Sacred Acts

How Churches are Working to Protect Earth's Climate

Author: Mallory McDuff

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 1550925016

Category: Nature

Page: 259

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Acting in good faith -- environmental stewardship through worship, education, advocacy and action

Passionate Action

5 Steps to Creating Extraordinary Success in Life and Work

Author: Doug Gray

Publisher: Passionate Action

ISBN: 0975884158

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

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A breakthrough book for readers seeking to dynamically change their lives for the better by confronting life's challenges and turning them into life's greatest adventures.

Sacred Game

The Role of the Sacred in the Genesis of Modern Literary Fiction

Author: Cesareo Bandera

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271042053

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

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Rethinking Synagogues

A New Vocabulary for Congregational Life

Author: Lawrence A. Hoffman

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 1580232485

Category: Religion

Page: 225

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Synagogues can re-emerge as a center of sacred creativity, spirituality and ethics. A challenge rather than a manual, this honest and compelling analysis of synagogues provides an entirely new set of concepts to facilitate transformative conversation.

The Word Speak's to the Faustian Man: Chāndogya Upaniṣad

Author: Som Raj Gupta

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120817975

Category: Hinduism

Page: 798

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The Chandogya Upanisad: The culture it reflects is remote and archaic, the texture of its ritualistic and contemplative symbolism thick and dense-virtually a closed book for us moderns. A sustained self-submitting attentiveness, however, discloses its language as resonating disturbingly modern notes, focusing our attention on many of our pathologies as well as our possibilities, pathologies and possibilities that have escaped the notice of us moderns. The spirit of quiet hermeneutics that characterizes this study illumines many an opaque spot in this text, solves many an interpretive puzzle, turns many of its 'archaic naivetes' into living and compelling profundities. We are made to realize that what some moderns call Gestell is far more primordial than they would envisage it to be, far more ominous and primitive, tragic and persistent. A radical transformation is required, an ontological transformation. Not mere 'a masterly exposition' of an ancient text is, therefore, this study, but 'an authentic springboard for fresh philosophical thinking fecundating (the) two shores of the human experience: East and West'. The first three (published) Vols. are on (i) Isa, Kena, Katha and Prasna Upanisads; (ii) Mundaka and Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada Karika; (iii) Taittiriya and Aitareya Upanisads.

Sacred Liturgy

The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church

Author: Dom Alcuin Reid

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1586177869

Category: Religion

Page: 446

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"The Sacred Liturgy is not a hobby for specialists. It is central to all our endeavors as disciples of Jesus Christ. This profound reality cannot be over emphasized. We must recognize the primacy of grace in our Christian life and work, and we must respect the reality that in this life the optimal encounter with Christ is in the Sacred Liturgy." With these words Bishop Dominique Rey of Fréjus-Toulon, France, opened Sacra Liturgia 2013, an international conference in which he brought together over twenty leading liturgists, cardinals, bishops and other scholars from around the world to emphasize the centrality of liturgical formation and celebration in the life and mission of the Church. "The New Evangelization must be founded on the faithful and fruitful celebration of the Sacred Liturgy as given to us by the Church in her tradition - Western and Eastern," Bishop Rey asserted. Sacra Liturgia 2013 - the proceedings of which this book publishes - explored questions of liturgical art, architecture, music, the ars celebrandi, the importance of ritual in human psychology, truly pastoral liturgy, the place of the older liturgical rites in the New Evangelization, liturgical formation, liturgical law, the role of the diocesan bishop in respect of the liturgy, and more. Sacred Liturgy - The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church is an important resource in ongoing liturgical formation for clergy, religious and laity, and makes a significant contribution to that renewal promoted in the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. That is the renewal which embraces the riches of liturgical tradition as valuable treasures, seeks to read the Second Vatican Council according to a hermeneutic of continuity, not rupture, and is in no doubt that, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger once wrote, "the true celebration of the Sacred Liturgy as the center of any renewal of the Church."

Acts of the Apostles (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)

Author: William S. SJ Kurz

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1441244700

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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What message was the author of Acts seeking to convey, and what would the original audience have understood? How is God speaking to believers today through Acts as it has been used by the church throughout the centuries? In this addition to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, respected New Testament scholar William Kurz offers a close reading and explanation of the entire narrative of Acts, grounded in the original Greek but keyed to the NABRE for liturgical use. This volume, like each in the series, relates Scripture to life, is faithfully Catholic, and is supplemented by features designed to help readers understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively.

Sacred and Profane Love: A Play in Four Acts

Author: Arnold Bennett

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1596056649

Category: Drama

Page: 184

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CARLOTTA. Yes, yes! Please! Quick! You see I must go-now, at once. And I can't possibly be seen in the street without something on my head. LOUISA (to herself as she leaves room, L.). Talk about swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat! Stops out all night, but she can't possibly be seen in the street without a hat. -from Scene II Arnold Bennett is considered one of the greatest novelists of the early 20th century, yet his work is all but forgotten today. This 1919 play, based on his novel of the same name (also known as The Book of Carlotta), is a delightful romp, a comedy of sexual manners and mores, of cads and fallen women, that reminds us that stories we suspect were ahead of their time were, in fact, very much of their moment. British writer ARNOLD BENNETT (1867-1931) wrote both fiction and nonfiction, but he is best known for the novels Anna of the Five Towns (1902), Buried Alive (1908), and Clayhanger (1910).

Sanctuaries and the Sacred in the Ancient Greek World

Author: John Pedley

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521809351

Category: Art

Page: 272

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This book explores the variety of ancient Greek sanctuaries--their settings, spaces, shapes, and structures--and the rituals associated with them, such as festivals and processions, sacrifice and libation, dining and drinking, prayer and offering, dance, initiation, consultation, and purification. Subsequent chapters trace the consequences of the Roman conquest, the triumph of Christianity, as well as the impact of Turks, travelers, archaeologists, and tourists on these sites. Featuring an exhaustive glossary and bibliography, the volume provides an accessible, authoritative introduction to ancient Greek sanctuaries and their ritual activities.

The Mark of the Sacred

Author: Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804788456

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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Jean-Pierre Dupuy, prophet of what he calls "enlightened doomsaying," has long warned that modern society is on a path to self-destruction. In this book, he pleads for a subversion of this crisis from within, arguing that it is our lopsided view of religion and reason that has set us on this course. In denial of our sacred origins and hubristically convinced of the powers of human reason, we cease to know our own limits: our disenchanted world leaves us defenseless against a headlong rush into the abyss of global warming, nuclear holocaust, and the other catastrophes that loom on our horizon. Reviving the religious anthropology of Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, and Marcel Mauss and in dialogue with the work of René Girard, Dupuy shows that we must remember the world's sacredness in order to keep human violence in check. A metaphysical and theological detective, he tracks the sacred in the very fields where human reason considers itself most free from everything it judges irrational: science, technology, economics, political and strategic thought. In making such claims, The Mark of the Sacred takes on religion bashers, secularists, and fundamentalists at once. Written by one of the deepest and most versatile thinkers of our time, it militates for a world where reason is no longer an enemy of faith.

Psalms for Everyone Part II Psalms 73-150

Author: John Goldingay

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281067848

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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More than any other part of the Old Testament, the book of Psalms reveals to us the intimacy possible between God and humanity. As songs and prayers of praise and lament, the psalms are unsurpassed in their variety, depth and range. They encompass the whole breadth of human emotion: hatred and love, despair and joy, resentment and gratitude, fear of abandonment and deep trust. They encourage us to be honest and thorough in our dealings with God, and they teach us how to praise him, seek him and rest in him. Using personal anecdote, a witty and lively style, and drawing on his considerable theological knowledge, John Goldingay takes us deep into the unfolding story of the Old Testament.

Old Texts Through New Eyes

Author: Dallas R. Burdette

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1607913771

Category: Religion

Page: 504

View: 3312


Christians frequently slaughter freedom of conscience with fanatical dogmatism. It is not uncommon for various fellowships of God's people to lay an embargo on freedom in favor of their own exclusive doctrine or understanding of the Scriptures. One objective of this book is to set Christians free from sectarianism. The views set forth in this book are not bound by party ties. It is my desire that these writings will assist Christians in their desire to escape the prevailing forms of radicalism manifested by so many sincere and devout believers. In my fifty-eight years of preaching and teaching, I have witnessed that men and women, for the most part, are afraid of freedom. This volume examines the philosophy of "what we teach is true and what others teach is false." Among some bodies of believers, freedom of investigation is rigidly shackled. The chapters in this book seek to defuse the attitude that the one who refuses to comply with the status quo is no longer a brother in Christ. The diversity of the chapters in this book refutes the prevailing opinions of many Christians-"my opinion is the only sound one, flawless and incontestable." Dallas Burdette has been a serious student, teacher and preacher of the Bible for fifty-eight years, supporting himself for many years as an agent for AFLAC. He has written numerous articles for religious journals, as well as many essays and sermons which are available on his website. He has developed a keen interest in promoting unity among God's people through a more accurate reading of the Word. He has degrees from Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) where he also was Director of Extended Learning for five years. He holds the Doctor of Ministry degree (1999) from Erskine Theological Seminary.

Our Anglican Heritage, Second Edition

Can an Ancient Church be a Church of the Future?

Author: John W. Howe,Sam C. Pascoe

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 162189245X

Category: Religion

Page: 258

View: 8811


--What is Anglicanism and how is it distinctive? --Where did it come from and where is it ? --Which beliefs, values, and practices stand at the heart of this important, global Communion? --How can its rich heritage help it move into the future? This book is an essential guide to the Anglican tradition for anyone who has ever wondered what Anglicanism-the largest Protestant denomination in the world-is all about. Now fully updated and significantly revised, this second edition of Our Anglican Heritage gives voice to the strong and vibrant evangelical roots of Anglican Christianity. Events at the start of the twenty-first century have threatened to tear the Communion apart. The authors of this book, both Episcopal clergy, each responded to the crisis in different ways. One, a bishop, chose to stay in the Episcopal Church. The other chose to lead his congregation out of the Episcopal Church and into another Anglican Province. This book is a reflection of the strong faith and heritage they still share, and a recommitment to the biblical principles that still undergird and enliven Anglicanism.

Beyond Idols

The Shape of a Secular Society

Author: Richard K. Fenn

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198032854

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 495


This book attempts to articulate the nature of a secular society, describe its benefits, and suggests the conditions under which such a society could emerge. To become secular, argues Fenn, is to open oneself and one's society to a wide range of possibilities, some interesting and exciting, some burdensome and dreadful. While some sociologists have argued that a "Civil Religion" is necessary to hold together our newly "religionless" society, Fenn urges that there is nothing to fear--and everything to gain--from living in a society that is not bound together by sacred memories and beliefs, or by sacred institutions and practices.

The two reformations in the 16th century

Author: H.A.Enno Gelder

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401195625

Category: History

Page: 406

View: 8837


This book deals with the religious aspects and consequences of the Renaissance and Humanism. It is therefore advisable that these terms should first be defined to some extent. By Re naissance is meant here the new element in Western European culture, which became more and more evident in Italy during the I5th century and in about I500 completely dominated the great minds in that country. In the I6th century this new ele ment was carried to the countries on the other side of the Alps, where it developed vigorously during that century. The new element in that culture is found in the plastic arts, literature, philosophy and also - and this is the subject of the present study - in a modified religious attitude. The following chapters will show the content of this last change. Problems such as: what in general characterizes the Renaissance, by what was it caused, when did it begin and, in particular, whether the Re naissance forms a sharp contrast to the Middle Ages or whether it is a direct continuation of it, will not be discussed here. It will be clear from the above definition that I have placed first and foremost those things in the Renaissance which distinguish it from the Middle Ages.