Fuel Reduction for the Mobility Air Forces

Author: Christopher A. Mouton,James D. Powers,Daniel M. Romano,Christopher Guo,Sean Bednarz

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 9780833087652

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Reducing aviation fuel use is an ongoing goal for military and civil operators, and Air Mobility Command is feeling increasing pressure to further reduce fuel use by implementing and following known best practices. Although the Air Force had achieved a 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption by March 2012, it must continue to pursue cost-effective options to reduce fuel use even further.

What is the Price of Energy Security?

From Battlefields to Bases : Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Readiness of the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Second Session, Hearing Held March 29, 2012

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Department of Defense Authorization for Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2014 and the Future Years Defense Program

Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, First Session, on S. 1197, to Authorize Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2014 for Military Activities of the Department of Defense, for Military Construction, and for Defense Activities of the Department of Energy, to Prescribe Military Personnel Strengths for Such Fiscal Year, and for Other Purposes

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services

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An Alternative to U. S. Air Force Petroleum Fuel Dependency

Author: Mark S. Danigole

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437911080


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The USAF is the largest energy consumer in the DoD. In conjunction with the Pres¿s. mandate to reduce dependency on foreign oil and in an effort to stem fuel exp., the USAF estab. an alternative energy program focused on increased conservation and the dev¿t. of new, domestic sources of fuel. This report examines biologically produced fuel alternatives and their ability to meet USAF jet fuel requirements by the year 2025. It examines ethanol, terrestrial produced biodiesel, algae oil and biobutanol and each fuel¿s ability to meet JP-8 fuel standards while achieving compatibility with USAF aircraft and fuel distribution systems. It recommends the continued development of biofuel technology to reduce USAF dependency on foreign oil. Illus.

The Ecology of Transportation: Managing Mobility for the Environment

Author: John Davenport,Julia L. Davenport

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402045042

Category: Science

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This volume reviews the ecological effects of road, rail, marine and air transport. The focus ranges from identification of threats and repair of damaging effects to design of future transport systems that minimize environmental degradation. The scope of coverage extends from small ecosystems to the planet as a whole. Experts from a variety of disciplines address the topic, expressing views across the spectrum from deep pessimism to cautious optimism.

Defense Management: Overarching Organizational Framework Could Improve DoD¿s Mgmt. of Energy Reduction Efforts for Military Operations

Congressional Testimony

Author: William M. Solis

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437902677


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The DoD is the single largest U.S. energy consumer. About 3/4 of its total consumption consists of mobility energy -- the energy required for moving and sustaining its forces and weapons platforms for military operations. This testimony discusses DoD¿s efforts to manage and reduce its mobility energy demand, and addresses: (1) energy issues that are likely to affect DoD in the future; (2) key departmental and military service efforts to reduce demand for mobility energy; and (3) DoD¿s management approach to guide and oversee these efforts. Includes recommendations. Charts and tables.

The Mobility Forum

The Journal of the Air Mobility Command

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Eighth Air Force

The American Bomber Crews in Britain

Author: Donald L Miller

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited

ISBN: 1781311692

Category: History

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DIV The Bomber War in World War II was waged by two forces: the Lancasters and Halifaxes of the RAF’s Bomber Command, and the Flying fortresses and Liberators of the American Eighth Air Force. Thousands of young Americans flew hundreds of raids over Germany, bombing by day in huge formations, attacking industrial plants, oil refineries and cities. These were desperately dangerous missions from which many would not return. Nonetheless, for the three years between the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the Normandy landings of 1944, fleets of bomber crews were the only way the Allies could take the war directly to Germany in Europe, making every town and factory the frontline. Donald Miller’s magnificent Eighth Air Force has deservedly been praised in the same breath as Patrick Bishop’s modern classic, Bomber Boys. Miller offers a comprehensive history of this crucial phase of the Allies’ military strategy. Across 17 chapters, with 16 pages of photographs, he covers the individual destinies of the American bomber crews; the notorious raids of Schweinfurt-Regensburg and Dresden; the social transformation of sleepy East Anglian villages by a ubiquitous military presence; and the fierce controversy surrounding the ethics of area and terror bombing. /div


Author: Jock Pan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450086713

Category: Political Science

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FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES • This Book is Federal Government Book; it should not be under estimated by any Faculty or Individual. The book contains all roles of President, United States Congress, United States Judiciary, and United States Inner Executive Departments are: • United States Department of States; United States Department of Treasury, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Justice, and United States Department of Homeland Security; and others Offices that have Rank of Cabinet-Level, and they are: Vice President of the United States Office; Executive Office of the President (White House); Office of Budget and Management; Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; Environmental Protection Agency; United States Mission to United Nations; United States Council of Economic Advisors; United States Department of Army Forces; United States Department of Air Forces; United States Department of Naval Operations; United States Marine Corps/Commands; and United States of America’s short history, and United States Constitution. However, the above mentioned Departments have more than one thousand Agencies. Author: Pan

Airlift Tanker

History of U.S. Airlift and Tanker Forces

Author: Turner Publishing

Publisher: Turner Publishing Company

ISBN: 156311125X

Category: History

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The history of the use of airlift and tanker forces in the U.S. military from the early biplane to today's advanced aircraft is brilliantly described in this book.

Driving Forces

The Automobile, Its Enemies, and the Politics of Mobility

Author: James A. Dunn

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815707202

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

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To its critics, the automobile is a voracious consumer of irreplaceable energy resources, a leading polluter of the environment, and a destroyer of cohesive communities. The most outspoken opponents call for greater regulations and restrictions to ultimately replace the automobile as the country's primary means of transportation. But their proposals all ignore one simple fact: Americans love their cars! Millions of citizens have made the automobile the most successful method of mass transportation ever developed, and they are not about to give up the personal mobility it offers. This book presents the controversial view that, for the vast majority of Americans, the automobile is not the problem, but the solution to transportation needs. While acknowledging the automobile's significant drawbacks, the author refutes much of the shrill rhetoric and doomsday predictions of its opponents. He takes a skeptical look at the major policy initiatives to tax, regulate, and provide alternatives to the automobile, pointing out that any policies designed to remove Americans from their cars without offering them a superior means of mobility are "worse than useless" and doomed to failure. The book offers suggestions and guidelines for politically realistic initiatives that preserve the benefits of the automobile while building public support for policies that will reduce its negative effects on energy use and the environment.

Annual Review

Author: United States. National Guard Bureau

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The Perfect Waltz

Author: Anne Gracie

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440625190

Category: Fiction

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Society rogue Sebastian Reyne's search for a practical wife comes to a crashing halt when he dances with the effervescent Hope Merridew--and is seduced into a delicious intrigue of sensuality and desire.

Air Mobility

A Brief History of the American Experience

Author: Robert C. Owen

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1597978523


Page: 414

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Global air mobility is an American invention. During the twentieth century, other nations developed capabilities to transport supplies and personnel by air to support deployed military forces. But only the United States mustered the resources and will to create a global transport force and aerial refueling aircraft capable of moving air and ground combat forces of all types to anywhere in the world and supporting them in continuous combat operations. Whether contemplating a bomber campaign or halting another surprise attack, American war planners have depended on transport and tanker aircraft.