Policy and Practice

Author: Andrew Lymer,Lynne Oats

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781906201081

Category: Taxation

Page: 499

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Fully updated each year,Taxation: Policy and Practice continues to provide coverage of the UK's tax system as it has for 16 years. It is an excellent aid to support a first course in tax, or as a general introduction to this topic. Written in an accessible style with many examples, activities and questions throughout, this textbook gives the reader a thorough understanding of the UK's taxation principles and current practices. The companion website provides additional questions and answers, links to other tax materials available online and commentary on tax developments as they occur throughout the year. "An excellent balance of practice and theory, without non essential detail, make this the first choice student text for UK tax" - Professor John Hasseldine, University of Nottingham


Policy and Practice

Author: Andrew Lymer,Dora Hancock

Publisher: Cengage Learning Business Press

ISBN: 9781861525918

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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While the UK tax system becomes ever more complicated and textbooks reflect this trend, Taxation: Policy & Practice, 2001 edition, maintains its clarity and brevity. Student-friendly and informative, this textbook is based on a structured, conceptual framework. Updated annually to ensure an accurate reflection of the current tax climate, it avoids unnecessary and confusing detail to provide an ideal introduction to UK taxation, fiscal policy and decision making. Taxation: Policy and Practice offers basic coverage of current tax law and provides an excellent aid to an introductory taxation course. Written in an accessible style with examples, activities and questions throughout, this textbook gives students a thorough understanding of taxation principles and practice. The companion Website provides additional questions and answers, links to other tax materials available online and information on tax developments as they occur throughout the year. 'An excellent balance of practice and theory, without non-essential detail, makes this the first-choice student text for UK tax. ' Dr John Hasseldine, University of Nottingham 'This excellent text continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of taxation. The text combines detailed numerical examples and activities together with an excellent explanation of the legal concepts underpinning the subject. ' Ron Altshul, Leeds Metropolitan University 'Tax is a subject that is difficult to successfully encapsulate in a student text. However, Lymer and Hancock have produced not only a comprehensive, accessible and accurate book, but also one with an appropriate blend of approaches and material. ' Rebecca Boden, University of the West of England

Das Kapital des Staates

Eine andere Geschichte von Innovation und Wachstum

Author: Mariana Mazzucato

Publisher: Antje Kunstmann

ISBN: 395614001X

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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Freie Märkte, smarte junge Erfinder und Wagniskapital treiben die Wirtschaft voran; der Staat stört dabei nur und muss daher nach Kräften zurückgedrängt werden. Wie ein Mantra wird dieser oberste Glaubensartikel des Neoliberalismus seit Jahrzehnten wiederholt – aber stimmt er auch? Die Ökonomin Mariana Mazzucato, die seit Jahren über den Zusammenhang zwischen Innovation und Wachstum forscht, beweist das Gegenteil: Wann und wo immer technologische Innovationen zu wirtschaftlichem Aufschwung und Wohlstand geführt haben, hatte ein aktiver Staat die Hand im Spiel. Von der Elektrifizierung bis zum Internet – Motor der Entwicklung, oft bis zur Markteinführung, war stets der Staat. Apples Welterfolg gründet auf Technologien, die sämtlich durch die öffentliche Hand gefördert wurden; innovative Medikamente, für die die Pharmaindustrie ihren Kunden gern hohe Entwicklungskosten in Rechnung stellt, stammen fast ausnahmslos aus staatlicher Forschung. Innovationen und nachhaltiges Wachstum, das derzeit alle fordern, werden also kaum von der Börse kommen. Viel eher von einem Staat, der seine angestammte Rolle neu besetzt, sein einzigartiges Kapital nutzt und mit langem Atem Zukunftstechnologien wie den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien vorantreibt. Ein brandaktuelles Buch, das die aktuelle Diskussion über die Zukunft der Wirtschaft und die Rolle des Staates vom Kopf auf die Füße stellt.

Property Law and Practice 2017/2018

Author: Anne Roddell

Publisher: College of Law Publishing

ISBN: 1911269917

Category: Law

Page: 578

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Property Law and Practice provides a detailed examination of the processes involved in freehold and leasehold property transactions, clearly addressing the issues that arise in both the residential and commercial fields.

Policy and Political Theory in Trade Practice

Multinational Corporations and Global Governments

Author: N. Anguelov

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137398361

Category: Political Science

Page: 149

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The book seeks to untangle the complexities of how America and the West work within emerging markets, addressing the political and diplomatic implications of investment alongside emerging theory within IPE and its implications for the USA.

Texas Politics Today 2017-2018 Edition

Author: Jones,William Earl Maxwell,Ernest Crain,Morhea Lynn Davis,Christopher Wlezein

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305952189

Category: Education

Page: 448

View: 3797


TEXAS POLITICS TODAY is the standard in its coverage of Texas institutions, policies, and politics. It combines a comparative approach with tightly integrated learning objectives and questions addressing the Texas GOVT2306 Core Objectives. The text closes the gap between theory and practice with its Insiders and Politics in Practice features. The text reveals the inner workings of Texas elites, interest groups, campaign megadonors, and policy makers. The authors tapped their resources among political activists and officeholders to provide students with exclusive essays written by essayists ranging from the governor to campaign consultants to marijuana advocates, showing students how real-world politics operates in Texas. Texas Politics Today stimulates critical thinking and civic participation with a special focus on current political issues ranging from immigration, LGBT politics, gun control policies, abortion laws, and Latino politics to the culture wars in education. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Irish Income Tax 2017

Author: Tom Maguire

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1526501546


Page: 2528

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Irish Income Tax 2017 is the long-established leading authority on Irish income tax. This immensely popular tax essential is the number one income tax book for both tax practitioners and accountants. Indispensable in practice, it will help you apply the new legislation with ease and precision.Contents:1 General Background;2 Assessment and Collection of Tax;3 Taxation of Individuals;4 Trades and Professions: Basis of Assessment;5 Trades and Professions: Calculation of Profits;6 Capital Allowances;7 Farming and Other Income from Land;8 Schedules D Cases III and IV: Income from Patents;9 Schedule F: Distributions from Companies;10 Schedule E: Income from Offices and Employments;11 PAYE, PRSI and Profit Sharing Schemes;12 Immovable Property;13 Foreign Aspects;14 Double Taxation Relief;15 Estates and Settlement;16 Retirement Plans;17 Anti-Avoidance;18 Exemption and Reliefs.

Evidence-Based Review in Policy and Practice, An Issue of Nursing Clinics,

Author: Alan Pearson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323326633

Category: Medical

Page: 145

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Evidence synthesis is the evaluation or analysis of research evidence and opinion on a specific topic to aid in decision-making in health care. Although the science of evidence synthesis has developed most rapidly in relation to the meta-analysis of numerical data linked to theories of cause and effect, the further development of theoretical understandings and propositions of the nature of evidence, its role in health care delivery, and the facilitation of improved global health have increased rapidly since 2000. The articles appearing in this issue examine the role of evidence synthesis in nursing and health care and are written by expert translational scientists from across the world. Three introductory articles overview evidence synthesis and its role in evidence-based health care; methods, issues, and trends in the systematic review of health care evidence; and the development of a robust evidence base for nursing. Subsequent articles explore the impact of systematic reviews on policy and practice in a variety of settings, including perioperative care, pediatrics, rehabilitation and long-term/continuing care, mental health, and public health. The final articles discuss the impact of evidence on health policy and practice and the complexities of translating evidence into policy and practice. These articles show the importance of synthesizing evidence and translating policy and practice into action in our quest to improve health care and health outcomes.

Business Restructuring

Eine betriebswirtschaftliche und steuerrechtliche Analyse

Author: Manuel Imhof

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3844102078


Page: 504

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Federal Tax Practice and Procedure

Author: Ann Murphy,Leandra Lederman

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1579112897

Category: Law

Page: 1422

View: 5598


Written by a team of eight tax practitioners and law professors, Federal Tax Practice and Procedure is the ideal guidebook for understanding how disputes with the IRS arise and are resolved. Its 18 chapters are divided into four parts: (1) The Basics: Chapters examine the reform of the IRS during the 1990's and its current structure and organization. Also covered: income tax withholding, calculating estimated taxes, making tax payments, preparing returns and making elections. (2) Examination of the Tax Return and Assessment of a Deficiency: Chapters explore IRS examination of tax returns and the assessment of tax deficiencies, reaching settlements with the IRS, statutes of limitation on assessment, practicing before the IRS, and obtaining IRS guidance. (3) Remedies Available to the Taxpayer: Chapters on Tax Court litigation, refunds and appeals. (4) IRS Tools for Obtaining Unpaid Taxes and Penalizing Taxpayers: Chapters cover collection of taxes, liens and levies, interest, the fraud penalty, civil penalties other than fraud, and criminal penalties and procedure. The treatise is filled with hypothetical examples where our authors show you how to perform difficult tax calculations and how to apply tax rules and principles in everyday practice. The authors have also included scores of tax planning tips, commentaries and observations on the law, and caveats for the cautious practitioner. Federal Tax Practice and Procedure is the perfect companion to Matthew Bender’s two-volume treatise, Tax Controversies -- Audits, Investigations and Trials, which provides in-depth coverage of tax fraud, both civil and criminal. Also includes subject matter index, and tables of Internal Revenue Code sections, Treasury Regulations and IRS rulings and pronouncements.

CIMA Exam Practice Kit Financial Accounting and Tax Principles

2007 edition

Author: Colin Channer,Mike Rogers

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780080546728

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 7646


CIMA Exam Practice Kits consolidate learning by providing an extensive bank of practice questions. Each solution provides an in depth analysis of the correct answer and highlights why the alternatives are incorrect. CIMA Exam Practice Kits are ideal for students studying independently or attending a tutored revision course. It supplements the Official CIMA Learning Systems and CIMA Revision Cards with a wealth of additional questions and material focused purely on applying what has been learnt to passing the exam. CIMA Exam Practice Kits help students prepare with confidence for exam day, and to pass first time. * Helps CIMA students to prepare and pass the new syllabus first time * The only Exam Practice material recommended by CIMA * Provides worked answers to fully explain the correct answer, and analysis of incorrect answers - helping CIMA students avoid common pitfalls

Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook 2018-19

Author: N.A

Publisher: Tolley

ISBN: 9781474307758


Page: 21000

View: 3449


Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook ensures you have a complete view of contemporary tax legislation. This book is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). The new edition contains all the relevant UK direct tax legislation, along with EU Directives and Regulations and essential HMRC material. The impact of the Finance Act 2018 is expertly covered by Tolley's tax team. The reader's understanding of the legislation is assisted by cross-references to the HMRC Internal Guidance Manuals and market-leading commentary in Simon's Taxes.With arguably the longest tax code in the world, and Finance Acts of increasing complexity and volume, interpreting the legislation has become more difficult than ever. Tolley's Handbook is the imperative reliable guide to the legislation. Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook 2018-19 comprehensively covers the up-to-date legislation relating to income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, national insurance contributions, tax credits, petroleum revenue tax and inheritance tax. The consolidated legislation is extensively annotated by our technical team with cross-references to commentary, tax cases and HMRC guidance to give you the answers you need quickly and easily. * Includes statutes and statutory instruments; extra-statutory concessions and statements of practice, cross-references, definitions, additional helpful material such as HMRC Briefs and cross-references to the HMRC Internal Guidance Manuals, and numbered footnotes explaining amendments to the legislation.* Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation * Approved for use during CIOT and ATT examinations * Published in six volumes * Included as part of the Tolley's Yellow & Orange Tax Reference Set 2018-19Endorsed by the CIOT, these authoritative volumes are the definitive guide to UK tax legislation.

Income Tax

Author: N.A

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131732281

Category: Agricultural income

Page: 650

View: 8432


Tax Expenditure Management

A Critical Assessment

Author: Mark Burton,Kerrie Sadiq

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107007364

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 258

View: 2140


Locates tax expenditure management within the broader discourse of liberal democratic political theory.

Concepts in Federal Taxation 2017

Author: Kevin E. Murphy,Mark Higgins

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305950208

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 928

View: 5940


Master all aspects of federal taxation with the balanced conceptual approach found only in Murphy/Higgins' CONCEPTS IN FEDERAL TAXATION 2017. This unique book presents taxation as a small number of unifying concepts that readers apply to tax rules and everyday economics. This edition presents the latest tax laws and changes for the most recent tax year in a straightforward manner without overwhelming technical detail. To ensure clarity, the book introduces individual taxation before addressing more complex business entities. Small, manageable segments with Concept Checks are ideal for CPA Exam review. A strong balance of tax concepts with the Internal Revenue Code prepares readers for success on CPA Exam tax simulations and in their careers. Frequent examples relate tax concepts to contemporary business scenarios, while numerous hands-on exercises provide more practice than any other book of its kind. Count on this edition for an unmatched conceptual understanding of taxation. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

State Tax Handbook (2018)

Author: CCH Tax Law

Publisher: Cch

ISBN: 9780808047315

Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

View: 5976


Wolters Kluwer's State Tax Handbook is the perfect quick-answer tool for tax practitioners and business professionals who work with multiple state tax jurisdictions. This handy reference provides readers with an overview of the taxation scheme of each state and the District of Columbia, as well as multistate charts on personal and corporate income taxes, sales and use taxes, practice and procedure, and property taxes. The State Tax Handbook is set out in four parts, which together paint an overall picture of the states' levies, bases and rates of each tax, principal payment and return dates, and other important information. The "Taxes by State" section summarizes in one place the taxes imposed by each state, including key information such as tax rates and filing/payment dates. It provides details on the taxing authorities for each jurisdiction and outlines the major features of each state's revenue system in uniform arrangement which makes reference from state to state easy. Four additional sections-"Income Taxes," "Sales and Use Taxes." "Property Taxes," and "Practice Procedure"-provide at-a-glance multistate charts detailing important issues to assist state tax compliance and planning. Busy tax professionals can quickly find the answers to their state tax questions by referencing the book's 170+ charts that cover key state tax topics, such as income tax rates, corporate and personal income tax reporting requirements, filing extensions allocation and apportionment, AMT on preference items manufacturing exemptions, sales for resale, consolidated returns, estimated tax requirements, personal property tax rendition filing requirements and much more. Leading State Tax Information and Tools for Professionals Wolters Kluwer, offers a suite of state tax products providing in-depth analysis, guidance, and solutions in a full range of options-from guides, practice manuals and treatises to journals, newsletters, and internet research libraries. Make Wolters Kluwer your source for state tax guidance with comprehensive, time-saving products for professionals, including: U.S. Master Multistate Corporate Tax Guide, U.S. Master Sales & Use Tax Guide, U.S. Master Property Tax Guide, Multistate Corporate Tax Guide, Multistate Tax Guide to Pass-Through Entities, Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Tax Audits, CCH State Tax Guidebooks, CCH State Tax Reporters Book jacket.

Effective Implementation In Practice

Integrating Public Policy and Management

Author: Jodi Sandfort,Stephanie Moulton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118986156

Category: Political Science

Page: 408

View: 5685


A unique approach to policy implementation with essential guidance and useful tools Effective Implementation in Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management presents an instrumental approach to implementation analysis. By spanningpolicy fields, organizations, and frontline conditions in implementation systems, this book provides a robust foundation for policy makers, public and nonprofit managers and leaders. Detailed case studies enable readers to identify key intervention points, become more strategic, and improve outcomes. The engaging style and specific examples provide a bridge to practice, while diagrams, worksheets, and other tools included in the appendix help managers apply these ideas to team meetings, operational planning, and program assessment and refinement. Policy and program implementation is fraught with challenges as public and nonprofit leaders juggle organizational missions and stakeholder expectations while managing policy and program impact and effectiveness. Using their own experience in practice, teaching, and research, the authors empower policy and program implementers to recognize their essential roles within the workplace and help them cultivate the analytical and social skills necessary to change. Understand how program or policy technology constitutes the core of implementation Study a conceptual framework encompassing power dynamics, culture, relationships in the field and the rules that are operating during program and policy implementation Discover a multilevel approach that identifies key points of strategic action at various levels and settings of the implementation system and assesses implementation success The integration of policy and management mindsets gives readers an insightful yet accessible understanding of implementation, allowing them to achieve the potent results desired by the public. For those in senior positions at federal agencies to local staff at nonprofit organizations, Effective Implementation in Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management provides an invaluable one-stop resource.

Foundations of New Zealand Taxation Law 2018

Author: Stephen Barkoczy,Vicki Ammundsen,Mark Bowler Smith,Alan Bullot,Vivian Cheng,Carla Cross,Craig Elliffe,Ranjana Gupta,Andrew Maples,Mark Keating,Huigenia Ostik,Melinda Jone,Emma Marr,Lisa Marriott,Rizwana Saheed,Adrian John Sawyer,Peter Scott,Grant Sidnam,Lee Treadaway,Peter Vial

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781775472469

Category: Taxation

Page: 858

View: 2792


Foundations of New Zealand Taxation Law provides a clear and concise introduction to the policy, principles and practice underpinning New Zealand's tax laws. Written by a panel of tax academics and tax experts in practice, this 2018 edition includes a new chapter entitled The Capital-Revenue Distinction, in addition to new commentary on the significant tax developments that occurred throughout 2017. Ideal for students seeking a straightforward explanation of the fundamentals of taxation law within a framework that provides context and historical background, the text includes a series of study questions at the end of each chapter to aid with preparation for exams and assignments.