book, David A. Kolb offers a systematic and up-to-date statement of the theory of experiential learning and its modern applications to education, work, and adult development. Experiential Learning, Second Edition builds on the intellectual origins of experiential learning as defined by figures such as John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, Jean Piaget, and L.S. Vygotsky, while also reflecting three full decades of research and practice since the classic first edition. Kolb models the underlying structures of the learning process based on the latest insights in psychology, philosophy, and physiology. Building on his comprehensive structural model, he offers an exceptionally useful typology of individual learning styles and corresponding structures of knowledge in different academic disciplines and careers. Kolb also applies experiential learning to higher education and lifelong learning, especially with regard to adult education. This edition reviews recent applications and uses of experiential learning, updates Kolb's framework to address the current organizational and educational landscape, and features current examples of experiential learning both in the field and in the classroom. It will be an indispensable resource for everyone who wants to promote more effective learning: in higher education, training, organizational development, lifelong learning environments, and online.

The Mood/Interest Theory of American Foreign Policy

Author: Jack E. Holmes

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 081316351X

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 7220


In 1952, Frank L. Klingberg's article on introvert and extrovert American foreign policy moods projected an American turn toward introversion in the late 1960s. After this came to pass, Jack Holmes began to develop a theory of how these moods might work in a more specific sense. His mood/interest theory points to a basic conflict between politico-military interests and the foreign policy moods of the American electorate. Holmes presents a pioneering account of the over-whelming impact of public moods on foreign policy. Policy-making structures, executive-legislative relations, presidential personality, pragmatism, moralism, elitism, conservatism, international economics, and humanitarianism are related to the mood/interest pattern. Major points are illustrated with examples from 1776 to the present. Holmes's analysis indicates that American moods are continuing unabated according to past patterns, so that American foreign policy may undergo some surprising changes in the next decade. One of the author's hopes is that emphasis on the importance of national moods will help avoid future extremes. This book is bold in its assertions and points to major problems in the analysis of American foreign policy. Whether or not the reader agrees with the entire analysis, he or she will be challenged to think about American foreign policy in new and perhaps revealing ways.