Five Pathways to Wholeness

Author: Roger Hurding

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281070377

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Five Pathways to Wholeness examines a variety of approaches to pastoral care: biblical counselling, the healing ministries, pastoral counselling, spiritual direction and social change. Bringing together material from a range of sources, and offering numerous engaging real-life illustrations, the author compares and evaluates each of the five approaches in its own right. At the same time, he encourages those who favour a particular pathway to respect and understand the raison d'etre of the other four. All five, he believes, can move to a more truly 'integrational' theological and psychological viewpoint.

Pathways to Wholeness

Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journey

Author: Renn Butler

Publisher: Muswell Press

ISBN: 9781908995049

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 327

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Explains how to use archetypal psychology as a guide to the transpersonal journey.

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Wholeness: A Christian Pathway

Author: Philip St. Romain

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0557650275

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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This book presents the Twelve Steps of recovery groups as a way to grow, to move toward a spiritual awakening, an awareness of our true self in God. Every page bears gentle reassurance that fulfillment of the Twelve Steps inspires a cleansing sense of wholeness -- a renewed spirit that helps readers break free from negative and sinful influences in their lives.

Wholly Jesus: His surprising approach to wholeness and why it matters today

Author: N.A

Publisher: Ampelon Publishing

ISBN: 0979810442

Category: Christian life

Page: N.A

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In compelling fashion, Wholly Jesus clarifies the foundational (and frequently misinterpreted) meaning of Jesus' offer of salvation and heaven: that to follow Him is to find wholeness in body, mind and spirit. The clarification has huge implications for the effectiveness of today's Christian church and subsequently for the redemption of lives and cultures.

Pathways to Spirituality

Connection, Wholeness, and Possibility for Therapist and Client

Author: Bill O'Hanlon,William Hudson O'Hanlon

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393704891

Category: Psychology

Page: 136

View: 7258


From bestselling author Bill O Hanlon comes a groundbreaking book about how spirituality can serve as a powerful tool to help therapists make stronger connections with their clients and help clients find deeper meaning in their lives."

Secrets of Contentment

Pathways to Spiritual Health and Wholeness

Author: Philip Law

Publisher: Lion Books

ISBN: 9780745940366

Category: Religion

Page: 64

View: 7057


How to nurture qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, courage, hope ... Great sayings about Pathways to spiritual health and wholeness from the Old and New Testaments that have proven their worth throughout the centuries.

Everyday Feminine Wisdom

Author: Susan Macaulay

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 162095219X

Category: Reference

Page: 110

View: 7965


An cool compilation of 365 short, sweet, sassy, sexy, fun, empowering, inspirational, controversial, conversational, thought-provoking, shareable, quirky, quotable (& tweetable!) original quotes by amazing women around the world for amazing women (and men!) around the world. Get inspired every day with Everyday Feminine Wisdom!

The Shamanic Drum

A Guide to Sacred Drumming

Author: Michael Drake

Publisher: Talking Drum Publications

ISBN: 0962900249

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 132

View: 7533


In response to the phenomenal resurgence of the drum nationwide, Michael has completely revised and expanded the 1991 edition for all those folks discovering the power of drumming. This useful book reveals profound teachings about shamanic drumming, which is a time-honored method of healing and helping others. Trained as a ceremonial drummer in the Mongolian and Native American shamanic traditions, Michael presents the first practical guide to applying this ancient healing art to our modern lives. Through a series of simple exercises, lessons, and rituals, he teaches you the basic shamanic methods of drumming. The focus is on creating sacred space, journeying, power practice, power animals, geomancy, drum therapy, drum harmonics, drum circle dynamics, and the universal rhythmic phenomena that come into play whenever we drum. The techniques are simple and powerful. Whether you are an accomplished percussionist or a total beginner, this user-friendly book will help you harness the power of drumming.

Tending to the Holy

The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry

Author: Bruce G. Epperly,Katherine Gould Epperly

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1566996473

Category: Religion

Page: 196

View: 9258


Tending to the Holy: The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry invites pastors to embody their deepest beliefs in the routine and surprising tasks of ministry. Inspired by Brother Lawrence's classic text in spirituality, Tending to the Holy integrates the wisdom and practices of the Christian spiritual tradition with the commonplace practices of pastoral ministry. Bruce and Katherine Epperly utilize a variety of spiritual disciplines especially Benedictine, Celtic, Ignatian, Rhineland, and process spiritualities to provide a framework for helping clergy nurture the awareness of God, creative imagination, and personal well-being in every aspect of their ministerial lives. Practicing God's presence in the ordinary tasks of ministry inspires wholeness, spiritual transformation, vision, imagination, endurance, and healthy self-differentiation in ministry. Commitment to joining spiritual practices with the routine and repetitive tasks of ministry provides an important antidote to unhealthy stress, burnout, and loss of vision in ministry. By seeing their congregational leadership in terms of spiritual transformation, imaginative practice, and relational interdependence, ordinary ministerial practices can become ways pastors can deepen their relationship with God. Growing out of their work with pastors at every season of ministry, as well as combined ministerial experience of nearly sixty years, Bruce and Katherine Epperly invite pastoral leaders to complement and expand on their understanding of spiritual leadership, pastoral excellence, and self-care, integrating traditional and contemporary spiritual practices with the concrete arts of ministry.

Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care

A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook

Author: Janet Gallagher Nestor

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 145256051X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 254

View: 8322


“A necessity for 21st century living. A practical means for daily balancing.” – Indrani Maity, ND, D.Ay., Integrated Ayurvedic Naturopathic Energy Medicine Center Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: A Living in Balance Workbook guides the reader not only to emotional and physical healing, but also to lasting emotional well-being. Mental health professionals will find this complete mindfulness-based program valuable to create a well-planned and flexible holistic approach to client care. The book also gives individuals self-help tools to participate in their own recovery and achieve lasting wellness from the comfort of home. “There are a few wise women I know, and Janet is one of them. She is one truly gifted in matters of the heart. Her new book, Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care, is a fitting follow-up to Pathways to Wholeness. Janet manages to embrace a complex field with a gentleness that makes the material accessible and eminently useful.” – A. T. Augoustides, MD, FAAFP, ABIHM “It took me so long to learn how to find joy, this book gives people easy to follow plans to quickly harmonize all the systems in their body and find not only joy but peace and health. I feel the major benefit is the program’s ability to help lift anyone out of the fight or flight response into a more positive balance and mindset. Thank you, Janet, for this gift. I’ll be recommending this to the parents I work with.” – Becky Henry, Founder of Hope Network, LLC, and award-winning author of Just Tell Her to Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders “Janet’s many years of experience working with clients as a therapist plus her in-office research and extensive studies make her a perfect guide and teacher if you are looking for ways to improve your life. The text a is timely gift to humanity!” – Anne Merkel, PhD., Energy Psychologist Coach, The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services

A More Excellent Way

Be in Health, Pathways of Wholeness Spiritual Roots of Disease

Author: Henry W. Wright

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781603741019

Category: Religion

Page: 526

View: 9571


"Presents the case that the roots of psychological and biological diseases are spiritual, and provides advice on how to eradicate disease instead of treating symptoms"--Provided by publisher.

Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for 2012 and Beyond

Author: Steven McFadden

Publisher: Steven McFadden


Category: Nature

Page: N.A

View: 3628


As the prophetic date of Dec. 21, 2012 approaches, and more people focus on the Mayan calendar, this original and powerful ebook offers a concise compendium of North American (Turtle Island) wisdom teachings that help guide us through an era of transition.

Solution-Oriented Spirituality: Connection, Wholeness, and Possibility for Therapist and Client

Author: Bill O'Hanlon

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393710939

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

View: 1541


Skills and techniques from a master therapist on how to help clients connect to their lives spiritually. Although a growing number of Americans are turning to spirituality to help explain and supplement their lives, and a vast majority identify as religious, psychotherapy has long been reluctant to work alongside clients’ sense of “something bigger.” But what kind of resources might a spiritual sensibility offer from a mental health standpoint? How can therapists helpfully and respectfully integrate spiritual feelings into their work with clients? Bestselling author Bill O’Hanlon tackles these questions and others in this pioneering foray into the uses and pitfalls of spiritualities—both secular and religious—in a therapeutic setting. Here, spirituality is defined by its three integral components: a feeling of connection to something beyond oneself, a capacity for compassion or “feeling with,” and a sense of responsibility to make a contribution to others and to the world. Each of these “3 Cs” comes with illustrative anecdotes, case vignettes, and specific techniques for unlocking clients’ own spiritual resources. Solution-Oriented Spirituality is O’Hanlon at his best: erudite, conversational, and committed to mining any resource that might help clients get “unstuck” from constrictive behavioral and thought patterns.