Modern High-power Rocketry

Author: Mark B. Canepa

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412058104

Category: Science

Page: 388

View: 6297


This Second Edition of Modern High-Power Rocketry contains more than 800 photographs and illustrations specifically created to introduce the model rocket enthusiast to the exciting world of high power. Completely rewritten, photographed and designed, this book provides tips and simple advice on motor retention, ejection charges, the high-power launch and building your first Level One, Level Two and Level Three rockets.


Investigate the Science and Technology of Rockets and Ballistics

Author: Carla Mooney

Publisher: Nomad Press

ISBN: 1619302349

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 4404


Rocketry: Investigate the Science and Technology of Rockets and Ballistics introduces students to the fascinating world of rocketry and ballistics. Readers discover the history of rocket development, from the earliest fire arrows in China to modern-day space shuttles, as well as the main concepts of rocketry, including how rockets are launched, move through the atmosphere, and return to earth safely. Exploring the science behind rocket flight, kids learn how the forces of thrust, gravity, lift, and drag interact to determine a rocket’s path, then imagine new uses and technologies in rocketry that are being developed today and for the future. Combining hands-on activities with physics, chemistry, and mathematics, Rocketry brings fun to learning about the world of rocket science. Entertaining illustrations and fascinating sidebars illuminate the topic, while Words to Know highlighted and defined within the text reinforce new vocabulary. Projects include building a pneumatic blast rocket and launcher, testing a rocket recovery system, and designing a rocket model of the future. Additional materials include a glossary, and a list of current reference works, websites, and Internet resources. This title meets Common Core State Standards for literacy in science and technology; Guided Reading Levels and Lexile measurements indicate grade level and text complexity.

Handbook of model rocketry

Author: George Harry Stine

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780695806163

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

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Provides detailed instructions on how to build, launch, track, and recover a wide variety of model rockets.

Red Cosmos

K. E. Tsiolkovskii, Grandfather of Soviet Rocketry

Author: James T. Andrews

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603441681

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 147

View: 6099


Often called the grandfather of Russian rocketry, K. E. Tsiolkovskii first conceived of multi-stage rockets that would later be adapted as the basis of both the U.S. and Soviet rocket programs. Mining a myriad of Russian archives, Andrews produces a study of Soviet technological propaganda, local science education, public culture in the 1920s and 1930s, and the cultural ramifications of space flight.

When Sparks Fly

The True Story of Robert Goddard, the Father of US Rocketry

Author: Kristen Fulton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481460994

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 4907


Blast off with this bright, energetic nonfiction picture book from Kristen Fulton and Diego Funck all about Robert Goddard, the inventor of US rocket science! Robert Goddard may be known as the father of US rocketry, but back in the 1880s, he was just a kid in Worcester, Massachusetts. Even as a youngster, his eyes glimmered with scientific interest and the thrill of discovery. With BAMS! POPS! BANGS! he experimented time and time again with one mission: make his rockets fly! Join Kristen Fulton and Diego Funck as they take you on one explosive journey about a young kid who shot for the moon, never gave up, and let his creative sparks of curiosity burn bright.

Blast Off!

Rocketry for Elementary and Middle School Students

Author: Leona Brattland Nielsen,Lee Brattland Nielsen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1563084384

Category: Education

Page: 107

View: 1875


You'll launch excitement in the classroom with these fascinating facts and motivational activities based on rocketry. Blast Off! provides everything you need to create a thematic unit on rocketry - background information, explanations of scientific principles of rocket flight, scientific experiments for students, language activities, even a school assembly based on the science of rocketry. With a variety of projects that are easy to implement and will appeal to students, this book offers educators a complete teaching package. Grades 4-8.


Jets and Rockets; the Science of the Reaction Motor and Its Practical Application for Aircraft and Space Travel

Author: Constantin Paul Lent

Publisher: N.A


Category: Jet propulsion

Page: 254

View: 9250


Blazing the Trail

The Early History of Spacecraft and Rocketry

Author: Mike Gruntman

Publisher: AIAA

ISBN: 9781563477058

Category: Science

Page: 505

View: 7980


Winner of the Luigi Napolitano Award (2006) from the International Academy of Astronautics This book presents the fascinating story of the events that paved the way to space. It introduces the reader to the history of early rocketry and the subsequent developments that led into the space age. People of various nations and from various lands contributed to the breakthrough to space, and the book takes the reader to faraway places on five continents. It also includes many quotes to give readers a flavor of how the participants viewed the developments. Most publications on the topic either target narrow aspects of rocket history or are popular books that scratch the surface, with minimal and sometimes inaccurate technical details. This book bridges the gap. It contains numerous technical details usually unavailable in popular publications. The details are not overbearing and anyone interested in rocketry and space exploration will navigate through the book without difficulty. There are 340 figures and photographs, many appearing for the first time.

The Rocket Files: 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Rocketry

Author: Joseph Jimmerson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1257175270

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: N.A

View: 6198


Completely revised and updated version of the The Rocket Files by Joseph Jimmerson. This book is crucial for those starting out in rocketry as well as those making the transition into high-power and experimental rocketry. While continually drawing a link between hobby rockets and space launch vehicles, this book covers every aspect from propulsion and rocket design to payload sciences and ground support equipment. Twelve chapters chock full of over 200 images, advanced equations, detailed procedures, and expert advice from a rocket specialist guide prospective rocket scientists.

History of Rocketry and Astronautics

Proceedings of the Thirty-Fifth History Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics : Toulouse, France, 2001

Author: Christophe Rothmund

Publisher: Univelt


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 468

View: 7853


The Military Utility Of German Rocketry During World War II

Author: Major Kirk M. Kloeppel

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 1786250616

Category: History

Page: 42

View: 5523


The Tomahawk cruise missile, the conventional Air Launched Cruise missile, and the SCUD surface-to-surface missile each made an impact during the Gulf War. The cruise missiles were instrumental in incapacitating the Iraqi electrical network. The SCUD missile was not as successful, but did divert the coalition air campaign. Although never utilized, the sister of the SCUD missile, the intercontinental ballistic missile, was pivotal during the Cold War. Each of these weapons can trace their initiation to the development of the German V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket during World War II. The German weapons were not as successful as their antecedents. This paper will inspect the military utility of the weapons during World War II. Initially, the paper will define the actors behind the development, and describe the resulting weapons. Next, the essay will examine the strategy in weapon utilization. The paper will quantify the damage caused by both weapons. Then, the document will describe offensive and defensive countermeasures employed by the Allies. The question of the weapons’ military utility will be addressed. Finally, alternatives to the weapons development, production, and employment will be presented.

A Vertical Empire

History of the British Rocketry Programme

Author: C. N. Hill

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 1848167652

Category: Astronautics

Page: 388

View: 1425


A Vertical Empire provides a description of the British rocketry and space programme from the 1950s to 1970s, detailing the Medium Range Ballistic Missile Blue Streak and its conversion to a satellite launcher as part of the European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO). This extensively revised second edition includes material only made available in the past ten years and the text is supplemented by numerous photographs, sketches and statistics. The all-British satellite Black Arrow is described, as well as the research rocket Black Knight, the Blue Steel missile and the rocket powered interceptor aircraft.

The Death of Rocketry

Author: Joel Dickinson,Bob Cook


ISBN: 0988975203

Category: Space vehicles

Page: 98

View: 4785


The story of the first successful reactionless space drive and how it uncovered the greatest loophole in modern physics. Learn about Bob Cook, a legendary pioneer in the inertial propulsion field who invented and patented the Cook Coriolis (CC) drive and the Cook Inertial Propulsion (CIP) engine. This new 2012 edition updates the original 1980 publication, up to the current CID Engine Project of Bob's son, Rob, Jr. By Joel Dickinson with Bob Cook Updated and Edited by Rob Cook, Jr.

History of rocketry and astronautics

proceedings of the twenty-fourth Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics, Dresden, Germany, 1990

Author: J. D. Hunley,International Academy of Astronautics,American Astronautical Society

Publisher: Amer Astronautical Society


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 304

View: 2583