Don't Think it Hasn't Been Fun

The Story of the Burke Family Singers

Author: Sarah Jo Burke

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780879109875

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 366

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And they were there to witness the anguish of the Montgomery, Alabama racial uprising." "Sarah Jo Burke, the youngest of the daughters, recalls the events of those years of touring with honesty, warmth, vigor and irresistible charm. Her book celebrates American values in the best sense and demonstrates that the family that sings together stays together."--BOOK JACKET.

Night Maneuver

Author: Howard Korder

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

ISBN: 9780822214854

Category: Drama

Page: 56

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THE STORY: Lou, a twenty-six-year-old auto parts clerk, rents a shabby urban bachelor pad. His eighteen-year-old brother, Tim, is crashing there. Getting to know each other's ways, the brothers trade slurred, desultory banter that touches on sex, b

Teaching in Common

Challenges to Joint Work in Classrooms and Schools

Author: Anne DiPardo

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807737637

Category: Education

Page: 183

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Despite frequent calls for increased collaboration among teachers, we know very little about what this means for real educators in real schools. Teaching In Common offers vivid, richly textured portraits of four collaborations, tracing complex connections across school culture, pedagogic innovation, and teachers’ lived experience. The text discusses the demands of the public school workplace and the challenges and benefits of collaboration, providing valuable insights for preparing the next generation of teachers for collaborative activity. The absorbing portraits of teachers will help practitioners to contemplate this recent school-reform push as it relates to other issues and pressures in their professional lives. DiPardo explores the kinds of conditions that best support collaboration and proposes new ways of thinking about the relationship between teachers’ joint work and school culture.

Allen Iverson

Fear no One

Author: John N. Smallwood

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743448669

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

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HE HAS TAKEN HIS GAME -- AND THE GAME -- TO A NEW LEVEL He grew up in Virginia with nothing but his talent and his heart. But he had The Plan: his never-say-die dream to become an NBA superstar. So he began his journey down a road full of obstacles. But the world underestimated Allen Iverson.... Fear No One From his first days playing college his turbulent early years in the his leading the Philadelphia 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals and being named league MVP, here is the real story of controversial superstar Allen Iverson. Acclaimed sports journalist John Smallwood -- who has covered Iverson extensively -- shows readers the Iverson they never knew: the boy, the man, the rapper, the player, the role model, and the icon. Get to know ALLEN IVERSON...the man behind the legend.

Queen Of The May

Author: Beale,Patricia Beale

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448136768

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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A warm wartime saga of one girl's quest for a better life. Queenie May Ellis vows to herself at the age of eight that one day she will escape, get away from Ma and her life of drudgery. Life is hard in the backstreets of Portsmouth in the 1930s, especially in a crowded house full of hungry brothers. Determined to have a better life, yearning for the passion and romance she sees on the silver screen, Queenie sets out to secure her own future. And handsome, aloof Able Seaman Jackson could be the answer to her prayers. But Keith Jackson has his own ambitions and dreams, and they don't include settling down. And the outbreak of war will bring both heartbreak and hardship for Queenie, changing the course of her life for ever.

Cowboy SEAL Homecoming

Author: Nicole Helm

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1492621315

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Three former Navy SEALs Injured in the line of duty Desperate for a new beginning... Searching for a place to call their own. Alex Maguire never thought he'd go home again. The perfect soldier, the perfect leader, he's spent his whole life running away from Blue Valley, Montana—but when a tragic accident bounces him and two of his men out of the SEALs, there's nowhere left to turn but the ranch he used to call his own...and the confusing, innocently beguiling woman who now lives there. Becca Denton's like nothing he could have imagined. She's far too tempting for her own good, but when she offers to help turn the ranch into a haven for injured veterans, he can't exactly say no. He'll just need to keep his distance. But something in her big green eyes makes Alex want to set aside the mantle of the perfect soldier and discover the man he could have and whole within the shelter of her arms. The Prodigal SEAL has come home. Navy SEAL Cowboys Series: Cowboy SEAL Homecoming (Book 1) Cowboy SEAL Redemption (Book 2) Cowboy SEAL Christmas (Book 3) What People Are Saying About Nicole Helm: "This romance is a true page-turner." —Publishers Weekly for Rebel Cowboy "Rebel Cowboy is a beautifully crafted romance...." —USA Today Happily Ever After "A delightfully intriguing and enticing story." —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review for True-Blue Cowboy Christmas


Author: Wendy Brumback


ISBN: 1105261824

Category: Religion

Page: 162

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The heart is ment to be whole and holy; not filled with holes. When we accept what happened to us, we are changing the future, not letting something change it for us. We are opening ourselves up to a future where our heart is whole and our life is filled with God's love and grace. We are on a path that leads us to a fulfilling life. When we let God heal our wounds we are living the life we have always drempt of. Whole is ment to help you on your path of self-discovery and healing. To often our hearts have been beaten up by the tragedies of life. But God does not desire for our hearts to be bruised and wounded by these events. He wants to help heal our scarred hearts and make them whole again.

My Idea of Fun

A Novel

Author: Will Self

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 080219334X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Will Self has established himself as one of the most brilliant, daring, and inventive writers of his generation. My Idea of Fun is Will Self’s highly acclaimed first novel. The story of a devilishly clever international financier/marketing wizard and his young apprentice, My Idea of Fun is both a frighteningly dark subterranean exploration of capitalism run rampant and a wickedly sharp, technically acute display of linguistic pyrotechnics that glows with pure white-hot brilliance. Ian Wharton is a very ordinary young man until he is taken under the wing of a gentleman known variously as Mr. Broadhurst, Samuel Northcliff, and finally and simply the Fat Controller. Loudmouthed, impeccably tailored, and a fount of bombastic erudition, the Fat Controller initiates Ian into the dark secrets of his arts -- of marketing, money, and the human psyche -- and takes Ian, and the reader, on a wild voyage around the edges of reality. As we careen into the twenty-first century, Self perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our times: money is the only common language; consumerism, violence, and psychosis (drug-induced and otherwise) prevail; and the human soul has become the ultimate product.

Pride Of Walworth

Author: Mary Jane Staples

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446488292

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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There was a new family in Browning Street, Walworth - the Harrisons. Respectable and well-behaved, the only thing unusual about them was that Mr Harrison was never there. He was a sailor, said Ma Harrison, away fighting pirates in the China Seas. Actually, 'Knocker' Harrison was in Marsham Gaol - he had unfortunately burgled a lady's suite when she happened to be there. Pa wasn't really a very good burglar. When young Nick Harrison, eldest son and heir of Ma and Knocker, met Annabelle Somers he found himself in a very difficult situation. For seventeen-year-old Annabelle was a peach of a girl, was related to the highly respectable Adams family, and was really quite keen on Nick, very interested in him and in his family. What with keeping Annabelle at arm's length in case she found out about Pa, and with the problems of running the Browning Street Rovers football team (the ball was owned by Chrissie Evans who laid down her own rules about the team) Nick sometimes wondered if his life would ever be sorted out.

Fun Inc.

Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

Author: Tom Chatfield

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453226133

Category: Social Science

Page: 266

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"An ambitious overview of the videogaming industry, from its beginning to today's immersive online games." —Wall Street Journal

Pirates of Shadowed Time

The Esme Chronicles

Author: JL Redington

Publisher: JL Redington

ISBN: 147936732X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 86

View: 9828


In this second edition of Pirates of Shadowed Time Esme must help a band of pirates, trapped in time, repair the damage they have done to the small town of Dorningsworth, Maine, or stay trapped for eternity. Esme enlists the help of the handsome, young pirate and cabin boy, Torian, to help her understand the ways of the pirates. With her constant friend and companion, Butler at her side, Esme moves through the murky waters of a pirates life, amid lies and deceptions. It is her job to unravel the lies and help these men to move on. Can Esme find the secret of these men? Will she end up with the same parents she had when her mission is complete? Follow the twists and turns of Esme and Torian as they work together, with Butler and The Watcher, to undo some horrible things done by the pirates and set things right. There be pirates afoot!


The Novel

Author: Jeff Havens

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1613733704

Category: Fiction

Page: 311

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Trent Tucker, the protagonist of this hilarious satire, hates reality TV. Unfortunately, his job at Nova Consulting involves the creation of new reality shows that are even more outrageous and excessive than those now on television. Surrounded by colleagues who could easily be characters in the own reality show—dumb blonde, angry black man, flamboyant homosexual, frosty bitch, fast-talking Sicilian and their megalomaniacal boss, P.T. Beauregard—Trent's immersion is complete. The characters in Reality: the novel, behave a lot like their television counterparts as they bicker with each other incessantly, backstab their co-workers, find themselves on a deserted island and become involved in a murder plot—all good, clean fun that mimics the fantasy lives they feverishly try to create for their anxious network clients.