Pursuits of Happiness

The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage

Author: Stanley Cavell

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674739062

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 283

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Looks at seven classic romantic comedies of the thirties and forties, and compares what each film expresses about marriage, interdependence, equality, and sexual roles

Späte Stummfilme.

Ästhetische Innovation im Kino 1924–1930

Author: Heinz-Peter Preußer

Publisher: Schüren Verlag

ISBN: 3741000833

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 400

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In nur zwanzig Jahren, von seiner Einführung durch die Brüder Skladanowsky und die Brüder Lumière 1895 bis zu David Wark Griffithʼ The Birth of a Nation 1915, hat der Film seine Sprache gefunden und etabliert. Mit dem Akzent auf den letzten Jahren des Stummfilms gehen wir noch einmal rund 10 Jahre voran und fragen, welche wegweisenden ästhetischen Innovationen sich finden lassen, die insbesondere den artifiziellen Charakter des Films, zum Teil bis heute, ausmachen – und in welchen Kontexten diese entstanden sind. 1924 war Friedrich Wilhelm Murnaus Film Der letzte Mann bahnbrechend für die entfesselte Kamera (Karl Freund). Nur drei Jahre später tönt schon der Jazz Singer von der Leinwand. Und weitere drei Jahre darauf, 1930, erlebt der letzte reine Stummfilm seine Uraufführung, Menschen am Sonntag. Diese sieben Jahre also, von 1924 bis 1930, sind der filmhistorische Fokus, in dem die Formkategorien des Films, sein ästhetisches Material, in fast revolutionärer Geschwindigkeit auf ein neues, danach lange nicht mehr gesehenes Niveau gehoben werden. Es scheint, als übe der bevorstehende Medienumbruch hin zum Tonfilm einen Formierungsdruck noch auf den stummen Film in seiner Spätphase aus. Inhäriert dem ästhetischen Material eine je eigene Logizität der Formentwicklung? Ergeben sich die Innovation eher zufällig? Werden sie durch die konkreten Anforderungen des einzelnen Films je neu gefunden? Wie gestaltet sich das Verhältnis von faktualen und fiktionalen Filmen? Welche Teilbereiche zeichnen sich besonders aus: Kamera, Schnitt und Montage, Schauspielerführung, dramaturgisches Konzept, narrative Fokalisierung, Raum- und Lichtgestaltung sowie Mise-en-scène insgesamt, Projektionsformate, Farbeinsatz, Verhältnis von Schrift und Bild, Musikkomposition etc. Eine Sonderrolle nimmt der (nur partiell narrative) Avantgardefilm ein. Die Beiträge fokussieren in der Regel je einen Film aus dem Zeitraum, stellen ihn in den geschichtlichen, kulturellen, politischen und vor allem formalästhetischen Kontext seiner Entstehung – und ziehen erläuternd andere Werke des untersuchten Regisseurs oder verfahrenstechnisch verwandter Filme heran. So entsteht ein Panoptikum der ästhetischen Innovation im späten Stummfilm an seinen ausgesuchten und herausragenden Artefakten. Beiträge von Heinz-Peter Preußer (Bielefeld), Meinolf Schumacher (Bielefeld), Norbert M. Schmitz (Kiel), Matthis Kepser (Bremen), Irmbert Schenk (Bremen), Joachim Michael (Bielefeld), Karl Prümm (Marburg), Torsten Voß (Bielefeld), Judith Ellenbürger (Marburg), Helmut G. Asper (Bielefeld), Claudia Liebrand (Köln), Nathalie Mälzer (Hildesheim, Julian Hanich (Groningen, NL)

Hollywood Reloaded

Genrewandel und Medienerfahrung nach der Jahrtausendwende

Author: Oliver Schmidt,Jennifer Henke,Magdalena Krakowski,Benjamin Moldenhauer

Publisher: Schüren Verlag

ISBN: 3741000299

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 236

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Hollywoods Genrefilme erzählen ihre Geschichten vor dem jeweiligen kulturellen, sozialen und politischen Hintergrund ihrer Zeit und werden als eine Form kollektiver (Medien-)Erfahrung zum Spiegel der Gesellschaft. Der Band beschäftigt sich mit den Transformationen und Hybridbildungen, die der Genrefilm seit 2000 hervorgebracht hat. Mit Beiträgen von Sarah-Mai Dang, Ralf Michael Fischer, Daniel Illger, Katja Hettich, Rayd Khouloki, Markus Kuhn, Michael Lück, Benjamin Moldenhauer, Sarah Schaschek, Oliver Schmidt und Wieland Schwanebeck.

Celebrity Morals and the Loss of Religious Authority

Author: John Portmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000011615

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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This book examines American popular culture to demonstrate that celebrities have superseded religious figures as moral authorities. As trust in religious institutions has waned over recent decades, the once frivolous entertainment fringe has become the moral center. Young people and voters increasingly take cues from actors and athletes. The book begins by offering a definition of celebrity and showing that the profile of celebrities has changed dramatically, particularly since the 1960s. They can now chart their own careers, manage their own personal lives and weigh in on pressing moral issues in a manner that hasn’t always been the case. This can be to the good, it is argued, for some counterintuitive reasons. Very few stars pretend to be moral exemplars, unlike the frequently hypocritical elites they have replaced. Others, however, are seemingly poorly qualified to speak on complex moral issues. In the end, it also turns out that who tells us how to feel about any moral issue counts at least as much as what they tell us. This is a fresh look at the impact of celebrity culture on contemporary morality and religious authority. As such, it will be of great use to academics working in religious studies and ethics, as well as popular culture and media studies.

Unruly Media

YouTube, Music Video, and the New Digital Cinema

Author: Carol Vernallis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190240733

Category: Music

Page: 368

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Unruly Media argues that we are the crest of a new international style in which sonic and visual parameters become heightened and accelerated. This audiovisual turn calls for new forms of attention. Post-classical cinema, with its multi-plot narratives and flashy style, fragments under the influence of audiovisual numbers and music-video-like sync. Music video becomes more than a way of selling songs. YouTube's brief, low-res clips encompass many forms and foreground reiteration, graphic values and affective intensity. These three media are riven by one another: a trajectory from YouTube through music video to the new digital cinema reveals commonalities, especially in the realms of rhythm, texture and form. This is the first book to account for the current audiovisual landscape across medium and platform, and it demonstrates that attending equally to soundtrack and image reveals how these media work and how they both mirror and shape our experience.

Filming the Gods

Religion and Indian Cinema

Author: Rachel Dwyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134380704

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Filming the Gods examines the role and depiction of religion in Indian cinema, showing that the relationship between the modern and the traditional in contemporary India is not exotic, but part of everyday life. Concentrating mainly on the Hindi cinema of Mumbai, Bollywood, it also discusses India's other cinemas. Rachel Dwyer's lively discussion encompasses the mythological genre which continues India's long tradition of retelling Hindu myths and legends, drawing on sources such as the national epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana; the devotional genre, which flourished at the height of the nationalist movement in the 1930s and 40s; and the films made in Bombay that depict India's Islamicate culture, including the historical, the courtesan film and the 'Muslim social' genre. Filming the Gods also examines the presence of the religious across other genres and how cinema represents religious communities and their beliefs and practices. It draws on interviews with film stars, directors and producers as well as popular fiction, fan magazines and the films themselves. As a result, Filming the Gods is a both a guide to the study of film in religious culture as well as a historical overview of Indian religious film.

Building Interactive Worlds in 3D

Virtual Sets and Pre-visualization for Games, Film & the Web

Author: Jean-Marc Gauthier

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136143971

Category: Art

Page: 448

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In Building Interactive Worlds in 3D readers will find turnkey tutorials that detail all the steps required to build simulations and interactions, utilize virtual cameras, virtual actors (with self-determined behaviors), and real-time physics including gravity, collision, and topography. With the free software demos included, 3D artists and developers can learn to build a fully functioning prototype. The book is dynamic enough to give both those with a programming background as well as those who are just getting their feet wet challenging and engaging tutorials in virtual set design, using Virtools. Other software discussed is: Lightwave, and Maya. The book is constructed so that, depending on your project and design needs, you can read the text or interviews independently and/or use the book as reference for individual tutorials on a project-by-project basis. Each tutorial is followed by a short interview with a 3D graphics professional in order to provide insight and additional advice on particular interactive 3D techniques-from user, designer, artist, and producer perspectives.

Cities of Words

ein moralisches Register in Philosophie, Film und Literatur

Author: Stanley Cavell,Maria-Sibylla Lotter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783034010009


Page: 478

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In diesem Buch untersucht der amerikanische Philosoph und Filmtheoretiker Stanley Cavell, wie Gemeinschaften, Städte der Worte, sich entwickeln, aber auch stillstehen und verfallen können. Dabei bringt er Traditionen miteinander ins Gespräch, die sich aus alter Gewohnheit und Misstrauen wenig zu sagen haben: Schwergewichte der Philosophie von Platon bis zur Gegenwart und vermeintliche Leichtgewichte der Kunst wie die Filmkomödien und Melodramen Hollywoods in den dreissiger und vierziger Jahren. Es zeigt sich, dass die Mittel, mit denen diese Filme Schwierigkeiten und Illusionen ehelicher Gemeinschaft darstellen, Erstaunliches zu den Gesichtspunkten beitragen können, unter denen Platon und Locke die Bedingungen und Bedrohungen der politischen Gemeinschaft untersuchen, aber auch zu Emersons und Nietzsches Diagnosen des Konformismus in der Kultur. Mitbestimmung in der politischen Gemeinschaft verlangt ebenso wie in Freundschaft und Ehe danach, eine eigene Stimme zu entwickeln; eine Problematik, die, wie Cavell zeigt, als Dauerthema die Screwballkomödien durchzieht. Der Band bietet neben Interpretationen von Werken Freuds, Shakespeares, Ibsens, Shaws und Henry James' nicht nur eine Einführung zu Klassikern der Philosophie von Platon über Aristoteles, Locke, Kant, Emerson, Nietzsche bis hin zu Mill und Rawls, sondern auch einen neuen, höchst vergnüglichen Zugang zu Klassikern der Filmgeschichte wie “It Happened One Night” (Es geschah in einer Nacht), “The Philadelphia Story” (Die Nacht vor der Hochzeit), “Adam's Rib” (Ehekrieg), “Gaslight” (Das Haus der Lady Alquist), “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” (Mr. Deeds geht in die Stadt), “Now, Voyager” (Reise aus der Vergangenheit), “Stella Dallas”, “The Lady Eve” (Die Falschspielerin), “His Girl Friday” (Sein Mädchen für besondere Fälle), “The Awful Truth” (Die schreckliche Wahrheit) und “Conte d'Hiver” (Ein Wintermärchen).

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800

Excerpts from Criticism of the Works of Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth-century Novelists, Poets, Playwrights, Philosophers, and Other Creative Writers, from the First Published Critical Appraisals to Current Evaluations

Author: Dennis Poupard,Thomas J. Schoenberg,Gale Group,Mark Scott

Publisher: N.A


Category: Criticism

Page: N.A

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Drunken politics

alcohol, alehouses, and theater in England, 1555-1700

Author: George Evans Light,Stanford University. Dept. of English

Publisher: N.A


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 486

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World Philosophy

A Contemporary Bibliography

Author: John Roy Burr

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Philosophy

Page: 380

View: 9606


This selectively annotated bibliography includes entries for nearly 4,000 books and monographs on philosophy published around the world between 1976 and 1992.

Contesting Tears

The Hollywood Melodrama of the Unknown Woman

Author: Stanley Cavell

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226098166

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 255

View: 9729


The author provides close readings of four melodramas he finds definitive of the genre: Letter From An Unknown Woman; Gaslight; Now, Voyager; and Stella Dallas. The women in these melodramas, like the women in the comedies, demand equality, shared education, and transfiguration, exemplifying for the author a moral perfectionism he identifies as Emersonian.

Hitchcock's America

Author: Jonathan Freedman,Richard Millington

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195353310

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 8023


Alfred Hitchcock's American films are not only among the most admired works in world cinema, they also offer some of our most acute responses to the changing shape of American society in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. The authors of this anthology show how famous films such as Strangers on a Train, Vertigo, North by Northwest, and Rear Window, along with more obscure ones such as Rope, The Wrong Man, and Family Plot, register the ideologies and insurgencies, the normative assumptions and the cultural alternatives, that shaped these tumultuous decades. They argue that, just as these films occupy a visual landscape defined by the grand monuments of American civic life--Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations--they are also marked by their preoccupation with the social mores and private practices of mid-century America. Not only are big-city and suburban life the explicit subjects of films like Rear Window and Shadow of a Doubt, so are the forms of experience that emerge within these social spaces, whether the urban voyeurism examined by the former or the intertwining of banality and violence depicted in the latter. Indeed, just about every form of American life that was achieving social power at this time--the national security state; the science and art of psychoanalysis; the privileging of the free-wheeling, improvisatory self; the postwar codification and fissuring of gender roles; road-culture and its ancillary creation, the motel--is given detailed, critical, and mordant examination in Hitchcocks films. The Hitchcock who emerges is not merely the inspired technician and psychological excavator that critics of the past two generations have justly hailed; he is also a cultural critic of remarkable insight and undeniable prescience.

The 'I' of the Camera

Essays in Film Criticism, History, and Aesthetics

Author: William Rothman,Rothman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521527248

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 389

View: 8094


This second edition of William Rothman's classic includes fourteen new essays and a new foreword.