In The Name Of Allah, The All-Merciful And Most Merciful


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Book 1: The Manifestations of The Name of Allah as the All-Merciful and Most Merciful in the Qur'an Every moment of the 60-80 years that people spend in this earthly life before leaving it contains a test. After death, they will give an account of their good and evil words and deeds, and then will begin their eternal existence in the world to come. On the Day of Resurrection, everything that a person did while alive will be taken into account. Those who chose the way of the prophets; those who were true, devout, and sincerely submitted to Allah (God) in faith; those who feared Allah out of awe and respect and so respected the limitations He set upon humanity; and those who hoped to win Allah's favor and mercy and attain Paradise will rejoice in an eternal Paradise. On the other hand, satan and those who rejected Allah, along with idolaters and hypocrites; those who ignored Allah in order to satisfy their own desires; and those who embraced sinful actions will be sent to live in Hell. No one will be treated unjustly. Believers, to whom Allah has promised the joys of Paradise, are those who sincerely believe that He created the whole universe from nothing, who know and remember the Creator by His most beautiful names and recognize His eternal power and might, and who spend their lives consciously striving to earn His favor. They know that Allah created them and the universe in complete perfection, down to the most subtle detail, and that He is their only Friend and Protector. They behave with the knowledge that He sees and hears them at all times, and that He is aware of everything.

Missing Jeremiah in the Name of Allah

Author: May Day

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“Indeed the worst of all being in the sight of ‘Allah’ (god of Islam) Are those who persist in disbelief never to have faith (in Allah).” (Quran Surah Al Anfal 8 .55) Jeremiah in this novel, based on real facts and true events, is an American-Jew news reporter, trying to reveal the truth about the war in the Middle East (Israel, Lebanon, Syria). He has to confront the face of death and terror “in the Name of Allah.” Allah Akbar (Allah is great). “I have been made victorious with terror.” (Al Sunnah Sahih Al Bakhari 4.52.220) A man can be destroyed but not defeated, you cannot stop what is coming if you do not focus on it. As long terror is out there . . . who’s going to be next? There is no news in the whole world better than bad news, beheading, burning, cutting limbs, crucifixion of no believers in Sharia law. All these emotions experienced by Jeremiah in the presence of treat and danger and fear for his existence, in the name of Allah! Who is coming to rescue Jeremiah?

In the Name of Allah

Understanding Islam and Indian History

Author: Raziuddin Aquil

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The history of Islam in India has resulted in impassioned debates between scholars-from the secularists to the Hindu right. Arguing that these histories tend to project modern concerns back in time, Raziuddin Aquil conducts a dispassionate investigation of the period between the thirteenth and the nineteenth centuries, from the heyday of Muslim political domination of large areas of the Subcontinent to the decline of the Mughals, accompanied by the transformations colonialism brought in its wake. Using texts from the medieval and early modern periods, Aquil uncovers connections between a variety of factors-the religious orthodoxy or the ulama; Muslim rulers' attempts to deal with competing religious ideologies; the influence of Sufi traditions; the emergence of Sikhism and its tenuous relationship with Islam; and the development of Urdu as a language of the people. Situating his arguments in the context of contemporary politics involving Hindus and Muslims, Islam and the West, and the longterm struggles within Muslim societies between reason and faith, Aquil contends that some of the issues explored here have come down to us from medieval times while others have been transformed completely into concerns that are purely modern in origin. Penetrating and readable, In the Name of Allah tackles the legacy of Muslim rule in India, and in the process presents Islam as a complex and continually changing tradition.

Terrorism in the name of Allah - Islamic fundamentalism as sign of the 'Clash of civilizations'?

Author: Sebastian Hergott

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Near East, Near Orient, U.S. Naval Academy, course: Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference 2001 - Terrorism: Old conflicts in new clothing?, 8 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Introduction “On 26th February 1993, at approximately 12.18 p.m., an improvised explosive device exploded on the second level of the World Trade Center parking basement...”(1) Killing five people and injuring a couple of hundred people, the World Trade Center bombing still is present in the USA. “On Wednesday, 21 December 1988 at 7:03 pm GMT a Boeing 747 airliner owned and operated by Pan American World Airlines and cruising at 31,000 feet exploded above the small town of Lockerbie. Pan Am Flight 103 had taken off from London Heathrow some 38 minutes before and was en route to JFK Airport in New York. Aboard the aircraft were 243 passengers and a crew of sixteen. None survived.”, another tragic moment in world history(2). What do these two incidents have in common? They are both acts of international terrorism. But they share another common characteristic. They are religious motivated acts of terrorism. And this is quite important. In my personal opinion this kind of terrorism is rapidly increasing. [...] ______ 1 Compare to URL: (3-21-01) 2 Compare to URL: (3-21-01)

Beautiful Names of ALLAH in the Bible

Author: Dr. S.M. Mohiuddin Habibi,Syed Ahsan Habibi

Publisher: iExpertini Limited

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This Book has been accomplished to Unite Humanity on the basis of Commonality in Belief and Reality that there is only One True God - ALLAH , the Message of Whom was conveyed by Moses in Old Testament, Jesus in New Testament and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) in Quran. The history provides us the evidence that the Messengers of ALLAH have been sent to every Nation. Although, their languages were different in which Messages were conveyed but the Name of One True God - ALLAH, found to be the same and intact, inspite of various linguistic mutations. In our Blessed Research we found, “99 Beautiful Names of ALLAH” Co-existing in Quran, Hadith and Bible. We earnestly, hope that our readers would be all over the globe who would love to gain this Blessed Insight and Embrace the Truth.

Blessed Names and Attributes of Allah

Author: Abdur Kidwai

Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1847740898

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"Allah's are the names most beautiful. Whatever is in the heavens and earth extols His glory."—The Qur'an (Al-Hashr 59:24) "Allah has 99 names. He who remembers these will certainly enter Paradise."—Prophet Muhammad (Bukharhi Hadith Kitab Ad-Dawat, 2,949) Remembering the Names of Allah is a sacred tradition in Islam. Both the Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet (Hadiths) state the importance of learning them and promise reward for reciting them in supplications and prayers. This beautiful presentation of Allah's most revered nintety-nine names draws the reader nearer to the Divine through contemplation and reflection of Allah's names, their meaning, and how each impacts our daily lives. They help to conceptualize Allah, Whose limitless greatness and glory is impossible to grasp. Each name is presented in the original Arabic and its translation into English. Accompanying each name is a commentary that is concise and easy to understand but rich in meaning. Abdur Raheem Kidwai (b. 1956) is a professor of English at the Aligarh Muslim University, India, and a visiting fellow at the School of English, University of Leicester, United Kingdom. He earned his two PhDs in English from the Aligarh Muslim University and the University of Leicester. He is a well-known author of many works on the Qur'an and Islam, including: The Qur'an: Essential Teachings; Daily Wisdom: Islamic Prayers and Supplications; Daily Wisdom: Selections from the Holy Qur'an; and What Should We Say?

Names Of Allah

Author: Parvez Dewan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9351184323

Category: Philosophy

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Allah is widely believed to have ninetynine names, each of which has a meaning and is indicative of a desirable quality. This copiously researched book, The Names Of Allah, contains the most popularly accepted and several lesserknown titles of Allah. These sacred names are given in Arabic and phonetic English, with English translations and explanatory notes. Enhancing the appeal of the book is a comprehensive introduction. It deals with several canons, each of which differs in the names included and the sequence followed. Drawing upon the views of various scholars regarding the names and attributes of Allah, the categorization of these names and most importantly, the benefits of reciting them, the author gives us perhaps the most thorough and accessible contemporary interpretation of the different aspects of the Supreme Being.

Why We Bomb In The Name of Allah

Author: Elatuyi Emmanuel Olanrewaju

Publisher: WSIC EBooks Ltd

ISBN: 0981305490

Category: Fiction

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The man that has become known as the Christmas bomber has now been sentenced. This is a fictional account of the 23-year-old Nigerian man that on December 25, 2009, boards a plane in Amsterdam that is bound for Detroit. Nobody takes this passenger to be anything other than another poor soul having to travel on Christmas day but this man definitely has other plans for Christmas.

Al Asmaa Ul Husnaa

How To Live By The Names of Allah

Author: Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483533131

Category: Religion

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Practical knowledge and tips on how to live by the names and attributes of Allah

The Mysteries of Allah and His Muhammad

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Author: Fatai Badmos

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 1681815885

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The Mysteries of Allah and His Muhammad is indeed a scanty summary of a potentially great debate. However unwieldy or incomprehensible the actual details may be, certain contexts of the whole or part can always be identified for discussion. In the physique of mankind, Allah manifests. He does so on nature glaringly, just as is inferred from various sections of the book. Whilst He does, the divinity of a being “not more than a prophet” is also undoubtedly established. That co-joining of the One and Only Creator and a creation (a man, Muhammad), who coincidentally is most positively and negatively controversial, should interest those who consider man to be the meanest of God’s creations. That we may not discount knowledge of any sort, even that considered most sacrilegious (science), God’s inspiration to a mortal being (Muhammad) corroborates too many ideas put forth by scientists or intellectuals’ discoveries and postulations. What a mystery that the lightbulb, which in theory and description was already encoded in the Quran more than a thousand years ago, before one bulb ever rolled out in a factory! Only simple minds take things for granted and give no thought to the grandiose schemes of our world and its elements. This book serves as a jolt to those who oversimplify “what is” or the mysterious.

The 99 Name of Allah

Expansions Special Edition 5

Author: Fode Drame

Publisher: CreateSpace

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Each name of God is like a rope, with one end in the Hands of God and the other end in the hands of man. Man calls God through His names and God responds to man through His names as well. In this manner a perfect communication will eventually be established between man and the Divine. This volume of the Expansions series discusses the names of God, understanding them as a key component in man's relationship with God, the source of life and light.

The 99 Names of Allah

Acquiring the 99 Divine Qualities of God

Author: Baal Kadmon

Publisher: CreateSpace

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In the first volume of the Sacred names series : "The 72 Names of God: The 72 keys to Transformation" I discuss the power of the name. Knowing a name gives you power.In this book we will discuss the 99 names of Allah, what they are, and how to use them to instill in yourself with the power of God. Throughout the mystical traditions of the world, several traditions stand out as luminaries. One of these luminous traditions is Sufism. Sufism is the mystical tradition of the Muslim faith. Like any spiritual tradition, mystical interpretations are often hinted at in the main body of religious texts, but other books are needed to decipher the inner mysteries of an established canon. This applies to Islam as well.Islam's main holy book is the Quran. A beautifully written and deep tome. Often , in the west we do not see the depth of Islam because it has been shrouded in the deeds of a few radical people who have lost the true spirit of the Quran. This is a shame because the Quran is quite a deep book. It is much more than a book on how to conduct ones life. It is a manual for divine enlightenment. Its deeper mysteries are hidden in the text and voluminous works like the Hadith are used to tease them out. In the Hadith it discusses the 99 names of God. These names are essentially 99 qualities that God possess. These names are meant as guides in our own life. If you have ever seen picture of Muslims holding beads in their hands , those beads are used to chant the 99 names of Allah. This tradition is very much embedded in Islamic tradition. In this book, we will learn how to tap into the 99 names of Allah and acquire the 99 divine qualities.


The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

Author: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Publisher: The Fellowship Press

ISBN: 9780914390138

Category: Religion

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