Human Impacts on Ancient Marine Ecosystems

A Global Perspective

Author: Torben C. Rick,Jon M. Erlandson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520253438

Category: History

Page: 319

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“An excellent volume with mature, sophisticated, comprehensive research by leaders in the fields of archaeology, zooarchaeology, and paleoarchaeology that will be useful to scientists of many interests.”—David Steadman, author of Extinction and Biogeography of Tropical Pacific Birds “This volume will make a significant contribution to our understanding of ancient human impacts on marine ecosystems, which will be of interest to all researchers who are concerned about the environment. The editors and contributors are commended for their efforts on this significant research topic.”—Steven R. James, coeditor of The Archaeology of Global Change: The Impact of Humans on Their Environment

Human Impacts on Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters

Integrating Archaeology and Ecology in the Northeast Pacific

Author: Todd J. Braje,Torben C. Rick

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520948971

Category: Nature

Page: 328

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For more than ten thousand years, Native Americans from Alaska to southern California relied on aquatic animals such as seals, sea lions, and sea otters for food and raw materials. Archaeological research on the interactions between people and these marine mammals has made great advances recently and provides a unique lens for understanding the human and ecological past. Archaeological research is also emerging as a crucial source of information on contemporary environmental issues as we improve our understanding of the ancient abundance, ecology, and natural history of these species. This groundbreaking interdisciplinary volume brings together archaeologists, biologists, and other scientists to consider how archaeology can inform the conservation and management of pinnipeds and other marine mammals along the Pacific Coast.

Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites

Archaeology and Marine Conservation on San Miguel Island, California

Author: Todd J Braje

Publisher: University of Utah Press

ISBN: 9780874809848

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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There is a growing consensus in the scientific realm that the world’s oceans are reaching a state of crisis as commercial fisheries are more widely overexploited and many coastal ecosystems are approaching collapse. A number of scientists and resource managers have argued that a successful understanding of the current crisis can be found through the development of a deeper historical perspective of the ecology of coastal ecosystems and the impacts that humans have had on them. In Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites: Archaeology and Marine Conservation on San Miguel Island, California, Todd Braje works to provide just such an understanding, bridging the divide between the archaeological record and the modern crisis. Using archaeological, paleoecological, and historical datasets from California’s Channel Islands and the larger Santa Barbara Channel region, Braje explores the evolving relationship between humans and fragile island ecosystems. San Miguel Island, westernmost of the Northern Channel Islands, holds archaeological records spanning 10,000 years, providing a backdrop for the examination of changes in human demography, subsistence, and technology over time. Braje’s systematic excavations of five well-preserved sitesranging from a 9500-year-old shell midden to a 150-year-old abalone fishing camptranslate into a long-term case study that enables a unique assessment of the human impacts on marine ecosystems. Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites: Archaeology and Marine Conservation on San Miguel Island, California helps to provide a more complete picture of human sea and land use through time, offering vital information for understanding, interpreting, and managing the past, present, and future of both the Channel Islands and global marine ecosystems. Braje demonstrates the relevance of archaeological, historical, and paleoecological data to extant environmental problems and concludes with tangible and practical recommendations for managing modern marine ecosystems and fisheries.

Marine Ecosystems and Global Change

Author: Manuel Barange,John G. Field,Roger P. Harris,Eileen E. Hofmann,R. Ian Perry,Francisco Werner

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780199600892

Category: Science

Page: 440

View: 361


Global changes, including climate change and intensive fishing, are having significant impacts on the world's oceans. This book advances knowledge of the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems and their major sub-systems, and how they respond to physical forcing.

Human Dispersal and Species Movement

Author: Nicole Boivin,Michael Petraglia,Rémy Crassard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107164141

Category: Social Science

Page: 572

View: 7805


How have humans colonised the entire planet and reshaped its ecosystems in the process? This unique and groundbreaking collection of essays explores human movement through time, the impacts of these movements on landscapes and other species, and the ways in which species have co-evolved and transformed each other as a result. Exploring the spread of people, plants, animals, and diseases through processes of migration, colonisation, trade and travel, it assembles a broad array of case studies from the Pliocene to the present. The contributors from disciplines across the humanities and natural sciences are senior or established scholars in the fields of human evolution, archaeology, history, and geography.

Perspectives on Oceans Past

Author: Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez,Bo Poulsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 940177496X

Category: Science

Page: 211

View: 8957


Marine environmental history analyses the changing relationships between human societies and marine natural resources over time. This is the first book which deals in a systematic way with the theoretical backgrounds of this discipline. Major theories and methods are introduced by leading scholars of the field. The book seeks to encapsulate some of the major novelties of this fascinating new discipline and its contribution to the management, conservation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems as well as the cultural heritages of coastal communities in different parts of the world.

California Indians and Their Environment

An Introduction

Author: Kent G. Lightfoot,Otis Parrish

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520256905

Category: History

Page: 493

View: 8319


"Relevant, timely, and approachable, California Indians and Their Environment is an instant classic that should be invaluable for anyone interested in California's diverse natural and cultural landscapes and the future sustainability of the state."—Torben Rick, author of Human Impacts on Ancient Marine Ecosystems: A Global Perspective "California Indians and Their Environment stands respectfully on the shoulders of scholarly giants and demonstrates the cumulative power of cultural, historical, and scientific research. It is a remarkably inclusive and relevant text that is both highly informative of past indigenous life ways and identities and strikingly insightful into current environmental crises that confront us all."—Seth Mallios, author of The Deadly Politics of Giving: Exchange and Violence at Ajacan, Roanoke, and Jamestown "In this highly readable and insightful book, Lightfoot and Parrish show how the natural diversity of California not only influenced the contours of Indian lifeways, but was indeed augmented by burning and other practices, that were used to sustain indigenous economies. The ingenuity and skill with which California Indians managed and used natural resources underscores the need to infuse modern land-use policy with the knowledge of people whose ecological experiences in North America eclipse those of Euroamericans by a factor of forty."—Kenneth E. Sassaman, author of People of the Shoals: Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley "This book is a deeply informative and fascinating examination of California Indians' rich and complex relationship with the ecological landscape. Lightfoot and Parrish have thoroughly updated the classic book, The Natural World of the California Indians, with critical analysis of anthropological theory and methods and incorporation of indigenous knowledge and practices. It is a lucid, accessible book that tells an intriguing story for our modern times."—Melissa K. Nelson, San Francisco State University and President of The Cultural Conservancy "At once scholarly and accessible, this book is destined to be a classic. Framed around pressing environmental issues of concern to a broad range of Californians today, Lightfoot and Parrish provide an historical ecology of California's amazingly diverse environments, its biological resources, and the Native peoples who both adapted to and actively managed them."—Jon M. Erlandson, author of Early Hunter-Gatherers of the California Coast "California Indians and Their Environment fills a significant gap in our understanding of the first peoples of California. Lightfoot and Parrish take on the daunting task of synthesizing and expanding on our knowledge of indigenous land-management practices, sustainable economies, and the use of natural resources for food, medicine, and technological needs. This innovative and thought-provoking book is highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about the diverse traditions of California Indians."—Lynn Gamble, author of The Chumash World at European Contact "This innovative book moves understanding of the Native Peoples of California from the past to the future. The authors' insight into Native Californians as fire managers is an eye-opener to interpreting the ecological and cultural uniqueness of the region. Lightfoot and Parrish have provided the best introduction to Native California while at the same time advancing the best scholarship with an original synthesis. A rare feat!"—William Simmons, Brown University

Next Nature

Author: K.M. Mensvoort,Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Publisher: Actarbirkhauser

ISBN: 9788492861538

Category: Design

Page: 461

View: 1651


"Organized as a pile of [7] magazines containing visual and written essays, short observations, specials, slogans, maps, infographics and infotizements. Each issue focuses on a specific aspect of the nature caused by people. ... A compendium of the most thought provoking observations from the award winning website, supplemented by lots of new visual material and graphics, as well as guest essays"--Page [3-4] of cover.

Human Impacts on Salt Marshes

A Global Perspective

Author: Brian R. Silliman,Edwin Grosholz,Mark D. Bertness

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520258921

Category: Nature

Page: 413

View: 1922


"Human Impacts on Salt Marshes provides an excellent global synthesis of an important, underappreciated environmental problem and suggests solutions to the diverse threats affecting salt marshes."--Peter B. Moyle, University of California, Davis

Oceans and Human Health

Risks and Remedies from the Seas

Author: Patrick J. Walsh,Sharon Smith,Lora Fleming,Helena Solo-Gabriele,William H. Gerwick

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080877822

Category: Science

Page: 672

View: 1577


Oceans and Human Health highlights an unprecedented collaboration of environmental scientists, ecologists and physicians working together on this important new discipline, to the benefit of human health and ocean environmental integrity alike. Oceanography, toxicology, natural products chemistry, environmental microbiology, comparative animal physiology, epidemiology and public health are all long established areas of research in their own right and all contribute data and expertise to an integrated understanding of the ways in which ocean biology and chemistry affect human health for better or worse. This book introduces this topic to researchers and advanced students interested in this emerging field, enabling them to see how their research fits into the broader interactions between the aquatic environment and human health. Color illustrations of aquatic life and oceanic phenomena such as hurricanes and algal blooms Numerous case studies Socio-economic and Ethical Analyses place the science in a broader context Study questions for each chapter to assist students and instructors Risks and remedies sections to help define course modules for instruction

Ecosystems of California

Author: Harold Mooney,Erika Zavaleta

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520278801

Category: Nature

Page: 1008

View: 9871


This long-anticipated reference and sourcebook for California’s remarkable ecological abundance provides an integrated assessment of each major ecosystem type—its distribution, structure, function, and management. A comprehensive synthesis of our knowledge about this biologically diverse state, Ecosystems of California covers the state from oceans to mountaintops using multiple lenses: past and present, flora and fauna, aquatic and terrestrial, natural and managed. Each chapter evaluates natural processes for a specific ecosystem, describes drivers of change, and discusses how that ecosystem may be altered in the future. This book also explores the drivers of California’s ecological patterns and the history of the state’s various ecosystems, outlining how the challenges of climate change and invasive species and opportunities for regulation and stewardship could potentially affect the state’s ecosystems. The text explicitly incorporates both human impacts and conservation and restoration efforts and shows how ecosystems support human well-being. Edited by two esteemed ecosystem ecologists and with overviews by leading experts on each ecosystem, this definitive work will be indispensable for natural resource management and conservation professionals as well as for undergraduate or graduate students of California’s environment and curious naturalists.

Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems

Author: Paul A. del Giorgio,Peter J. le B. Williams

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780191523618

Category: Science

Page: 326

View: 521


Respiration in aquatic ecosystems is one of the major, and also least understood, components of the global carbon cycle; currently there is no textbook that reviews and analyses the extant information on respiration in natural aquatic systems. This book represents a thorough synthesis and in-depth analysis of the current state of understanding of respiration in aquatic systems, as well as of the main scientific questions and challenges that face this particular field. This work is not intended as an introductory textbook, but rather is aimed at advanced graduate students and researchers actively working in the fields of aquatic ecology, biological oceanography, and biogeochemistry in general. - ;Respiration in aquatic ecosystems is one of the major, and also least understood, components of the global carbon cycle; currently there is no textbook that reviews and analyses the extant information on respiration in natural aquatic systems. This book represents a thorough synthesis and in-depth analysis of the current state of understanding of respiration in aquatic systems, as well as of the main scientific questions and challenges that face this particular field. This work is not intended as an introductory textbook, but rather is aimed at advanced graduate students and researchers actively working in the fields of aquatic ecology, biological oceanography, and biogeochemistry in general. - ;Overall, Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems is an inspiration for those in the field to expand their own studies, to students to find out more about the specific role of respiration in global carbon fluxes and for scientists, such as myself, who have not previously considered the community and global implications of respiratory measurements. -


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Cod and Herring

The Archaeology and History of Medieval Sea Fishing

Author: James Harold Barrett,David C. Orton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781785702396

Category: Fish remains (Archaeology)

Page: 282

View: 4517


Quests for cod, herring and other sea fish had profound impacts on medieval Europe. This interdisciplinary book combines history, archaeology and zooarchaeology to discover the chronology, causes and consequences of these fisheries. It crosscuts traditional temporal and geographical boundaries, ranging from the Migration Period through the Middle Ages into early modern times, and from Iceland to Estonia, Arctic Norway to Belgium. It addresses evidence for human impacts on aquatic ecosystems in some instances and for a negligible medieval footprint on superabundant marine species in others (in contrast with industrial fisheries of the 19th-21st centuries). The book explores both incremental and punctuated changes in marine fishing, providing a unique perspective on the rhythm of Europe's environmental, demographic, political and social history. The 20 chapters - by experts in their respective fields - cover a range of regions and methodological approaches, but come together to tell a coherent story of long-term change. Regional differences are clear, yet communities of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic, North and Irish Seas also followed trajectories with many resonances. Ultimately they were linked by a pan-European trade network that turned preserved fish into wine, grain and cloth. At the close of the Middle Ages this nascent global network crossed the Atlantic, but its earlier implications were no less pivotal for those who harvested the sea or profited from its abundance.

A Canyon Through Time

Archaeology, History, and Ecology of the Tecolote Canyon Area, Santa Barbara County, California

Author: Jon M Erlandson,Torben C Rick,Rene L Vellanoweth

Publisher: University of Utah Press

ISBN: 0874808790

Category: History

Page: 197

View: 7627


A summary of the deep history of Tecolote Canyon, a beautiful area of California s Santa Barbara coast that has been occupied by humans for at least 9000 years, using data from archaeology, ecology, geology, and geography."