Law Express: English Legal System 5th edn

Author: Emily Finch,Stefan Fafinski

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 1292018062

Category: Law

Page: 224

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The Law Express series is designed to help you revise effectively. This book is your guide to understanding essential concepts, remembering and applying key legislation and making your answers stand out!

Law Express: English Legal System

Author: Emily Finch,Stefan Fafinski

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 1292210559

Category: Law

Page: 224

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JOIN OVER HALF A MILLION STUDENTS WHO CHOSE TO REVISE WITH LAW EXPRESS Revise with the help of the UK’s bestselling law revision series. Features: · Review essential cases, statutes, and legal terms before exams. · Assess and approach the subject by using expert advice. · Gain higher marks with tips for advanced thinking and further discussions. · Avoid common pitfalls with Don’t be tempted to. · Practice answering sample questions and discover additional resources on the Companion website.

Q&A English Legal System 2013-2014

Author: Gary Slapper,David Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415503566

Category: LAW

Page: 274

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Routledge Q&As give you the tools to practice and refine your exam technique, showing you how to apply your knowledge to maximum effect in an exam situation. Each book contains up to fifty essay and problem-based questions on the most commonly examined topics, complete with expert guidance and fully worked model answers. These new editions for 2013-2014 will provide you with the skills you need for your exams by: Helping you to be prepared: each title in the series has an introduction presenting carefully tailored advice on how to approach assessment for your subject Showing you what examiners are looking for: each question is annotated with both a short overview on how to approach your answer, as well as footnoted commentary that demonstrate how model answers meet marking criteria Offering pointers on how to gain marks, as well as what common errors could lose them: 'Aim Higher' and 'Common Pitfalls' offer crucial guidance throughout Helping you to understand and remember the law: diagrams for each answer work to illuminate difficult legal principles and provide overviews of how model answers are structured Books in the series are also supported by a Companion Website that offers online essay-writing tutorials, podcasts, bonus Q&As and multiple-choice questions to help you focus your revision more effectively.

Q&A English Legal System 2011-2012

Author: Gary Slapper,David Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136832726

Category: Law

Page: 304

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Routledge Q&As give you the ideal opportunity to practice and refine your exam technique, helping you to apply your knowledge most effectively in an exam situation. Each book contains approximately fifty essay and problem-based questions on topics commonly found on exam papers, complete with answer plans and fully worked model answers. Our authors have also highlighted common mistakes as well as offering you tips to achieve the very best marks. What’s more, Routledge Q&As are written by lecturers who are also examiners, giving you an exclusive insight into exactly what examiners are looking for in an answer.

Legal English for Graduate Students: Visual Reference Materials

Author: N.A

Publisher: Directmedia

ISBN: 5447527899


Page: 86

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Учебное пособие предназначается для слушателей магистратуры по направлению подготовки «Юриспруденция». Книга содержит дополнительные материалы в виде рисунков, схем и таблиц по всем тематическим блокам учебного пособия для магистрантов-юристов «Профессиональный иностранный язык: английский язык». Текст печатается в авторской редакции.

Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit

Author: Yuval Noah Harari

Publisher: DVA

ISBN: 364110498X

Category: History

Page: 528

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Krone der Schöpfung? Vor 100 000 Jahren war der Homo sapiens noch ein unbedeutendes Tier, das unauffällig in einem abgelegenen Winkel des afrikanischen Kontinents lebte. Unsere Vorfahren teilten sich den Planeten mit mindestens fünf weiteren menschlichen Spezies, und die Rolle, die sie im Ökosystem spielten, war nicht größer als die von Gorillas, Libellen oder Quallen. Vor 70 000 Jahren dann vollzog sich ein mysteriöser und rascher Wandel mit dem Homo sapiens, und es war vor allem die Beschaffenheit seines Gehirns, die ihn zum Herren des Planeten und zum Schrecken des Ökosystems werden ließ. Bis heute hat sich diese Vorherrschaft stetig zugespitzt: Der Mensch hat die Fähigkeit zu schöpferischem und zu zerstörerischem Handeln wie kein anderes Lebewesen. Anschaulich, unterhaltsam und stellenweise hochkomisch zeichnet Yuval Harari die Geschichte des Menschen nach und zeigt alle großen, aber auch alle ambivalenten Momente unserer Menschwerdung.

La réception des systèmes juridiques

implantation et destin

Author: Michel Doucet,Jacques Vanderlinden,Centre international de la common law en français,Université libre de Bruxelles. Centre de droit comparé et d'histoire du droit

Publisher: Bruyant


Category: Law

Page: 688

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An Australian legal history

Author: Alex Cuthbert Castles

Publisher: Lawbook Company


Category: Law

Page: 553

View: 9101


Includes cases, concepts and principles affecting status of Aboriginal people under British law; territorium nullius and non-recognition of Aboriginal land rights.


Author: Ian McEwan

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257604521

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Scheidungen, Sorgerecht, Fragen des Kindeswohls – das ist das Spezial­gebiet der Richterin Fiona Maye. In ihrer eigenen, kinderlosen Ehe ist sie seit über dreißig Jahren glücklich. Bis zu dem Tag, als ihr Mann ihr einen schockierenden Vorschlag unterbreitet und ihr ein dringlicher Gerichtsfall vorgelegt wird, in dem es für einen 17-jährigen Jungen um Leben und Tod geht.

Procedures in International Law

Author: Gernot Biehler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540744975

Category: Law

Page: 351

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The character of international law between scholarly reflection of foreign policy expediencies and recognising prescriptive rules binding on all concerned has long been a particular challenge to those active in the field. Law is not law if there is no procedure to both determine its contents and to show ways to enforce it. It is through its procedures that international law becomes real. Based on an overview of the varied procedures e.g. in both The Hague’s and the national courts and those found in international organisations a more consistent picture of international law emerges. This compendium for students and practitioners is accessible yet sophisticated in its approach.


Author: Stephen Jones

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199651841

Category: Law

Page: 457

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The fifth edition of Criminology offers updated coverage of the main criminological theories. An engaging read for students of criminology, it traces the history and development of these key theories, and provides full references to guide the reader in their further criminological studies.

Bills of Lading Incorporating Charterparties

Author: Melis Özdel

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1782256113

Category: Law

Page: 354

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Vessels very frequently serve under a long chain of charterparties and sub-charterparties. When this is the case, the legal issues are more convoluted than they might at first seem. Incorporation clauses are commonplace in bills of lading used in the tramp trade due to the desire to make this web of contracts back-to-back. The extent to which the terms of the charterparty referred to can be carried across to the bill of lading has, over the centuries, been hotly disputed in many jurisdictions. Entirely dedicated to the topic of the incorporation of charterparty terms into bills of lading, this book discusses and analyses the legal and practical issues surrounding this topic under English and US law. Through discussions on the incorporation of a wide range of different charterparty terms, the book combines the peculiar and sophisticated rules of incorporation with the legal and practical issues concerning shipping, international trade, arbitration and conflict of laws and jurisdiction.

Building the Americas

Author: Michèle Rioux

Publisher: Emile Bruylant


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 325

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Bringing together, in a common and single space, a continent characterized by great diversity and significant asymmetries, is not an easy task. The Americas are still composed of different spaces, countries, cultures and societies not yet sharing a common sense of destiny. But if there is no single "America", a new regionalism has emerged and represents a roadmap to a new governance framework implying the deepening of liberal economic and institutional reforms. Resistance and obstacles remain numerous and perhaps the biggest challenge is to address the complex issues related to North-South integration within the hemisphere and to the hegemonic position of the United States. If the process of "Building the Americas" can be depicted as an attempt to define governance in an era of market-led integration, the paradox is that its eventual success depends on its capacity to transcend the immediate commercial and trade orientations and to create a true Community of Democracies. In other words, in order to succeed, the process of "Building the Americas" must now go beyond market-led integration, beyond US hegemonic governance, and, foremost, it must recognize and embrace the diversity of cultures, values and identities in the hemisphere.

The New Wigmore

A Treatise on Evidence : Evidentiary Privileges

Author: Edward J. Imwinkelried,Richard D. Friedman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Confidential communications

Page: 1673

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