The Secret History

with Related Texts

Author: Prokopios,Anthony Kaldellis

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1603844082

Category: History

Page: 276

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By exposing the perversion, repression, corruption, and injustice at the heart of Justinian's regime, Prokopios' The Secret History destroyed forever that emperor's reputation as the great and benevolent ruler of a vast Byzantine state. Faithfully rendered here in blunt and idiomatic English, Prokopios' tell-all is as shocking today as it was in the sixth century. Kaldellis' substantial Introduction addresses, among other topics, the historical background to The Secret History; Prokopios' literary style and major themes; and the relationships between Prokopios, Justinian, and Empress Theodora. Maps, genealogies, a glossary, and a selection of related texts (including excerpts from Prokopios' Wars and Buildings and several contemporary documents) enhance and support the reading of this scandalous and suspenseful book.

Procopius of Caesarea

Literary and Historical Interpretations

Author: Christopher Lillington-Martin

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317075498


Page: N.A

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This volume aims to encourage dialogue and collaboration between international scholars by presenting new literary and historical interpretations of the sixth-century writer Procopius of Caesarea, the major historian of Justinian's reign. Although scholarship on Procopius has flourished since 2004, when the last monograph in English on Procopius was published, there has not been a collection of essays on the subject since 2000. Work on Procopius since 2004 has been surveyed by Geoffrey Greatrex in his international bibliography; Peter Sarris has revised the 1966 Penguin Classics translation of, and introduced, Procopius' Secret History (2007); and Anthony Kaldellis has edited, translated and introduced Procopius' Secret History, with related texts (2010), and revised and modernised H.B. Dewing's Loeb translation of Procopius' Wars as The Wars of Justinian in 2014. This volume capitalises on the renaissance in Procopius-related studies by showcasing recent work on Procopius in all its diversity and vibrancy. It offers approaches that shed new light on Procopius' texts by comparing them with a variety of relevant textual sources. In particular, the volume pays close attention to the text and examines what it achieves as a literary work and what it says as an historical product.

Court Ceremonies and Rituals of Power in Byzantium and the Medieval Mediterranean

Comparative Perspectives

Author: N.A

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004258159

Category: History

Page: 604

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Comparative approaches to political rituals and ceremonies in Byzantium and other court cultures of the Mediterranean basin form the subject of this collective volume, which examines related topics from the viewpoint of transformation, succession, appropriation, and representation in art and literature.

Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond

Author: George T. Calofonos

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317148142

Category: History

Page: 256

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Although the actual dreaming experience of the Byzantines lies beyond our reach, the remarkable number of dream narratives in the surviving sources of the period attests to the cardinal function of dreams as vehicles of meaning, and thus affords modern scholars access to the wider cultural fabric of symbolic representations of the Byzantine world. Whether recounting real or invented dreams, the narratives serve various purposes, such as political and religious agendas, personal aspirations or simply an author’s display of literary skill. It is only in recent years that Byzantine dreaming has attracted scholarly attention, and important publications have suggested the way in which Byzantines reshaped ancient interpretative models and applied new perceptions to the functions of dreams. This book - the first collection of studies on Byzantine dreams to be published - aims to demonstrate further the importance of closely examining dreams in Byzantium in their wider historical and cultural, as well as narrative, context. Linked by this common thread, the essays offer insights into the function of dreams in hagiography, historiography, rhetoric, epistolography, and romance. They explore gender and erotic aspects of dreams; they examine cross-cultural facets of dreaming, provide new readings, and contextualize specific cases; they also look at the Greco-Roman background and Islamic influences of Byzantine dreams and their Christianization. The volume provides a broad variety of perspectives, including those of psychoanalysis and anthropology.


Die Biographie einer Weltstadt

Author: Bettany Huhges,Bettany Hughes

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608111069

Category: History

Page: 928

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Eine historische Reise in eine Stadt mit drei Namen, die über Jahrtausende nichts an Macht und Magie eingebüßt hat und deren Einfluss unsere Welt bis heute prägt. Packende und epische Geschichtsschreibung. In dieser umfassenden neuen Biographie nimmt Hughes uns auf ein überwältigendes historisches Abenteuer mit: von der Jungsteinzeit bis zur Gegenwart, durch die vielen Facetten einer der großartigsten Städte der Welt. Farbig und mit großer Erzählkunst schildert sie, wie Istanbul – die älteste politische Einheit zwischen Ost und West – in den letzten 6000 Jahren ein Mosaik aus Mikrostädten und Kulturen in sich aufgenommen hat. Hughes geht der Frage nach, was eine kosmopolitische Stadt ausmacht, und sie erzählt dabei nicht nur die Geschichte von Kaisern, Wesiren, Kalifen und Sultanen, sondern auch diejenige der Armen, der einfachen Menschen ohne Stimme – von den Frauen und Männern, deren Sehnsüchte und Träume Istanbul immer wieder neu erfunden haben. Das fesselnde, epochenübergreifende Porträt einer einzigartigen pulsierenden Metropole und ihrer Menschen. Packende, direkte, gelehrt erzählende Geschichtsschreibung, die unser Verständnis der modernen Türkei revolutioniert.

The Wars of Justinian

Author: Prokopios

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1624661726

Category: History

Page: 680

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A fully-outfitted edition of Prokopios' late Antique masterpiece of military history and ethnography--for the 21st-century reader. "At last . . . the translation that we have needed for so long: a fresh, lively, readable, and faithful rendering of Prokopios' Wars, which in a single volume will make this fundamental work of late ancient history-writing accessible to a whole new generation of students." --Jonathan Conant, Brown University

Ormond, Or, The Secret Witness

With Related Texts

Author: Charles Brockden Brown,Philip Barnard,Stephen Shapiro

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 1603843388

Category: Fiction

Page: 488

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As it tells the story of Constantia Dudley, from her family's financial collapse to her encounters with a series of cosmopolitan revolutionaries and reactionaries, Charles Brockden Brown's Ormond; or The Secret Witness (1799) develops a sustained meditation on late-Enlightenment debates concerning political liberty, women's rights, conventions of sex-gender, and their relation to the reshaping of an Atlantic world in the throes of transformation. This edition of Ormond includes Brown's Alcuin (1798), an important dialogue on women's rights and marriage, as well as his key essays on history and literature, along with selections from contemporary writings on women's education and revolution debates that figure in the novel's background and in the charged atmosphere of the late 1790s.

In Praise of Barbarians

Essays against Empire

Author: Mike Davis

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 1608460010

Category: History

Page: 344

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The author of City of Quartz and Planet of Slums attacks the current fashion for empires and white men’s burdens in this blistering collection of radical essays. He skewers contemporary idols such as Mel Gibson, Niall Ferguson, and Howard Dean; unlocks some secret doors in the Pentagon and the California prison system; visits Star Wars in the Arctic and vigilantes on the border; predicts ethnic cleansing in New Orleans more than a year before Katrina; recalls the anarchist avengers of the 1890s and “teeny-bopper” riots on the Sunset Strip in the 1960s; discusses the moral bankruptcy of the Democrats in Kansas and West Virginia; remembers “Private Ivan,” who defeated fascism; and looks at the future of capitalism from the top of Hubbert’s Peak. No writer in the United States today brings together analysis and history as comprehensively and elegantly as Mike Davis. In these contemporary, interventionist essays, Davis goes beyond critique to offer real solutions and concrete possibilities for change. Mike Davis is the author many books, including City of Quartz, The Ecology of Fear, The Monster at Our Door, and Planet of Slums. Davis teaches in the Department of History at the University of California, Irvine, and lives in San Diego.

The secret history of Hermes Trismegistus

hermeticism from ancient to modern times

Author: Florian Ebeling

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801464889

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

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"Perhaps Hermeticism has fascinated so many people precisely because it has made it possible to produce many analogies and relationships to various traditions: to Platonism in its many varieties, to Stoicism, to Gnostic ideas, and even to certain Aristotelian doctrines. The Gnostic, the esoteric, the Platonist, or the deist has each been able to find something familiar in the writings. One just had to have a penchant for remote antiquity, for the idea of a Golden Age, in order for Hermeticism, with its aura of an ancient Egyptian revelation, to have enjoyed such outstanding success."-from the Introduction Hermes Trismegistus, "thrice-great Hermes," emerged from the amalgamation of the wisdom gods Hermes and Thoth and is one of the most enigmatic figures of intellectual history. Since antiquity, the legendary "wise Egyptian" has been considered the creator of several mystical and magical writings on such topics as alchemy, astrology, medicine, and the transcendence of God. Philosophers of the Renaissance celebrated Hermes Trismegistus as the founder of philosophy, Freemasons called him their forefather, and Enlightenment thinkers championed religious tolerance in his name. To this day, Hermes Trismegistus is one of the central figures of the occult-his name is synonymous with the esoteric. In this scholarly yet accessible introduction to the history of Hermeticism and its mythical founder, Florian Ebeling provides a concise overview of the Corpus Hermeticum and other writings attributed to Hermes. He traces the impact of Christian and Muslim versions of the figure in medieval Europe, the power of Hermeticism and Paracelsian belief in Renaissance thought, the relationship to Pietism and to Freemasonry in early modern Europe, and the relationship to esotericism and semiotics in the modern world.

The Blood of Avalon - The Secret History of the Grail Dynasty from King Arthur to Prince William

Author: Adrian Gilbert

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 1780286287

Category: Social Science

Page: 270

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In this extraordinary book, Adrian Gilbert reveals the location of not just the true 'Avalon' or 'Glastonbury' but of many other sites crucial to the legend of the Holy Grail and King Arthur. He shows how the core teachings of Christianity were kept secret by a dynasty of Welsh kings and saints and later (after the Norman invasions) by their surviving descendants. For centuries this remnant of the Brittano-Welsh nobility, still living in 'Avalon', kept alive a hope: they prayed that one day a new Arthur, one with the holy blood of the family of Mary flowing in his veins, would sit once more on the throne of Britain. Extraordinary as it may seem, this hope may soon be realised - for through the late Diana, Princess of Wales, our own Prince William, whose middle name is indeed Arthur, is so descended.

"The Small Space of a Pause"

Susan Howe's Poetry and the Spaces Between

Author: Elisabeth W. Joyce

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838757626

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 298

View: 1965


This book is about Susan Howe's poetry from the perspective of space. Howe reshapes cultural configurations of space through her drive to infiltrate interstitial areas of "third" spaces: the silences of history, the margins of the page, the placeless migrants, and the uncharted lands. Nuances, frontiers, thresholds, edges, fuzzinesses, ambiguities, pauses, singularities, margins: these are the spaces where her poetry occurs, places that lie between two states. Rather than absences, therefore, the space of this poetry is a placing of being, of what Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari refer to as becoming. Third space is contested because it must also call itself into question in reimagining itself; in questioning its condition and rethinking itself, it contradicts itself repeatedly, setting up the form of an ever-present yet ever-shifting paradox of selfpresencing. This site is also, however, the place of no frames or boundaries, a place that is all margins and singularities, that site of displacement, where migration is eternal and violence is perennial. Nomadism becomes an emblem in Howe's poetry for the twentieth-century condition as it represents the continual movement through space of the body, that never-ending, always-perpetuated sense of loss of place, but that equally charged coming into being regardless of the space within which that loss/becoming occurs. This book, therefore, includes chapters on multiple conceptual frameworks for configuring space: cartography, geometry, graphic design, sculpture, landscape, perspective, as well as displacement itself. Its purpose is to introduce upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and academics in the field of poetics to Susan Howe's poetry but also to suggest that mere reading is inadequate to a comprehension of her work; it is equally important to look at her work as a visual artifact that shapes the world around it as it is shaped in turn by its social and historical context. The key term for Howe's poetry, singularity, is emblematic of this approach, for it identifies the particular, but it also focuses on the moment of change of state, a moment neither here nor there, not one thing nor another. It is at this instant of transformation and flux that Howe's poetry, and, therefore, this study, situate themselves, in a third place. This work relies extensively on Susan Howe's manuscript materials housed in the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego. It also turns to multiple disciplines, including art history, mathematics, anthropology and philosophy, in order to establish a comprehensive study of poetry and spatial organization systems.

Conversations with Angels

Essays Towards a History of Spiritual Communication, 1100-1700

Author: J. Raymond

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230316972

Category: History

Page: 349

View: 7822


Based on refractions of earlier beliefs, modern angels - at once terrible and comforting, frighteningly other and reassuringly beneficent - have acquired a powerful symbolic value. This interdisciplinary study looks at how humans conversed with angels in medieval and early modern Europe, and how they explained and represented these conversations.

Between Text and Artifact

Integrating Archaeology in Biblical Studies Teaching

Author: Milton C. Moreland

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

ISBN: 9789004127098

Category: Religion

Page: 243

View: 705


These essays by archaeologists and biblical scholars teaching in undergraduate, graduate, and seminary settings provide biblical studies teachers all the tools needed to integrate the most recent archaeological literature and audio-visual material into their teaching and scholarship. Paperback edition available from the Society of Biblical Literature (