Cool Cars / Cartooning

Learn the Art of Cartooning, Step by Step

Author: Jack Keely

Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

ISBN: 1600580645

Category: Art

Page: 32

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Cartoons & comic strips.

Draw cars step by step

Author: D. C. DuBosque

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780590117463

Category: Art

Page: 79

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Provides step-by-step instructions for drawing popular cars, including racing cars, exotics and off-road vehicles.

Trosley's How to Draw Cartoon Cars

George Trosley

Author: George Trosely

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 1613252358

Category: Art

Page: 144

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The name George Trosley may not be instantly recognizable to many motoring enthusiasts, but his work certainly is. Over the years, people have become familiar with George Trosley's work through the magazine pages of CARtoons, Hot Rod Cartoons, Street Rodder, Car Craft, Popular Hot Rodding, Super Chevy, and many more. His Krass & Bernie cartoon ran for many years as did a "How to Draw" column that is the basis for this book. In Trosley's How to Draw Cartoon Cars, he takes you through the process step-by-step of drawing your favorite cars, starting with the basics such as profiles, point of view, speed, attitudes, custom graphics, and coloring. You learn to draw components such as wheels, engines, and accessories. Then you are treated to step-by-step lessons on many different body styles: Corvettes, Mustangs, pickup trucks, off-road trucks, muscle cars, hot rods, and a few race cars as well. If you are a budding artist, closet cartoonist, or just want to learn how to draw your own hot rod or muscle machine, this book shows you how it's done. Trosley is one of the best in the business today, and this volume will be a great addition to your automotive or art library.

Kustom Kulture

Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Robert Williams and Others ; C.R. Siecyk, Guest Curator, with Bolton Colburn

Author: Robert Williams

Publisher: Last Gasp

ISBN: 0867194057

Category: Architecture

Page: 96

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Car culture - pinstriping, customising and cartooning - is nearly synonymous with Southern California culture. Kustom Kulture tells the story of the revved-up legends of the custom car cult of the 1950s, 60s and 70s in Los Angeles. Features art work by Robert Williams, Von Dutch and Ed |Big Daddy| Roth. Hot rod art at its best by three masters of the form.

How to Draw Monsters

Author: Chad Scheres,Paul Ledney

Publisher: Wolfgang Productions

ISBN: 9781935828914

Category: Art

Page: 143

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More than just learning to sketch, paint and illustrate, the book also explains the process of casting monsters in three dimensions.

Rat Fink

The Art of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Author: Ed Roth,C. R. Stecyk

Publisher: Last Gasp

ISBN: 0867195452

Category: Art

Page: 219

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Born in Los Angeles and raised in the epicentre of the California hot rod explosion, Ed Roth created automotive forms purely from his own imagination. He transformed car design, reinvented American hot rod culture and put Detroit on notice. Each of his creations transcended function and form to turn the American automobile into rolling sculpture.

Bill Copeland Coloring Book

Author: Bill Copeland

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781983598395


Page: 28

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For over 50 years Bill Copeland has been a "West Coast Airbrush Artist" coming out of the hot rod culture of the '50's and '60's Art found only in California. A contemporary of "Big Daddy Ed Roth" and "Von Dutch" Bill is especially well known for his T-shirt painting at car shows in America and Canada. His free style, concern for detail, and speed of painting anything a customer wanted on a t-shirt has forever exceeded anyone in his field. His custom artwork has been featured in magazines, calendars, maps, and hundreds of silkscreen T-shirt designs, as well as his contributions to publications, international companies, and movie studios. His murals have graced the sides of cars, vans, eighteen wheelers and buildings. Today Bill Copeland's fine art canvas paintings are featured in his gallery and studio in Yucca Valley, California. He spends his time painting commissioned paintings and an occasional t-shirt (people don't wear his shirts anymore, they frame them).

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth - His Life, Times, Cars, and Art

Author: Pat Ganahl

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 1934709670

Category: Transportation

Page: 181

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Who was Ed Roth? The answer depends on whom you ask, and when they knew him. To some, he was a counter-culture, greasy-fingernailed, renaissance man of the mid 20th century. To others, he's the creator of Rat Fink and builder of some of the most creative custom cars to ever get a coat of candy paint, cars like the "Beatnik Bandit," the "Mysterion," and the "Outlaw." Some knew him as a devout Mormon, others recall a Harley-riding hellion with a devilish glint in his eye. He was a force of nature and a creative genius whose work had a profound influence on popular culture and helped spawn numerous subcultures. Ed's rise to fame began in the '50s, and peaked with the custom car boom of the early '60s - every kid in America knew who Rat Fink was, and many built models of his custom cars and wore his "monster" T-shirts. As custom cars went out of style, Ed turned to other pursuits, but a growing interest in hot rod history in the '90s brought him back to the fore, and he was more popular than ever. To say his life was interesting is an understatement - and this book covers it all, from art to custom cars, monster shirts to VW-powered trikes, and the wild life that brought it all together.

How to Draw and Paint Aircraft Like a Pro

Author: Andrew Whyte

Publisher: Zenith Press

ISBN: 9780760333914

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

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Let one of the world's greatest aircraft artists shows you how to turn your airplane doodles into aviation masterpieces. Whether you’re interested in limning the latest Dreamliner or Airbus A380 or depicting historic aircraft or dreaming up an airplane of your own, longtime aircraft design engineer Andy Whyte has the key to the proper approach, techniques, and tools. With co-authors Charlie and Ann Cooper, Whyte offers expert advice and instruction on perspective, light, and shadow; sketching, drawing, and painting planes, horizons, skies, and backgrounds; detail work on aircraft wings, cockpits, and landing gear; and creating cutaways and scale drawings. For the more technologically inclined artist, he also includes a chapter on computer illustration of aircraft, with tips on the software and accessories you’ll need to get started.

Pinstriping Masters II

More Techniques, Tricks, and Special F/X for Laying Down the Line

Author: Collection of 25 Pinstripers

Publisher: Airbrush Action Incorporated

ISBN: 9780963733641

Category: Transportation

Page: 168

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Here is the long awaited sequel to Pinstriping Masters, featuring 25 top pinstriping professionals, each offering step-by-step instruction and super tricks and techniques of the trade.

A Weird-Oh World

The Art of Bill Campbell

Author: Mark Cantrell

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780764346484

Category: Art

Page: 191

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You may know Bill Campbell's name, but chances are, you know his handiwork better, especially the Weird-Ohs models that burst on the pop culture scene in the 1960s. Enjoy looking back over the career of this colorful artist in over 700 brilliant photos and witty prose. From his early days painting model box tops for the Hawk Model Company to his invention of the iconic Weird-Ohs model kits, Bill has continued to create some of the most unique artwork the world has seen. Also discover his work for national ad campaigns, editorial cartoons, his box art, fine art, and the Weird-Ohs that never were. Now much of that work has been gathered into one volume that traces the entire arc of Bill's career, including his connection to the Manhattan Project, an initiative that may well have saved his life. Much of the art is presented here for the very first time.

How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way

Author: Scott Robertson

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 9780760314807

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 144

View: 1979


This book provides excellent how-to-draw detail that is appealing and easy to follow for Hot Wheels(tm) and drawing enthusiasts from ages 10 to adult. Detailed drawing techniques with descriptive captions allow readers to create their own automotive designs. Illustrations emphasize how to draw fantasy, custom, concept, and hot rod cars. Author Scott Robertson uses original Mattel artwork throughout the book. With real Mattel artwork featured in detail, the bo0ok has great appeal for collectors, even if they aren't aspiring artists. Because Hot Wheels(tm) diecast cars are modeled after both real and fantasy vehicles, the techniques and interest to readers is the same as for real-life car enthusiasts. Officially licensed by Mattel.

The Dizzy Dictionary

Author: Pizz,Jesse James

Publisher: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867197051

Category: Art

Page: 56

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##A fake children's book in the guise of an illustrated dictionary, with large colorful illustrations, oversize typefaces and simple definitions, featuring a wandering gremlin as comic relief. An A-B-C of "kustom kulture," "lowbrow," and hot-rod cultural terms, presented in a friendly child-like book. The Dizzy Dictionary is twist on a well-known format (the i#He is CEO of West Coast Choppers, a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles, and the host of Motorcycle Mania and the former series Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. Other branches of the "West Coast Family" include the Chopperdogs fan club and Jesse's Girl clothing line. Pay Up Sucker Produc#The Pizz has assaulted the world with his distinctive lowbrow paintings for years. An early protege of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, The Pizz has become a well known artist in his own right. He has had seven solo shows at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as shows at a long list of galleries an#He is CEO of West Coast Choppers, a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles, and the host of Motorcycle Mania and the former series Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. Other branches of the "West Coast Family" include the Chopperdogs fan club and Jesse's Girl clothing line. Pay Up Sucker Produc#The Pizz has assaulted the world with his distinctive lowbrow paintings for years. An early protege of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, The Pizz has become a well known artist in his own right. He has had seven solo shows at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as shows at a long list of galleries an

Inks, Drinks, and Catfinks!

The Custom Cartoon Art of Shawn Dickinson

Author: Shawn Dickinson

Publisher: Idea & Design Works Llc

ISBN: 9781631403408

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 9503


Shawn Dickinson's very FIRST deluxe art book! Growing up on old comic strips, 1930s rubber hose cartoons, 1960s "kustom kulture" art, pin-up art, and MAD magazine, this collection of cartoons, paintings, comics, and illustrations from the past decade covers a wide range of his personal art as well as professional illustration work for rock bands, companies such as Fender Guitars and Shaun White's clothing line, and much more. If you're a fan of cartoony art featuring surf and hot rod culture, rock n' roll art, beer drinking cats, sexy cartoon go-go girls, and bug-eyed weirdos, then this book is for you!

The Global Industrial Complex

Systems of Domination

Author: Steven Best

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739136984

Category: Political Science

Page: 315

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The Global Industrial Complex: Systems of Domination, is a groundbreaking collection of essays by leading scholars from wide scholarly and activist backgrounds who examine the entangled array of contemporary industrial complexes—what the editors refer to as "the power complex"—that was first analyzed by C. Wright Mills in his 1956 classic work,The Power Elite.