Die Unabhängigkeit und Unparteilichkeit des Mediators

Author: Peter Tochtermann

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161498572

Category: Law

Page: 318

View: 1267


English summary: Peter Tochtermann analyzes the extent to which a mediator has to be independent and impartial when supporting parties to resolve their dispute in a mediation amicably. In his comparative analysis, using the mediation experiences of the United States, the author focuses on mechanisms which can ensure the integrity of the process during the different stages of mediation. In addition to the professional regulations for notaries and attorneys, the author examines procedural mechanisms such as codes of ethics and corresponding enforcement procedures as well as the possibility of rescinding a mediation agreement influenced by a biased mediator under U.S. and German contract law. In a closing chapter, the author analyzes hybrid dispute resolution mechanisms, which combine mediation and arbitration. German description: Die Unabhangigkeit und Unparteilichkeit des Mediators ist zentrale Voraussetzung fur eine erfolgreiche Mediation. Peter Tochtermann untersucht, welche Anforderungen an die unparteiische Verfahrensleitung des Mediators zu erheben sind. In einem Rechtsvergleich mit den USA entwickelt er eigene, auf den andersartigen Verfahrenscharakter der Mediation zugeschnittene Ansatze, wie die Unabhangigkeit und Unparteilichkeit des Mediators sichergestellt werden kann. Dabei differenziert er zwischen Mediationsverfahren, die ohne Anbindung an das Gerichtswesen durchgefuhrt werden, und solchen, die unter der Agide der Justiz stattfinden. Nach einer Klarung der Konzepte der Unabhangigkeit und Unparteilichkeit, der Herleitung der Pflicht zur unbefangenen Leitung des Mediationsverfahrens sowie einer Analyse der Wechselwirkungen zwischen der Rolle des Mediators und dem Ausmass, in dem seine Unabhangigkeit und Unparteilichkeit gewahrleistet sein muss, widmet sich der Autor der Frage, welche Mechanismen vor, wahrend und nach Abschluss der Mediation die Unabhangigkeit und Unparteilichkeit des Mediators sicherstellen konnen. Hier untersucht er neben den Regelungen des anwaltlichen und notariellen Berufsrechts rechtsvergleichend geeignete verfahrensrechtliche Mechanismen wie Beschwerde- und Ablehnungsverfahren sowie die Effizienz vertragsrechtlicher Mechanismen, mittels derer ein durch einen befangenen Mediator beeinflusster Vergleich aufgehoben werden kann. Schliesslich analysiert der Autor hybride Verfahrensformen, die sich aus der Kombination von Mediations- und Schiedsverfahren ergeben.

The American Legal System

Perspectives, Politics, Processes, and Policies

Author: Albert P. Melone,Allan Karnes

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742547537

Category: Law

Page: 685

View: 2619


Firmly anchored in social science concepts, the second edition of The American Legal System demonstrates the relationships among private law, the business legal environment, and public law issues, as well as related subjects of interest. This fifteen-chapter book is divided into three parts. Part I places the legal system in a political perspective centering on the origins of the law, schools of jurisprudence, branches and functions of law, legitimacy of law, how the judiciary functions in the federal system of government, and judicial interpretation and decision making. Part II contrasts legal processes: civil suits for money damages, criminal processes, equity justice, administrative processes, and alternative dispute resolution. Part III centers on the legal norms or rules governing both civil and criminal conduct, property law, family law, contract law, and government regulation of business. Throughout, the text features edited court opinions many new to this edition illustrating lively and thought-provoking controversies that are certain to spark student interest. Among the many compelling issues addressed are the legal and constitutional controversies surrounding the Bush Administration's "War on Terror," and the socially explosive developments concerning same-sex marriage. In addition, each chapter includes at least three comparative notes showing how other legal cultures in different nation-states treat legal matters. A wealth of pedagogical features chapter-opening objectives; key terms, names, and concepts; a glossary, discussion questions, and appendices are included to aid student comprehension. The authors have prepared an Instructor's Manual and Test Bank to facilitate the book's use in the classroom."

Haftungsbeschränkung und Mindesthaftung

Author: Alexander Bruns

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161479083

Category: Law

Page: 476

View: 1682


English summary: Alexander Bruns presents a new concept for the admissibility of limitations of liability, a concept which is valid both in the E.C. and in the U.S.A. His basic theory, which he explains and summarizes by using significant legal areas as examples, is that liability limitations in contract law or corporate law are enforceable if the requisite minimum liability is maintained. He deals not only with the law in Germany, but also takes a look at the law in the U.S.A. and in the main European states as well as European Community law. German description: Die Rechtsordnung unterscheidet zwischen der Haftungsbeschrankung durch Vertrag und der Moglichkeit einer Begrenzung von Haftungsrisiken durch die Grundung von Kapitalgesellschaften. Bislang ist wenig geklart, ob und inwieweit die Zulassigkeitsstandards, die Rechtsprechung, Lehre und Gesetzgebung zugrunde legen, fur beide Gebiete eher konvergieren oder auseinander streben. Alexander Bruns deckt deutliche Divergenzen zwischen Vertrags- und Gesellschaftsrecht auf und entwickelt neue Massstabe insbesondere fur die gerichtliche Inhaltskontrolle vertraglicher Haftungsbeschrankungen, die Wertungswiderspruche zum Gesellschaftsrecht vermeiden. Der rechtsvergleichende Blick in die USA, auf das Recht wichtiger europaischer Staaten und das europaische Gemeinschaftsrecht verbreitert die Wertungsbasis.

Force Majeure and Hardship Under General Contract Principles

Exemption for Non-performance in International Arbitration

Author: Christoph Brunner

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041127925

Category: Law

Page: 589

View: 8795


Lawyers involved in international commercial transactions know well that unforeseen events affecting the performance of a party often arise. Not surprisingly, exemptions for non-performance are dealt with in a significant number of arbitral awards. This very useful book thoroughly analyzes contemporary approaches, particularly as manifested in case law, to the scope and content of the principles of exemption for non-performance which are commonly referred to as 'force majeure' and 'hardship.' The author shows that the 'general principles of law' approach addresses this concern most effectively. Generally accepted and understood by the business world at large, this approach encompasses principles of international commercial contracts derived from a variety of legal systems. It's most important 'restatements' are found in the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (UPICC). Establishing specific standards and "case groups" for the exemptions under review, the analysis treats such recurring elements as the following: contractual risk allocations; unforeseeability of an impediment; impediments beyond the typical sphere of risk and control of the obligor; responsibility for third parties (subcontractors, suppliers); legal impediments (acts of public authority) and effect of mandatory rules; involvement of states or state enterprises; interpretation of force majeure and hardship clauses; hardship threshold test; frustration of purpose; irreconcilable differences; comparison with exemptions under domestic legal systems (impossibility of performance, frustration of contract, impracticability) The book is a major contribution to the development of the use of general principles of law in international commercial arbitration. It may be used as a comprehensive commentary on the force majeure and hardship provisions of the UPICC, as well as on Art. 79 of the CISG. In addition, as an insightful investigation into the fundamental question of the limits of the principle of sanctity of contracts, this book is sure to capture the attention of business lawyers and interested academics everywhere.

Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate

Author: Tina L. Stark

Publisher: ALM Publishing

ISBN: 9781588521057

Category: Law

Page: 675

View: 2230


This resource serves to educate lawyers and business professionals on how to draft the many types of "boilerplate" provisions, a legal term that refers to the standardized, one-size-fits-all provisions of a contract. Each chapter tackles one of 20 provisions and analyzes why it is important, the key legal and business issues raised, and how to draft the provision to suit a particular transaction. Such analysis not only helps readers better understand how to draft these provisions in their contracts, but also helps them better understand the other party's process.

Good Faith in European Contract Law

Author: Reinhard Zimmermann,Simon Whittaker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521771900

Category: Law

Page: 720

View: 8822


For some Western European legal systems the principle of good faith has proved central to the development of their law of contracts, while in others it has been marginalised or even rejected. This book surveys the use or neglect of good faith.


Author: Edward Allan Farnsworth

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9781567069945

Category: Law

Page: 982

View: 3534


Steering students through the complexities of Contract Law with this leading textbook from E. Allan Farnsworth. Farnsworth's CONTRACTS, Third Edition, continues to provide students with an emphasis on those topics that figure prominently in most contracts courses, while it presents the most up-to-date information available. the book also offers a real-world focus which applies to all the major topics of the book: enforceability of promises, scope and effect of promises, rights of third parties, and remedies. CONTRACTS, Third Edition, is even more user-friendly, with fewer yet more specific footnotes, valuable citations, and a convenient index. Revealing the entire context of contract law, Farnsworth: explains the rule that governs a particular contractual situation illustrates it with noteworthy examples of the rule in effect poses thought-provoking questions provides thorough answers to the questions offers examples and references throughout the text which incorporate many recent cases Reflecting the major developments in the field, CONTRACTS, Third Edition, addresses: the Vienna Sales Convention (Convention on the International Sale of Goods) UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts new issues in pre-contractual liability ongoing employment law contract issues: at-will contracts, handbooks, and public policy exception remedies and lost opportunities For a textbook that is as effective as it is authoritative, there is no substitute for Farnsworth's CONTRACTS, Third Edition.

Legalines on Contracts

Keyed to Farnsworth

Author: Jonathon Neville

Publisher: Gilberts Law Summaries

ISBN: 9780314143358

Category: Law

Page: 246

View: 9052


This study aid provides detailed explanations of the cases in Farnsworth's contracts casebook. Each brief includes the facts of the case, issues, holdings, and the court's reasoning. The easy-to-follow format includes background information and statements of law that relate the cases to the overall law. This title includes cases that pertain to the basis for enforcing promises, the bargaining process, statute of frauds, policing the bargain, remedies for breach, contract interpretation, performance and breach, impossibility of performance and frustration of purpose, third-party beneficiaries, and assignment of rights.

Changing Your Mind

The Law of Regretted Decisions

Author: E. Allan Farnsworth

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300086973

Category: Law

Page: 271

View: 3930


This book identifies and discusses the general principles and legal rules pertaining to contractual commitment and regretted decisions.

Fault in American Contract Law

Author: Omri Ben-Shahar,Ariel Porat

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139493302

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 6895


Representing an unprecedented joint effort from top scholars in the field, this volume collects original contributions to examine the fundamental role of 'fault' in contract law. Is it immoral to breach a contract? Should a breaching party be punished more harshly for willful breach? Does it matter if the victim of breach engaged in contributory fault? Is there room for a calculus of fault within the 'efficient breach' framework? For generations, contract liability has been viewed as a no-fault regime, in sharp contrast to tort liability. Is this dichotomy real? Is it justified? How do the American and European traditions compare? In exploring these and related issues, the essays in this volume bring together a variety of outlooks, including economic, psychological, philosophical, and comparative approaches to law.


Keyed to Courses Using Ayres and Speidel's Studies in Contract Law

Author: Casenote Legal Briefs

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735570442

Category: Law

Page: 259

View: 7083


After your casebook, Casenote Legal Briefs will be your most important reference source for the entire semester. It is the most popular legal briefs series available, with over 140 titles, and is relied on by thousands of students for its expert case summaries, comprehensive analysis of concurrences and dissents, as well as of the majority opinion in the briefs. Casenote Legal Briefs Features: Keyed to specific casebooks by title/author Most current briefs available Redesigned for greater student accessibility Sample brief with element descriptions called out Redesigned chapter opener provides rule of law and page number for each brief Quick Course Outline chart included with major titles Revised glossary in dictionary format

Cases and Materials on Contracts + Casebookplus

Author: E. Farnsworth,Carol Sanger,Larry Garvin,Neil Cohen,Richard Brooks

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781634609555


Page: 1088

View: 5136


As a part of our CasebookPlus offering, you'll receive the print book along with lifetime digital access to the eBook. Additionally you'll receive 12-month online access to the Learning Library which includes quizzes tied specifically to your book, an outline starter and digital access to leading study aids in that subject and the Gilbert® Law Dictionary. The included study aids are Contracts in a Nutshell, Exam Pro on Contracts and Acing Contracts. The redemption code will be shipped to you with the book. This casebook traces the development of contract law in the English and American common law traditions. Like earlier editions, the 8th edition features authoritative introductions to major topics, carefully selected cases, and well-tailored notes and problems. The casebook is ecumenical in its outlook, presenting a well-balanced approach to the study of contract law without ever losing sight of the importance of doctrine in all its detail. Cases are situated within a variety of disciplines history, economics, philosophy, and ethics and present the law in a variety of settings commercial, familial, employment, and sports and entertainment. The 8th edition will feel familiar yet fresh to current users and both exciting and comfortable to newcomers to contracts or to this casebook.

Negative Haftung aus Vertrag

Author: Helge Dedek

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161491931

Category: Law

Page: 315

View: 2405


English summary: Unlike common law, German law never developed a reliance theory of contract damages. The term negative interest, coined by Rudolph von Jhering, has always been linked to cases of extra-contractual liability. Helge Dedek explores the theoretical and historical background of this doctrinal development, comparing it to the Anglo-American discourse. His critical analysis focuses on the reformulation of contract law and of the medieval concept of interesse under the influence of will theory and societal change in the 19th century. The repercussions of this process are of current significance, since the German reform of the law of obligations in 2001 has introduced a statutory claim for the reimbursement of expenses as a remedy for breach of contract, which eludes the conceptualization of traditional doctrinal scholarship. German description: Seit der Einfuhrung des 284 BGB n.F. streitet die deutsche Rechtswissenschaft uber die Kategorisierung der Sanktion des Aufwendungsersatzes - einer Sanktion, die von dem Paradigma abweicht, der Schadensersatz bei Verletzung einer wirksamen Obligation durch Nicht- oder Schlechtleistung habe darin zu bestehen, den Glaubiger vermogensmassig in die Position zu versetzen, als sei ordnungsgemass erfullt worden. Helge Dedek untersucht, woher die Schwierigkeiten ruhren, die das deutsche Zivilrecht bei der Konzeptualisierung einer nicht auf positive Herstellung des hypothetischen Erfullungszustandes gerichteten Vertragshaftung hat. Das anglo-amerikanische Recht kennt - zumindest als Alternative zum Ersatz des Nichterfullungsschadens - eine vertragliche Haftung auf das reliance interest. Den Hintergrund dieser dogmatischen Entwicklung bildet eine Auffassung von Vertragsrecht, die die Diskurse zur Begrundung vertraglicher Bindung und zur Bemessung von Schadensersatz nicht zwingend trennt. In Deutschland hat hingegen, trotz zahlreicher Theorien zur Rolle des Vertrauens bei Vertragsbegrundung, der Vertrauens-Topos fur die Bemessung vertraglichen Schadensersatzes nie Bedeutung erlangt. Der Autor erlautert diese Entwicklung anhand einer Analyse, deren Schwerpunkt in der dogmengeschichtlichen Betrachtung der willenstheoretisch fundierten Neuorganisation des Vertragsrechts und vor allem der Reformulierung des Interessebegriffs im 19. Jahrhundert liegt. Die Entwicklung erweist sich als ein Prozess der Diskursverengung, in dem sich dogmatische Konstruktion als solche zu erkennen verlernt und so den Ruckgriff auf eine interessengerechte Sanktion erschwert. Das Buch wurde mit dem Preis der Universitaetsgesellschaft fuer die beste Dissertation aller Fakultaeten 2006 ausgezeichnet.

Computer Games and Virtual Worlds

A New Frontier in Intellectual Property Law

Author: Ross A. Dannenberg

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604427509

Category: Computers

Page: 270

View: 9019


This book explores and discusses how to obtain traditional intellectual property law rights in the non-traditional settings of video game and virtual world environments, and serves as a primer for researching these emerging legal issues. Each chapter addresses: end user license agreements; copyrights, patents, trademarks; and trade secrets, as addressed by U.S. law. It also covers international legal issues stemming from the multi-national user-base and foreign operation of many virtual worlds.