How to Find Your Inner Glow. A Meditation with Babaji

Author: Geri Mckellar

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 145258429X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 98

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A true account of divine encounters of a most beautiful kind—visitations of a holy being bringing a divine message. Haidakhan Babaji is a legendary teacher, a manifestation of divine love, who appeared in the foothills of the Himalaya in the middle of the last century, and who left his body on Valentine’s Day, 1984. Babaji appeared to Geri on more than one occasion, encouraging her to write a short and sweet, unvarnished handbook about the methods she had learned and used in finding her own inner peace and healing. How to Find Your Inner Glow is a step-by-step guided meditation—and more. It is a quick and easy method leading you to the gateway of inner peace and divine unity. Babaji reveals a beautiful, divine message as he appears to Geri in the early hours of the morning in out-of-body encounters. Part of that message is that he is still very much here with all of us today. There is no separation.

At the Eleventh Hour

The Biography of Swami Rama

Author: Rajmani Tigunait,Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D.

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893892128

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 427

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On the surface, this book is a biography of a great sage of the Himalayas who mastered the practices of yoga and brought to the West a system for understanding the mysteries of body, mind, and spirit.But like the life of Swami Rama, these pages go much deeper than a mere sequence of astonishing events. Through stories of the authentic and fruitful guru-disciple relationships Swami Rama had with both his mysterious master Baba Dharam Das and his own students, you will see how the precious stream of spiritual tradition is transmitted through the generations. These pages also serve as a guide to the more esoteric and advanced practices of yoga and tantra not commonly taught or understood in the West. And they bring you to holy places in India, revealing why these sacred sites are important and how to go about visiting them.The wisdom in these stories penetrates beyond the power of words. As you read Pandit Tigunait's tales of life with his master and see how a committed student actually draws knowledge and nourishment from his teacher, you will feel a few drops from the timeless stream of the traditions of the Himalayas planting themselves in your own heart.

Cry on Mountain

The Message of Mahaavtar Babaji

Author: Elisabeth Rainer,Christian Rainer

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3732211983

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 292

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This book is a compilation of Maha Avtar Babaji’s lectures, which were recorded in his Kriya Yoga Ashram in Nainital, India, in the years 2004 to 2008. It was Babaji’s wish, that his message should be compiled and printed in a concise version. His lectures were therefore dismantled and compiled according to topics. It was however the declared goal for the compilation, to reproduce Babaji’s sayings as well as possible in his own words.

The Heartfulness Way

Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation

Author: Kamlesh D. Patel,Joshua Pollock

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1684031362

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 232

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“A must-read for anyone interested in incorporating meditation into their lifestyle.” ––Sanjay Gupta, MD, chief medical correspondent for CNN Heartfulness is an ideal, a spiritual way of living by and from the heart that is inclusive of all ideologies, beliefs, and religions. In this heart-centered book, a student in conversation with his teacher, Kamlesh D. Patel—affectionately known as Daaji, the fourth and current spiritual guide of the century-old Heartfulness tradition—present a unique method of meditation with the power to facilitate an immediate, tangible spiritual experience, irrespective of a person’s faith. Our modern, fast-paced world can be an overwhelming place. Every day, we’re bombarded with messages telling us that in order to be happy, fulfilled, and worthy, we must be better, do more, and accumulate as much material wealth as possible. Most of us move through our busy lives with our minds full of these ideas, multitasking as we strive to navigate the responsibilities and expectations we must meet just to make it through the day. But what if there is another way? What if, rather than letting the busyness of life overtake our minds, we learn to be heartful instead? Based on Daaji’s own combination of approaches and practices for the modern seeker—which draws from the teachings of Sahaj Marg, meaning “Natural Path”—Heartfulness is a contemporized version of the ancient Indian practice of Raja Yoga, a tradition that enables the practitioner to realize the higher Self within. While many books describe refined states of being, The Heartfulness Way goes further, providing a pragmatic course to experience those states for oneself, which, per the book’s guiding principle, is “greater than knowledge.” Heartfulness meditation consists of four elements—relaxation, meditation, cleaning, and prayer—and illuminates the ancient, defining feature of yogic transmission (or pranahuti), the utilization of divine energy for spiritual growth and transformation. Using the method, detailed practices, tips, and practical philosophy offered in this book, you’ll reach new levels of attainment and learn to live a life more deeply connected to the values of the Heartfulness way—with acceptance, humility, compassion, empathy, and love.

Diary of a Yogi

A Book of Awakening

Author: Guan Shi Yin

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 198221239X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 194

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DIARY OF A YOGI – A BOOK OF AWAKENING Based on the life of Altair Shyam A mystical tale of revelations and transformation. A book of beauty and presence that transforms the way you love and opens your heart to the miracles of this precious lifetime through the power of pure intention. “This is it. Diary of a Yogi – a True Story is more than a book. It is a journey you take that will profoundly impact your life. This is your chance to go into the forest and emerge transformed.” Jane Tara


looking through the window of the world

Author: Lynda Dodgen,Adrian Rapp

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780757530739

Category: Social Science

Page: 325

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Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master

A Yogi's Autobiography

Author: Sri M.

Publisher: Magenta Press and Publication Pvt. Limited

ISBN: 9788191009606

Category: Madanapalle (India)

Page: 329

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The metamorphosis of Mumtaz Ali Khan into Sri 'M', a yogi with profound knowledge of the Upanishads and deep personal insights, born of first hand experiences with higher levels of consciousness is indeed a fascinating story. He traveled to snow clad Himalayas at 19 where he met and lived for several years with a real yogi, Babaji.

Handbook for Humanity

Author: Dianna Frederick

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452593353

Category: Self-Help

Page: N.A

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Handbook for Humanity provides you with the resources needed to discover who you are and how to release emotional reactions from your everyday living, bring happiness and love to you and live a good life. From understanding unseen forces to listening to your inner voice, this handbook offers techniques, instructions and insight to help you recognize and use these specific resources and assimilate them into your human being. It teaches what separates you from your wisdom and gives you the instructions, tools and forces to find your fulfillment. Take it in and absorb this wisdom. Attract and integrate the missing parts of you. The wisdom and power you are looking for is inside. This handbook is written for every person living or who will be living on this planet. It is written for you! * * * “Dianna Frederick’s Handbook for Humanity offers a fresh and elegantly beautiful look into the spirit and soul of why we are really here on earth. Having known Dianna for twenty years, I have seen firsthand her inner growth and spiritual awareness. She is living proof of the power of directly connecting to God and all of the blessings that are bestowed upon one’s life. I highly recommend this guide; it will save your life!” —Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, award-winning author of the bestselling Fat Flush Plan and Before the Change; creator of Fat Flush

Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life

Author: Janakanada Swami Saraswau

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 0877287686

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 128

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The author demonstrates how you can practice Tantric Yoga and go on living your life as you usually do, adding another habit to the ones you already have. The step-by-step, well-illustrated instructions in this book take you from beginners' exercises to those for advanced students. You will learn how to meditate easily, breathe correctly during yoga or meditation, and how to do easy yoga poses and exercises, such as the back program to improve posture and maintain youthfulness, and a great deal more!

The Name is Rajinikanth

Author: Gayathri Sreekanth

Publisher: N.A


Category: Actors

Page: 375

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Almost all show-world success stories in India appear the same. What sets individuals apart is the approach and the attitude once they reach the top. No one can resist a rags-to-riches story. It is every common man`s dream. But Rajinikanth`s story is irresistible. He continues to be an enigma to both his fans and contemporaries. He is simple Shivaji Rao Gaekwad who, by way of luck and hard work became a superstar, and continues to remain on top notwithstanding the vagaries of time. His starrer Muthu gave him an enviable identity globally, and sky seemed the limit after its unprecedented success in Japan. His latest, Shivaji has further spread his charisma globally. One can love Rajinikanth as millions do, one can hate him, as his detractors do, but the fact also remains no one can ignore him. None can shrug away his presence unless he or she is extremely insensitive to the film world. The book painstakingly seeks to record every nuance of Rajinikanth`s life: the joys and sorrows, the pains and ecstasies, loves and betrayals. It also does not shy away from underlining the two extremes that have remained an intrinsic part of his highly eventful career: the human and the divine. The book tells the essential truth about Rajinikanth that has thus far remained unknown to his vast fan following.

Only Love

Living the Spiritual Life in a Changing World

Author: Daya Mata

Publisher: Self Realization Fellowship Pub

ISBN: 9780876122167

Category: Religion

Page: 293

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Living with the Himalayan Masters

Swami Rama

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press


Category: Spiritual life

Page: 487

View: 8667


Living with the Himalayan Masters recounts the spiritual journey of a man who himself became a spiritual guide to thousands of people across the world. The author recounts his various experiences from childhood onwards as he sought spiritual enlightenment. The author is very candid in his account of his efforts to learn from the various people he encountered. He talks not just about the great masters but also the spurious ones, the so-called mystics who just indulged in the practice of magic tricks and other such gimmicks to attract innocent seekers. By letting the readers learn about his own mistakes and gullibility, the author makes a connection as the readers feel that he is just like one of them, prone to the same misconceptions, as themselves. This familiarity helps in drawing them deeper into his story when the author does discuss the true spiritual leaders. Living With The Himalayan Masters also shows how the author, at the behest of his own master, learnt and practiced several different schools of yoga and spiritualism. This led him to travel across the Himalayas, indulging in different yogic practices and learning from different gurus.

Living in the Heart

Author: Drunvalo Melchizedek

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 1622335066

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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Long ago we humans used a form of communication and sensing that did not involve the brain in any way; rather, it came from a sacred place within our hearts. What good would it do to find this place again? This is a book of remembering. You have always had this place within your heart, and it is still there now. It existed before creation, and it will exist even after the last star shines its brilliant light. At night when you enter your dreams, you leave your mind and enter the sacred space of your heart. But do you remember? Or do you only remember the dream? Why am I telling you about this "something" that is fading from our memories? What good would it do to find this place again in a world where the greatest religion is science and the logic of the mind? Don't I know where emotions and feelings are second-class citizens? Yes, I do. But my teachers have asked me to remind you who you really are. You are more than just a human being, much more. For within your heart is a place, a sacred place, where the world can literally be remade through conscious cocreation. If you really want peace of spirit and if you want to return home, I invite you into the beauty of your own heart. With your permission, I will show you what has been shown to me. I will give you the exact instructions to the pathway into your heart where you and God are intimately one. It is your choice. But I must warn you: Within this experience resides great responsibility. Life knows when a spirit is born to the higher worlds, and life will use you as all the great masters who have ever lived have been used. If you read this book and do the meditation and then expect nothing to change in your life, you may get caught spiritually napping. Once you have entered the light of the great darkness, your life will change -- eventually, you will remember who you really are.

Yoni Shakti

A Woman's Guide to Power and Freedom Through Yoga and Tantra

Author: Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Publisher: Yogawords Limited

ISBN: 9781906756154

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 672

View: 9602


A ground-breaking work about yoga and feminine power written by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, renowned yoga therapist, yoga teacher-trainer, mother and author. Yoni Shakti combines real life stories with radical feminism, poetic meditations with guided yoga practices, and historical explorations with philosophical debates. Literally translated as "Source Power," Yoni Shakti unearths the freedom and power that women can experience through a feminine approach to yoga that nourishes their health, self-esteem, sexuality and spirituality.

Sai Baba's 261 LEELAS

A Treasure house of miracles

Author: Balkrishna Panday

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 8120790758

Category: Religion

Page: 151

View: 3727


Balkrishna Pandey’s Sai Baba’s 261 Leelas is a handy compendium or, as he calls it, an aide-mémoire of 261 miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba, intended for the devotees. Culled from a number of sources, he has obtained stories from the often hard to find books like Narasimha Swami’s biography of Sri Sai Baba, and decades-old copies of the Sai Leela journal. The author does not try and interpret the miracles but lets the reader realise the universal message for himself. In today’s busy world, this work offers a shortcut for daily devotion, offering the reader a quick manual to peruse, ponder or meditate upon Sai Baba’s micraculous leelas while waiting for a bus or to fill any spare moment --- Dr Marianne Warren ,Author of Unravelling the Enigma: Shirdi Sai Baba in the Light of Sufism This book puts together the authentic and pithy miracles of Sai. All that was verifiable within the first twenty years of the 20th century, directly related to the Saint’s life has been arranged under scintillating titles, all 261 of them. The readers cannot but be deeply moved by the sentiments of devotion projected by Balkrishna Panday in his writing titled Sai Baba’s 261 Leelas.

Comes the Peace

My Journey to Forgiveness

Author: Daja Wangchuk Meston

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416539034

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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"I packed a blue Samsonite suitcase with my belongings -- a couple of pairs of jeans and shirts, UB40 tapes, the Swiss army knife I had stolen from my mother, my Tibetan prayer book, and a red plastic Camay soap dish I bought in Dharamsala that had become a good luck charm for me." With these, all his worldly possessions at the age of seventeen, Daja Wangchuk Meston caught an airliner to America, the unfamiliar land of which he was a citizen, and began his arduous personal journey to discover and mend his long-severed ties to his family, his country, and, in a very real sense, his own identity. In this moving memoir, the author tells the incredible story of a young man who used his Buddhist upbringing and the love of a good woman -- his young wife -- to learn that forgiving others can play a critical role in healing a damaged soul. Daja had much to forgive. In the early 1970s, at the age of three, he was taken by his hippie American parents to Nepal and left in the care of a Tibetan family. The Tibetans in turn placed him in a Buddhist monastery where, at the age of six, he was ordained to be a monk. There, in scenes reminiscent of the novels of Charles Dickens, he was ostracized by the other boy monks, who taunted him for his Caucasian physical traits, left so hungry he stole scraps of bread, and slept on a flea-infested straw mat. He was an outsider in an insular monastic world, unable to understand what had befallen him and longing for the warmth of his mother's embrace. His mother became a Buddhist nun, and caring for a child, she thought, would impede her spiritual journey. Her occasional and brief visits with young Daja became increasingly rare. As he grew up, there were often years without a single maternal visit. His father, unbeknownst to the boy, had suffered a mental breakdown and returned, helpless, to Los Angeles. The story of Daja's self-generated ouster from the monastery as an adolescent (he pretended to have slept with a prostitute), his eventual migration to his homeland, his lifelong attempt to understand and reconnect with his parents, and his eventual and dangerous work on behalf of Tibetan rights under Chinese oppression make for a compelling reading experience. But more than that, the story of Daja Meston reminds us of the universal human need for roots and family bonds. It is ultimately an unforgettable story of love, hope, and forgiveness and of a gentle man with an enormous capacity for all three.

Miracle of Love

Stories about Neem Karoli Baba

Author: Ram Dass

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 0990631478

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 673

View: 8068


"In 1967 I met Neem Karoli Baba, a meeting which changed the course of my life. In the depth of his compassion, wisdom, humor, power and love I found human possibility never before extraordinary integration of spirit and form. I was with him only briefly for he left his body in 1973, still he entered my heart as living truth, and his presence continues to enrich and guide my life." -- Ram Dass "There can be no biography of him. Facts are few, stories many. He seems to have been known by different names in many parts of India, appearing and disappearing through the years. His western devotees of recent years knew him as 'Neem Karoli Baba,' but mostly as 'Maharajii'--a nickname so commonplace in India that one can often hear a tea vendor addressed thus. Just as he said, he was 'Nobody.' He gave no discourses; the briefest, simplest stories were his teachings. Usually he sat or lay on a wooden bench wrapped in a plaid blanket while a few devotees sat around him. Visitors came and went; they were given food, a few words, a nod, a slap on the head or back, and they were sent away. There was gossip and laughter for he loved to joke. Orders for running the ashram were given, usually in a piercing yell across the compound. Sometimes he sat in silence, absorbed in another world to which we could not follow, but bliss and peace poured down on us. Who he was was no more than the experience of him, the nectar of his presence, the totality of his absence--enveloping us now like his plaid blanket." -- Anjani

The Journey to Radiant Health

Author: Prema Scott Key

Publisher: Celestial Arts

ISBN: 9781587611759

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 394

View: 4416


Many books have been written on health and healing, and many more on personal growth, but few elegantly combine these topics to encompass all aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. In THE JOURNEY TO RADIANT HEALTH spiritual growth counselor Prema Key offers a simple, sensible program to achieve radiant health-an optimal, fully awakened state of consciousness based on principles of love, truth, and action. Key gently guides you on this inner journey with seven essential steps, including conscious breathing, healing childhood wounds, and finding your life'¬'s purpose. Whether your interests lie with Western, Eastern, traditional, or alternative health care, this book provides a variety of ways to propel you to peace, happiness, and glowing overall health.Contains easy-to-follow, dynamic exercises that will enable you to open your heart, identify and release your fears, heal "dis-ease," and turn your dreams into reality.Introduces two new Chakra system configurations; the Sacred Trinity of Radiant Health; and practical information on traditional health and healing practices, such as acupressure, yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, nutrition, herbalism, and more.

Lady of Realisation

A Spiritual Memoir

Author: Sheila Fugard

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452547367

Category: Religion

Page: 92

View: 9603


Lady of Realisation is one of the first memoirs of Tibetan Buddhist nun and western teacher Sister Karma Khechog Palmo. The book provides memorable insights of the sixteenth Karmapa and other teachers of the Kagyu tradition in the 1970s. Sister Palmo’s life as an Englishwoman in India was extraordinary both as an academic, political activist, and social worker. She is remembered as one of the key figures in bringing the sixteenth Karmapa to the West. She influenced younger important teachers like Trungpa Rinpoche and Akong Rinpoche. It was my privilege to have been her student, and to study and travel with her. This memoir is a reflection of that extraordinary time of the arrival of Tibetan Buddhism in the West in the 1970s. The memoir brings with it deep, personal experiences from my own life, lived out during the brutal years of the apartheid government in South Africa. The life and work of Sister Palmo continues to inspire others on the path. She brought the ancient yogic tradition of the woman yogis of the past together with insights into contemporary life. Her invaluable teachings open a door into the practice of Buddhism in our everyday journey.