Real Estate Math Express

Rapid Review and Practice with Essential License Exam Calculations

Author: Stephen Mettling,David Cusic,Ryan Mettling

Publisher: Performance Programs Company

ISBN: 0915777118

Category: Mathematics

Page: 75

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Real Estate Math Express is a concise, easy-to-study test preparation guide to help real estate students improve their real estate math scores to pass the state licensing test. The primary feature of Real Estate Math Express is that it contains all necessary formulas and practice questions in 70+ pages. This enables you to truly cram for the math portion of your state’s licensure test, memorize key formulas, and walk into the exam site having all the essential material in your short-term memory! So, if you want a truly rapid review resource, Real Estate Math Express is for you. No frills, no lengthy explanations…..just key formulas, definitions, corresponding examples and practice questions. Real Estate Math Express can be broken down into 3 major parts: Math Formulary Math Questions Answer Key The math formulary is the section that introduces each major real estate math topic and its corresponding formula(s). Real Estate Math Express covers numerous topics ranging from basic math to capitalization rates to prorations and finally to closing cost calculations. Once the math formulas have been mastered, there are over 110 sample questions for you to practice with. Each question has both an answer and an explanation of the correct answer at the end of the book. For additional real estate licensing materials, please check out our Principles of Real Estate Practice and Real Estate License Exam Prep (RELEP) Series.

Principles of Real Estate Practice in Arkansas

Author: Stephen Mettling,David Cusic,Ryan Mettling

Publisher: Performance Programs Company

ISBN: 0915777266


Page: 570

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Principles of Real Estate Practice in Arkansas contains the essentials of the national and Arkansas real estate law, principles, and practices necessary for basic competence as a real estate professional and as mandated by Arkansas license law. It is based on our highly successful and popular national publication, Principles of Real Estate Practice, which is in use in real estate schools nationwide.The text is tailored to the needs of the pre-license student. It is designed to - make it easy for students to learn the material and pass their real estate exam - prepare students for numerous career applications - stress practical, rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge. Principles of Real Estate Practice in Arkansas is streamlined, direct and to-the-point. It includes multiple learning reinforcements. It has a student-oriented organization, both within each chapter and from chapter to chapter. Its examples and exercises are grounded in the authors’ many years in real estate education. Table of Contents Principles of Real Estate Practice in Arkansas The Real Estate Business Rights in Real Estate Interests and Estates Ownership Encumbrances and Liens Transferring and Recording Title to Real Estate Real Estate Leases Land Use Planning and Control Legal Descriptions Real Estate Contract Law Agency Listing Agreements The Brokerage Business Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate Real Estate Market Economics Appraising and Estimating Market Value Real Estate Finance Real Estate Investment Real Estate Taxation Ethics: Laws and Practices Closings Real Estate Licensing and Regulation Risk Management Property Management The Arkansas Regulatory Environment Arkansas Licensing Regulation Regulation of Arkansas Licensees and Practice Arkansas Brokerage Relationships and Disclosures Arkansas License Law Enforcement Other Arkansas Laws Affecting Practice Real Estate Mathematics and Formulas Glossary of Residential Style and Construction Terms Glossary of General Real Estate Terms Index

Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep

All-in-One Review and Testing to Pass Masschusetts' PSI Real Estate Exam

Author: Stephen Mettling,David Cusic,Ryan Mettling

Publisher: Performance Programs Company

ISBN: 0915777193

Category: Law

Page: 273

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Features of Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep (MA-RELEP): National Principles & Law Key Point Review (45 pages) Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (20 pages) Massachusetts-Specific Laws and Practices (35 pages) National Practice Tests (500 questions) Massachusetts Practice Tests (100 questions) Massachusetts Sample Exam (100 questions) We know the real estate licensing exam can be tough, and very nerve-wracking to prepare for. That’s why we created Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep (MA-RELEP) the way we did. Since we have been managing real estate schools and developing curriculum for forty years, we know how all this works – or fails to work. MA-RELEP is comprehensive in that it contains both key content review and testing practice. And the text review is Massachusetts-specific – not just simplistic national content, but terse, relevant and accurate Massachusetts laws and regulations presented as a well-organized set of state ‘key point reviews’ ideal for pre-test memorization. But let’s not dismiss the importance of the national content either. MA-RELEP’s national key point reviews are a succinct compression of tested national principles and practices that comprise the national portion of state license exams from coast to coast. Our content is drawn from our own national textbook, Principles of Real Estate Practice – one of the most widely used principles textbooks in the country. Finally, our national content, as well as our question selection, is further tailored to the state testing outline promulgated by PSI for Massachusetts. Thus the breadth and depth of the law reviews and test questions reflect the topic emphasis of your state’s testing service and your Massachusetts license exam. A word about the test questions… MA-RELEP’s testing practice section consists of ten national practice tests, Eight state practice tests, and one state exam sample test. The practice tests are roughly 50 questions in length and the sample test is 100 questions. The test questions are designed to cover the content covered by the law reviews – which reinforces your learning of the total body of information tested by your state exam. The questions are direct, to the point, and designed to test your understanding. When you have completed a given test, you can check your answers against the answer key in the appendix. You may also note that each question’s answer is accompanied by a brief explanation, or “rationale” to further reinforce your understanding. In the end, as you know, it’s all up to you. Unlike other publications, we are not going to tell you that using this book will guarantee that you pass your state exam. It still takes hard work and study to pass. But we have done our best here to get you ready. Following that, the most we can do is wish you the best of success in taking and passing your Massachusetts real estate exam. So good luck!! For Massachusetts students looking for a Massachusetts textbook to complement Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep, we have Principles of Real Estate Practice in Massachusetts.

Real Estate Math

Explanations, Problems, Solutions

Author: George Gaines,David S. Coleman,Linda L. Crawford

Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate

ISBN: 9780793116348

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 141

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Understanding real estate transactions is essential to passing the real estate exam and being a successful agent. Real Estate Math: Explanations, Problems, Solutions, 5th Edition, will guide you step-by-step through every type of math problem you will encounter in your new career. * Each chapter is organized in sections for easy reference and self-paced learning. * Every question and example is worked out completely, step-by-step, so you're never confused about how to solve a problem. * Basic calculator keystrokes are included with examples so you can learn how to solve problems more quickly and easily with the help of a calculator. * The pretest and two posttests include solutions and are directly referenced to the exact chapter section where the material is found. You can see immediately by the problems you miss which sections need more review so you can save study time.

California Real Estate Sales Exam

Author: Learning Express LLC,LearningExpress Staff

Publisher: Learning Express Llc

ISBN: 9781576852088

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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The California Real Estate Sales Exam is not easy. You must pass Real Property, Tax Implications, Valuation/Appraisal, Finance, Transfer of Property, and more, just to be licensed. You will also need to hone your math skills to pass this exam and get your license. Be prepared with California Real Estate Sales Exam: The Complete Preparation Guide. It has everything you need to pass the exam the first time

Texas Real Estate Sales Exam

Author: N.A

Publisher: Learning Express Llc

ISBN: 9781576851531

Category: Study Aids

Page: 256

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In order to become a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Texas, candidates must pass the Texas Real Estate Sales Exam. This exam assesses knowledge and application of national and Texas real estate laws and practices. Designed to help candidates who need to prepare for this specific state exam, this study aid includes 4 complete practice exams, a real estate refresher course, a real estate math review, a real estate glossary, as well as a free CD-ROM, all aligned to Texas standards.



Author: Dan Brown


ISBN: 3732542211

Category: Fiction

Page: 668

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ILLUMINATI, SAKRILEG, DAS VERLORENE SYMBOL und INFERNO - vier Welterfolge, die mit ORIGIN ihre spektakuläre Fortsetzung finden. Die Wege zur Erlösung sind zahlreich. Verzeihen ist nicht der einzige. Als der Milliardär und Zukunftsforscher Edmond Kirsch drei der bedeutendsten Religionsvertreter der Welt um ein Treffen bittet, sind die Kirchenmänner zunächst skeptisch. Was will ihnen der bekennende Atheist mitteilen? Was verbirgt sich hinter seiner "bahnbrechenden Entdeckung", das Relevanz für Millionen Gläubige auf diesem Planeten haben könnte? Nachdem die Geistlichen Kirschs Präsentation gesehen haben, verwandelt sich ihre Skepsis in blankes Entsetzen. Die Furcht vor Kirschs Entdeckung ist begründet. Und sie ruft Gegner auf den Plan, denen jedes Mittel recht ist, ihre Bekanntmachung zu verhindern. Doch es gibt jemanden, der unter Einsatz des eigenen Lebens bereit ist, das Geheimnis zu lüften und der Welt die Augen zu öffnen: Robert Langdon, Symbolforscher aus Harvard, Lehrer Edmond Kirschs und stets im Zentrum der größten Verschwörungen. Jetzt das eBook herunterladen und in wenigen Sekunden loslesen!

Real Estate Math Made Easy

A Step-by-step Self-instructional Approach

Author: Nicholas Ordway,Kathy Ordway,Dennis S. Tosh

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 331

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Wie Bildung mir die Welt erschloss

Author: Tara Westover

Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch

ISBN: 3462316680

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 2341


Von den Bergen Idahos nach Cambridge – der unwahrscheinliche »Bildungsweg« der Tara Westover. Tara Westover ist 17 Jahre alt, als sie zum ersten Mal eine Schulklasse betritt. Zehn Jahre später kann sie eine beeindruckende akademische Laufbahn vorweisen. Aufgewachsen im ländlichen Amerika, befreit sie sich aus einer ärmlichen, archaischen und von Paranoia und Gewalt geprägten Welt durch – Bildung, durch die Aneignung von Wissen, das ihr so lange vorenthalten worden war. Die Berge Idahos sind Taras Heimat, sie lebt als Kind im Einklang mit der grandiosen Natur, mit dem Wechsel der Jahreszeiten – und mit den Gesetzen, die ihr Vater aufstellt. Er ist ein fundamentalistischer Mormone, vom baldigen Ende der Welt überzeugt und voller Misstrauen gegenüber dem Staat, von dem er sich verfolgt sieht. Tara und ihre Geschwister gehen nicht zur Schule, sie haben keine Geburtsurkunden, und ein Arzt wird selbst bei fürchterlichsten Verletzungen nicht gerufen. Und die kommen häufig vor, denn die Kinder müssen bei der schweren Arbeit auf Vaters Schrottplatz helfen, um über die Runden zu kommen. Taras Mutter, die einzige Hebamme in der Gegend, heilt die Wunden mit ihren Kräutern. Nichts ist dieser Welt ferner als Bildung. Und doch findet Tara die Kraft, sich auf die Aufnahmeprüfung fürs College vorzubereiten, auch wenn sie quasi bei null anfangen muss ... Wie Tara Westover sich aus dieser Welt befreit, überhaupt erst einmal ein Bewusstsein von sich selbst entwickelt, um den schmerzhaften Abnabelungsprozess von ihrer Familie bewältigen zu können, das beschreibt sie in diesem ergreifenden und wunderbar poetischen Buch. » Befreit wirft ein Licht auf einen Teil unseres Landes, den wir zu oft übersehen. Tara Westovers eindringliche Erzählung — davon, einen Platz für sich selbst in der Welt zu finden, ohne die Verbindung zu ihrer Familie und ihrer geliebten Heimat zu verlieren — verdient es, weithin gelesen zu werden.« J.D. Vance Autor der »Hillbilly-Elegie«

Florida Real Estate Sales Exam

Author: Hank Sorensen,Daniel J. Taddeo

Publisher: Learning Express Llc

ISBN: 9781576854990

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 234

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GED Test Prep is a comprehensive guide to excelling on the GED, with complete sections for all five test areas---writing, reading, social studies, science, and math---as well as guidance on new topics, such as space study, business documents, and number grids. This guide also provides a diagnostic exam, two full practice exams, and a complete online test for each subject area.

Mastering real estate mathematics

a self-instructional text

Author: William L. Ventolo

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing

ISBN: 9780884628132

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 377

View: 9396


Contents: Percentages, Fractions and Decimals; Commissions; Sale Price, List Price and Net Income; Area and Volume; Appraisal; Finance; Taxes; Legal Descriptions; Proration; Closing; Time Value of Money; Includes Answer Key. Examples and exercises take readers step-by-step from simple to complex calculations.

Opportunities in Real Estate Careers

Author: Mariwyn Evans

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071387156

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 5626


Examines the real estate job market, including the industry as a whole, preparation guidelines for the field, and the duties of a real estate agent.

AdWords für Dummies

Author: Howard Jacobson,Howie Jacobson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9783527704446

Category: Google

Page: 394

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Das Internet bietet ungeahnte Werbemöglichkeiten für Unternehmen. Aber man muss sie auch zu nutzen wissen. Google AdWords ist ein cleveres Onlinemarketing-Tool, mit dem Sie Ihre Website für noch mehr Kunden attraktiv machen können. Der Onlinemarketing-Spezialist Howard Jacobson zeigt Ihnen von der Anmeldung über die Ausarbeitung einer Marketingstrategie bis hin zur ihrer Perfektionierung, wie Sie Google AdWords professionell nutzen und gewinnbringend einsetzen. Sie erfahren, wie Sie die richtigen Suchbegriffe auswählen, um Kunden anzulocken, wie Sie Ihren Markt erforschen, eine Direktmarketing-Strategie entwickeln und den Erfolg Ihrer Anzeigen analysieren und optimieren. Starten Sie durch mit 25 Euro Startguthaben - So wird Ihr Internetauftritt ein Erfolg!

Connecticut Real Estate Sales Exam

Author: Learning Express

Publisher: Learning Express Llc

ISBN: 9781576855799

Category: Study Aids

Page: 229

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To become a licensed real estate salesperson in Connecticut, it is necessary to pass the Connecticut Real Estate Sales Exam. This one-stop guide includes four full-length practice tests, updated to the standards for the new online test specs. In addition, it contains a Connecticut state real estate refresher course that reflects all recent changes to laws and policies; study tips from the Learning Express Test-Prep System and Real Estate Essentials; a glossary of terms; math review; complete answer explanations to reinforce learning; and certification information.

Guide to Passing the P. S. I. Real Estate Exam

Author: Lawrence Sager

Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate Education Company

ISBN: 9780793122530


Page: 256

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Pass your licensing exam the first time with Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam! The only self-study guide designed specifically to help you meet the challenges of the PSI real estate exam.