The Philosophy and Politics of Bruno Bauer

Author: Douglas Moggach

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139441971

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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This is a comprehensive study in English of Bruno Bauer, a leading Hegelian philosopher of the 1840s. Inspired by the philosophy of Hegel, Bauer led an intellectual revolution that influenced Marx and shaped modern secular humanism. In the process he offered a republican alternative to liberalism and socialism, criticized religious and political conservatism and set out the terms for the development of modern mass and industrial society. Based on in-depth archival research this book traces the emergence of republican political thought in Germany before the revolutions of 1848. Professor Moggach examines Bauer's republicanism and his concept of infinite self-consciousness. He also explores the more disturbing aspects of Bauer's critique of modernity, such as his anti-Semitism. This book will be eagerly sought out by professionals in political philosophy, political science and intellectual history.

Scripture and Traditions

Essays on Early Judaism and Christianity in Honor of Carl R. Holladay

Author: Patrick Gray,Gail R. O'Day

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047442016

Category: Religion

Page: 66

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This volume contains twenty-two essays in honor of Carl R. Holladay, whose work on the interaction between early Christianity and Hellenistic Judaism has had a considerable impact on the study of the New Testament.


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Author: N.A

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311094149X

Category: Reference

Page: 2832

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Die seit 1971 wieder erscheinende, interdisziplinäre, internationale Rezensionsbibliographie IBR ist eine einmalige Informationsquelle. Die Datenbank weist über 1,1 Millionen vornehmlich die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften berücksichtigende Buchrezensionen in 6.000 vorwiegend europäischen wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften nach. 60.000 Eintragungen kommen jedes Jahr hinzu, bieten dem Benutzer Daten zum rezensierten Werk und zur Rezension.

Fichte's Social and Political Philosophy

Property and Virtue

Author: David James

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139495410

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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In this study of Fichte's social and political philosophy, David James offers an interpretation of Fichte's most famous writings in this area, including his Foundations of Natural Right and Addresses to the German Nation, centred on two main themes: property and virtue. These themes provide the basis for a discussion of such issues as what it means to guarantee the freedom of all the citizens of a state, the problem of unequal relations of economic dependence between states, and the differences and connections between the legal and political sphere of right and morality. James also relates Fichte's central social and political ideas to those of other important figures in the history of philosophy, including Locke, Kant and Hegel, as well as to the radical phase of the French Revolution. His account will be of importance to all who are interested in Fichte's philosophy and its intellectual and political context.

The New Hegelians

Politics and Philosophy in the Hegelian School

Author: Douglas Moggach

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139455028

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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The period leading up to the Revolutions of 1848 was a seminal moment in the history of political thought, demarcating the ideological currents and defining the problems of freedom and social cohesion which are among the key issues of modern politics. This 2006 anthology offers research on Hegel's followers in the 1830s and 1840s. With essays by philosophers, political scientists, and historians from Europe and North America, it pays special attention to questions of state power, the economy, poverty, and labour, as well as to ideas on freedom. The book examines the political and social thought of Eduard Gans, Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Stirner, Bruno and Edgar Bauer, the young Engels, and Marx. It places them in the context of Hegel's philosophy, the Enlightenment, Kant, the French Revolution, industrialization, and urban poverty. It also views Marx and Engels in relation to their contemporaries and interlocutors in the Hegelian school.

Kant on the Human Standpoint

Author: Béatrice Longuenesse

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139447591

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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In this collection of essays Béatrice Longuenesse considers the three aspects of Kant's philosophy, his epistemology and metaphysics of nature, his moral philosophy and his aesthetic theory, under one unifying standpoint: Kant's conception of our capacity to form judgements. She argues that the elements which make up our cognitive access to the world - what Kant calls the 'human point of view' - have an equally important role to play in our moral evaluations and our aesthetic judgements. Her discussion ranges over Kant's account of our representations of space and time, his conception of the logical forms of judgements, sufficient reason, causality, community, God, freedom, morality, and beauty in nature and art. Her book will appeal to all who are interested in Kant and his thought.

Hegel's Concept of Action

Author: Michael Quante

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139453745

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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This book is an important gateway through which professional analytic philosophers and their students can come to understand the significance of Hegel's philosophy for contemporary theory of action. As such it will contribute to the erosion of the sterile barrier between the continental and analytic approaches to philosophy. Michael Quante focuses on what Hegel has to say about such central concepts as action, person and will, and then brings these views to bear on contemporary debates in analytic philosophy. Crisply written, this book will thus address the common set of preoccupations of analytic philosophers of mind and action, and Hegel specialists.

The Kyoto School's Takeover of Hegel

Nishida, Nishitani, and Tanabe Remake the Philosophy of Spirit

Author: Peter Suares

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0739146882

Category: Philosophy

Page: 219

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The Kyoto School grafts the presuppositions and methodology of Hegel's idealism onto the Japanese Buddhist worldview. In The Kyoto School's Takeover of Hegel, Peter Suares evaluates the success of the three principal figures of the School—Nishida Kitaro, Tanabe Hajime, and Nishitani Keiji—in integrating these dissimilar ideas into a coherent religious philosophy.

The Young Karl Marx

German Philosophy, Modern Politics, and Human Flourishing

Author: David Leopold

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139464981

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

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The Young Karl Marx is an innovative and important study of Marx's early writings. These writings provide the fascinating spectacle of a powerful and imaginative intellect wrestling with complex and significant issues, but they also present formidable interpretative obstacles to modern readers. David Leopold shows how an understanding of their intellectual and cultural context can illuminate the political dimension of these works. An erudite yet accessible discussion of Marx's influences and targets frames the author's critical engagement with Marx's account of the emergence, character, and (future) replacement of the modern state. This combination of historical and analytical approaches results in a sympathetic, but not uncritical, exploration of such fundamental themes as alienation, citizenship, community, anti-semitism, and utopianism. The Young Karl Marx is a scholarly and original work which provides a radical and persuasive reinterpretation of Marx's complex and often misunderstood views of German philosophy, modern politics, and human flourishing.

The Social Question and the Democratic Revolution

Marx and the Legacy of 1848

Author: Douglas Moggach,Paul Leduc Browne

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 0776604953

Category: Political Science

Page: 197

View: 1479


The revolutionary movements of 1848 viewed the political cataclysms of continental Europe as an explosion of liberty, a new age of freedom and equality. Over 150 years later, many problems raised by the revolutionaries of 1848, such as the extension of democracy and the rights of labour, remain vital and unresolved questions of political life. This collection of essays explores the relation of democratic and socialist currents in 1848, reassess their relevance in terms of the current era of global economic liberalism and identifies those parts of the revolutionary legacy yet unclaimed.

German Political Philosophy

The Metaphysics of Law

Author: Chris Thornhill

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134382804

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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This book combines philosophical, intellectual-historical and political-theoretical methodologies to provide a new synoptic reading of the history of German political philosophy. Incorporating chapters on the political ideas of Luther and Zwingli, on the politics of the early Enlightenment, on Idealism, on Historicism and Lukács, on early Twentieth-Century political theology, on the Frankfurt School, and on Habermas and Luhmann, the book sets out both a broad and a detailed discussion of German political reflection from the Reformation to the present. In doing so, it explains how the development of German political philosophy is marked by a continual concern with certain unresolved and recurrent problems. It claims that all the major positions address questions relating to the origin of law, that all seek to account for the relation between legal validity and metaphysical and theological superstructures, and that all are centred on the attempt to conceptualise and reconstruct the character of the legal subject.

The 1848 Revolutions and European Political Thought

Author: Douglas Moggach,Gareth Stedman Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 110715474X

Category: History

Page: 340

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The 1848 Revolutions in Europe that marked a turning-point in the history of political thought are examined here in a pan-European perspective.

The Frock-Coated Communist

The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels

Author: Tristram Hunt

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141926864

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

View: 1722


Friedrich Engels is one of the most attractive and contradictory figures of the nineteenth century. Born to a prosperous mercantile family in west Germany, he spent his career working in the Manchester cotton industry, riding to the Cheshire hounds, and enjoying the comfortable, middle-class life of a Victorian gentleman. Yet Engels was also the co-founder of international communism - the philosophy which in the 20th century came to control one third of the human race. He was the co-author of The Communist Manifesto, a ruthless party tactician, and the man who sacrificed his best years so Karl Marx could write Das Kapital. Tristram Hunt relishes the diversity and exuberance of Engels's era: how one of the great bon viveurs of Victorian Britain reconciled his raucous personal life with this uncompromising political philosophy. Set against the backdrop of revolutionary Europe and industrializing England - of Manchester mills, Paris barricades, and East End strikes - it is a story of devoted friendship, class compromise, ideological struggle, and family betrayal.

History and Human Nature

A Philosophical Review of European Philosophy and Culture, 1750-1850

Author: Robert C. Solomon

Publisher: N.A


Category: Europe

Page: 413

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