The Magic Bookcase

William Meets a Chimney Sweep

Author: Karen Barlow

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 147723828X


Page: 60

View: 9268


Six year old William, with the help of his pet frog, Filo, are regularly to be found on the 'naughty step' but their adventures are only just beginning when William takes a book from a bookcase to reveal a secret passageway which leads him back in time to London in 1874. William makes friends with a climbing boy, Feather, who shows him a glimpse of Victorian life. Filo can't help but cause mischief getting William into more trouble. William is led from an upper class mansion through the streets of London to a Victorian school. Eventually he is brought back to 'the naughty step' when he leaves the school room making him realise that maybe his school isn't so bad after all. Throughout the book the readers have to find Victorian artefacts that appear on most pages thus extending their Victorian knowledge. After his adventure William researches his Victorian history producing his 'worth knowing' facts. The readers get to extend their learning by deciding whether the facts are true or false. In subsequent books William goes back in time to other periods in history relevant to the various Key Stages. He is an actor in the Company of William Shakespeare in Elizabethan times. He is a servant in the kitchen to Henry VIII, a gladiator in Roman times, part of the ambulance crew in WWII and so on. In each book, artefacts of the era need to be found within the pictures and there is also a present day object that should not be in one of the pictures so that the children learn by comparison.

Maggie and the Magic Bookcase: The Roman Rumpus

Author: Megan Murray

Publisher: Completelynovel

ISBN: 9781787232341

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 296

View: 4189


Join Maggie and Granda on their second adventure with The Magic Bookcase! It's the summer holidays at last and that can only mean one thing - plenty of time for more magical adventures for Maggie and Granda. Journeying into the past again, they continue their quest to learn about Scotland's history following on from their Stone Age adventure with a foray into the Metal Ages, just as the Romans are arriving on the shores of Britannia. Maggie has a lot to learn about the Romans and their ways - and just as much to learn about the Caledonian tribes they came to conquer. The stakes are now raised because in such unstable times, the past-peoples won't mess around if they catch our intrepid adventurers where they shouldn't be. Meanwhile, Wally is off on an adventure of his own... With plenty of magic, a good dash of danger, lots of learning, (and even a couple of elephants!), this adventure is sure to be as exciting as the last, but what Maggie and Granda really need to learn is the art of blending in... For there's a rumpus brewing and Maggie, Granda and Wally are about to get themselves caught-up right in the middle of it!

Maggie's Mittens

Author: Coo Clayton

Publisher: Maggie

ISBN: 9781785301483

Category: Children's stories

Page: 36

View: 448


Maggie doesn't like her mittens. They're hot. They're fuzzy. And Mum wants her to wear two of them! Maybe she can find them a new owner on her trip around Scotland . . . somewhere Mum won't notice! Join Maggie - and her mittens - on this charming and delightful tour of Scotland.

The Angel Doll

A Christmas Story

Author: Jerry Bledsoe

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312971892

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

View: 6565


In a novel set in a 1950s North Carolina town, two boys learn the true meaning of the season when scour the town searching for a doll for a polio-stricken sister. Reprint.

Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland

Author: Bryan Sykes

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393330755

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 9461


From the best-selling author of The Seven Daughters of Eve, a perfect book for anyone interested in the genetic history of Britain, Ireland, and America. One of the world's leading geneticists, Bryan Sykes has helped thousands find their ancestry in the British Isles. Saxons, Vikings, and Celts, which resulted from a systematic ten-year DNA survey of more than 10,000 volunteers, traces the true genetic makeup of the British Isles and its descendants, taking readers from the Pontnewydd cave in North Wales to the resting place of the Red Lady of Paviland and the tomb of King Arthur. This illuminating guide provides a much-needed introduction to the genetic history of the people of the British Isles and their descendants throughout the world.

Media and the American Mind

From Morse to McLuhan

Author: Daniel J. Czitrom

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807841075

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 1779


In a fascinating and comprehensive intellectual history of modern communication in America, Daniel Czitrom examines the continuing contradictions between the progressive possibilities that new communications technologies offer and their use as instruments

Books and Bookmen

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465600760

Category: Bibliomania

Page: 177

View: 5756


The Countryman. "You know how much, for some time past, the editions of the Elzevirs have been in demand. The fancy for them has even penetrated into the country. I am acquainted with a man there who denies himself necessaries, for the sake of collecting into a library (where other books are scarce enough) as many little Elzevirs as he can lay his hands upon. He is dying of hunger, and his consolation is to be able to say, 'I have all the poets whom the Elzevirs printed. I have ten examples of each of them, all with red letters, and all of the right date.' This, no doubt, is a craze, for, good as the books are, if he kept them to read them, one example of each would be enough." The Parisian. "If he had wanted to read them, I would not have advised him to buy Elzevirs. The editions of minor authors which these booksellers published, even editions 'of the right date,' as you say, are not too correct. Nothing is good in the books but the type and the paper. Your friend would have done better to use the editions of Gryphius or Estienne." This fragment of a literary dialogue I translate from 'Entretiens sur les Contes de Fees,' a book which contains more of old talk about books and booksellers than about fairies and folk-lore. The 'Entretiens' were published in 1699, about sixteen years after the Elzevirs ceased to be publishers. The fragment is valuable: first, because it shows us how early the taste for collecting Elzevirs was fully developed, and, secondly, because it contains very sound criticism of the mania. Already, in the seventeenth century, lovers of the tiny Elzevirian books waxed pathetic over dates, already they knew that a 'Caesar' of 1635 was the right 'Caesar,' already they were fond of the red-lettered passages, as in the first edition of the 'Virgil' of 1636. As early as 1699, too, the Parisian critic knew that the editions were not very correct, and that the paper, type, ornaments, and FORMAT were their main attractions. To these we must now add the rarity of really good Elzevirs.

Ancient Libraries

Author: Jason König,Katerina Oikonomopoulou,Greg Woolf

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107244587

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 3936


The circulation of books was the motor of classical civilization. But books were both expensive and rare, and so libraries - private and public, royal and civic - played key roles in articulating intellectual life. This collection, written by an international team of scholars, presents a fundamental reassessment of how ancient libraries came into being, how they were organized and how they were used. Drawing on papyrology and archaeology, and on accounts written by those who read and wrote in them, it presents new research on reading cultures, on book collecting and on the origins of monumental library buildings. Many of the traditional stories told about ancient libraries are challenged. Few were really enormous, none were designed as research centres, and occasional conflagrations do not explain the loss of most ancient texts. But the central place of libraries in Greco-Roman culture emerges more clearly than ever.

The Cold Song

Author: Linn Ullmann

Publisher: Other Press, LLC

ISBN: 1590516680

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 1175


Named in the New York Times Book Review’s 100 Notable Books of 2014! Ullmann’s characters are complex and paradoxical: neither fully guilty nor fully innocent Siri Brodal, a chef and restaurant owner, is married to Jon Dreyer, a famous novelist plagued by writer’s block. Siri and Jon have two daughters, and together they spend their summers on the coast of Norway, in a mansion belonging to Jenny Brodal, Siri’s stylish and unforgiving mother. Siri and Jon’s marriage is loving but difficult, and troubled by painful secrets. They have a strained relationship with their elder daughter, Alma, who struggles to find her place in the family constellation. When Milla is hired as a nanny to allow Siri to work her long hours at the restaurant and Jon to supposedly meet the deadline on his book, life in the idyllic summer community takes a dire turn. One rainy July night, Milla disappears without a trace. After her remains are discovered and a suspect is identified, everyone who had any connection with her feels implicated in her tragedy and haunted by what they could have done to prevent it. The Cold Song is a story about telling stories and about how life is continually invented and reinvented.

The Alchemy of Forever

Author: Avery Williams

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0857076825

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 2755


People say 'love never dies'… but love might be the death of Seraphina. Seraphina has been alive since the Middle Ages, when her boyfriend, Cyrus, managed to perfect a method of alchemy that lets them swap bodies with any human being. She doesn't want to die, so she finds young people who are on the brink of death, and inhabits their bodies. When we meet Sera, she has landed in the body of a girl named Kailey who was about to die in a car accident. For the first time, Sera falls in love with the life of the person she's inhabiting. Sera also falls for the boy next door, Noah. And soon it's clear the feelings are returned. Unfortunately, she can never kiss Noah, because for her to touch lips with a human would mean the human's death. And she has even more to worry about: Cyrus is chasing her, and if she stays in one place for long, she puts herself -and the people she's grown to care for - in danger.

Period Piece

A Cambridge Childhood

Author: Gwen Raverat

Publisher: Clear Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781904555124

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 1643


A facsimile of a 19th century book is a delightful, quirky account, beautifully illustrated with the author's famous line drawings, of her quintessentially English childhood growing up as a Darwin at the end of the 19th century.

Super Scratch and Sketch

A Cool Art Activity Book for Budding Artists of All Ages

Author: N.A

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press

ISBN: 9780880882866

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 60

View: 5092


Presents twenty drawing and design projects, including hieroglyphics, tattoos, super-heroes, and African sculpture.

Shadows of the Prophet

Martial Arts and Sufi Mysticism

Author: Douglas S. Farrer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 140209356X

Category: Social Science

Page: 311

View: 4395


This is the first in-depth study of the Malay martial art, silat, and the first ethnographic account of the Haqqani Islamic Sufi Order. Drawing on 12 years of research and practice, the author provides a major contribution to the study of Malay culture.


Author: Diana Gabaldon

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

ISBN: 0385674678

Category: Fiction

Page: 896

View: 1784


Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another... In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an "outlander"—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord...1743. Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire's destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and the forbidden Castle Leoch. She is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life ...and shatter her heart. For here, James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a passion so fierce and a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire...and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Republic of Books

The Novel with Play and Handy Footnotes Included

Author: Vincent McCaffrey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989790314

Category: Drama

Page: N.A

View: 572


This is my chance, then, to cast myself in the hero¿s role. I¿ve been a humble author and bookseller for all these years. (Allow me my hyperbole¿at least I¿m much humbled.) I don¿t run into tall buildings to save women and children while other¿s flee. (My knees have never been so strong, but it bears asking, do the women need the saving anymore?) My eyes are not good enough to fly jet planes or hit a fast ball. I sell old books and the few that are new that are worth the time, and write novels I cannot sell. And though the writing has been much ignored, it is a witness to what I do and what I¿ve done¿that is, for sixty-eight years I have done pretty much what suited me. And here, at last, is a chance to do what is arguably better if not best. The argument is not settled. That I have waited until now, when I have so little left to lose, may be some mitigation of your judgment of all this, I understand. Or that the overwhelming risk of failure at this point makes any effort too romantically futile (and possibly planned that way). That I should have done more to prevent what has finally come to pass might cast me into the lower ranks of Dante¿s hell, but at least I won¿t be letting a good collapse of Western Civilization go waste. There is a story here to be written, and if it transpires that there is no one left to read it, so be it. That is at least consistent with all else that I do. (The whine you hear is not self pity, but the wind in the gears.) I sally forth. My armor is the truth. I have a worthy truck for my steed. My companion is¿well, we¿ll work that out.


My Own Story

Author: Jean Fritz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101076781

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 3769


The accolades speak for themselves:"Fritz draws the readers into scenes from her youth in the turbulent China of the mid-twenties. One comes to appreciate the generous affection of her nurse/companion Lin Nai-Nai, the isolating distance in her mother's grief over losing a second child, the dynamics of a suffering population venting its hostility on foreigners, and most of all, the loneliness of a child's exile from a homeland she has imagined constantly but never seen....A remarkable blend of truth and storytelling." --Booklist, starred review"An insightful memory's-eye-view of her childhood...Young Jean is a strong character, and many of her reactions to people and events are timeless and universal." --School Library Journal, starred review"Told with an abundance of humor--sometimes wry, sometimes mischievous and irreverent--the story is vibrant with atmosphere, personalities, and a palpable sense of place." --The Horn Book"Every now and then a book comes along that makes me want to send a valentine to its author. Homesick is such a book....Pungent and delicious." --Katherine Paterson, The Washington Post

The Cute Girl Network

Author: Greg Means,MK Reed,Joe Flood

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1596437510

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 192

View: 7860


"Jack and Jane just want to fall in love in peace, but Jane's busy-body lady-friends are determined to head the clumsy Jack off at the pass!"--

Walter Benjamin and the Architecture of Modernity

Author: Andrew Benjamin,Charles Rice


ISBN: 0980544092

Category: Architecture

Page: 224

View: 4812


Walter Benjamin is universally recognised as one of the key thinkers of modernity: his writings on politics, language, literature, media, theology and law have had an incalculable influence on contemporary thought. Yet the problem of architecture in and for Benjamin's work remains relatively underexamined. Does Benjamin's project have an architecture and, if so, how does this architecture affect the explicit propositions that he offers us? In what ways are Benjamin's writings centrally caught up with architectural concerns, from the redevelopment of major urban centres to the movements that individuals can make within the new spaces of modern cities? How can Benjamin's theses help us to understand the secret architectures of the present? This volume takes up the architectural challenge in a number of innovative ways, collecting essays by both well-known and emerging scholars on time in cinema, the problem of kitsch, the design of graves and tombs, the orders of road-signs, childhood experience in modern cities, and much more. Engaged, interdisciplinary, bristling with insights, the essays in this collection will constitute an indispensable supplement to the work of Walter Benjamin, as well as providing a guide to some of the obscurities of our own present.

Icons of Horror and the Supernatural

An Encyclopedia of Our Worst Nightmares

Author: S. T. Joshi

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313337826

Category: Horror films

Page: 796

View: 3685


Offers entries on 24 of the significant archetypes of horror and the supernatural, from the classical epics of Homer to the novels of Stephen King.