Vermessung der Ewigkeit

7 fundamentale Erkenntnisse über das Leben nach dem Tod

Author: Eben Alexander,Ptolemy Tompkins

Publisher: Ansata

ISBN: 3641157692

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Neue Antworten auf die großen Fragen des Lebens Die Nahtoderfahrung, von der Dr. Eben Alexander in seinem SPIEGEL-Bestseller Blick in die Ewigkeit berichtete, berührte Millionen von Menschen weltweit. Für den Neurochirurgen war sie der Anlass für eine weitaus umfassendere Erforschung dessen, was nach dem Tod geschieht: In seinem neuen Buch setzt er sein eigenes Nahtoderlebnis in Beziehung zu modernsten Wissenschaften, zu spirituellen und philosophischen Weisheitslehren sowie Aufsehen erregenden Erfahrungsberichten anderer Menschen. In Form von sieben fundamentalen Erkenntnissen über das Leben nach dem Tod lädt er zu einer spannenden Reise auf die »andere Seite« ein und führt vor Augen: Unser jetziges Leben ist nur ein kleines Kapitel in einer viel größeren Geschichte – der spirituellen Entwicklung des Universums. Und unsere unsterbliche Seele ist jederzeit Teil dieser Entwicklung ...

Proof of God

A Near-death Experience and Spiritual Life

Author: Elizabeth Daniele


ISBN: 141161948X

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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Proof of God is the true diary and testimony of a Christian minister's near-death experience and extraordinary, spiritual life spanning over many years. It includes her beliefs today concerning the Bible and the return of Jesus Christ. This book is for anyone confused or searching for answers concerning life after death, God, Jesus, Heaven, hell, the two Marys, and the meaning of life. It is one of the most important books to read before one dies in the physical, written by a witness to these things. "All people are children of God. Only God can judge us, and it is by what is within us, not eternal things."

Proof of God

The Shocking True Answer to the World’s Most Important Question

Author: Ptolemy Tompkins,Bernard Haisch

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501161547

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 3721


This unlikely story of how a serious scientist and a broken writer, in a series of conversations stretching over several months, come to understand that the universe—from the smallest sub-atomic particles that make up everything in existence to the farthest reaches of the universe—bears evidence of a creator. In short, God not only exists, but science gives us tools to know this.

Proof of God

Author: Donna Maskell

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449794262

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Lisa works for Dr. Jane Kendall, a research scientist at a small college. After Lisa credits God for helping her win a series of coin-toss bets with Mike, Dr. Kendall?s grad student, the scientist asks Lisa to be part of a series of experiments to definitively prove the existence of God. All involved expect it to lead to nothing, but Lisa passes every test perfectly, always getting the toss right. Now the scientists have to explain the results. If there is no God, then how did Lisa do it? And if there is a God, then what does that mean for each of them?

Proof of God

Author: Scott Zarcinas

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 0977596990


Page: N.A

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WE SEE WHAT WE BELIEVE! The fourth and final ebook serialized from Your Natural State of Being completes the adventure of personal-effectiveness that began with What Am I Doing With My Life?. Proof of God now brings us full circle to where we first stepped forward on the path to self-discovery, evoking the inner Wisdom and Peace that is our Natural State of Being. Drawing on his personal and professional experience, Scott Zarcinas reveals the true potential of humanity when we unite to enforce the miraculous power of belief.

Proofs of God

Classical Arguments from Tertullian to Barth

Author: Matthew Levering

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1493403362

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 9703


Leading theologian Matthew Levering presents a thoroughgoing critical survey of the proofs of God's existence for readers interested in traditional Christian responses to the problem of atheism. Beginning with Tertullian and ending with Karl Barth, Levering covers twenty-one theologians and philosophers from the early church to the modern period, examining how they answered the critics of their day. He also shows the relevance of the classical arguments to contemporary debates and challenges to Christianity. In addition to students, this book will appeal to readers of apologetics.

Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible

Finding Truth in an Age of Doubt

Author: Douglas Jacoby

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736937595


Page: 272

View: 1746


In an age of doubt, it's rare to find Christians who can speak clearly and boldly about the reasons for their faith. Douglas Jacoby is one of those rare Christians. As an international teacher for over 25 years, he has shared the vital truths found in Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible with thousands of people in all walks of life and in dozens of cultures. Jacoby's book is an easy-to-read apologetics work that will show readers the evidence that there is a God help readers see the unique role of the Bible as the Word of God encourage readers to make an informed decision about whether to follow Jesus Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible is especially suited for nonbelievers, anyone new to the faith, and believers who want a better understanding of their faith and how to explain it to others. For readers who want solid reasons why the Christian faith is not only true but also reasonable, this book is the place to begin.

Proof of God

Within & Beyond Science

Author: Charles De Silva

Publisher: Authorhouse UK

ISBN: 9781456774486

Category: Religion

Page: 254

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While extending a strong challenge to the superstition of atheism, the principal aim of this book is to demonstrate the fact that the major scientific discoveries that have been made so far, distinctively and expressly reveal the existence of an intelligent and omnipotent Designer who has thoughtfully and intentionally instituted all universal laws with stark precision and accuracy. In this discussion I have also emphasized the incapability of science to stand alone as a final deciding instrument on matters that extend beyond the natural realm. Hence no proof of a Divine Existence can be established by reference to science alone, but through logical reasoning based on obvious and explicit facts. I have also highlighted the reality that most scientific phenomena cannot be explained without recourse to the role of a Supernatural Power. In this book I have put forward a chain of very rational arguments most of which originated in my mind at various occasions and hence would be new and interesting to the reader who would be led towards the definite conclusion that this universe could not have been the outcome of an accident or random chance, but the result of an intentional plan of a Supernatural Power. A unique feature of this book is that all the arguments presented by me here are determined upon logical conclusions based on common sense and scientifically established facts and not on sheer imaginary hypothesis. On my contemplative reasoning I am also presenting a proposition which I have named as the Theory of Irresistible Cessation of Matter and Irreversible Nature of Life as proof of the existence of a precise Divine plan. Charles de Silva

Looking for Proof of God

Author: Robert Kirkwood,Edward McLachlan

Publisher: Longman Schools Division (a Pearson Education Company)

ISBN: 9780582203099

Category: God

Page: 48

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Following on from Looking for God, this book tackles the kinds of questions that young people ask about religion. It is suitable for pupils of mixed ability from the third year upwards and its approach is cross-cultural and its conclusions open ended.

Proof of God

Author: Holly Goddard Jones

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061966479

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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In Girl Trouble, acclaimed writer Holly Goddard Jones examines small-town Southerners aching to be good, even as they live in doubt about what goodness is. A high school basketball coach learns that his star player is pregnant--with his child. A lonely woman reflects on her failed marriage and the single act of violence, years buried, that brought about its destruction. In these eight beautifully written, achingly poignant, and occasionally heartbreaking stories, the fine line between right and wrong, good and bad, love and violence is walked over and over again. In "Good Girl," a depressed widower is forced to decide between the love of a good woman and the love of his own deeply flawed son. In another part of town and another time, thirteen-year-old Ellen, the central figure of "Theory of Realty," is discovering the menaces of being "at that age": too old for the dolls of her girlhood, too young to understand the weaknesses of the adults who surround her. The linked stories "Parts" and "Proof of God" offer distinct but equally correct versions of a brutal crime--one from the perspective of the victim's mother, one from the killer's. Written with extraordinary empathy and maturity, and with the breadth and complexity of a novel, Jones's stories shed light on the darkness of the human condition.

Miracles, God's Proof of Life

Author: Anna Rosario

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329544110

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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Anna Rosario should not be here. Three times she died and left her body, only to return to the battle—broken and scarred but not defeated. At times it took heavy-duty miracles to keep her alive—Miracles of the Divine Kind. On other occasions, the miracles of modern medicine, combined with God’s grace, handled the crisis. But Anna’s story is also about the power of prayer that can lead to the little miracles, the Godwinks that can uplift our lives each and every day if only we learn to recognize them as Gifts from God. Despite the setbacks of a broken home, Anna was able to not only survive, but thrive finding both faith and blessing in spite of ongoing personal struggles. On the pages of Miracles, God’s Proof of Life, you’ll be able to walk a ways in Anna’s shoes and imagine not only surviving what she went through, but finding incredible strength, drive, faith, humanity, and resolve all made possible by a spirit supported by God's Love.

Untold Evidence of God

Author: Andre Dellerba


ISBN: 1456600443

Category: Religion

Page: 57

View: 9786


The untold evidence of God, reveals hard evidence proving there is an intelligent Designer/Creator. This evidence has been purposefully left out of our education system. Why? Are we by products of the educational system when hard science, mathematics, history and logical philosophy points to the Designer? Are we truly free-thinkers or brainwashed? Are we tossed to and fro through ignorance and tradition? and do we honestly live a life of meaning or do we live life based on our comfort? Take a life journey of pealing back the onion on these obvious answers so that the stench of the obvious truth may come to the surface and discover the meaning of life.


Author: Rasik Shah

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149903735X

Category: Religion

Page: 132

View: 2960


In seeking to explain god through what he calls Evolutionary Force (EF) without resorting to religious dogmas and certitudes, Dr. Rasik Shah has presented a commendable other view of existence. He separates faith from observed facts and makes his case without in any way being unpleasant towards those who do not. “Proof of God” is in a sense the opposite of what people understand those words to convey. With his background in science, chemistry in particular, Dr. Shah takes the approach of a detached observer who does not tackle his theme with preconceived notions. --Mayank Chhaya, Journalist


Proof that God is Real

Author: Ralph Crawford

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490811524

Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 6425


It is not a coincidence you are reading these words. God is making a personal connection with you through this book. He wants you to know He is real, and He wants you to see how easy it is to believe in Him. This book is full of evidence you can believe in, whether you believe in God or not, because there are a few things that everybody believes in: science, history, and facts. Everybody believes in these things because they are solid, reliable, and known to be true. You are about to see facts that prove God created us. You are about to see the science and history that you believe in prove that God created the universe, Earth, and man. You will see even more evidence that proves He is real. God wants you to know these facts in order to change your perspective and to challenge you to look at Him in a different light—not as some philosophical or existential question mark but as a living, loving Father who created you as a complex and precise living being with an eternal soul connected to Him. Facts in this book show just how precise and complex you really are. Whether you believe or not, you are about to see science prove God is real.

How to Know God Exists

Scientific Proof of God

Author: Ray Comfort

Publisher: Bridge Logos Foundation

ISBN: 9780882704326

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 2579


How to Know God Exists Answers many evolution books on the best-seller list. Ray Comfort is a well know TV and Radio personality. The style of writing is easy for everyone to follow.

Aquinas's Way to God

The Proof in De Ente et Essentia

Author: Gaven Kerr OP

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190266384

Category: Religion

Page: 232

View: 5140


Gaven Kerr provides the first book-length study of St. Thomas Aquinas's much neglected proof for the existence of God in De Ente et Essentia Chapter 4. He offers a contemporary presentation, interpretation, and defense of this proof, beginning with an account of the metaphysical principles used by Aquinas and then describing how they are employed within the proof to establish the existence of God. Along the way, Kerr engages contemporary authors who have addressed Aquinas's or similar reasoning. The proof developed in the De Ente is, on Kerr's reading, independent of many of the other proofs in Aquinas's corpus and resistant to the traditional classificatory schemes of proofs of God. By applying a historical and hermeneutical awareness of the philosophical issues presented by Aquinas's thought and evaluating such philosophical issues with analytical precision, Kerr is able to move through the proof and evaluate what Aquinas is saying, and whether what he is saying is true. By means of an analysis of one of Aquinas's earliest proofs, Kerr highlights a foundational argument that is present throughout the much more commonly studied Thomistic writings, and brings it to bear within the context of analytical philosophy, showing its relevance to the contemporary reader.

The Cambridge Companion to Descartes

Author: John Cottingham,Professor of Philosophy John Cottingham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521366960

Category: Philosophy

Page: 441

View: 2516


Leading scholars present the full range of Descartes' philosophical achievement in the context of his life and the development of his thought.

Evidence of God

A Final Resolution of Meaning

Author: Mercury Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595486444

Category: Religion

Page: 84

View: 7835


In the court of law, we rely on evidence presented by plaintiffs and defendants to determine truth. Our judicial system basis itself on those treasured sacraments to determine the correct remedy to satisfy the judgment that it is presented with. And as is the case with any evidence, all too often we are finding out that it is being read incorrectly. Hundreds of inmates all around the country are being released because of incorrect decisions made by juries and judges alike.Could the same be said for the evidence presented to us for the non-existence of God? Are we being sold a bill of goods that we will later find out was in error. Are the lawyers who are standing before us, arguing at the bench of existence there evidence, in error. Is their pitch, that there is no God, a matter of pride and an attempt of making themselves gods when they put forth the notion with such a fervent certainty that a world of such awesome wonder exist all on it on. Evidence of God: A Final Resolution of Meaning delves into the meaning of evidence and the nature of proof to reveal some common misconceptions about what we believe.