Synchronic Or Diachronic?

A Debate on Method in Old Testament Exegesis

Author: Johannes Cornelis De Moor,Society for Old Testament Study

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004103429

Category: Religion

Page: 255

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In Old Testament exegesis a gap is widening between the adherents of the 'diachronic', historical-critical approach and those who out of dissatisfaction with both the results and the methods of this 'classical' approach opt for a wide variety of 'synchronic' approaches. The Ninth Joint Meeting of the Dutch 'Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap' and the British 'Society for Old Testament Study', held at Kampen 28-31 August 1994, brought together partisans from both camps who engaged in a most interesting and fruitful debate on one of the major methodological issues confronting modern Old Testament scholarship. This volume contains the papers read as well as some reports from the workshops. With indices of texts and subjects.

Reading Scripture in the Old Testament

Deuteronomy 9-10 [and] 31, 2 Kings 22-23, Jeremiah 36, Nehemiah 8

Author: G. J. Venema

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004137516

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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This study concentrates on four narratives in the Old Testament in which books, especially the Book of the Torah, play a key role: Deuteronomy 9-10 and 31:24-26, 2 Kings 22-23, Jeremiah 36, and Nehemiah 8. This study is a major contribution to the theology of the Old Testament, because it demonstrates how a detailed literary analysis may lead to a better understanding of the structure of the canon.

Genesis Forty-nine in Its Literary and Historical Context

Author: Raymond De Hoop

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004109131

Category: Religion

Page: 695

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This book deals with the so-called Blessing of Jacob" (Genesis 49) in all its aspects, discussing philological, literary and historical problems.After an introductory chapter a thoroughly discussed translation of Genesis 49 and an analysis of its poetical structure are presented, followed by the discussion of the genre-definition "tribal saying" (Stammesspruch), and a synchronic and diachronic analysis of Genesis 49 in its literary context (Gen. 47:29-49:33). The remarkable results of this analysis are finally discussed in relation to Israel's history.It is suggested that only part of the "Blessing" functioned within the (originally much shorter) deathbed account (Gen. 47:29-49:33*), reflecting the historical situation of the time of origin. Afterwards it was thoroughly worked up into its present shape to meet the conditions of later political development."

Women in Ugarit and Israel

Their Social and Religious Position in the Context of the Ancient Near East

Author: Hennie J. Marsman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004117327

Category: Religion

Page: 781

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This book discusses women in a polytheistic and monotheistic society by analyzing their social and religious position according to the literary and non-literary texts of Ugarit and Israel.

Past, Present, Future

The Deuteronomistic History and the Prophets

Author: Johannes Cornelis de Moor,Harry F. Van Rooy

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004118713

Category: Religion

Page: 342

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The re-writing of the history of Israel, in the light of past failures and hopes for the future, by Deuteronomistic historians and prophets, is discussed in this series of studies. In this volume, the vitality of the Hebrew Scriptures is once again demonstrated.


An Exegetical Commentary

Author: Harold W. Hoehner

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1441210555

Category: Religion

Page: 960

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Harold Hoehner has taught biblical exegesis to thousands of students over the years. He now brings that experience to bear on this important work. He begins with a helpful introduction to the letter of Ephesians in which he addresses issues of authorship, structure and genre, historical setting, purpose, and theology. At the end of the introduction, the author includes a detailed bibliography for further reading. Hoehner then delves into the text of Ephesians verse by verse, offering the Greek text, English translation, and detailed commentary. He interacts extensively with the latest scholarship and provides a fair and thorough discussion of every disputed point in the book. Pastors, students, and scholars looking for a comprehensive treatment on Ephesians will be interested in this commentary. Hoehner's interaction with the latest scholarship combined with his detailed exegesis will make this new commentary the only resource they will need to consult.

The Pragmatics of Perception and Cognition in MT Jeremiah 1:1-6:30

A Cognitive Linguistics Approach

Author: Elizabeth Hayes

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311021122X

Category: Religion

Page: 284

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Perception and cognition – seeing, hearing and understanding – are main themes in the Biblical Hebrew text of Jeremiah 1:1-6:30. This volume examines the text using a cognitive linguistics approach. This recently developed approach allows the modern reader to more fully understand the ancient text by observing aspects of embodied experience that are shared across time, space and culture, such as image schemas, conceptual metaphor and more elaborate conceptual blends. In addition to offering insights into some key textual disjunctions, these findings contribute towards reading and understanding the final form of the text.

Evocations of the Calf?

Romans 1:18–2:11 and the Substructure of Psalm 106(105)

Author: Alec J. Lucas

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110384647

Category: Religion

Page: 292

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Scholars often ask how Paul’s polemic against Gentile idolatry and immorality in Romans 1:18–32 prepares for indicting a Jewish interlocutor in 2:1–11. This study proposes that Paul’s argumentation draws on the portrayal of Jewish identity in Psalm 106 and that in drawing on this portrayal Paul was participating in a larger discussion, one that included the Wisdom of Solomon and one in which evocations of the golden calf figured prominently.

Oudtestamentische studiën

Author: Jaap Dekker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789004156654

Category: Bible

Page: 411

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No other biblical book ascribes such a prominent place to the theme of 'Zion' as the book of Isaiah does. One of the most important statements regarding Zion is to be found in Isa. 28: 16. The text speaks of the laying of a foundation stone in Zion and enjoys an important place in New Testament preaching since it is associated with the advent of Jesus Christ. The present study addresses the interpretation of Isa. 28: 16 in its Old Testament context. Its significance lies in the fresh contribution it makes t our understanding of the Zion text in question and its importance for establishing the role played by Zion and the so-called Zion tradition in the preaching of Isaiah.


Author: Bernhard Stade,Karl Marti

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bible

Page: N.A

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On the way to the postmodern

Old Testament essays, 1967-1998

Author: David J. A. Clines

Publisher: Sheffield Academic Pr


Category: Philosophy

Page: 897

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For these two volumes, the author has selected 50 articles and papers, ten of them not previously published, from his work as an Old Testament scholar over the last 30 years. Some of the papers, like 'The Evidence for an Autumnal New Year in Pre-exilic Israel Reconsidered', are far from postmodern in their outlook. But there is ample evidence here that the postmodern is indeed the direction in which his mind has been moving. The essays are organized in eight sections (Method, Literature, History, Theology, Language, Psalms, Job-and, for entertainment, Divertimenti). They include 'Reading Esther from Left to Right', 'Beyond Synchronic Diachronic', 'Story and Poem: The Old Testament as Literature and as Scripture', 'In Search of the Indian Job', and 'Philology and Power'-as well as 'The Postmodern Adventure in Biblical Studies'.

Sünde und Vergebung

Eine Rekonstruktion der Redaktionsgeschichte der hinteren Sinaiperikope (Exodus 32-34) vor dem Hintergrund aktueller Pentateuchmodelle

Author: Michael Konkel

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Bible

Page: 340

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Knowledge, Control and Sex

Studies in Biblical Thought, Culture and Worldview

Author: Meir Malul

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 582

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The distinct terminology of "knowledge," "control," and "sex" as used in Biblical Hebrew are all conceptually related. Malul seeks to explain how these words are related and why these terms overlap semantically in the Hebrew Bible. The book is divided into four parts, covering the evidence, the idea of knowledge, and related institutions, concluding with a summary; in the course of the study, he discusses such things as carnal knowledge, the status of woman, purity/impurity, circumcision, and related topics.