Pharmacotherapeutics For Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers

Author: Teri Moser Woo,Marylou V Robinson

Publisher: F.A. Davis

ISBN: 0803645813

Category: Medical

Page: 1416

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This exceptional text builds your knowledge of pharmacology by first providing an overview of pharmacologic principles and then teaching you how to apply those principles to clinical practice. Focusing on applying pharmacologic scientific knowledge to clinical practice, it explains diagnostic and treatment reasoning and rational drug selection, while providing useful clinical pearls from experienced practitioners.

Lehne's Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Providers

Author: Laura Rosenthal,Jacqueline Burchum

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323447791

Category: Medical

Page: 1104

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Get all of the pharmacotherapeutics principles and content you need to become a safe and effective prescriber with Lehne's Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. This new text is built on the same solid foundation of clearly explained, up-to-date, and clinically current content as the undergraduate-level Lehne textbook, yet carefully focuses on the specific principles and drug content needed by primary and acute care nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and clinical nurse specialists. Three introductory chapters provide foundational content in the areas of prescriptive authority, rational drug selection, prescription writing, and promoting positive outcomes of drug therapy. Core chapter content centers on the drugs that advanced practitioner prescribers will see most commonly in clinical practice. You’ll also notice a sharp focus on pharmacotherapeutic decision-making, including completely new full-color decision-making algorithms. Plus, this user-friendly text utilizes a number of prescriber-focused pedagogical aids - including new Black Box Warnings and Summaries of Major Prescribing Implications - to reinforce the most important information and help you make optimal pharmacotherapeutic decisions. Introductory chapters tailored to the specific needs of advanced practice prescribers cover topics such as prescriptive authority, rational drug selection and prescription writing, and promoting positive outcomes of drug therapy. Carefully focused pharmacotherapeutic content reflects the drugs most commonly seen and used by advanced practice prescribers, with emphasis not on the first drug discovered or developed in each class but on the agents most often used today. Primary care drugs are addressed first in each chapter as appropriate, followed by and acute care drugs. Full-color decision-making algorithms incorporate established national and international treatment guidelines as appropriate and serve as an excellent visual aid for learning how to make sound, safe pharmacotherapeutic decisions. UNIQUE! Prescriber-focused pedagogical aids further reinforce the most important information for advanced practice prescribers. Black Box Warnings alert you to special warnings and precautions related to particular drugs. Summary of Major Prescribing Implications features save time and help you better focus on the unique needs of prescribers. Integrated coverage of Canadian trade names appears throughout the text and is highlighted with a familiar maple-leaf icon. Integrated coverage of interprofessional collaboration addresses the growing global interest in interprofessional collaboration and incorporates opportunities for interprofessional collaborative practice throughout.

Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioner Prescribers

Nursing, Nursing

Author: CTI Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1478457996

Category: Education

Page: 732

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Facts101 is your complete guide to Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioner Prescribers. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice

A Practical Approach

Author: Virginia Poole Arcangelo,Andrew M. Peterson

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781757843

Category: Medical

Page: 959

View: 9264


This advanced pharmacotherapeutics text for nurse practitioners and physician assistants offers guidelines on prescribing drugs for over 50 common diseases and disorders. The book is organized by disorder rather than drug class and includes algorithms and case studies that illustrate critical thinking aspects of prescribing, such as drug selection, lifespan considerations, therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse reactions, unexpected outcomes, and when to change therapy. This Second Edition has new chapters on oncologic disorders and complementary and alternative medicines. Improved case studies reflect more realistic practice issues in decision-making. Additional areas addressed include food-drug interactions, dietary considerations, and concerns regarding geriatric patients.

Advanced nursing practice (ANP)

Author: Madrean Schober,Fadwa Affara

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783456845456


Page: 328

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"Advanced Nursing Practice" (ANP) beleuchtet das Thema der fortgeschrittenen Pflegepraxis und Expertise international aus der Perspektive der Praxis, Ausbildung, Regulierung, Forschung und Rollen-/Praxisentwicklung in der Pflege. Die Expertinnen des ICN zeigen warum ANP wichtig ist und wie ANP entwickelt, eingeführt, erhalten und unterstützt werden kann.

Treatment of Cerebral Edema

Author: A. Hartmann,Mario Brock

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540117513

Category: Medical

Page: 176

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This book contains the papers delivered at the Symposium on "Medical Treatment of Brain Ede ma" at the Seventh International Congress ofNeu rological Surgery, held in Munich in 1981. The aim of each speaker was to give a short review of current knowledge in his or her field. In addition, most of the authors presented their own data. The symposium . was divided into two parts. The experimental part focused on pathophysiological and biochemical findings, while the clinical part dealt with therapy for brain edema, with particular emphasis on steroids. We wish to acknowledge the technical support of Springer-Verlag, Merck Company, Darmstadt and the help of Miss Scholz, Secretary of the Depart ment of Neurology at the University of Heidel berg. Heidelberg/Berlin A. Hartmann M. Brock v Contents K. -A. Hossmann Pathophysiology of Va so genic and Cytotoxic Brain Edema . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. Marrnarou, K. Tanaka, and K. Shulmann The Brain Response to Infusion Edema: Dynamics of Fluid Resolution . . . . . . . . . . 11 M. D. O'Brien 19 Ischemic Cerebral Edema A. Baethmann, W Oettinger, K. Moritake, L. Chaussy, andF. Jesch Metabolic Effects of Corticosteroids in Central Nervous Tissue . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 K. Maier-Hauff, O. Kempski, A. Unterberg, U. Gross, M. Lange, L. Schurer, and A. Baethmann The Kallikrein-Kinin-System as Mediator in Cerebral Edema, Recent Progress . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 S. F. Berndt 36 Symptoms of Cerebral Edema W R. Lanksch The Diagnosis of Brain Edema by Computed Tomography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 H. J. Klein and K. Schmidt Hyperosmolar Solutions and Diuretics in the Treatment of Brain Edema . . . . . . . .

Pharmacotherapeutics & Advanced Nursing Practice

Author: Laurel A. Eisenhauer

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071054850

Category: Medical

Page: 494

View: 5285


This book provides advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners) with the knowledge needed for understanding and integration of pharmacology into their clincial judgement as advanced practice nurses. The emphasis is on adult care, both what to prescribe and what to monitor in ambulatory and primary care settings. Content focuses on those areas not fully covered in basic nursing literature. In addition, the book utilizes nursing-oriented case studies--both simple (selected patient data leading to selection of drug, dose, route)--and complex (complete assessments to allow the integration of nursing, medical, and pharmacological knowledge) which reinforce comprehension and sharpen clinical skills.

The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician

Author: Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826138586

Category: Medical

Page: 891

View: 5281


Focusing on the interdisciplinary team, this cardiovascular resource provides evidence-based knowledge and guidance for advanced practice nurses in a variety of care settings. Its clinically relevant and directly applicable information is presented in an accessible and well-organized format. The book encompasses clinical findings, diagnostic testing, state-of-the-art procedures, and therapeutic interventions commonly utilized in inpatient and outpatient clinical cardiology. It is specifically designed to meet the informational needs of advanced practice registered nurse providers and students including family nurse practitioners, adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists. The resource covers the range of cardiovascular conditions, both chronic and acute. It discusses the interdisciplinary cardiovascular care team; explains the cardiovascular history and clinical examination in nearly step-by-step detail; analyzes clinical findings; details common stable and urgent conditions; describes the preoperative cardiovascular evaluation; advises on the selection and appropriateness of laboratory evaluations and cardiovascular diagnostic studies; provides an overview of state-of-the-art procedures, including electrophysiology; and assesses therapeutic interventions, including lifestyle, pharmacotherapeutics, and invasive techniques. It supports the development of clinical judgment skills and therapeutic decision-making by considering the challenges presented through advances in technology and the increasing complexity of diagnostic procedures. An appendix features tables of relevant and essential cardiovascular guidelines for quick reference. Key Features: Details current and cutting-edge practices and contemporary issues in cardiovascular care Applies evidenced-based research findings to clinical practice Compares diagnostic testing options and therapeutic interventions Clarifies complex topics through use of tables, algorithms, images, and lists Identifies pertinent studies and resources for cardiovascular care Describes common cardiac procedures and screening methods Supports the development of clinical judgment skills and therapeutic decision-making

Advanced Practice Nursing E-Book

An Integrative Approach

Author: Ann B. Hamric,Judith A. Spross,Charlene M. Hanson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437720080

Category: Medical

Page: 848

View: 3778


Covering all advanced practice competencies and roles, this book offers strategies for enhancing patient care and legitimizing your role within today’s health care system. It covers the history of advanced practice nursing, the theory behind the practice, and emerging issues. Offering a comprehensive exploration of advanced practice nursing, this edition also adds a focus on topics including the APN scope of practice, certification, and the ethical and legal issues that occur in clinical practice. The development of all major competencies of advanced practice nursing is discussed: direct clinical practice, consultation, coaching/guidance, research, leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision-making. Advanced practice competencies are discussed in relation to all advanced practice nursing and blended CNS-NP roles (case manager, acute care nurse practitioner), highlighting the shared aims and distinctions of each role. In-depth discussions on educational strategies explain how competencies develop as the nurses’ practice progresses. A chapter on research competencies demonstrates how to use evidence-based research in practice, and how to promote these research competencies to other APNs. A conceptual framework shows the clear relationship between the competencies, roles, and challenges in today’s health care environment. Practical strategies are provided for business management, contracting, and marketing. Comprehensive information covers the essential competencies of the new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. More exemplars (case studies) provide real-life scenarios showing APN competencies in action. A new chapter shows how to provide reliable and valid data to substantiate your impact and justify equitable reimbursement for APN services, also enhancing your skills in quality improvement strategies, informatics, and systems thinking. Information on telehealth considerations covers the new sources of electronic healthcare information available to patients and describes how to counsel them on using reliable resources.

Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse

Author: Kathleen Wheeler

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323086004

Category: Medical

Page: 448

View: 9155


Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse provides the nurse psychotherapist with a useful “how-to primer that contains practical techniques and interventions without a lot of theoretical jargon. Topics include the basics of psychotherapy, from how to respond to a patient’s initial call to termination of care. Selected approaches, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic psychotherapy are highlighted with discussion of evidence-base research. Specific techniques for working with commonly seen patient populations that require special consideration: those who have experienced trauma, children, and older adults are included. In addition, how to integrate psychopharmacology and psychotherapy is discussed in detail. A straightforward approach to psychotherapy using a holistic nursing framework. Latest findings on the neurophysiology of psychotherapy including research on attachment, therapeutic relationships, and trauma. Evidence-based research for all approaches and populations discussed. Provides treatment hierarchy for decision making in selecting strategies for treatment from the initial contact and assessment to termination. Step-by-step guide to building the nurse-patient relationship in order to achieve quality outcomes. Includes detailed instructions on therapeutic communication techniques. Detailed instructions teach you how to use the latest therapeutic communication techniques. Includes all patient populations from children to the older adult with special emphasis on working with traumatized patients. Comprehensive appendices provide quick access to helpful forms and diagnostic tools specific to psychotherapy nursing practice.

Pflegevisite und Pflegeprozess

Theorie und Praxis für die stationäre und ambulante Pflege

Author: Jan E. Gültekin,Anna Liebchen

Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag

ISBN: 9783170218499

Category: Medical

Page: 160

View: 6201


English summary: Nursing rounds is considered as one of the more effective instruments of quality management. The model for nursing rounds presented here differentiates between primary and secondary rounds: the focus of the primary rounds is to ensure that the needs of the patient are addressed while the focus of the secondary visit is to ensure that the primary visit has fulfilled its purpose within established parameters. Numerous case studies, rating tables, and check-lists provide suggestions and motivations for implementation in practice. German description: Die Pflegevisite gilt als eines der wirksamsten Instrumente der Qualitatssicherung. Das hier vorgestellte Pflegevisitenmodell unterscheidet zwischen primarer und sekundarer Pflegevisite: Wahrend der Fokus der primaren Pflegevisite auf die Belange des Pflegeempfangers gerichtet ist, steht bei der sekundaren Pflegevisite die Kontrolle der primaren Pflegevisite und ihrer Rahmenbedingungen im Mittelpunkt. Zahlreiche Fallbeispiele, Einstufungstabellen und Checklisten liefern Anregungen fur die Umsetzung in die Praxis.

Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider - E-Book

Author: Marilyn Winterton Edmunds,Maren Stewart Mayhew

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323087914

Category: Medical

Page: 880

View: 6318


Written by and for nurse practitioners, and also suitable for physician’s assistants, Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider, 4th Edition focuses on what you need to know to safely and effectively prescribe drugs for primary care. An emphasis on patient teaching helps you gain patient adherence to prescribed drug regimens, and guidelines for health promotion help in maintaining and improving your patients’ health. Now in full color, this edition expands the book's emphasis on the QSEN priorities of safety and evidence-based practice, and adds coverage of new drugs, new drug classes, and new therapeutic drug uses. Written by leading nurse practitioner authorities Marilyn Winterton Edmunds and Maren Stewart Mayhew, Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider teaches principles of pharmacotherapeutics using today’s most commonly used drugs. A Key Drugs focus highlights the most commonly used and most representative drugs of each major drug class — with particular emphasis on the top 100 most commonly prescribed drugs. Emphasis on patient teaching helps you communicate with patients and family caregivers to promote adherence to the drug regimen. Emphasis on health promotion describes how to help patients stay well and improve their health, including coverage of immunizations and biologicals, vitamins, weight management, and smoking cessation. Evidence-Based Decision-Making and Treatment Guidelines chapter (11) provides practical guidelines for using the best current research evidence to make decisions about the care of individual patients. Extensive coverage of drug therapy for special populations such as geriatric and pediatric patients includes considerations related to age, pregnancy, race, and other factors. UNIQUE! Coverage of prescriptive practice includes topics such as prescriptive authority, role implementation, and the role of nurses (NPs, CNMs, CRNAs, and CNSs) and physician assistants in writing prescriptions. NEW! Full-color design and illustrations highlight the most important content. DRUG UPDATES reflect the latest FDA-approved drugs, drug classes, and therapeutic uses. Expanded emphasis on the QSEN priorities of safety and evidence-based practice helps you eliminate drug prescribing errors with color-highlighted Safety Alerts! and NEW Clinical Practice Alerts! NEW section on male hormone replacement therapies adds coverage of men to that for women. Updated evidence-based prescribing information reflects the latest national clinical practice guidelines and evidence-based treatment guidelines, including the latest clinical treatment guidelines for diabetes. NEW! Complementary and Alternative Products tables highlight interactions with drugs, and are emphasized with a distinctive icon. Updated Drug Overview tables are enhanced with color as well as Top 100 icons that highlight the most commonly prescribed drugs.

Sterblich sein

Was am Ende wirklich zählt. Über Würde, Autonomie und eine angemessene medizinische Versorgung

Author: Atul Gawande

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104035849

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 5058


Ein Buch über das Sterben, das das Leben lehrt Die Medizin scheint über Krankheit und Tod zu triumphieren, doch sterben wir so trostlos wie nie zuvor. Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt. Ungewöhnlich offen spricht er darüber, was es bedeutet, alt zu werden, wie man mit Gebrechen und Krankheiten umgehen kann und was wir an unserem System ändern müssen, um unser Leben würdevoll zu Ende zu bringen. Ein mutiges und weises Buch eines großartigen Autors, voller Geschichten und eigener Erfahrungen, das uns hilft, die Geschichte unseres Lebens gut zu Ende zu erzählen. »Dieses Buch ist nicht nur weise und sehr bewegend, sondern gerade in unserer Zeit unbedingt notwendig und sehr aufschlussreich.« Oliver Sacks »Die medizinische Betreuung ist mehr auf Heilung ausgelegt als auf das Sterben. Dies ist Atuls Gawandes stärkstes und bewegendstes Buch.« Malcolm Gladwell

Der Hygieneplan

ein Wegweiser durch den Alltag der Krankenhaushygiene

Author: Rita Benz,Reinhard Holländer,Susanne Selke

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783170151468


Page: 128

View: 462


Kognitive Psychologie

Author: John R. Anderson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783827410245

Category: Cognition

Page: 542

View: 7487


John R. Anderson, der die Entwicklung der Kognitionspsychologie in den letzten Jahrzehnten maAgeblich mitbestimmt hat, vermittelt in diesem Lehrbuch-Klassiker einen Aoeberblick A1/4ber die theoretischen und experimentellen AnsAtze, die zum Lehr- und PrA1/4fungsstoff im Grund- und Hauptstudium gehAren. Das Themenspektrum der A1/4berarbeiteten Neuauflage reicht A- von den neuronalen Grundlagen kognitiver Prozesse bis zu komplexen ProblemlAsefAhigkeiten (Expertise), A- von den peripheren Prozessen (Mustererkennung) bis zu den zentralen Prozessen (Inferenzbildung), A- von elementaren Funktionen (GedAchtnis) bis zu integrierten Verhaltenskompetenzen (Sprachverarbeitung) sowie A- von klassischen Theorien der Informationsverarbeitung bis zu neuen AnsAtzen konnektionistischer Modellierung. Die Themenschwerpunkte der bisherigen Auflage wurden beibehalten, aber durchgehend durch die neuesten Forschungsergebnisse der kognitiven Neurowissenschaften aktualisiert.