Hip Arthritis, Hip Pain Explained. Osteoarthritis in Hips, Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hips. Including Hip Arthritis Surgery, Hip Flexor Pain, , Exercises

Author: Robert Rymore

Publisher: Imb Publishing

ISBN: 9781909151963

Category: Medical

Page: 130

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Millions of people are suffering from hip arthritis. This is another very informative book by Robert Rymore. He continues with his interest in writing medical educational guides. This guide is intended to be a tool, one that will give you information and hopefully some pain relief. Readers will surely find much contribution by this book, to relief their pain or even to create a pain free healthy lifestyle. The book includes information about hip flexor pain, hip arthritis replacement surgery, exercises, treatments, physiotherapy and aids. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, Robert covers all aspects of hip arthritis, including lots of hip exercises. The content is informative, educative and easy to understand.

Assisting in Long-Term Care

Author: Mary Jo Mirlenbrink Gerlach

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111539928

Category: Medical

Page: 768

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Now in its 6th Edition, ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE is the complete learning solution for Certified Nursing Assistants! The user-friendly book delivers all required content to prepare you for the certification exam while developing career skills for long-term care and sub-acute hospital settings. Topics include professional communication, daily CNA responsibilities, residents' rights, nutrition and hydration, restorative care, resident mobility, and maintaining a safe environment—all according to federal OBRA standards for nursing home care. ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE, 6th Edition also walks you through more than one hundred clinical procedures, detailing your role as a CNA in each. Available in hard copy and e-book formats, ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE, 6th Edition's helpful study features include review questions and self-tests, icons that point out key material, and a robust package of interactive, supplemental learning tools. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Occupational Therapy with Elders - eBook

Strategies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant

Author: Helene Lohman,Sue Byers-Connon,Rene Padilla

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323528864

Category: Medical

Page: 384

View: 3412


Get the focused foundation you need to successfully work with older adults. Occupational Therapy with Elders: Strategies for the COTA, 4th Edition is the only comprehensive book on geriatric occupational therapy designed specifically for the certified occupational therapy assistant. It provides in-depth coverage of each aspect of geriatric practice — from wellness and prevention to death and dying. Expert authors Helene Lohman, Sue Byers-Connon, and René Padilla offer an unmatched discussion of diverse populations and the latest on geriatric policies and procedures in this fast-growing area of practice. You will come away with a strong foundation in aging trends and strategies for elder care in addition to having a deep understanding of emerging areas such as low-vision rehabilitation, driving and mobility issues, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, new technological advancements, health literacy, public policy, dignity therapy, and more. Plus, you will benefit from 20 additional evidence briefs and numerous case studies to help apply all the information you learn to real-life practice. It’s the focused, evidence-based, and client-centered approach that every occupational therapy assistant needs to effectively care for today’s elder patients. UNIQUE! Focus on the occupational therapy assistant highlights the importance of COTAs to the care of elder clients. Unique! Attention to diverse populations and cultures demonstrates how to respect and care for clients of different backgrounds. UNIQUE! Discussion of elder abuse, battered women, and literacy includes information on how the OTA can address these issues that are often overlooked. User resources on Evolve feature learning activities to help you review what you have learned and assess your comprehension. Case studies at the end of certain chapters illustrate principles and help you understand content as it relates to real-life situations. Multidisciplinary approach demonstrates the importance of collaboration between the OT and OTA by highlighting the OTA’s role in caring for the elderly and how they work in conjunction with occupational therapists. Key terms, chapter objectives, and review questions are found in each chapter to help identify what information is most important. NEW! 20 Additional evidence briefs have been added to reinforce this book’s evidence-based client-centered approach. NEW! Incorporation of EMR prevalence and telehealth as a diagnostic and monitoring tool have been added throughout this new edition. NEW! Expanded content on mild cognitive impairment, health literacy, and chronic conditions have been incorporated throughout the book to reflect topical issues commonly faced by OTs and OTAs today. NEW! Coverage of technological advancements has been incorporated in the chapter on sensory impairments. NEW! Other updated content spans public policy, HIPAA, power of attorney, advanced directives, alternative treatment settings, dignity therapy, and validation of the end of life. NEW! Merged chapters on vision and hearing impairments create one sensory chapter that offers a thorough background in both areas.

Gerontologic Nursing

Author: Sue E. Meiner

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323293794

Category: Medical

Page: 704

View: 585


Gerontologic Nursing, 5th Edition offers comprehensive disorder and wellness coverage to equip you with the essential information you need to provide the best nursing care to older adults. A body-system organization makes information easy to find, and includes discussions on health promotion, psychologic and sociocultural issues, and the common medical-surgical problems associated with aging adults. Written by expert educator and clinician Sue Meiner, EdD, APRN, BC, GNP, this book also emphasizes topics such as nutrition, chronic illness, emergency treatment, patient teaching, home care, and end-of-life care. Case Studies specialty boxes provide realistic situations to expand your knowledge and understanding. UNIQUE! Nursing care plans supply guidance on selecting appropriate nursing activities and interventions for specific conditions. Evidence-Based Practice specialty boxes pull the critical evidence-based information contained in the text into boxes for easy access and identification. UNIQUE! Client/Family Teaching specialty boxes emphasize key aspects of practice and teaching for self-care. UNIQUE! Home Care specialty boxes highlight tips to promote practical, effective home care for the older adult. UNIQUE! Emergency Treatment specialty boxes highlight critical treatment needed in emergency situations. UNIQUE! Nutritional Considerations specialty boxes demonstrate special nutritional needs and concerns facing the aging population. NEW! Completely revised Pharmacologic Management chapter covering substance abuse. NEW! Completely revised Cognitive and Neurologic Function chapter covering mental health. NEW! Up-to-date content equips you with the most current information as the basis of the best possible care for problems affecting the older adult population. Streamlined focus presents the essential "need to know" information for the most common conditions in older adults in a format that you can easily and quickly grasp. UNIQUE! Disorder index on the inside cover supplies a handy reference to guide students to the information they need quickly and easily. Complex aspects of aging offers detailed and comprehensive coverage of pain, infection, cancer, chronic illness, loss, death, and dying, and substance abuse. Thorough assessment coverage recaps normal, deviations from normal, and abnormal findings of vitals for the older adult for students and practitioners.

Maitland's Peripheral Manipulation

Management of Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders -

Author: Elly Hengeveld,Kevin Banks

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702054577

Category: Medical

Page: 576

View: 6019


The legacy of Geoff Maitland and his seminal work, Peripheral Manipulation, continues in this fifth edition, with Elly Hengeveld and Kevin Banks leading an international team of experts who demonstrate how to manage peripheral neuromusculoskeletal disorders using the principles and practice of the Maitland Concept. Together, they ensure the heart of the Concept beats on by promoting collaborative decision-making with the patient at centre and emphasizing the art and science of observation, listening, palpation and movement skills. A key feature of the new edition focuses on a more evidence-based and analytical view of the role of mobilization and manipulation in clinical practice. The authors have written in a way that reflects their application of the Maitland Concept and how they have integrated techniques in the light of advancement in professional knowledge. Each chapter stands alone as a ‘master class’. The text is systematically arranged focusing on detailed assessment, clinical reasoning and re-assessment to determine the physical dysfunction and efficacy of manipulative physiotherapy techniques, while also advocating continuous communication and interaction. Techniques of passive mobilization are also described, specifically designed around the individual patient’s condition. All the chapters are written from a clinical perspective and review the evidence which informs how to deal with and manage peripheral joint pain as they present to the practitioner. Furthermore, each peripheral region (craniomandibular, upper limbs and lower limbs) is considered from the point of view of best practice in analysing and hypothesising subjective data, examination, treatment and management of peripheral pain conditions. Brand new to the fifth edition is the addition of a companion website – Maitland’s Manipulation eResources (www.maitlandsresources.com) – providing access to a range of valuable learning materials which include videos, MCQs, interactive case studies, research links, and bonus chapters. World-leading experts provide evidence relating the Maitland Concept to clinical practice Evidence supporting practice Covers both subjective and physical examination Best practice management using mobilization and manipulation Case studies – how and when to integrate the Maitland Concept into clinical practice Chapter-based learning outcomes, keywords and glossaries Companion website – Maitland’s Manipulation eResources (www.maitlandsresources.com) Expert perspectives and supporting evidence Case studies Companion website – www.maitlandsresources.com – containing: Video Bank of over 480 video clips showing examination and treatment techniques Image Bank of over 1,000 illustrations Interactive case studies Over 200 MCQs Bonus chapters on additional principles and techniques of examination / treatment Weblink references to abstracts

Study Guide for Medical-Surgical Nursing

Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems

Author: Sharon L. Lewis,Linda Bucher,Shannon Ruff Dirksen

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323290396

Category: Medical

Page: 480

View: 4731


Prepare for success in the classroom! Corresponding to the chapters in the 9th edition of Lewis' market-leading Medical-Surgical Nursing, this study guide offers a complete review of content and a wide range of activities to help you understand key nursing concepts. Alternate item format questions reflect the most current NCLEX test plan. To make studying easier, answers for all exercises are included in the back of the book. A wide variety of clinically relevant exercises and activities includes NCLEX examination-style multiple-choice questions, prioritization and delegation questions, case studies, fill-in-the-blank questions, anatomy and physiology review, critical thinking activities, and more. Answers to all questions are included in the back of the book, giving you immediate feedback as you study. Additional alternate item format questions incorporating prioritization and delegation are included to better prepare you for the most current NCLEX exam. Attractive two-color design ties the study guide to the textbook.

Ischiasbeschwerden und das Piriformis-Syndrom

Einfache und effektive Techniken gegen Gesäß-, Bein- und Rückenschmerzen

Author: Nicolai Napolski,Katharina Brinkmann

Publisher: Riva Verlag

ISBN: 3959714238

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 112

View: 7450


Sie leiden unter Rückenschmerzen, die bis hinunter in die Beine ausstrahlen? Dann sind Sie nicht allein: Fast jeder Dritte in Deutschland ist davon betroffen. Klassischerweise gehen Ärzte automatisch von einem Bandscheibenvorfall aus. Aber nicht immer sind die Bandschreiben der Auslöser. In vielen Fällen handelt es sich um eine Entzündung des Piriformis-Muskels, der auf den Ischiasnerv drückt und dadurch die Beschwerden auslöst. Der Vorteil: Wenn das Piriformis-Syndrom erkannt wurde, lässt es sich sehr viel gezielter und erfolgreicher behandeln als ein Bandscheibenvorfall. Schon einfache Dehnungsübungen zeigen erstaunliche Wirkung. Der Sportredakteur Nicolai Napolski, der aus eigener Erfahrung weiß, wie schmerzhaft das Piriformis-Syndrom ist, hat zusammen mit der Sporttherapeutin und Personal Trainerin Katharina Brinkmann den ersten Ratgeber geschrieben, der sich mit dieser Erkrankung dezidiert auseinandersetzt. Die Autoren haben aber nicht nur die wichtigsten Informationen zu Hintergrund und Entstehung zusammengetragen, sondern auch ein eigens auf das Piriformis-Syndrom zugeschnittenes Übungskonzept entwickelt, das einfache und effektive Techniken vorstellt, mit deren Hilfe Sie den verkürzten Muskel dehnen, den Beckengürtel stärken und Haltungsschäden korrigieren können. Im Experteninterview mit dem Therapeuten für Osteopathie und Rückenspezialisten Dr. Torsten Pfitzer erfahren Sie außerdem, wie Sie der Erkrankung vorbeugen können, damit die Schmerzen erst gar nicht entstehen. Lernen Sie, wie Sie das Piriformis-Syndrom selbst behandeln können, sodass ihr Schmerz bald der Vergangenheit angehört.

Clinical Medicine

Author: Harry Lemoine Greene,Ruth-Marie E. Fincher

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


Category: Medical

Page: 965

View: 2408


Written for the beginning physician, the focus of this bood is problem-solving via 'signs-and-symptoms' approach. The new edition addresses the most common and important problems and issues facing the practice of medicine today. Sociological issues, geriatric care, preventive medicine, and other succinct discussions explore the changing health care scene. Almost 100 flowcharts and over 300 tables and summary boxes help the student in the decision making process. Expert contributors ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Arthritis Surgery

Author: Clement B. Sledge

Publisher: W B Saunders Company


Category: Medical

Page: 959

View: 1923


This book by 64 of the most prominent experts in the field provides the reader with comprehensive coverage of arthritis surgery. Procedures described in the text include total joint replacement, total joint arthroplasty, synovectomy, prosthetic joint replacement and soft tissue procedures. Techniques for these and other approaches are presented step by step, along with their indications, contra-indications and potential complications. Over 600 explicit illustrations!

Family Medicine

Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Fifth Edition

Author: Mark B. Mengel,L. Peter Schwiebert

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071643036

Category: Medical

Page: 800

View: 7653


Market: M3 clerks; FP residents; family physicians; nurse practitioners; physician assistants; pharma companies Completely updated to include brand-new features, including PDA download of critical content Truly a “portable brain” for common complaints, Features an expanded list of internationally based contributors

Manipulation Der Peripheren Gelenke

Author: Geoffrey D. Maitland,G. Rolf

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540213635

Category: Medical

Page: 591

View: 3749


Das Therapiekonzept nach Maitland ist eines der wesentlichen Fundamente der modernen Manualtherapie. In dem bewährten Lehr- und Praktikerbuch sind alle Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre in Untersuchung und Behandlung von peripheren Gelenken mit passiver Bewegung dokumentiert, u.a. Differenzierungstests für eine noch genauere Diagnostik und detaillierte Informationen über die Aufzeichnung von Befunden und die Darstellung passiver Techniken in Bewegungsdiagrammen. Alle wichtigen Untersuchungs- und Behandlungstechniken werden in umfangreichen Fotosequenzen veranschaulicht. Das Buch bietet dem Leser viel mehr als nur einen "Technik-Leitfaden": Es vermittelt ihm vor allem die Grundlagen für eine gezielte und effiziente Anwendung der "Techniken" in der Praxis. TOC:I. Theorie: 1. Einführung. 2. Manipulation: Definition und Bedeutung. 3. Untersuchung. 4. Prinzipien der Techniken. 5. Behandlung: Methode und Befundaufnahme. 6. Behandlung: Anwendung der Techniken.- II. Gelenktechniken und ihre Durchführung: 7. Schultergürtel. 8. Obere Extremität. 9. Untere Extremität. 10. Andere Gelenke und Strukturen.- III. Praktische Anwendung: 11. Aufzeichnungen.- Anhang 1: Bewegungsdiagramme, Theorie.- Anhang 2: Bewegungsdiagramme, Anwendungsbeispiel.- Anhang 3: Fotoserien zur Veranschaulichung von Bewegungsfolgen.- Sachverzeichnis.- Fotoserien S1-S6.

Anatomie und menschliche Bewegung

Strukturen und Funktionen

Author: Nigel Palastanga,Roger Soames

Publisher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"

ISBN: 343729301X

Category: Medical

Page: 616

View: 8533


Strukturen und Funktionen des muskuloskelettalen Systems Anatomie und menschliche Bewegung nimmt Sie mit auf eine systematische und detaillierte Reise durch die Anatomie und erklärt Ihnen u.a. wie und warum Bewegung überhaupt möglich ist. Eindrucksvoll in Wort und Bild lernen Sie z.B. die Bewegungsmuster beim Boxen, Ballwurf, Liegestütz, Treppensteigen u.v.m. kennen. Sie erfahren das Wichtigste über Biomechanik, Faszien, Bewegungsmuster und erhalten Palpationshinweise. Mehr als 450 hochwertige farbige Abbildungen unterstützen das Verständnis. Anatomie und menschliche Bewegung ist die optimale Ergänzung zu Ihren Anatomie-Atlanten und Lehrbüchern, denn stärker als in anderen Werken steht die Bewegung mit all ihren Facetten im Vordergrund: Hier werden die funktionellen Zusammenhänge praxisbezogen erklärt und alltägliche Bewegungsmuster anschaulich beschrieben. Das macht es Ihnen leicht anatomische Zusammenhänge nachzuvollziehen und sich dauerhaft zu merken. Dies unterstützt Sie bei der Vorbereitung für den Unterricht, z.B. in den Fächern Funktionelle Anatomie oder Biomechanik sowie bei Prüfungen und im Berufsalltag Das Buch behandelt obere Extremität, untere Extremität, Rumpf (inkl. inneren Organen), Hals und Kopf. Systematisch werden Knochen, Muskeln, Gelenke, Nervensystem, Blutversorgung und Lymphsystem der jeweiligen Region beschrieben. Die Inhalte richten sich an angehende und praktizierende Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten, Sportwissenschaftler.


Author: Robin M. Akert,Timothy D. Wilson

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827372765

Category: Social psychology

Page: 723

View: 8079