Tellings and Texts

Music, Literature and Performance in North India

Author: Francesca Orsini,Katherine Butler Schofield

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 1783741023

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 566

View: 7321


Examining materials from early modern and contemporary North India and Pakistan, Tellings and Texts brings together seventeen first-rate papers on the relations between written and oral texts, their performance, and the musical traditions these performances have entailed. The contributions from some of the best scholars in the field cover a wide range of literary genres and social and cultural contexts across the region. The texts and practices are contextualized in relation to the broader social and political background in which they emerged, showing how religious affiliations, caste dynamics and political concerns played a role in shaping social identities as well as aesthetic sensibilities. By doing so this book sheds light into theoretical issues of more general significance, such as textual versus oral norms; the features of oral performance and improvisation; the role of the text in performance; the aesthetics and social dimension of performance; the significance of space in performance history and important considerations on repertoires of story-telling. The book also contains links to audio files of some of the works discussed in the text. Tellings and Texts is essential reading for anyone with an interest in South Asian culture and, more generally, in the theory and practice of oral literature, performance and story-telling.

Telling how Texts Talk

Essays on Reading and Ethnomethodology

Author: A. W. McHoul

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780710090478

Category: Social Science

Page: 163

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Discourse and Community

Doing Functional Linguistics

Author: Eija Ventola

Publisher: Gunter Narr Verlag

ISBN: 9783823349440

Category: Análisis del discurso

Page: 397

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Telling God's Story, Year Two: The Kingdom of Heaven: Instructor Text & Teaching Guide (Telling God's Story)

Author: Peter Enns

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 1942968434

Category: Religion

Page: 130

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Weekly religion lessons for second-graders, scripted for parents and teachers to make preparation and instruction straightforward and simple. The second in a twelve-year series designed to take young students from elementary through high school, Telling God’s Story, Year Two provides scripted weekly lessons for second graders and the adults who teach them. Each weekly lesson provides pithy, content-filled background information for the teacher, a biblical passage from one of the four Gospels to read aloud, and a scripted explanation of the passage designed especially for children to grasp with ease.

Telling God's Story, Year One: Meeting Jesus: Instructor Text & Teaching Guide

Author: Peter Enns

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 1942968418

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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A new religion curriculum from the team that brought you The Story of the World. The first level in a twelve-level series designed to take young students from elementary through high school, Telling God’s Story: Year One provides weekly lessons for elementary-grade students, based on the parables and the Gospels. The Instructor Text and Teaching Guide contains pithy, content-filled background information for the teacher, a biblical passage to read aloud, and a scripted explanation of the passage designed especially for young children to grasp with ease. This Year One curriculum provides a full year of religious instruction.

Telling God's Story, Year Three: The Unexpected Way: Instructor Text & Teaching Guide

Author: Rachel Marie Stone

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 1942968450

Category: Religion

Page: 125

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Weekly religion lessons for upper elementary students, drawn from the New Testament, are free from political and sectarian agendas. The lessons are scripted to make preparation and instruction straightforward and simple for parents and teachers. The third in a series designed to take young students from elementary through high school, Telling God's Story, Year 3 provides scripted weekly lessons for third graders and the adults who teach them. Each weekly lesson provides content-filled background information for the teacher, a biblical passage from one of the four Gospels to read aloud, and a scripted explanation of the passage designed especially for children to grasp with ease. Together with the accompanying Activity Guide, Telling God’s Story, Year 3 provides a full year of religious instruction.

Textvernetzung in den Wissenschaften

Zitat und Verweis als Ergebnis rezeptiven, reproduktiven und produktiven Handelns

Author: Eva-Maria Jakobs

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110945924

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 409

View: 6788


Die Arbeit befaßt sich mit Formen und Verfahren der Textvernetzung am Beispiel wissenschaftlicher Fachliteratur. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Frage, wie Wissenschaftler beim Verfassen von Fachtexten auf die vorhandene Literatur zurückgreifen und wie sie diese zitierend bzw. verweisend für Darstellungszwecke nutzen. Textbezüge zwischen Fachtexten erweisen sich aus dieser Sicht als Ergebnis komplexer Handlungen, die sich als Interaktion rezeptiver, reproduktiver und produktiver Prozesse beschreiben lassen. Auf diese Prozesse wirken sich verschiedene situative und individuenspezifische Faktoren aus, die in einem Inklusionsmodell aufeinander bezogen und diskutiert werden. Relevante situative Parameter ergeben sich u.a. mit der Einbindung von Textrezeptions- und Textproduktionsprozessen in konkrete soziale, kulturelle und historische Kontexte. Individuelle Größen betreffen Ziele, Motivationen und den Status des Wissenschaftlers. Prozedurale Aspekte der Textvernetzung werden in einer übergreifenden Modellierung textproduktiven Handelns systematisch auf Formen der sprachlichen Markierung von Textbezügen bezogen. Die Darstellung stützt sich auf empirische Daten und ist interdisziplinär orientiert. Textlinguistische und pragmatische Ansätze werden durch Ansätze aus der Kognitionspsychologie, aus der Schreibforschung und aus der Wissenschaftssoziologie ergänzt.

Telling Tales

The Hysteric's Seduction in Fiction and Theory

Author: Katherine Cummings

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804718257

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 298

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Telling Performances

Essays on Gender, Narrative, and Performance

Author: Brian Nelson,Anne Freadman,Philip Anderson

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 9780874137071

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 270

View: 2273


These essays engage with narratives and narrative issues, in particular on the issue of performance in and of narrative, with the telling of performance and the performance of telling, and the way stories perform gender and identity. They focus on narrative as such, on narrative genres, and on particular narratives, but they all seek to inform thinking on narrative.

'I'm Telling You Stories'

Jeanette Winterson and the Politics of Reading

Author: Helena Grice,Tim Woods

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042003408

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 136

View: 8512


This is a jubilant and rewarding collection of Winterson scholarship--a superb group of essays from a host of fine authors.

Ute Texts

Author: N.A

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027272425

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 333

View: 5141


This second volume of our Ute trilogy contains a collection of Ute oral texts. Ute oral literature reflects the life experience of a small-scale hunting-and-gathering Society of Intimates and its tight connection to the local terrain, flora and fauna that supported the hunter-gatherer life. Ute story-telling tradition is the people's literary heritage, with the narrative style allowing considerable artistic freedom and diversity in contents and style. Stories were not memorized verbatim, and story-tellers took creative liberty in elaborating and re-inventing the 'same' tale. The core cultural contents of each story are nevertheless preserved across tellers. Ute stories were most likely told at night around the fire, in front of or inside the lodge, to a mixed audience of children and adults who had heard the tale many time before. The stories aimed to both instruct and entertain. Their underlying themes are stoic and oft-cynical reflections on the vagaries of human behavior and harsh existence. They are the foundational literary tradition of The People--Núuchi-u.

Telling Women's Lives


Author: Judy Long

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814752926

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 8860


For centuries, the "great man" format and masculine discourse of biography and autobiography have eclipsed women. If we accept this history, we remain ignorant of "Lady Sarashina," a Japanese woman of the Han period, whose book survives from the 11th century. We overlook Margaret Cavendish and Dame Julian, two early English autobiographers. And we fail to consider sufficiently slave narratives, oral histories, or lesbian "coming out" stories. Telling Women's Lives assesses existing traditions of autobiography and biography in search of a method capable of conveying the distinctive content of women's lives while retaining the tenor of feminine subjectivity. Drawing on feminist research methodologies of the past two decades as well as anthropology and sociology, Long paves the way for the formulation of an emergent feminist methodology for telling women's lives. This highly original study seeks to revise and recreate the genre so as to accommodate a feminine discourse, narrator, reader, and subject. The "messiness" of women's lives-the daily work and detail that men have programmatically excluded-acquires new meaning as Long develops here an innovative theory of sociobiography.

Text Displays

Analysis and Systematic Design

Author: George Leonard Gropper

Publisher: Educational Technology

ISBN: 9780877782315

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 393

View: 6158


Reading Russian Fortunes

Print Culture, Gender and Divination in Russia from 1765

Author: Faith Wigzell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521581233

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

View: 7882


Reading Russian Fortunes examines the huge popularity and cultural impact of fortune-telling among urban and literate Russians from the eighteenth century to the present. Based partly on a study of the numerous editions of little fortune-telling books, especially those devoted to dream interpretation, it documents and analyses the social history of fortune-telling in terms of class and gender, at the same time considering the function of both amateur and professional fortune-telling in a literate modernizing society. Chapters are devoted to professional fortune-tellers and their clients, and to the publishers of the books. An analysis of the relationship between urban fortune-telling and traditional oral culture, where divination played a very significant role, leads on to a discussion of the underlying reasons for the persistence of fortune-telling in modern Russian society.

It's about Time

Temporal Aspects of Cognitive Processes in Text Production

Author: Joost Schilperoord

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789051839470

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 325

View: 7871


A central issue of cognitive studies of text production is What goes on in people's minds when they produce a text?, How do they plan the text?, How do they decide in what order to express their thoughts? In this volume, writers are followed in their footsteps during the moment-to-moment process of producing routine business letters. Their writing processes are explored in real time with the ultimate goal to contribute to a cognitive theory of text production. Such a theory should tell what kind of mental structures underly text production, how these structures are converted into coherent texts, and how this process is framed within real writing time. The study starts from a large corpus of real-life text production processes. It combines methods to explore both process and product of text production. Processes are described by analyzing the pause patterns that emerge in the course of writing. Products are described by analyzing their hierarchical structure. Together, these descriptions yield several significant insights in the real time organization of cognitive processes in production. The study can be characterized as a cognitive linguistic approach to text production. This volume will be of special interest to researchers in the field of (psycho-)linguistics, textlinguistics and cognitive science.

Towards a 'Natural' Narratology

Author: Monika Fludernik

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134802595

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 472

View: 8921


In this ground breaking work of synthesis, Monika Fludernik combines insights from literary theory and linguistics to provide a challenging new theory of narrative. This book is both an historical survey and theoretical study, with the author drawing on an enormous range of examples from the earliest oral study to contemporary experimental fiction. She uses these examples to prove that recent literature, far from heralding the final collapse of narrative, represents the epitome of a centuries long developmental process.

Writing Lesson Level 3--Telling a Story

Author: Richard Gentry, Ph.D.,Jan McNeel, M.A.Ed.

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1480776610


Page: 5

View: 5484


Incorporate writing instruction in your classroom as an essential element of literacy development while implementing best practices. Simplify the planning of writing instruction and become familiar with the Common Core State Standards of Writing.

Telling Stories

Author: Steven Cohan,Linda M. Shires

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136494243

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

View: 1121


First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Telling Tales

Gender and Narrative Form in Victorian Literature and Culture

Author: Elizabeth Langland

Publisher: Ohio State University Press

ISBN: 9780814209059

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 164

View: 5677


Publisher's description: Telling Tales offers new and original readings of novels by Charlotte Brontë, Anne Brontë, Thomas Hardy, Margaret Oliphant, and Mary Elizabeth Braddon. It also presents new archival material on the lives and stories of working-class women in Victorian Britain. Finally, it sets forth innovative interpretations of the complex ways in which gender informs the abstract cultural narratives--like space, aesthetic value, and nationality--through which a populace comes to know and position itself. Focusing on the interrelations of form, gender, and culture in narratives of the Victorian period, Telling Tales explores the close interplay between gender as manifest in specific literary works and gender as manifest in Victorian culture. The latter does not reflect a shift away from form toward culture, but rather a steady concern of form-in-culture. Reading and analyzing Victorian novels provides an education for reading and interpreting the broader culture. The book's several chapters explore and pose answers to important questions about the impact of gender on narrative in Victorian culture: How do women writers respond to themes and narrative structures of precursor male writers? What are the very real differences that shape a newly emerging tradition of female authorship? How does gender enter into the determination of aesthetic value? How does gender enter into the national imaginarylthe idea of Englishness? In exploring these key concerns, Telling Tales establishes a broad terrain for future inquiries that take gender as an organizing term and principle for analysis of narratives in all periods.