Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book

Author: John M. Bunker,Karen L. Pressler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780966977417

Category: Reference

Page: 260

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Updated with new information! A thorough examination of the evidence of a link between the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, and The Urantia Book. For fifty years the channel for the Urantia Papers has remained a complete mystery. Speculation has suggested Wilfred Kellogg as a likely candidate, but evidence has never supported this theory. See the research and decide for yourself.

Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos

Author: James Mullaney

Publisher: ARE Press

ISBN: 0876045662

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 136

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A timely and long-overdue work that in one convenient volume collects and analyzes the Edgar Cayce readings related to the cosmos, both in the light of modern astronomical and cosmological knowledge and the most recent discoveries in these fascinating fields. Complete with some of the latest and most spectacular images in full color from the Hubble Space Telescope superb "Heritage" collection, this intriguing book will show that Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet," was tapping into the vast akashic records of the universe and the incredible cosmic consciousness that lies behind creation at its grandest.

The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal

Author: Gordon Stein

Publisher: N.A


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 859

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Articles deal with parapsychology, the Bermuda Triangle, near-death experiences, ghost, haunted houses, and more

The Holy and the Hereafter or is it Hooey?

Author: J L Miller

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491707550

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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The original purpose of this book was to explore various religious ideas and beliefs relating to the hereafter. The title was to be "The Hereafter-Maybe!" On completion of the first few chapters, the author concluded that every major religion's philosophy-theology had included much 'nonsense', at least if viewed solely from common sense. Thus, this text took on an increased scope. It has a wealth of imagination on holy belief and the possibilities of an afterlife. Most nonfiction writers on the subject of religion generally endorse a preconditioned, accepted view as truth and even the only truth. This book's author believes all truth is partial and that any human belief about God from any religion is, at best, partial. Both the expert and the layman will find food for thought regarding the reality of their own religious philosophy.

Dr. Sadler and the Urantia Book

Author: Sioux Oliva,Sioux Oliva Ph D

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692306109


Page: 216

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Dr. William S. Sadler professed that a group of celestial beings began to communicate to him through a sleeping man in Chicago from 1911 until 1923. He and his wife, Lena Sadler, both well-known and highly respected local physicians, claimed there were "probably 250 night sessions," during which these celestials spoke through their patient. The identity of the patient was never revealed. From 1924-1934, the Sadlers held a Forum in their home to study the voluminous notes and to compose questions for the celestial beings about human origins and destiny. The result was The Urantia Book, which claims to be the fifth epochal revelation to humankind. Published in 1955, it has sold over 750,000 copies by word of mouth. Although translated into 17 languages, relatively few people know about it or the amazing story of its creation. The History Of The Urantia Book explores the professional lives and spiritual pursuits of the Sadlers and the extraordinary role that Dr. Sadler played in bringing this 2,097-page tome to the world. It compares the "origin story" with the scholarly discovery of relevant facts and circumstances that led to its publication. It also sheds new light on the fiercely protected identity of the "patient" and likely scribe for these revelations.

Edgar Cayce

an American prophet

Author: Sidney Kirkpatrick

Publisher: Riverhead Books (Hardcover)


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 564

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A gripping, fascinating narrative of the life of America's greatest spiritualist delves into the life of a man who influenced presidents and Hollywood starlets but nevertheless lived in poverty for most of his days. 25,000 first printing.

The Skeptic's Dictionary

A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions

Author: Robert Carroll

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118045633

Category: Science

Page: 456

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A wealth of evidence for doubters and disbelievers "Whether it's the latest shark cartilage scam, or some new 'repressed memory' idiocy that besets you, I suggest you carry a copy of this dictionary at all times, or at least have it within reach as first aid for psychic attacks. We need all the help we can get." -James Randi, President, James Randi Educational Foundation, randi.org "From alternative medicine, aliens, and psychics to the farthest shores of science and beyond, Robert Carroll presents a fascinating look at some of humanity's most strange and wonderful ideas. Refreshing and witty, both believers and unbelievers will find this compendium complete and captivating. Buy this book and feed your head!" -Clifford Pickover, author of The Stars of Heaven and Dreaming the Future "A refreshing compendium of clear thinking, a welcome and potent antidote to the reams of books on the supernatural and pseudoscientific." -John Allen Paulos, author of Innumeracy and A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper "This book covers an amazing range of topics and can protect many people from being scammed." -Stephen Barrett, M.D., quackwatch.org Featuring close to 400 definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, The Skeptic's Dictionary is a lively, commonsense trove of detailed information on all things supernatural, occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. It covers such categories as alternative medicine; cryptozoology; extraterrestrials and UFOs; frauds and hoaxes; junk science; logic and perception; New Age energy; and the psychic. For the open-minded seeker, the soft or hardened skeptic, and the believing doubter, this book offers a remarkable range of information that puts to the test the best arguments of true believers.

Talks with Christ and His Teachers

Author: Charles H. Hapgood,Elwood Babbitt

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 1622336461

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

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One of the world's few full trance mediums, Elwood Babbitt, brings you in this book direct conversations with the spirit of Christ, discussing and clarifying his teachings and the facts of his life. In addition to talks with Christ himself the book contains talks with his father, Joseph, Pontius Pilate and St. Luke. It also contains talks with four of his teachers, including Judy, head of Essene Order, who is mentioned by Cayce as one of Christ's teachers. We learn of Jesus' three year initiation in a spiritual center in Syria, where he mastered the use of his spiritual powers. We learn of his later disappontment with his disciples, and of disapproval of much Church doctrine. Most important, we learn of his twin purposes in his mortal life: to teach men the immortality of the soul, and the primacy of love, which is the magnet and compass of man's life on earth, the guide by which he finds his way to his ultimate goal. These talks are edited and presented by one of America's leading scientists, Professor Charles H. Hapgood, who works have revolutionized our concepts of the history of the earth, and the ancient history of man. Hapgood is a retired university teacher who used his students to help him break open new paths in geology, archeology and psychic research. Some of his books are: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Earth's Shifting Crust, Path of the Pole and Voices of Spirit. In this book he combines his devotion to scientific principles with spiritual insight.

The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future

The World's Leading Cayce Authorities Give You the Practical Tools for Making Profound Changes in Your Life

Author: Mark Thurston, Ph.D.,Christopher Fazel

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0307754863

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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This remarkable handbook presents Cayce's twenty-four spiritual keys, which unlock the doors of self-understanding. They operate like formulas that teach us about the mysteries of living and are evident to anyone who is willing and able to look closely at life. As you will see, these principles can be applied to every situation, and you can begin to use them instantly in your everyday life: Everything Happens for a Reason: You Have a Purpose in Life; Love Means Honoring the Other Person's Free Will; Every Crisis Is an Opportunity for a Breatkthrough, and many more. Filled with inspiring counsel, this is a truly accessible guide to the universal principles that govern the grand game of life. It can enable you to become a more creative, productive, and joyful person--a true co-creator with your higher power. From the Paperback edition.

A Search for God Anniversary Edition

Author: Edgar Cayce

Publisher: A.R.E. Press

ISBN: 0876042906

Category: Religion

Page: 257

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In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic, with one condition: They would have to "live' the precepts. It took the group eleven years to apply and compile the twenty-four lessons that became A Search for God, Books I and II. This material has helped individuals and groups around the world to discover a closer attunement to God.


The Great Cult Mystery

Author: Martin Gardner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 468

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Published in 1955 under the direction of psychiatrist William Sadler, The Urantia Book is the largest and most sophisticated work of New Age literature ever produced. This massive tome of more than two thousand pages is believed by devotees to be a revelation to our world, which is allegedly called "Urantia" in the language of the unseen higher beings credited with inspiring the book. Unlike other channeled "bibles," The Urantia Book contains a vast amount of modern science as well as an extensive biography of Jesus Christ, filled with details not found in the Gospels.

World of Archangels

How to Meet an Archangel

Author: Sufian Chaudhary

Publisher: Soul Odyssey Media

ISBN: 9781936517893


Page: N.A

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What if I told you that it is possible to meet an Archangel? In fact, you could interact with them as if they were standing next to you in your room.It is not only possible--it is a reality for people who have explored deep enough to understand the teachings of Unconditional Love. Meeting an Archangel is one of the most life-changing events that you could ever experience. The most profound part of this meeting will not be what the Archangel has to say. Instead, it will be the heart-warming feelings that will humble your soul into Enlightenment as you finally understand the reason why you are alive. I have been fortunate enough to have met all of the Archangels. Every time they have appeared in their full presence, I have interacted and communicated with them on a level where I no longer perceived the confines of life. They allowed me to feel the Universe and more importantly, they allowed me to feel the Unconditional Love that serves as the backdrop to our Creation. Perhaps even more astounding is that this ability can be taught. Anyone with the right intentions and mental tools can initiate a divine meeting. For this very reason, I was instructed to write this book.

Your Evolving Soul

The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation

Author: Byron Belitsos

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1579830374

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

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Sparks of genuine revelation are contained in many religions and esoteric systems. Your Evolving Soul declares that we’ve been graced with a new revelation for our time: the little-known Urantia Book, which has quietly sold over one million copies in a dozen languages. According to the author of this comparative analysis, the disclosures about self, soul, and spirit in the Urantia Revelation stand alone in their coherence and richness of detail. Your Evolving Soul is the first book to fully explain this advanced teaching for the ordinary reader, offering clarity and inspiration for those on any path. Belitsos compares the Urantia Book’s futuristic teachings about the threefold design of the human self-system to the models of selfhood proposed by many previous thinkers, ranging from from Plato and Saint Augustine to Carl Jung and Ken Wilber. He provides essential context for this discussion by illumining the relationship of the Urantia text to scientific psychology and to the world’s religions, with special emphasis on Christianity and Buddhism. Your Evolving Soul also provides an introduction to the cosmology, theology, and philosophy of the Urantia teaching, and reveals its many affinities with contemporary integral theory and modern theology. Through his lucid interpretation of the Urantia Revelation, the author offers a model of the human self and soul to be tested, examined, and compared—not a finished truth to be accepted as doctrine. Readers of this book will discover a plausible hypothesis of how our evolving soul becomes an immortal vehicle of our true identity. They also learn how our soul-making decisions can lead to the development of a creative, loving, unified, and perfected personality, now and into the afterlife.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Author: Levi Dowling

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486119920

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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Intriguing and controversial, this visionary text professes to tell the complete story of Jesus' life, including the "lost" years of travel and study in Tibet, Egypt, India, Persia, and Greece.

Illustrated Stories from the Bible

That They Won't Tell You in Sunday School

Author: Paul John Farrell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781578849222

Category: Religion

Page: 168

View: 1188


An adult parody of children's illustrated Bible-story books, presenting stories that either are too terrible to include in a child's book or are usually bowdlerized for delicate readers. Each illustrated tale is followed by a philosophical critique of the ethics and logic of the biblical god.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

Author: Edmund J. Roache

Publisher: Mountain Church

ISBN: 9781570902154

Category: Religion

Page: 436

View: 8117


This book presents a new and unified interpretation of the Old Testament Prophets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1 Enoch, and the Urantia Book. As these interpretations were uncovered it became clear that they were relevant for today's world. I hope this book will be a firsthand experience of reading original prophecy as well as an interpretation thereof. Toward that goal, much original scripture is included so that it can be read along with my interpretations that follow it. It is always my goal to let the reader examine the facts and to decide for him or herself the meanings of the verses presented. Truth will always bear up, even under the most searching of analyses. Ideally, the books of prophecy discussed should also be available to the reader for more in-depth consultation when needed. --Dr. Edmund J. Roache

God's Lunatics

Lost Souls, False Prophets, Martyred Saints, Murderous Cults, Demonic Nuns, and Other Victims of Man's Eternal Search for the Divine

Author: Michael Largo

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061981257

Category: Social Science

Page: 592

View: 4320


God’s Lunatics is an eyebrow-raising encyclopedia of the strange and shocking side of history’s religions, cults, and spiritual movements, by Michael Largo, the bestselling author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning Final Exits. A fascinating compendium of “Lost Souls, False Prophets, Martyred Saints, Murderous Cults, Demonic Nuns, and Other Victims of Man’s Eternal Search for the Divine,” God’s Lunatics contains a wealth of valuable extreme spiritual information—including the number of exorcisms performed each year and the proper method for identifying the Antichrist.

The Essential Edgar Cayce

Author: Edgar Cayce

Publisher: TarcherPerigee


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

View: 8095


A biographical introduction to the spiritual psychic and his most influential readings discusses how he regarded himself as a healer and Christian mystic, introducing his major contributions to today's popular spiritual practices that draw on both eastern and western traditions. Original. 15,000 first printing.