Learn French Step by Step

French Language Practical Guide for Beginners

Author: Lucas Jagger

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537450285


Page: 222

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This book, Learn French Step by Step: French Language Practical Guide for Beginners is written for the person that wants to comprehensively study French to become fluent in French. In this book we teach you * A Brief History of the French Language * The Influence of French upon English * French Alphabet * French Pronunciation * Basic Grammar Rules * Gender and Plurals * Cognates * Negative Sentences or Negation * Three Forms of Questions * Basic French Verbs * Formal and Informal French This book will get you through the initial process of understanding the French language, with advanced terminology and vocabulary.

Französisch für Dummies

Author: Dodi-Katrin Schmidt,Michelle M. Williams,Dominique Wenzel,Nathalie L. Brochard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527705457


Page: 384

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French for Beginners

A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of French in 10 Days

Author: Manuel De Cortes

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781508897927


Page: 72

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Learn NOW the basics of French in 10 Days!Click the "Buy" button and START NOW your journey with French.Congratulations, fellow Francophile! You are now holding in your hands a reader-friendly guide to learning the basics of French grammar. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to pronounce French vowels and consonants, how to pluralize nouns, and how to get around your way in France, using all the helpful examples of phrases and dialogues provided in this book. Through this manual you will learn the basics of the romantic French language and gain confidence as you speak. To facilitate learning, easy-to-follow pronunciation guides have been included. Tips for tourists and other pertinent information about the City of Lights were extensively researched for your convenience. Whenever you feel like giving up, tell yourself that French is a language - it can be acquired, it can be mastered, it can be loved, and it can be a friend, if you work hard to win it.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside Numbers and Gender Plural Forms of Nouns Pronouns Verbs Prepositions Useful Expressions Much, much more! Take Action Right Away and START your amazing journey with French!


Practical French for Beginners - Over +700 French Phrases & Expressions for Everyday Conversation - Including Pronunciation Tips & Detailed Exercises

Author: Lingo Lingo Academy,Cloe Dauplais

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781541361409


Page: 230

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INTRODUCING: Over +700 French Phrases to Sound Like a French Native (Including Pronunciation Tips & Detailed Exercises) Would you like to try a new way of learning French? Are you tired of the traditional methods teachers tell you to use? What if we told you there is a better, more care-free way of learning French and expanding your vocabulary to unprecedented levels? Well, guess what? There is! One of the best ways to learn French is by using practical conversation guides The problem? You might feel like you don't know where to start, or you may feel lost trying to read whatever pops up on the internet. That's exactly why we created this book. French Phrases + Pronunciation Guide = Faster Learning We know how difficult it may seem to learn a foreign language from scratch, let alone trying to put all that learning into practice. But what you might not realize is that it's fairly easy to fully incorporate the essentials of a language if you use pronunciation guides as a shortcut. Pronunciation guides allow you to virtually read out loud a certain 'pronunciation clue' and without realizing it, you will be speaking almost perfect French. This will in time allow you to expand your vocabulary quickly, understand new concepts, and overall get a better grasp of the French language. Practical conversation guides work because they eliminate the stress of forcing yourself to learn. Instead, when you read out loud the different sections we've prepared for you, you will learn French with much less struggle! Your goal is to simply focus on a section at a time (they only a take few minutes to read). Each chapter takes on multiple topics, including tips on how to build rapport with others, grocery shopping, and asking for directions, just to name a new. We wanted these sections to be fun, interesting, and appealing, motivating you to keep on reading. That's the very best way to learn, don't you think? BONUS: Pronunciation Guides + Detailed Multiple Choice Exercises In this book you'll find over fifteen chapters covering a multitude of topics in French. Each chapter contains tables with three columns. You start by reading the first column -word or phrase in English-, then you move on to the second -translation to French-, and then to the third one and read it out loud -it includes a pronunciation clue for that particular word or phrase. Once you're done with this line, you move on to the next one, and so forth until you complete the chapter. It's that easy and fun. READ: Practical French For Beginners - Over +700 French Phrases & Expressions for Everyday Conversation "Practical French For Beginners" contains a multitude of vocabulary lists including words and phrases you can incorporate to grow your French vocabulary to unprecedented levels. We chose each phrase carefully, in order to support both beginners and intermediate students. We are absolutely sure will love this book, and we sincerely hope they help you learn French much, much faster. How Will You French Skills Improve? You will learn new words without even realizing it You will incorporate key phrases of the French language You will understand how context affects the meaning of certain words You will get a break from all those dusty French grammar books You will have fun reading out loud pronunciation clues You will get a chance to apply what you already know Most importantly,you will get a better overall grasp of the French language, feeling more confident with your abilities Pratical Conversation Guides are ideal to learn French while having fun. All you need to do is pick a chapter from this book, and start reading. What Are You Waiting For? Get this book now and start learning French. Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button.

Speak French

Book 1 of 3: Beginners (How to Speak French, French for Beginners, French Language, Learn French, How to Learn French, Speaking French, Learning French, French Guide, French Quickly, French Fast)

Author: Jean Favier

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781536936766


Page: 116

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The ultimate guide to speaking French. This is book 1, for beginners. Learning a language can be FUN and if you are willing to understand the logic of the culture and how the language is made up, you'll discover patterns and start to have a feeling for it. This is exactly what I focus on in this book series. In this book series, I will share with you the secret grammar rules, exceptions, as well as fun words with my funny cartoons inserted; all in order to help you learn the French language. In this book, you'll find topics and knowledge about: Pronunciation (including links to YouTube videos to hear me pronounce the sounds) Conversation Small words Animals Greeting Verbs Body parts And much more!!!!! Don't wait if you want to learn some French and start right now! I will see you in the first chapter. Keywords: Learning French, Speaking French, How to Speak French, French for Beginners, French Language, Learn French, How to Learn French, Speaking French, Learning French, French Guide, French Quickly, French Fast, Beginners French, French Language Course, French Language Book, Little French Book, Learn French Now, Speak French Now, Rapid French Course, French Course for Beginners, French Speaking Course, France Language, Belgium Language, France Language Book, French E-book, French Ebook, French Language Ebook, Belgian Language Ebook, Flemish Course, How to Speak Flemish, French France, Speaking France, Speak France, Learn France, French Quick, Quick French Course, Quick French Book, Learn French Faster, Learn French Fast, Speak French Fast, Speaking French Faster, Write French, French Spelling, Spell French, Read French, Reading French, Read French Now, Read and Write French, Reading and Writing French, Speak and Read French, Know French, French Dictionary, French Language Dictionary, French Vocabulary, French Word Book, French Phrases, French Sentences, French Sentence Book, French Phrase Book, French Vocabulary Book, French Words, French Word E-Book, French Book Kindle, Kindle Book French, French Grammar, French Grammar Book, French Grammar Fast, French Grammar Ebook, French Conversation, French Manual, French Guide, French Speaking Guide, French Language Manual, French Language Guide, French Language Book

French Crash Course

A No-BS, Seven-Day Guide to Learning Basic French (With Audio)

Author: Frederic Bibard

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781518675911


Page: 146

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A No-BS, Seven-Day Guide to Learning Basic French Learning French takes time. However, sometimes, time is not on your side. When a long route is simply not an option for you, a book that will teach you French in record time is the way to go.The Only French Crash Course with Free Audio!!! This book is the closest thing to a real crash course you will ever find. Featuring an innovative approach to learning French that involves structured daily lessons with exercises and immersion activities, this book also comes with FREE audio to help you practice your listening and pronunciation skills.Learn Basic French in A Week I'm sure you have heard all of this before. So, what makes this one different from the rest? By utilizing the 80-20 principle (80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs), this book speeds up language learning by focusing on the 20%, with French lessons and immersion techniques you need immediately to get by in a French-speaking environment. It comes with FREE audio material to help you speak and pronounce French properly and improve your listening comprehension skills. It is the ONLY book of its kind that offers both free audio and a low price point. It provides you with seven days of high-impact French language lessons grouped into easy-to-follow daily grammar and vocabulary topics, exercises, and fun activities. Examples include: Le film du jour (Film of the day), La musique du jour (Music of the day), and L'activité du Jour (Activity of the day). It does not over-promise. While it will not make you fluent in a short period of time, it will help to build a stable foundation for learners who want a strong start in learning French. Here is a Sneak Peek of What You Will Learn in 7 Days: Basic French grammar and pronunciation skills through fun exercises and activities. Fool-proof tips for verb conjugations. The vocabulary you need to interact with French speakers. Listening and pronunciation skills through the free MP3. Important tips and phrases to help you get around in a French-speaking environment; topics include Food and Dining, Shopping, Asking for Directions, Currency, Urban Culture, and more. Fresh insights into French culture, plus fun immersion activities such as Film of the Day, Music of the Day, and Activity of the Day. Perfect for Beginners with Little to No French Background This book is perfect for anyone who does not have the time or the patience to go the long language-learning route.If you are: Traveling (or relocating) to France or any French-speaking destination soon and need to learn the language before you go, Someone who has studied French previously but need a refresher course, Interested in learning something new quickly, or Looking to learn the basics of French for either work or personal reasons, Then this e-book is the game-changer you are looking for!Formatted for Fast Navigation and Easy Comprehension The e-book's simple structure and the logical flow of the topics are especially designed for learners to grasp lessons quickly. With carefully planned grammar and vocabulary exercises, you will find yourself learning French basics in no time.Technical Details 140 pages Bonus audio files Ready to Learn French Quickly and Properly? Grab your copy now!

Fließend in drei Monaten

Wie Sie in kürzester Zeit jede Sprache erlernen

Author: Benny Lewis

Publisher: MVG Verlag

ISBN: 3864157358

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 8291


Eine Sprache lernt man nicht nur, sondern man lebt sie. Benny Lewis ist Autodidakt und hat im Laufe der Zeit herausgefunden, worum es tatsächlich beim Lernen einer Sprache geht. In diesem Buch erklärt er, was es wirklich braucht, damit man jede Sprache in kürzester Zeit erlernt. Unerlässlich ist eine enorm hohe Motivation für das Erlernen der Sprache, und man muss sich trauen, die Sprache auch zu sprechen. Sei es durch eine persönliche Reise in das entsprechende Land, übers Internet oder durch einen Tandempartner. Darüber hinaus sollte man möglichst alles in der Fremdsprache tun, was Praxis bringt: Fernsehen schauen, Musik hören und lesen. Mit diesem Buch gibt der Autor Tipps für Eselsbrücken, um Vokabeln und die Grammatik einfacher zu erlernen, und er hilft dabei, die Herangehensweise an das Lernen so zu optimieren, dass es zu einem Kinderspiel wird. Sein Erfolg spiegelt sich im weltweit größten Sprachlernblog wider, mit dem er bereits Millionen Menschen dabei geholfen hat, eine neue Sprache zu erlernen.

15 Minute French

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 0241345170

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 160

View: 5066


The perfect book for anyone who wants to learn French fast. Comes with a free downloadable audio app for Apple and Android phones, enabling learners to hear words and phrases spoken by native French speakers. 12 themed chapters are broken down into 15-minute daily lessons, spanning a range of practical themes, from socialising to doing business. Each lesson combines French vocabulary and grammar essentials with full-colour photographs for a user-friendly, accessible language guide. The ideal French language course for beginners, the 15-Minute language series will teach you how to speak a new language in just 12 weeks. Topics covered: introductions, eating and drinking, making arrangements, travel, getting about, accommodation, shopping, work and study, health, at home, services, leisure and socialising, with a menu guide and two-language dictionary.

Facon de Parler 1 French for Beginners 5ED

Enhanced Edition

Author: Angela Aries,Dominique Debney

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444168401

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 180

View: 4868


Façon de Parler 1 is the first of a two-volume, communicative course, specially designed for the adult beginner. Angela Aries and Dominique Debney guide you step by step through all the basic language skills you need for holiday, business or exams and there is plenty of opportunity to practise what you have learned as you go along. Each of the units contains the following: - lively, illustrated dialogues and comprehension questions - structured pair-work and group-work activities - basic vocabulary and useful expressions - grammar notes - listening comprehension (for work with the recordings, sold separately) There are also regular revision sections to consolidate the main topics and grammar points, while a useful reference section is followed by a French-English end vocabulary Façon de Parler 1 is ideal for group work and can also be used for individual study and revision purposes. This ebook contains the content from the course book, plus the audio component (9781444168457), a pack which contains three CDs featuring dialogues, passages and exercises from the coursebook, and a support booklet which includes an answer key and recording transcripts.

Colloquial French

The Complete Course for Beginners

Author: Valérie Demouy,Alan Moys

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415340136

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 278

View: 8681


COLLOQUIAL FRENCH is easy to use and completely up to date! Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken French. No prior knowledge of the language is required. What makes COLLOQUIAL FRENCH your best choice in personal language learning? Interactive – lots of exercises for regular practice Clear – concise grammar notes Practical – useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide Complete – including answer key and reference section Whether you're a business traveller, or about to take up a daring challenge in adventure tourism, studying to teach or even looking forward to a holiday - if you'd like to get up and running with French, this rewarding course will take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a wide range of everyday situations. Course components: The complete course comprises the book and audio materials. These are available to purchase separately in paperback, ebook, CD and MP3 format. The paperback and CDs can also be purchased together in the great-value Colloquials pack. Paperback: 978-0-415-34013-7 (please note this does not include the audio) CDs:978-0-415-34014-4 eBook: 978-0-203-46220-1 (please note this does not include the audio, available to purchase from http://ebookstore.tandf.co.uk/audio_viewbooks.aspx) MP3s: 978-0-415-47091-9 (available to purchase from http://ebookstore.tandf.co.uk/audio_viewbooks.aspx) Pack: 978-0-415-43163-7 (paperback and CDs)

French for Beginners: The Complete Crash Course to Speaking French in 5 Days Or Less!

Author: Dubois,Bruno Thomas

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781520395128

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 308

View: 3155


If you’re thinking of travelling to France, want to gain a basic understanding of the language or simply have an interest in Europe’s finest culture, then you’re in the right place. This book will show you how to speak basic French, right here and right now!


Author: Baby Professor

Publisher: Baby Professor

ISBN: 9781541903340

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 42

View: 903


Contrary to popular belief, learning French language is not that hard. With enough patience and practice, anyone can learn it in no time. This basic French language book is specifically for children. Their fresh and very enthusiastic minds are already a great start to make this module successful. Get a copy of this book today.

Learn French and German

2 Manuscripts - Learn French Step by Step and Learn German Step by Step

Author: Lucas Jagger

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537497228

Category: French language

Page: 328

View: 8142


Written for the person that wants to comprehensively study Spanish, Italian, French, and/or German.

French for Beginners

The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak French!

Author: Getaway Guides

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781511532785


Page: 70

View: 2979


French for Beginners 2nd Edition; The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak French! French is considered as one of the languages that is widely learned all over the world. There is a high likelihood that you are already familiar with some French phrases and words. Because of the French invasion in England during the eleventh century, the French language has given significant contributions to the English vocabulary. This means that even if you are not actively learning French but is adept in English, you are already using a lot of French words without you knowing. Because of hundreds of years of interaction with the British and because of common ancient forefathers, French has offered English-speakers a fairly easy path to conversing using a different language. French and English share several similarities in sentence construction. You may even realize that a lot of French and English words have similar sounds. The limited French sounds may still be familiar to you because of movies and TV shows. Some of these unique French sounds include the silent "h" and the gruff "r" sound; but this does not completely mean that everything you watch and hear on TV is totally accurate. Still, being able to adopt the French accent you have acquired from watching movies can help you a lot while learning the language. Even if French is remotely related to the English language, it is more generally compared to other Romance languages such us Spanish and Italian. All these three languages were created from the Latin language used by the Romans during their invasions in 1 B.C.; but despite their common origin, the evolution of the French language is different from the evolution of Italian and Spanish (which still share a lot of similarities even up to today). Currently, there are around thirty countries who name French as one of their official languages. In Canada, French is commonly used in the Quebec region only. While in Belgium, French is used in the Southern area only. The spread of the French language can be partly explained by the colonization of several nations in the Pacific, Africa and the Caribbean by France. On top of that, the French language was actually used as the official language for international diplomacy until the initial years of the twentieth century when the English language took over. Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside... The French Language Pronunciation Tools for Building Phrases Basic Vocabulary Words and Phrases Socializing in French Much, much more! Purchase your copy today!


Speak French Now! a Beginner Guide to Instantly Start Speaking French (Without Sounding Like an Idiot)

Author: Foreign Language Foreign Language Guides

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781515376422


Page: 110

View: 7705


Are You Ready to Learn French Quickly & Easily? France is a beautiful country, and French is an incredibly beautiful language. It should come as no surprise that many call it the language of love. French remains one of the great languages of international diplomacy. Whether you're wanting to brush up before heading to France, or you're starting to learn, this book can help you to soon be speaking French like a native. Learning a foreign language can be hard and overwhelming, but this book makes French easier to understand and a lot less daunting. By starting off with easy French for beginners and the most important key phrases for any traveler, you get a chance to master each topic before moving on to the more complicated parts of the language. With this book in hand, you can learn French now and learn it quickly. Speak French Now! In fact, if you want to begin speaking French phrases within the next 7 days, this book guides you through the most important vocabulary, grammar and challenges every beginner faces, including: Essential French Phrases French Pronunciation Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives Asking Questions Numbers Days of the week Months of the year Weather Directions Travel Family and Animals Schools and Jobs Eating and Drinking Food and Meals Irregular Past Participles Holiday Phrases... and Lots, lots more. The material of this book is arranged to make it possible for the beginner to start speaking and interacting in the language very quickly. The book itself covers much of what might be covered in a first year French course, but with a progression that is more practical, especially for daily conversation while traveling. You will surprise yourself with how much will learn and how quickly you will be able to move through the material. It is designed to help you learn French easily and quickly. You will soon find yourself discovering a new way of understanding foreign languages and how learning them can be much more interesting than they ever seemed in school. TAKE ACTION NOW. Scroll to the top of the page and click the 'BUY' button. Then start to learn everything you need to know to enjoy French travel and not worry about getting lost and simply experience the delight of knowing a new language..

Beginning French Language

A Systematic Guide for the Anglophone Learner

Author: Renee Ezinna Awa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 147973795X

Category: Education

Page: 292

View: 1772


Teach yourself French Language with the all-new and exciting book Beginning French Language. This book is a systematic guide for the Anglophone learner. From now on, French language ceases to be a nightmare to the Anglophone learner since the books are especially packaged for an easy study and learning of the French language and more especially, it has accompanying mp3.  Ah Ezinne, why didn't you bring out this book before now? You would have saved me the stress of running to and fro in search of where to study French Language. Your work is excellent and I am getting the best out of it. A. Ayo, IT expert/student, Alliance Française, Lagos, Nigeria.  Great work! Phonetics and pronunciation well dissected. Emeka C; student, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  Teach-yourself is indeed an understatement. You become a teacher of the language. It is a refreshing delight!!! Sade O; banker, Lagos, Nigeria

Learn Spanish & Learn French

A Fast and Easy Guide for Beginners to Learn Conversational Spanish

Author: Juan Diago,Oliver Robichaud

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781545347027


Page: 140

View: 4211


2 Books in 1! Learn 2 Languages with 1 book! Learn French: A Fast and Easy Guide for Beginners to Learn Conversational French Are you looking for the best way to learn French? Well, look no further. This book is, simply put, the best on the market for learning French. Why do I say that? Because this book does what language books should do - teach you the mechanics of the language, not a bunch of tourist trap phrases that you'll forget the second you leave the country. If books don't do that, then they make the critical mistake of going into far too much detail and managing to bore you half to death by virtue of the fact that they've spent 30 pages going on about three different kinds of articles. I don't do that either. Learn Spanish: A Fast and Easy Guide for Beginners to Learn Conversational Spanish Let's face it: the language market is changing. English has been the lingua franca for a while now, but it's not going to always be that way. It's projected that Chinese or Spanish might take over the English language as the lingua franca in the next century. So it makes sense that you're searching this book: Spanish is an in-demand language to know. By knowing Spanish, you're opening the door to communication with hundreds of millions of more people than you could speak with before. This makes you a desirable asset to a great number of companies and makes you an all around more well-rounded person.

Learn French

3 Books in 1! a Fast and Easy Guide for Beginners to Learn Conversational French & Short Stories for Beginners Plus Learn Languages Bonus Book

Author: Oliver Robichaud,Wayne Chung

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781547154678


Page: 238

View: 2643


The Ultimate Combo to Learn French Today! PLUS BONUS Learn Languages Book Enjoy 2 FREE gifts with your purchase of this book: a mastermind group membership and a special report for planning the life of your dreams. Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Order Now! Learn French Are you looking for the best way to learn French? Well, look no further. This book is, simply put, the best on the market for learning French. Why do I say that? Because this book does what language books should do - teach you the mechanics of the language, not a bunch of tourist trap phrases that you'll forget the second you leave the country. If books don't do that, then they make the critical mistake of going into far too much detail and managing to bore you half to death by virtue of the fact that they've spent 30 pages going on about three different kinds of articles. I don't do that either. What this book does do, and does very well in fact, is set you up with the knowledge that you want and need of French in a very short time frame, so that you can blast through this book and already feel like you're set up for success. This book isn't a reference, nor is it a crash course on the French language; it's both. You'll read through this book and understand, then you'll apply what you've learned (and inevitably look back at this book down the line to rehash your memory), and you'll grow even more as a French speaker. Don't waste your time and money on a subpar French book. Go with the best from the get-go. Learn French With Stories "Learn French" is the ideal book for students of French who want to take their comprehension of the language to the next level. Rather than being a traditional French grammar book, "Learn French" offers readers a series of short, easy stories in both French and English. Readers can bypass the step of memorizing complicated French syntax rules by simply learning them as they read. The English version is always at their fingertips so that they can check their understanding, and each chapter includes a detailed vocabulary section at the end, which is excellent for learning new words. Learning vocabulary in context also helps with understanding and remembering words. It's an all-around better technique than using traditional flash cards, and it's also more fun! "Learn French" has a handful of features that set it apart from other, similar books. Each story is followed by a short set of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension questions. Readers who want to test themselves before reading the English version of the story can skip to this section. The book is highly navigable, and answers to the question sets are found in a separate chapter at the end, so it's impossible to cheat accidentally. Finally, the stories follow a graduated level of difficulty. All of the stories are written for beginning French students and are geared towards learning basic vocabulary and grammar skills. The final story in the book, however, adds an extra challenge by using the past, rather than the present, tense. Readers who are looking to improve their French in a fun and easy way will love this innovative, easy-to-use book. Don't wait another minute to access this quick and powerful guide to Learn French order your copy today! It's fast and easy to purchase this fascinating book - just scroll up the right-hand side of your screen and click on the BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK button.

French for Beginners

Author: Angela Wilkes,John Shackell

Publisher: Usborne Books

ISBN: 9780746046395

Category: Children's bilingual books

Page: 48

View: 2452


Text with beginning conversational situations.