Into the Wasteland: A Zombie Novel

Author: Michael J. Totten

Publisher: Belmont Estate Books



Page: 504

View: 8373


In the sequel to Resurrection, as Parker, Annie, Kyle and Hughes begin their journey across a shattered and empty continent, Parker spins into a psychological abyss of post-traumatic stress, and the feud between him and Kyle hurtles toward a dangerous tipping point. They find a small seemingly friendly city near Wyoming's Wind River Mountains, so isolated that it survived the plague nearly intact. But all is not as it seems, and when residents of the town discover Annie's secret at the same time the infected reappear with a terrifying ferocity, the fate of all survivors--the entire human race--hangs in the balance. "Riveting! Nail biting! A couldn't-put-down read that kept this Walking Dead fan on the edge of her seat." - Annie Reed, author of The Patient Z Files Critical praise for Resurrection: A Zombie Novel "For fans of World War Z and The Walking Dead, Michael J. Totten's Resurrection is the novel you've been waiting for." - Scott William Carter, author of Ghost Detective "Resurrection dragged me in from the first page, with fast-paced, suspense-filled action and multi-layered and totally believable characters. Painting a vivid and gritty picture of a post-apocalyptic Northwest, Totten puts us into the minds and emotional struggles of a group of mismatched survivors forced to band together for protection even when they're on the verge or ripping each other apart. He also wrote one of the scariest passages I've read in any horror or suspense be warned if you're afraid of the dark, or water, or both." - JC Andrijeski, author of Rook

The War On Horror: Tales From A Post-Zombie Society

Author: Nathan Allen

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3739656670

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1813


What happens when the zombie apocalypse turns out to be a zombie aberration? Three years have passed since the rising of the undead, and life has more or less returned to normal. Zombie encounters are now few and far between. The undead are more of a nuisance than a menace; they are less likely to sink their teeth into unsuspecting civilians than they are to be attacked by vigilantes and rabid lynch mobs. Laws have been passed for the zombies’ own protection, and they are safely and humanely quarantined from society. Dead Rite, an undead management and control firm, suddenly finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy. The zombie population is dwindling and the bills are piling up. So when a lucrative opportunity unexpectedly presents itself, it seems almost too good to be true. A tale of misfits, weirdos, outcasts, alcoholics, trust fund activists, dead-head hippies, sleazy politicians and psychotic hillbillies; all foot soldiers fighting in the war on horror.

Resurrection Planet

Author: Lucas Cole

Publisher: Howard F. Clarke

ISBN: 1440486344

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 8593


Monsters can come in various forms...On the remote desert planet Sybaris, a research station is under constant siege by savage packs of living corpses known as "deadheads." To make the situation even more hellish, the terrified survivors are under the iron rule of the station manager, a man becoming increasingly psychotic.Newly assigned to Sybaris is Ronald Crisp, a former Marine logistics officer who specializes in quick-and-dirty solutions to impossible scenarios. Crisp finds himself stranded outside the station by its unstable station manager and has to face the diseased army of ravenous zombies. But Crisp has no peer when it comes to survival, ambition, and the ability to use others to his matter who gets hurt.

Dead World Resurrection

The Collected Zombie Short Stories of Joe Mckinney

Author: Joe McKinney

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781940161723

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 9131


A decade ago, if you'd walked into a bookstore looking for a zombie novel, you would have found only two: Brian Keene's The Rising and Joe McKinney's Dead City. Long recognized as one of the driving voices that launched the world's fascination with the living dead, Joe McKinney's Dead World novels have emerged as seminal works in the Horror genre. Now, collected for the first time in Dead World Resurrection, are all of Joe McKinney's zombie short stories. Here you'll not only find tales that provide invaluable links between the various Dead World novels, such as "Ethical Solution," "Dating in Dead World," and the award-winning story "Survivors," but also nightmare glimpses into other post-apocalyptic worlds told in the inimitable Joe McKinney fashion. From the bleak political satire of "State of the Union" to the historical vignettes of "Starvation Army" and "Paradise of the Living Dead," this collection features the full range of McKinney's horrific mastery of the living dead. The zombie has grown up since Joe McKinney first penned Dead City, yet he has continued to stand out among the throng of voices telling tales of the undead. Dead World Resurrection shows why.

Resurrection Dreams

Author: Richard Laymon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755391616

Category: Fiction

Page: 298

View: 7894


'If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat' Stephen King Melvin always was a creepy kid. Vicki still has nightmares about what he did with the dead body and the car battery. Now, years later, he's been released from the institution and Vicki knows she'll be seeing him again. But Melvin's been developing his work with the dead and this time his plans include her.

Resurrection Express

Author: Stephen Romano

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451668651

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 4703


Imprisoned after a job gone bad and tormented by the death of his wife, high-tech thief Elroy Coffin is tantalized with proof that his wife may still be alive and offered his freedom in exchange for a seemingly straightforward job.

Pet Sematary

A Novel

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501156705

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 8260


"Newly introduced by the author"--Cover.

Demon Ember

Author: M. J. Haag,Becca Vincenza

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781544822204


Page: 226

View: 7209


Mya's world is falling apart. After a series of earthquakes, deadly animals with glowing red eyes begin attacking people and start the spread of a zombie-like plague. Safety is just a memory as she tries to make her way home. When a different creature attacks the people helping her reach Oklahoma City, Mya is sure she'll never see the light of another day. Despite his eerie green eyes and very sharp teeth, the grey-skinned creature is more intelligent and humanlike than he first appears. He's determined to keep Mya by his side and protect her from the new world's dangers. When his path starts taking her further away from home, she must choose between safety and her family. **Recommended for adult readers ***Part 1 of 3

Zombies in Western Culture

A Twenty-First Century Crisis

Author: John Vervaeke,Christopher Mastropietro,Filip Miscevic

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 178374331X

Category: Social Science

Page: 104

View: 9897


Why has the zombie become such a pervasive figure in twenty-first-century popular culture? John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro and Filip Miscevic seek to answer this question by arguing that particular aspects of the zombie, common to a variety of media forms, reflect a crisis in modern Western culture. The authors examine the essential features of the zombie, including mindlessness, ugliness and homelessness, and argue that these reflect the outlook of the contemporary West and its attendant zeitgeists of anxiety, alienation, disconnection and disenfranchisement. They trace the relationship between zombies and the theme of secular apocalypse, demonstrating that the zombie draws its power from being a perversion of the Christian mythos of death and resurrection. Symbolic of a lost Christian worldview, the zombie represents a world that can no longer explain itself, nor provide us with instructions for how to live within it. The concept of 'domicide' or the destruction of home is developed to describe the modern crisis of meaning that the zombie both represents and reflects. This is illustrated using case studies including the relocation of the Anishinaabe of the Grassy Narrows First Nation, and the upheaval of population displacement in the Hellenistic period. Finally, the authors invoke and reformulate symbols of the four horseman of the apocalypse as rhetorical analogues to frame those aspects of contemporary collapse that elucidate the horror of the zombie. Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis is required reading for anyone interested in the phenomenon of zombies in contemporary culture. It will also be of interest to an interdisciplinary audience including students and scholars of culture studies, semiotics, philosophy, religious studies, eschatology, anthropology, Jungian studies, and sociology.

Invasion of the Dead

Preaching Resurrection

Author: Brian K. Blount

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664239412

Category: Religion

Page: 156

View: 8433


Our world and our churches are neither sinful nor lost, they are dead. This dead world is the one that God engages and into which Jesus invaded with a radically different vision of life. In this groundbreaking work, based on his 2011 Yale Beecher lectures, Brian K. Blount helps preachers effectively proclaim resurrection in a world consumed by death. Recognizing that both popular culture and popular Christianity are mesmerized by death and dying, Blount offers an alternative apocalyptic vision for our time—one that starts with a clear vision of life that obliterates death and reveals life’s essence. Blount explores the portrait and meaning of resurrection through the New Testament (the Book of Revelation, the letters of Paul, and the Gospel of Mark) and explores how to biblically and theologically reconfigure apocalyptic preaching for today. With three illustrative sermons, this book is an ideal resource to help preachers proclaim the power of resurrection.

Zombie, Ohio

A Tale of the Undead

Author: Scott Kenemore

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1626366675

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 4664


When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak, he is reborn as a highly intelligent (yet somewhat amnesiac) member of the living dead. With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life, Peter quickly learns that being a zombie isn’t all fun and brains. Humans—unsympathetic, generally, to his new proclivities—try to kill him at nearly every opportunity. His old friends are loath to associate with him. And he finds himself inconveniently addicted to the gooey stuff inside of people’s heads. As if all this weren’t bad enough, Peter soon learns that his automobile accident was no accident at all. Faced with the harrowing mystery of his death, Peter resolves to use his strange zombie “afterlife” to solve his own murder. Skillfully combining the genres of horror, humor, and film noir, Zombie, Ohio weaves an enthralling and innovative tale that any fan of the current zombie craze is sure to relish. Followers of detective and horror fiction alike will find something to love about Zombie, Ohio—a tale of murder, mystery, and the walking dead.

Half-Resurrection Blues

A Bone Street Rumba Novel

Author: Daniel José Older

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698166795

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 997


FIRST IN A BRAND NEW URBAN FANTASY SERIES “Because I’m an inbetweener—and the only one anyone knows of at that—the dead turn to me when something is askew between them and the living. Usually, it’s something mundane like a suicide gone wrong or someone revived that shouldn’ta been.” Carlos Delacruz is one of the New York Council of the Dead’s most unusual agents—an inbetweener, partially resurrected from a death he barely recalls suffering, after a life that’s missing from his memory. He thinks he is one of a kind—until he encounters other entities walking the fine line between life and death. One inbetweener is a sorcerer. He’s summoned a horde of implike ngks capable of eliminating spirits, and they’re spreading through the city like a plague. They’ve already taken out some of NYCOD’s finest, leaving Carlos desperate to stop their master before he opens up the entrada to the Underworld—which would destroy the balance between the living and the dead. But in uncovering this man’s identity, Carlos confronts the truth of his own life—and death.…

Sea Sick

Author: Iain Rob Wright

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781479224258

Category: Fiction

Page: 218

View: 7490


-- 2015 Edition -- From bestselling author, Iain Rob Wright -- Suspense novel of 65,000 words Iain Rob Wright blows me away." J A Konrath, author of Origins and Afraid. It was supposed to be relaxing... Police Officer Jack Wardsley's life ended the moment his partner died, stabbed to death by a deranged criminal. Now, years later, Jack is a changed man. His recent record of police brutality and a reputation for not following the rules has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: take a few weeks off, relax, and find some way to let go of all the anger - or find another job. That's why Jack is about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation and fun. Pretty soon, however, Jack realises that a little R&R is the last thing he's going to get. There's a virus onboard, making people insane and it won't be long before the entire ship is overrun with blood and death. There is nowhere to escape. But just when Jack thinks his number is up, he wakes up in bed. It's the same day as before, but will this time be different, or is the virus fated to escape again and kill all those aboard? It won't be long before Jack realises there are others onboard just like him - and that some of them know more than they're letting on. Welcome aboard... "Iain Rob Wright has written a novel unlike anything else. A story that is equal parts Dawn of the Dead and Groundhog Day. An unforgettable classic." PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR "Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me." - J A Konrath, author of the Jack Kilborn horror books "Cuddle up to this novel and it might rip your throat out. A fun, thrilling read!" David T. Wilbanks - Co-author of Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road "One of the BEST horror books I have read in YEARS!" - Eric S. Brown, author of Last Stand in a Dead Land "Wright has achieved a hell of a lot with this novel, pulling together an enjoyable and quite light-hearted apocalyptic romp" - DREADLOCKSMILE "I found myself identifying with and rooting for some of the characters while being disgusted by others. I'd definitely look up Iain Rob Wright's other works" "Iain Rob Wright brings true excitement to the horror genre, with wholly original stories and characters to route for." - Ryan C Thomas, author of Hissers, Rating's Game, and Origin of Pain

Resurrection X

Author: Dane Hatchell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781925342192


Page: 284

View: 9654


Genetic warfare ends the zombie apocalypse, rendering the undead into robotic slaves, and forced into rebuilding a world nearly destroyed. A lab experiment gone awry turns Lisa Goudard into a zombie-human hybrid with the key to immortality flowing in her blood. The forces responsible for Lisa's infection are set to change the course of mankind's future, but the zombies must be eliminated first. Though programmed to serve mankind, the zombies harbor the will to survive. The taste of flesh and blood is still a recent memory, and a slow burning hunger intensifies. The Living and undead intertwine in a bitter tale of coercion, lust, and exploitation, leading to a final conflict that will decide humanity's fate.

Resurrection Bay

Author: Neal Shusterman

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062295160

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 32

View: 621


From New York Times bestselling author Neal Shusterman comes a thrilling, spine-tingling 32-page original short story that's perfect for fans of Unwind and UnWholly. Bones. They know the call of the ice. Anika knows the call of the ice, too. Living in an isolated port town in Alaska with her father and younger brother, Anika is practically steps away from the Harding Icefield, and Exit Glacier has always been her favorite place.But after a couple tragically dies there, Exit Glacier seems to come alive and begins moving toward the town with unnatural speed. Anika feels deep in her bones that the ice wants something. . . . After the glacier finally stops in the town's cemetery, Anika and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Rav, face a sinister truth: The soul of the glacier is looking for bodies to inhabit . . . and where better to find them than the graveyard? This fast-paced, eerie short story is a deft blend of suspense and horror that will leave readers breathless . . . and chilled to the bone. Epic Reads Impulse is a digital imprint with new releases each month.

The Zombie Gospel

The Walking Dead and What it Means to Be Human

Author: Danielle J. Strickland

Publisher: IVP Books

ISBN: 9780830843893

Category: Religion

Page: 112

View: 9363


What can zombies teach us about the gospel? The hit show The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mindless zombies. The characters have one goal: survive at all costs. At first glance there doesn't seem to be much the show can teach us about God or ourselves. Or is there? Author and speaker Danielle Strickland didn't expect to be drawn to a show about zombies, but she was surprised by the spiritual themes the show considers. In The Zombie Gospel she explores the ways that The Walking Dead can help us think about survival, community, consumerism, social justice, and the resurrection life of Jesus. After all, in the gospel God raises up a new humanity—a humanity resuscitated and reanimated by the new life of the Holy Spirit. Fans of the show will resonate with the book's exploration of spiritual themes, and can follow along with the episode discussion guide included within. And even if you haven't yet encountered The Walking Dead, you may be surprised to find another, greater story within the show's story.