Kick the Habit

A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality

Author: Alex Kirby

Publisher: UNEP/Earthprint

ISBN: 9789280729269

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 200

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This publication is written by experts from many disciplines and various countries, with leading research organizations involved in preparing and reviewing the publication. It presents solutions--from reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency to offsetting emissions via carbon trading schemes--for individuals, businesses, cities and countries plus other groups that have similar characteristics such as NGO and intergovernmental organizations. The book contains case studies, illustrations, maps and graphics and serves also as reference publication.--Publisher's description.

Kick the Habit

Overcoming Addiction Using the Twelve-Step Program

Author: Robert Lefever

Publisher: Carlton Books Limited

ISBN: 9781858689654

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 304


A British doctor and addiction specialist explores the many avenues that addiction can take, from alcohol and drugs to food, gambling, and sex.

Defense Addiction

Can America Kick The Habit?

Author: Sanford Gottlieb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042998071X

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Whatever happened to the post?Cold War ?peace dividend?? Why does military spending continue to escape federal budget reductions? Why, despite the nearly universal desire to reduce government waste and budget deficits, is the United States still saddled with a costly, bloated military-industrial complex? The answer, says Sanford Gottlieb, is a debilitating dependence of a key sector of the American economy on defense jobs and profits.Based on hundreds of interviews with defense contractors, union representatives, members of Congress, state and federal officials, lobbyists, economic development professionals, and local activists, Defense Addiction explains how these groups and individuals cope with defense dependence, competition for federal funds, and budget and job cuts?painting a sobering picture of how this addiction hampers the nation's ability to deal effectively with a host of domestic and global problems.Providing guidance to companies and communities struggling to break free in the face of inadequate government policies, Gottlieb's engaging and jargon-free volume points to civilian public investments, reduced military spending, strengthened international peacekeeping, and other measures that could help our country kick the habit.

How to kick the habit

The drug withdrawal handbook

Author: Clifton Jack Alexander,Sandy Alexander

Publisher: N.A


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 173

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Discusses various types of addictive drugs and their effects, patterns of addiction, and ways of breaking the drug habit.

Stop Smoking

52 brilliant ideas to kick the habit for good

Author: Peter Cross,Clive Hopwood

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

ISBN: 1907755926

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Stop smoking isn't like other books out there on the market. Addicts know the risks they take every time they inhale. They hear all the negative publicity and government warnings too. They may be smokers but they aren’t stupid. What they want is tried and tested methods to help them to stop. That’s where Peter and Clive come in. In Stop smoking they reveal tips and advice on every topic to do with breaking the habit, from how to stop the chain reaction of 'I've had one, why not have another..', to exploring alternative therapies to help you quit, via ideas for keeping yourself busy to beat the cravings and ways to de-stress your life after you’ve given up. Most importantly of all, this book never belittles the scale of the battle you'll fight as you quit, and with its collection of tips, ideas, advice and information you'll be well armed to win. It won't be easy, but with help and support, you can do it!

Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit

10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World

Author: Tom Rand

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 0981295207

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 239

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KICK is the first gift book on this subject. Richly illustrated and accessible, it addresses achievable solutions that will have a real and meaningful impact on the future for our children. It has been conceived to appeal to a broad range of readers on multiple levels. For those who skim read pull-quotes and captions, Kick provides an engaging glimpse of this fascinating subject. For those who seek deeper understanding, the lively factual text provides an easy-to-understand summary of the technologies and supports all claims with scientifically-verified endnotes -- from a politically neutral technology expert. KICK will, engage, entertain and educate the public about one the most important subjects of our time.

America's Addiction to Automobiles: Why Cities Need to Kick the Habit and How

Author: Chad Frederick

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440852812

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 230

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A provocative look at our nation's dependency on the automobile and how its potential impact on urban design will either make or break our health, economy, and quality of life. • Shows how automobiles in urban areas harm health, economy, and society overall • Explains why some are opposing the movement toward more multi-modal cities and why 40 years of research in this area has not resulted in better cities • Includes research, maps, and photographs from cities where multi-modal development is successful • Reveals the high percentage of land devoted to automobile use–from roads, highways, and parking structures to garages, driveways, gas stations, repair shops, salvage yards, and other facilities

Pacifiers Anonymous

How to Kick the Pacifier Or Thumb Sucking Habit

Author: Sumi Sexton,Liza Draper,Ruby Natale Andrew

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615898889


Page: 94

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THE answer to all of your questions about the pacifier and the thumb! "If your child is 'hooked' -- if you can't get that pacifier or thumb out of his mouth - then this informative and charming book is a worthwhile resource. I say this as a doctor, a journalist, and as the mom of a former 'pacifier addict'. It certainly is a must-read for every parent and care-giver." -Dr. Ranit Mishori, Contributing Health Editor, "Parade" Magazine Does your child have an obsession with the pacifier or thumb and crave it like you crave your morning coffee? If you are looking to make a clean break, this book will give you the solution. "Pacifiers Anonymous" is written by three moms whose full-time jobs are perfectly suited to this book: one is a medical doctor, one is a child psychologist, and one is a stay-at-home mom. The book takes a "from-the-trenches" approach with twelve easy steps to help your child kick the pacifier or thumb sucking habit for good. This book will finally answer your most pressing questions: * Is your child ready to ditch the thumb or pacifier? Know the surefire signs to watch out for. * What can you do instead? Discover the technique that's best for soothing your child. * What are the most popular techniques out there to get rid of the pacifier or thumb-and what really works? * Is it really so bad to use the pacifier? (Rest easy: there are actually some benefits!) * Did cave babies suck their thumbs? Learn the comforting truth about the history of pacifiers and thumb sucking.

Don't Diet: 'the Handbook on Kicking the Aging Habit'

Author: Sonia St. James


ISBN: 1411694635


Page: 82

View: 7046


A Quick Snappy Guide to Kick the Aging Habit for People Between Ages 40 and 60+. Practical and inspirational with how to sections: self-assessment, exercise routines, alter eating habits, tips for travelers and busy people plus much more. You will want to get started right away!

Weekend Confidence Coach

How to kick the self-doubt habit in 48 hours

Author: Lynda Field

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446458881

Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

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Full of brilliant ideas, Weekend Confidence Coach will help you become self-assured, calm and stress-free in a very short time. Written in the friendly and interactive style of the popular Weekend Life Coach and Weekend Love Coach series, Weekend Confidence Coach will show you how, by boosting your self-belief, you can rise above your doubts and watch your highest dreams unfold before your very eyes, discovering a life that blazes and sparkles with energy, zest and enthusiasm. Use Lynda Field's tried and trusted methods to take a stand and learn how to love your life, overcoming negative behaviour patterns and destructive emotions. Set aside just 48 hours to put yourself first and make an exciting new start, stepping into the sunshine of your life.

Holy Smokes

Inspirational Help for Kicking the Habit

Author: Jean Flora Glick

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 9780825426964

Category: Self-Help

Page: 128

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A unique daily journal filled with inspiration and spiritual help for Christians who want to kick the habit with more than just a nicotine patch, a pack of gum, or a "you can do it" speech.

Kicking the Carbon Habit

Global Warming and the Case for Renewable and Nuclear Energy

Author: William Sweet

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231510373

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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With glaciers melting, oceans growing more acidic, species dying out, and catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina ever more probable, strong steps must be taken now to slow global warming. Further warming threatens entire regional economies and the well being of whole populations, and in this century alone, it could create a global cataclysm. Synthesizing information from leading scientists and the most up-to-date research, science journalist William Sweet examines what the United States can do to help prevent climate devastation. Rather than focusing on cutting oil consumption, which Sweet argues is expensive and unrealistic, the United States should concentrate on drastically reducing its use of coal. Coal-fired plants, which currently produce more than half of the electricity in the United States, account for two fifths of the country's greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Sweet believes a mixture of more environmentally sound technologies-wind turbines, natural gas, and nuclear reactors-can effectively replace coal plants, especially since dramatic improvements in technology have made nuclear power cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Sweet cuts through all the confusion and controversies. He explores dramatic advances made by climate scientists over the past twenty years and addresses the various political and economic issues associated with global warming, including the practicality of reducing emissions from automobiles, the efficacy of taxing energy consumption, and the responsibility of the United States to its citizens and the international community to reduce greenhouse gases. Timely and provocative, Kicking the Carbon Habit is essential reading for anyone interested in environmental science, economics, and the future of the planet.

Kick the TV Habit!

A Simple Program for Changing Your Family's Television Viewing and Video Game Habits

Author: Steven J. Bennett

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 9780140240016

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 134

View: 7487


A program for changing family television and video game habits to create a life of quality family time and active learning includes one hundred TV-free activities, a wealth of facts and statistics about TV watching, and resources for further information. Original.


How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too

Author: Beth Terry

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1634500350

Category: House & Home

Page: 384

View: 8366


“Guides readers toward the road less consumptive, offering practical advice and moral support while making a convincing case that individual actions . . . do matter.” —Elizabeth Royte, author, Garbage Land and Bottlemania Like many people, Beth Terry didn’t think an individual could have much impact on the environment. But while laid up after surgery, she read an article about the staggering amount of plastic polluting the oceans, and decided then and there to kick her plastic habit. In Plastic-Free, she shows you how you can too, providing personal anecdotes, stats about the environmental and health problems related to plastic, and individual solutions and tips on how to limit your plastic footprint. Presenting both beginner and advanced steps, Terry includes handy checklists and tables for easy reference, ways to get involved in larger community actions, and profiles of individuals—Plastic-Free Heroes—who have gone beyond personal solutions to create change on a larger scale. Fully updated for the paperback edition, Plastic-Free also includes sections on letting go of eco-guilt, strategies for coping with overwhelming problems, and ways to relate to other people who aren’t as far along on the plastic-free path. Both a practical guide and the story of a personal journey from helplessness to empowerment, Plastic-Free is a must-read for those concerned about the ongoing health and happiness of themselves, their children, and the planet.

Kick the Worry Habit

Take Back Control of Your Life

Author: Lynne Daly

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539385264


Page: 64

View: 2077


Learn How Kick the Worry Habit and Start to Enjoy life,With this Wonderful book! we humans, seem to worry all the time, about everything under the sun; we worry about our jobs, families, relationships and even our future, and by allowing all this space in the mind to be took up with negative thoughts can really take a toll on your happiness and even on your ability to live your life the way you want it to be, because you are being constantly blocked by your anxiety and the habit of worrying over every little thing that comes your way. It's something we find ourselves all doing and it is not something to be ashamed of, but it is something that you should try to keep in check, for your own sake and the people in your close circle. At the end of the day, worrying over something that you can't control its outcome and you are almost certainly torturing yourself over absolutely nothing. The bottom line in this problem is precisely the inherent futility of your mental gymnastics, because while you imagine hundreds of different things you could have done differently or ways in which a situation could descend into chaos, in the real world, life goes on, as usual, with absolutely no interference caused by your thoughts. Worrying is not something you ever win from and it is, in fact, a source of constant stress, irritation, anxiety and even illness, in its most severe forms. Negative thinking and pessimism have been proven to be detrimental to our mental and physical health and to our overall happiness, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to eliminate your negative thoughts. It is completely doable, and all you need is a little guidance. Luckily, this e-book was written with the purpose of helping people who are struggling with negative thinking and worrying too much. You need to stop it from taking over your life and this e-book is your definite guide to achieving a happier life with significantly less negative thinking. By following the steps outlined here, you will be able to change the way you approach your problems and learn to "train" yourself to stop thinking negatively. This Book Has Everything You Need to Take The Next Step Here is a Preview Of What You Will Learn... Most of The Thing's You Worry About Don't Happen Don't Worry About What People May Think Focus on What You Control. Not What You Can't. Try to be in The Moment Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Worry And Much Much More... The Greatest Investment, Is On Yourself And Your Future.Get This Bargain eBook And Do Exactly That....

Stress Is Optional! How to Kick the Habit

Author: Adam Timm

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781628651539

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 136

View: 7189


Stress is Optional! Choose Freedom! Stress is the Culprit for 6 Leading Causes of Death & 60% of All Doctor's Visits are Stress-Related Stress is literally killing us! Our bodies are hard-wired to flood the bloodstream with a torrent of stress-inducing chemicals when danger arises, allowing us to spring to safety. Unfortunately, these same chemicals put us on constant alert from everyday stressors as well as agitating: Our Health, Our Emotions, and Our Thoughts.

America's Addiction to Automobiles

Why Cities Need to Kick the Habit and How

Author: Chad Paul Frederick

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 9781440852800

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 230

View: 9546


In this thought-provoking work, author and urban planning expert Chad Frederick scrutinizes the use of automobiles in cities, investigating its role in exacerbating urban inequalities and thwarting sustainability of modern society. Through a comprehensive, thoughtful discussion, Frederick details the economic advantage a city can have without a weighty--and costly--automotive infrastructure and the benefit of utilizing physical space no longer needed for parking and housing cars. He contends that cities with multiple forms of transportation are greener, healthier, and more financially prosperous and illustrates how the automobile is fundamentally at odds with the very nature of cities. The book delves into the monumental role of automobiles in the development of cities after the Great Depression, impacting the American identity and affecting the way we produce and manage urban spaces. The content examines the movement toward more multi-modal cities, in spite of detractors who claim the push for more public transportation, bike lanes, walking paths, and other means of travel constitute a "war on cars"--a war that has been going on since the Model T's introduction more than a century ago. In conclusion, the author considers possible models and methods for building awareness and growing interest in sustainable transportation practices in cities and beyond.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Author: David Gillespie

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405916486

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 5132


Cure your sweet tooth with The Sweet Poison Quit Plan _________ Sugar is addictive and bad for us. We eat 2 pounds of added sugar a week - to counter-balance this keep the weight off you need to run 4.5 miles a day. When David Gillespie cut sugar from his diet he lost 6 stone - and it kept it off. His secret was discovering that we're not designed to consume sugar and that unless we cut it out, any exercising or dieting we do is, ultimately, doomed to failure. His approach is plain and simple: eat what you like, when you like, but don't eat sugar. The Sweet Poison Quit Plan teaches you: · How food manufacturers feed our addiction by adding sugar to non-sweet products · How to remove sugar from your diet and eliminate its lifestyle habits · How to interpret confusing labelling as you shop sugar-free · How to make delicious sugar-free treats, from ice cream to brownies Showing why we're addicted to sugar and packed with clear, easy-to-follow advice on how to break that addiction, David Gillespie's The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the most straightforward and sustainable guide to losing weight and improving well-being you're ever likely to read. Start now!