Rethinking Ancient Woodland

The Archaeology and History of Woods in Norfolk

Author: Gerry Barnes,Tom Williamson

Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press

ISBN: 1909291609

Category: History

Page: 288

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'Ancient woodland' is a term widely used in England for long-established semi-natural woods, shaped by centuries of traditional management. Such woods are often assumed to provide a direct link with the natural vegetation of England, as this existed before the virgin forests were fragmented by the arrival of farming. This groundbreaking study questions many of these assumptions. Drawing on more than a decade of research in Norfolk, the authors emphasize the essentially unnatural character of ancient woods.

World of the Small Farmer

Tenure, Profit and Politics in the Early-Modern Somerset Levels

Author: Patricia Croot

Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press

ISBN: 1909291919

Category: History

Page: 256

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This detailed and original study of early-modern agrarian society in the Somerset Levels examines the small landholders in a group of sixteen contiguous parishes in the area known as Brent Marsh. These were farmers with lifehold tenures and a mixed agricultural production whose activities and outlook are shown to be very different from that of the small 'peasant' farmers of so many general histories. Patricia Croot challenges the idea that small farmers failed to contribute to the productivity and commercialization of the early-modern economy. While the emergence of large capitalist farms was an important development, these added to the production of existing small cultivators, rather than replacing them. The idea that only large-scale, specialized farmers were involved in agricultural progress, or that their contribution alone was enough to account for the great increase in food production by the late 17th century is questioned; small farmers continued to make a living, contributed to the market, and survived alongside the new, bigger farms. Croot's in-depth study not only adds to our knowledge of agrarian society generally, but shows that far from being backward and interested primarily in subsistence farming, small producers in this area sought profit in making the best use of their resources, however limited, being flexible in their production and growing new or unusual crops. The main land tenures, copy and lease for lives, are also covered in detail, contributing to current debates on landholding and sub-tenancy. The author shows the uses to which lifehold tenures could be put, resulting in the increasing financial strength of copyholders and their dominance in local society. The effects of the tenure and profits of farming can be seen in the way that families were provided for, as well as in the roles that women played and the responsibility they had in economic and social life, while the wider interests of the inhabitants are shown in their religious and political engagement in events of the 17th century. Patricia Croot's meticulous study is a valuable contribution to English agrarian history, and in particular to the history of this under-researched region.

Basiswissen Archäologie

Theorien, Methoden, Praxis

Author: Colin Renfrew,Paul G. Bahn

Publisher: Philipp Von Zabern Verlag Gmbh

ISBN: 9783805339483

Category: History

Page: 304

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Mit mehr als 150.000 verkauften Exemplaren gilt der Band Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice im englischsprachigen Raum bereits jetzt als Standardwerk im Fach Archaologie. Diese jetzt erstmals auf Deutsch vorliegende sorgfaltig uberarbeitete und zum Teil vollig neu geschriebene Fassung ist eine ausserst gut lesbare Einfuhrung fur alle, die sich fur Archaologie interessieren und eine kompakte Darstellung der Methoden und Praxis archaologischer Arbeit suchen. Beruhmte Archaologen und Ausgrabungsstatten passieren Revue. Inhaltlich ist das Buch auf der Hohe der Forschung, auch die neuesten technischen Methoden und Technologien werden behandelt. (Philipp von Zabern 2009)

3300 BC

Mysteriöse Steinzeittote und ihre Welt

Author: Harald Meller

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783943904338

Category: Neolithic period

Page: 384

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Die Nacht der Jägerinnen


Author: Margaret Elphinstone

Publisher: Dumont Buchverlag

ISBN: 3832188347

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Zwischen dem Großmutterberg und dem offenen Meer, das die Welt umgibt, lebt Alaia mit ihrer Familie. Als ihr Bruder eines Tages nicht von der Jagd zurückkehrt, stürzt das die Familie in große Bedrängnis. Dieser Schicksalsschlag und der erfolgreiche Kampf der Familie ums Überleben werden zum Gründungsmythos des Alk-Clans, der noch Generationen später die Mitglieder zusammenschweißt. Ein außergewöhnlicher und fesselnder Roman, der in der Steinzeit spielt und zugleich als Parabel auf den Zustand unseres Planeten 8000 Jahre später gelesen werden kann.


fantastischer Roman

Author: Steph Swainston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442243648


Page: 474

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Hafen Im 1. Millennium Ad

Bauliche Konzepte, Herrschaftliche Und Religiose Einflusse

Author: Thomas Schmidts,Martin Vucetic

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783795430399


Page: 352

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English summary: The research program "Ports from the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages: On the Archeology and History of Regional and Interregional Systems of Transportation" (SPP 1630) is concerned with the various scholarly aspects of ports and havens as interfaces between water and land transportation routes. German description: Das Schwerpunktprogramm 'Hafen von der Romischen Kaiserzeit bis zum Mittelalter - Zur Archaologie und Geschichte regionaler und uberregionaler Verkehrssysteme' (SPP 1630) widmet sich unter verschiedensten Aspekten der Erforschung von Hafen als Schnittstellen zwischen Wasser- und Landweg.