Grumpy's Toys

The Authorized History of Grumpy Jenkins' Cars

Author: Doug Boyce

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 1934709271

Category: Transportation

Page: 175

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Grumpy's Toys: The Legendary Cars of Bill Grumpy Jenkins stands as a full and complete history of Jenkins' career to date as told through his cars, and has been heartily authorized by the man himself (Jenkins wrote the book's foreword.) Author Doug Boyce has been following Jenkins throughout his racing career, and amassed an impressive collection of vintage photography which is shared on the pages. Through his own knowledge, extensive research, and by working with Grumpy himself, Grumpy's Toys offers readers an unparalleled look behind the man and his machines.

Drag Racing's Quarter-Mile Warriors

Then & Now

Author: Doug Boyce

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 1613251335

Category: Transportation

Page: 192

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The true beginnings of racing is an argument never really settled. One could argue that as soon as the second car was manufactured, a contest of speed ensued against the first. While the roots of modern drag racing goes back to the dry lakes of California in the 30s, drag racing became a sanctioned affair in the early 50s with the forming of the National Hot Rod Association. In the 60 years that have followed the first NHRA sanctioned race in 1953, the changes in technology have been astounding, as well as the categories and classes in which racers have competed. And of all of the eras, the golden era of the late 50s through the early 70s is the clear fan favorite. Drag Racing's Quarter-Mile Warriors: Then & Now takes a unique look at the most memorable, interesting, and successful cars from this golden age of drag racing. Chronicled are Diggers and Rail dragsters, Funny Cars, wild Altereds, door slammers like Super and Junior Stock cars, early 70s Pro Stock cars and more. Vintage and modern photography in a unique "then and now" format cover the cars as they first competed, through their evolution (or inactivity) over the years, and how they look today. Cars driven by legends such as Mickey Thompson, Tommy Ivo, Dick Landy, Grumpy Jenkins, Sox & Martin, Don Nicholson, Bob Glidden, and more are featured in evolutionary detail. Never before has a book covered the cars from the golden age of drag racing and combined it with a modern look at where the cars are today. From full restorations to still competing in nostalgia events, from museum pieces to collecting dust in a dark corner waiting for another day in the sun, Drag Racing's Quarter-Mile Warriors: Then & Now gives you a unique look at how these cars have fared over time. No drag racing library is complete without it.

Grumpy Cat & Pokey Vol 2

Author: Ben McCool,Elliott Serrano,Ben Fisher,Royal McGraw

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

ISBN: 1524100072

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 104

View: 3881


Grumpy Cat, the internet's cutest curmudgeon, takes the world by storm with her comic book misadventures! You'll laugh yourself silly at the killjoy kitten's hilarious brand of sass, most often directed at her fun-loving, big-hearted brother Pokey. They're two cats that are too adorable for words, one with a childlike wonder, and the other with a pout so prominent, you can't help but to exclaim, "Awwwwww...!" What fun-loving escapades will Pokey dream up, and how will that adorable scamp Grumpy Cat rain on everyone's parade?

Der Elefant, der das Glück vergaß

Buddhistische Geschichten, um Freude in jedem Moment zu finden

Author: Ajahn Brahm

Publisher: Ansata

ISBN: 3641152593

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 4819


Liebe, Weisheit, Erkenntnis – ein Geschenk, das Herz und Seele berührt Niemand versteht es so gut, tiefe buddhistische Weisheit auf humorvolle und unterhaltsame Art zu präsentieren, wie Ajahn Brahm. Neun Jahre nach seinem SPIEGEL-Bestseller Die Kuh, die weinte präsentiert er neue Geschichten, die alltagspraktisches Lebenswissen bieten, ohne jemals belehrend zu wirken. Dabei schöpft der weltberühmte Mönch aus eigenen Erfahrungen, Erzählungen seiner Schüler, bekannten Anekdoten und alten Märchen, denen er eine überraschende neue Wendung verleiht. Mit großer Leichtigkeit und unnachahmlichem Charme vermittelt er zeitlos gültige Weisheit, die im Innersten berührt und einen ganz neuen Blick auf das eigene Dasein schenkt. Ein Buch, das lauthals zum Lachen bringt und auch zu Tränen rührt – für alle Menschen, die auf der Suche nach einem glücklichen Leben sind.

Real Dogs Don't Whisper

Life Lessons from a Larger than Life Dog! (and his Owner)

Author: Kelly Preston

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 0983541027

Category: Pets

Page: 198

View: 7926


Kelly, Mr. MaGoo, Buffy, Carla Mae, and Betty Boop. A girl, her two Lhasa Apsos, one Cocker Spaniel, and one adorable mutt - each with their own challenging set of difficulties to overcome. One puppy has serious neurological disorders. Two were severely abused. All are on a journey of discovery. Together, learning love and patience along the way, they have grown and thrived. And perhaps none so much as the girl.A portion of the proceeds will go to assist FACE Foundation.

Grumpy Cat's Knitting Nightmares

More Than 15 Miserable Projects for You and Your Friends

Author: Grumpy Cat

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486806111

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 64

View: 1036


Internet sensation Grumpy Cat reluctantly approves these feline-oriented knitting projects. Clear directions and well-illustrated patterns, accompanied by color photographs, explain how to make a fabulous assortment of sweaters, toys, and accessories for you and your favorite kitties. In addition to being wonderful handmade gifts, these projects are great keepers, too. You can make a hat and scarf for a cat as well as one for a human companion, sweaters for children and adults graced by the cantankerous cat's face, a cat cowl, and a Grumpy plush. For around the house, there's a washcloth, pillow cover, and coffee sleeve. And for your feline friends, there are cute collars, toys, a cushy bed, and more.

Da könnte ich drauf pinkeln

Und weitere Gedichte von Katzen

Author: Francesco Marciuliano

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

ISBN: 3864134234

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 7597


Alle Katzen sind Künstler – das beweisen ihre abstrakten Haarbälle, die meisterhaft zerrissenen Vorhänge und die präzise Art, wie sie sich auf frisch gewaschener Wäsche drapieren. Doch auch in poetischer Hinsicht sind sie äußerst begabt, wie feinsinnige Gedichte wie »Ich lecke deine Nase", »Das ist mein Sessel" und »Die Tür ist zu" zeigen. Dieses Buch vereint die besten Gedichte, Klagelieder und Weisheiten von Katzen aus aller Welt und o¬ffenbart deren heimliche Wünsche, innere Konflikte und alle Eigen- und Unarten ihres neurotischen Wesens. Endlich werden Sie verstehen, warum Ihre Katze liebend gern auf Ihrem Gesicht liegt, bevor die Sonne aufgeht, Ihnen hilft, den Nachttisch mit ihrem Schwanz aufzuräumen und warum sie sich unbedingt versichern muss, dass eine Klopapierrolle tatsächlich 1000 Blatt enthält.

Broken Toys: Submissives With Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction

Author: Raven Kaldera,Del Tashlin

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329427696

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: N.A

View: 861


In erotic stories, consensual submissives and slaves are usually beautiful, perfect people who can endure any hardship while balancing a tray of drinks in one hand. But what about real life, where many of us in dominant/submissive or master/slave relationships cope with mental illness or neurological disorders? Some would say that these individuals shouldn’t even be doing power exchange, and yet many are – and they are making it work. Broken Toys explores the brave stories of people in service and surrender who are struggling with imperfect brains and nervous systems, and the inventive masters and mistresses who love them, and find ways to use the dynamic to keep everyone going.


Author: Bruce S. Raiffe,Alex Baron Raiffe

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738537108

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 4246


Gund, America's oldest and most recognized stuffed-toy manufacturer, has produced millions of quality toys for more than one hundred years. Since Adolf Gund launched the company in Norwalk, Connecticut, in 1898, Gund has prided itself on its founding values of quality, workmanship, and "huggability." The photographs in Gund document significant events in the company's history, including prestigious awards, lovable products, and important people. Gund was making stuffed bears four years before teddy bears became the namesake of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. From Snuffles the bear to Muttsy the dog, these plush playthings fill millions of homes and hearts.

Toys & Prices 2006

Author: Karen O'Brien

Publisher: Krause Publications Incorporated

ISBN: 9780896891524

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 817

View: 1515


Featuring analysis from experts across the United States and more than two thousand photos, a comprehensive toy reference covers the historic toys of post-World War II through the present and includes chapters on Action Figures, Fisher-Price, G.I. Joe, Lunch Boxes, Robots, and much more. Original.

God Rest Ye Grumpy Scroogeymen

New Traditions for Comfort & Joy at Christmas

Author: Laura Jensen Walker,Michael K. Walker

Publisher: Fleming H Revell Company

ISBN: 9780800730512

Category: Religion

Page: 175

View: 3322


Creative ideas and poignant anecdotes infuse Christmas with meaning and fun in this book that explores how to resolve conflicting Christmas traditions.

Toys & Prices 2007

Author: Karen O'Brien

Publisher: Krause Publications

ISBN: 9780896893337

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 752

View: 1909


This popular annual price and identification guide offers collectors up-to-date pricing for their favourite toys, along with accurate, detailed descriptions for hassle-free identification.

Jeder Lotos hat ein schönes Herz

Eine praktische Anleitung zur Meditation

Author: Ajahn Brahm

Publisher: Lotos

ISBN: 3641072085

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 8962


Der Weg zu Gelassenheit und innerer Stärke Von Termin zu Termin hetzend, stressgeplagt und ständig unter Druck findet der moderne Mensch nur noch schwer zu Erholung und innerer Ruhe. Kann Meditation hier eine Hilfe sein? »Ja, man muss nur richtig meditieren«, sagt Ajahn Brahm, einer der ungewöhnlichsten und angesehensten buddhistischen Lehrer unserer Zeit. »Meditation kann unseren Alltag wandeln, bereichern und lässt ihn leichter werden.« Zunächst schildert der Autor klar und deutlich, wie die anfänglichen Hindernisse und Stolpersteine überwunden werden können: das unaufhörliche Gedankenkarussell, die Ungeduld, die Ablenkung durch äußere Einflüsse und die Müdigkeit. In der Vertiefung der Praxis geht es um tiefe Gedankenstille, das Gewahrsein des Augenblicks, das Loslassen aller Mühen und Sorgen. Dieses Buch lehrt eine Form der Meditation, die uns stärker werden, innere Stille finden und Kraft schöpfen lässt, um die Hürden des Alltags zu überwinden und in das spirituelle Leben einzutreten.

Penguin Bloom

Der kleine Vogel, der unsere Familie rettete

Author: Cameron Bloom,Bradley Trevor Greive

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 3641210585

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 8061


Wie ein kleiner Vogel einer Familie die Lebensfreude zurückschenkte Penguin Bloom ist schon jetzt ein absoluter Publikumsliebling. Die lustigen, einfach zauberhaften Fotos der frechen Elster und ihrer australischen Adoptivfamilie gingen über die sozialen Medien durch die ganze Welt. Was die Fans nicht kennen, ist die bewegende Geschichte hinter den großartigen Bildern. Es ist die wahre Geschichte der Familie Bloom, die nach einem tragischen Unfall beinahe zerbricht und durch den witzigen kleinen Vogel namens Penguin gerettet wird.