Mental Math for Pilots

A Study Guide

Author: Ronald D. McElroy

Publisher: Independent Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780964283978

Category: Airplanes

Page: 118

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For those gearing up for pilot interviews, preparing for a check-ride or proficiency check, or looking to improve inflight calculations, this book offers invaluable tips and tricks to help in all areas of cockpit calculations.

Airline Pilot Technical Interviews

A Study Guide

Author: Ronald D. McElroy

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781560275152

Category: Study Aids

Page: 136

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There are many variations of technical questions that can be asked in an interview; however, there is a specific approach a pilot should take in preparing for this section of the interview. Author Ron McElroy provides an abundance of exercises in the areas of: mental math, approach plates, AIM, regulations, weather, systems and aerodynamics, and cockpit situations to analyze and resolve. Aspiring professional pilots will be prepared to display their flying skills during the simulator ride, as well as their aeronautical knowledge during the face-to-face oral questioning. Not only will this book ensure better performance during a technical interview or test, but you may learn something new that will help you fly the line a little better.

Ace The Technical Pilot Interview 2/E

Author: Gary Bristow

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071793879

Category: Transportation

Page: 368

View: 7235


Get your career off the ground with this updated guide to acing the technical pilot interview! Written by an experienced airline pilot, Ace the Technical Pilot Interview, Second Edition is filled with more than 1000 questions and answers, many of them all-new. This practical study tool asks the right questions so you'll know the right answers. It's a must-have, one-stop resource for all pilots, regardless of aircraft type, performance, or global region. Ace the Technical Pilot Interview, Second Edition helps you: Review the material most likely to be asked on your interview Practice with 1000+ exam-style questions--complete with answers Learn about the latest technologies, including CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) and ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) Focus your study on what you need to know COVERAGE INCLUDES: Aerodynamics * Engines * Jet and propeller aircraft differences * Navigation * Atmosphere and speed * Aircraft instruments and systems * Performance and flight planning * Meteorology and weather recognition * Flight operations and technique * Human performance * Type-specific questions

Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation

Author: James Wolper

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071638792

Category: Transportation

Page: 260

View: 7452


*Explains the mathematics essential to flight, teaching basic principles and reasoning *Provides an understanding that allows pilots to utilize new technologies *Examines techniques of GPS (Global Positioning System), and other navigation forms, including calculations of distance and bearings *Covers chart construction, magnetic compasses, mental calculations, long-range flight planning

Checklist for Success

A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Airline Interview

Author: Cheryl A. Cage

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781619543294

Category: Transportation

Page: 136

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Despite going into it with a wealth of technical experience, many pilots find the airline pilot selection process frustrating. Besides the technical expertise, today s airline pilot must also demonstrate highly developed leadership, decision-making and communication skills. Discussing one s abilities in these introspective areas requires a different kind of interview preparation than most pilots have experienced. This is where "Checklist for Success" comes in very handy. In this book, Cheryl Cage whose name has become synonymous with exceptional career guidance takes you from application through to the interview. She not only offers a thorough interview preparation but illustrates her points by stepping aside to reflect on her own experiences in counseling aspiring pilots, furloughed pilots, and career changers. The method and information Cheryl provides will not only make reaching your highest aviation career goals less frustrating, but shorter! This Sixth Edition has been revised and updated to reflect current hiring practices, and covers electronic interviewing and social media issues in job-searching."

Reporting Clear?

A Pilot's Interview Guide to Background Checks and Presentation of Personal History

Author: Cheryl A. Cage

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781560275091

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 89

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This comprehensive guide to the pilot-interview process walks applicants through the process and illustrates the best way to present their personal-history paperwork to airlines and increase their chances of landing an interview. Covering how to discuss shortcomings in a professional history and obtaining the supplemental paperwork that must be provided to an interviewer, these strategies enable pilots to avoid common mistakes and present background information confidently and concisely. Questions such as What exactly is the Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) and how does the Act impact pilots? Why are the airlines interested in every area of a pilot’s background? and What is an addendum and when do pilots need one? are addressed.

Secrets of Mental Math

The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

Author: Arthur Benjamin,Michael Shermer

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: 9780307347466

Category: Mathematics

Page: 224

View: 7166


These simple math secrets and tricks will forever change how you look at the world of numbers. Secrets of Mental Math will have you thinking like a math genius in no time. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master, as renowned “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations and amazing number tricks. This book will teach you to do math in your head faster than you ever thought possible, dramatically improve your memory for numbers, and—maybe for the first time—make mathematics fun. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex equations in your head; all you need to learn are a few tricks. You’ll be able to quickly multiply and divide triple digits, compute with fractions, and determine squares, cubes, and roots without blinking an eye. No matter what your age or current math ability, Secrets of Mental Math will allow you to perform fantastic feats of the mind effortlessly. This is the math they never taught you in school.


The Mile the Mach the Minute

Author: Mike Roumens

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781484846421


Page: 120

View: 1462


Mental math for aviators. Easily compute angles, distance and time, wind components and drift angles, maximum wind effect. Visualize the actual wind on your HSI, get the right bank angles and turn radius calculations in a matter of seconds without using anything but brain power. Find the max range of a VHF station just by counting on your fingers, and more..M3 is a book that gives back the power of mental math to aviators from all backgrounds, using simple tools and rules of thumb to avoid diverting attention while flying, thus enhancing situation awareness, promoting safe and efficient flying.Various examples are provided in the different sections to consolidate the comprehension at each level. Aviators will find here tried and tested rules of thumb as well as some innovative approaches to common situations encountered when airborne, while keeping the mental calculations to their simplest form.Soon you'll be ready to ditch the calculator!

Physics and Maths for the PPL

Author: Luis Burnay

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 1785003151

Category: Transportation

Page: 128

View: 4958


Many student private pilots don't realize at the start of their course that many hours of study are required on top of the in-class schedule. This book will help those trainee pilots without science backgrounds, or those that need a refresher, to brush up on the necessary theory. It covers subjects that will be encountered many times during the PPL course, such as principles of flight, aircraft general knowledge, flight performance and planning, meteorology, navigation and human factors. The content is organized around two main groups of information, namely core knowledge, concentrating more on the concepts; and a practical toolbox, dedicated to some techniques that will be required during the course. Aimed at those trainee pilots without science backgrounds or those that need a refresher on the necessary theory, this handy reference book is illustrated with 170 colour photographs10 black & white photographs.

The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Work Book

An Essential Tool for All Airline Pilots Attending an Interview

Author: Sasha Robinson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781463680435

Category: Self-Help

Page: 74

View: 936


This unique, fully interactive work book will arm you with all the necessary skills to succeed at your all important job interview.This work book from Flightdeck Consulting covers every aspect of the modern airline pilot interview. From a phone interview through to both behavioral and technical questions this book will guide and prepare you for your all important airline interview.The structure and delivery of your answers is essential to portray a confident and competent team member in your interview. This work booklet will guide you on how to structure your answers and deliver them in a clear, concise and professional manner.The authors of this book have a combined 28 years of experience flying the A330, A340, B777, B747-400 and E-Jets. Their company, Flightdeck Consulting has helped hundreds of pilots around the globe achieve their dream of flying for the airlines.The have combined their knowledge and experience of airline recruitment to produce this essential book for all aspiring airline pilots.

Pilot's Weather

A Commonsense Approach to Meteorology

Author: Brtian Cosgrove

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 1847979254

Category: Transportation

Page: 192

View: 7827


This book breaks new ground in the presentation of what is and should be presented as a fascinating and vitally important part of a pilot's skill. Gone are the dreary old monotone drawings of isobars and fronts, endless graphs and reams of figures and in bounce full colour photos of what you actually see - clouds and cloudscapes that tell you instantly what's happening to the air around you. For those who fly aircraft and micros, gliders or kites, this book makes the weather make sense. "The content of the book deals comprehensively with all the topics likely to come up in the PPL exams, and more importantly tries, and succeeds, to weld them together into a coherent and useful whole. Meteorology can be a dry and technical subject but this book does better than most at holding the reader's interest, helped a great deal by the excellent photos. The photos illustrate all types of cloud, frontal weather, and most other meteorological phenomena. This is a welcome change from the usual line drawings which bear little relation to reality found in the majority of aviation weather books. " - MICROLIGHT FLYING "Everything the pilot needs to know about the atmosphere, the weather and meteorology. The colour photographs are superb: these alone make the book worth having on one's shelf." - AOPA LIGHT AVIATION ". . . a few hours regularly spent within the pages of Brian Cosgrove's book would seem to be time well spent." - GUILD NEWS (GAPAN).

The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual

Author: Gregory N. Brown,Mark J. Holt

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781619540736

Category: Transportation

Page: 274

View: 2685


Everything a pilot is expected to know when transitioning to turbine-powered aircraft.

The Pilot's Guide to the Modern Airline Cockpit

Author: Stephen M. Casner

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781560276838

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 153

View: 4124


Essential reading material for anyone who has aspirations to fly for an airline. Introduces you to the world of cockpit automation, giving you a head start on learning this exciting new aspect of airline flying. Unlike conventional flight training manuals, this book places you in the captain’s seat, taking you step-by-step through a challenging line flight. After programming your flight route using the flight management computer, learn how to use the airplane’s autoflight system to help automatically guide you along the route you have built. Deals with realistic enroute scenarios: Vectors, holds, diversions, intercepts, traffic, surrounding terrain, and more. Glossary, index, chapter summaries included, illustrated throughout.

Tiger Check

Automating the US Air Force Fighter Pilot in Air-to-Air Combat, 1950–1980

Author: Steven A. Fino

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421423278

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 3185


"The fielding of automated flight controls and weapons systems in fighter aircraft from 1950 to 1980 challenged the significance ascribed to several of the pilots' historical skillsets, such as superb hand-eye coordination--required for aggressive stick-and-rudder maneuvering--and perfect eyesight and crack marksmanship--required for long-range visual detection and destruction of the enemy. Highly automated systems would, proponents argued, simplify the pilot's tasks while increasing his lethality in the air, thereby opening fighter aviation to broader segments of the population. However, these new systems often required new, unique skills, which the pilots struggled to identify and develop. Moreover, the challenges that accompanied these technologies were not restricted to individual fighter cockpits, but rather extended across the pilots' tactical formations, altering the social norms that had governed the fighter pilot profession since its establishment. In the end, the skills that made a fighter pilot great in 1980 bore little resemblance to those of even thirty years prior, despite the precepts embedded within the "myth of the fighter pilot." As such, this history illuminates the rich interaction between human and machine that often accompanies automation in the workplace. It is broadly applicable to other enterprises confronting increased automation, from remotely piloted aviation to Google cars. It should appeal to those interested in the history of technology and automation, as well as the general population of military aviation enthusiasts."--Provided by publisher.

Aviation Social Science: Research Methods in Practice

Author: Mark W. Wiggins,Catherine Stevens

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351956213

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 248

View: 8075


This book is a guide that addressees social science research issues within the aviation industry. Studies involving human factors, personality, training systems evaluation, decision-making, crew resource management and situation awareness are used to illustrate not only the process, but also the outcomes that can emerge from social science research. The book describes the principles involved in conceptualising a research problem, obtaining management support, developing an appropriate timeframe, obtaining ethics approval and collecting and managing data. It also provides useful guidelines concerning the publication of research in magazines, academic journals and conference presentations. The topics are illustrated with aviation examples and the principles are deliberately broad. This book will be a useful guide for both novice and experienced researchers, especially pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance personnel, aviation management, aviation researchers, safety personnel and undergraduate and postgraduate university students.

Aviation Mechanic Handbook

The Aviation Standard

Author: Dale Crane

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781560278986

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 386

View: 858


4eme de couverture : "Handy toolbox-size reference for mechanics, aircraft owners, and pilots. All the information critical to maintaining an aircraft. Your single source for: mathematics, conversions, formulas; aircraft nomenclature, controls, system specs; material and tool identifications; hardware sizes and equivalents; inspections, corrosion detection and control; frequently used scales, charts, diagrams, and much more."