Business Contracts

Turn Any Business Contract to Your Advantage

Author: Laura Plimpton

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1613081308

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 278

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Create and Review Your Own Contracts Minimize your legal risks and lock in profits as experienced contract attorney Laura Plimpton walks you through a fail-safe method of reviewing any contract. Learn to identify and neutralize the trick phrases that can create enormous risks for you and your business. Plimpton’s expert advice can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and may just prevent you from entering into a contract that could bankrupt your business. Plimpton covers: • A 10-minute foolproof system for reviewing any business contract • 23 terms that bulletproof a contract • 6 secrets for successful contracts • 5 terms that can ruin a deal • Powerful strategies for turning any contract to your advantage Use this arsenal of tools to protect your business by making sure every contract you sign is fair and binding. Critical Checklists and Sample Contracts on CD-ROM! Sample Contracts include: • Consulting Agreement • Construction Agreement • Service Agreement • Assignment and Assumption Agreement • Independent Contractor Agreement • Facility Agreement • Terms of Sale • Terms of Purchase Plus critical checklists for: • Modifying or extending an existing contract • Service agreements where your company is the service provider • Purchase orders where your company is the seller or buyer • Contracts where your company is the buyer of services • And more!


Author: Neil C. Blond,Louis Petrillo

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 0735573409

Category: Law

Page: 555

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Blond's Law Guides offer case summaries from leading casebooks as well as thoughtful summary outlines - for the student who wants both case outlines and law summaries What you get with Blond's Law Guides: Concise, easy-to-understand black letter law outlines More case clips than any other study guide EasyFlow(tm) Charts that tie the key concepts together Proven memorization mnemonics for finals preparation


Author: Steven Emanuel

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735589933

Category: Law

Page: 530

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The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for your outline creation, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for your entire study process. Created by Steven Emanuel, these course outlines have been relied on by generations of law students. Each title includes both capsule and detailed versions of the critical issues and key topics you must know to master the course. Also included are exam questions with model answers, an alpha-list of cases, and a cross reference table of cases for all of the leading casebooks. Emanuel Law Outline Features: #1 outline choice among law students Comprehensive review of all major topics Capsule summary of all topics Cross-reference table of cases Time-saving format Great for exam prep


Examples & Explanations

Author: Brian A. Blum

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735562415

Category: Law

Page: 804

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Examples & Explanations: Contracts, Fourth Edition, is an accessible, comprehensive treatment of first-year contracts topics. This popular and well-written study aid speaks clearly and directly to students and is designed to provide them with information, examples, and analysis in appropriate complexity and detail. Important features of this highly regarded study aid include the author's strong writing ability and skill in teaching first-year students to develop an understanding of difficult concepts clear and direct explanatory text that is specifically geared to the needs of first-year students diagrams that provide useful visual aids for students to help in remembering key points the unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations format that combines textual material with well-written and comprehensive examples, explanations, and questions to test student comprehension of the materials and provide practice in applying information to fact patterns comprehensive questions with a variety of issues in one fact situation, similar to those on law school or bar examinations New to the Fourth Edition: updated discussion of UCC Articles 1 and 2, including both the current and revised versions of the Articles and an explanation of the changes new cases and developments new and revised examples and explanations based on new cases and changes in the UCC

IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts. Konzeption, Bestandsaufnahme und Ausblick

Author: Marcus Meier

Publisher: Igel Verlag RWS

ISBN: 3954853620

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 116

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Die Entwicklung des Standards International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 4 Versicherungsverträge beschäftigt das International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) bereits seit über einem Jahrzehnt. Noch vor Verabschiedung des endgültigen Standards im März 2004 wurde das Projekt in zwei Phasen unterteilt. Der im Jahre 2005 in Kraft getretene Standard beinhaltete lediglich Ansatzkriterien bezüglich Versicherungsverträgen, eine Bewertung erfolgt bis heute noch nach lokalen Rechnungslegungsvorschriften. Die Vergleichbarkeit und Entscheidungsnützlichkeit der Abschlüsse von Versicherungsunternehmen ist deshalb selbst auf nationaler Ebene nur eingeschränkt gegeben. Ziel dieser Studie ist die Darstellung der aktuellen Entwicklungen des IFRS 4 hinsichtlich Konzeption, Zielsetzung und Umsetzung des für Versicherungsunternehmen relevanten Standards. Im Zentrum steht dabei, neben einer Darstellung der regulatorischen Grundlagen von Versicherungsverträgen, die Aufarbeitung des aktuellen Projektstands „Insurance Contracts“ des IASB.


Author: Casenote Legal Briefs

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 073557877X

Category: Law

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After your casebook, Casenote Legal Briefs will be your most important reference source for the entire semester. It is the most popular legal briefs series available, with over 140 titles, and is relied on by thousands of students for its expert case summaries, comprehensive analysis of concurrences and dissents, as well as of the majority opinion in the briefs. Casenote Legal Briefs Features: Keyed to specific casebooks by title/author Most current briefs available Redesigned for greater student accessibility Sample brief with element descriptions called out Redesigned chapter opener provides rule of law and page number for each brief Quick Course Outline chart included with major titles Revised glossary in dictionary format

Lump Sum Contracts

The Red Book

Author: Contracts Working Party

Publisher: IChemE

ISBN: 0852954433

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 97

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This latest edition of The Red Book has been the subject of a detailed review and takes into account users' experiences and the latest thinking in project execution in the process industries. Legislation - such as the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 and the Courts' interpretation of the legislation is covered. The guidance section is separated into two parts with Section I providing specific guidance on completing the Contract Agreement and Section 2 discussing general issues to aid understanding, highlighting areas where special conditions may need to be written for the user's requirements. Suitable for use in lump sum contracts in a wide range of industries, particularly those where a high technical input is required in the design and construction and where a proven system or service is required for the completed project.

Alliancing Contracts im deutschen Rechtssystem

Author: Franz Weinberger

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783631603055

Category: Architecture

Page: 230

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Die Bauwirtschaft befindet sich seit Jahren in der Krise. Steigender Wettbewerbsdruck, daraus folgender Preiskampf sowie eine starke Zunahme der Insolvenzen pragen die Branche. Der Allianzvertrag versucht durch seinen kooperativen Charakter neuartige Wege aus der Krise der Bauwirtschaft aufzuzeigen und verstarkt das Projekt in den Vordergrund zu rucken. Allianzvertrage kommen bisher nahezu ausschliesslich im anglo-amerikanischen Raum zur Anwendung. Ein innovatives Vergutungssystem, eine -no blame - no dispute--Kultur und das Einstimmigkeitsprinzip tragen dazu bei, alle Parteien auf eine -best for project--Atmosphare einzuschworen. Dieses Buch behandelt den Allianzvertrag am Beispiel Australiens sowie seine Umsetzung in deutsches Recht unter besonderer Berucksichtigung des Gesellschafts- und Vergaberechts."

The Modern Law of Contract

Author: Richard Stone

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781859418826

Category: Law

Page: 512

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The Modern Law of Contractbuilds on the success of the popular Principlesof Contract Law. Taking account of a variety of theoretical approaches: economic, sociological and empirical, the book combines meticulous examination of authorities and commentary with a modern and contextual approach. The range of material covered, combined with an accessible style, means that this book meets the needs of all undergraduate contract courses, enabling students to gain a profound understanding of this pivotal field. It will also be useful for students studying contract law as part of another discipline.

Administration of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic,Ralph C. Nash,James F. Nagle

Publisher: CCH Incorporated

ISBN: 0808014358

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1414

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This unbiased analysis of statutes, regulations, and case law clarifies the complex rules of federal procurement policies, explaining the processes that government personnel and contractors must follow in every aspect of government contracting--from inception to completion. Topics include contract administration and personnel, contract interpretation, risk allocation, changes, delays, pricing of adjustments, and much more.

Performance Contracts

A Handbook for Managers

Author: Commonwealth Secretariat

Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat

ISBN: 9780850924381

Category: Performance contracts

Page: 174

View: 776


Public Enterprises (PEs), especially in several developing countries, face many problems, including poor management of the interface between government and the PEs, unclear or multiple objectives, nepotism and poor remuneration. The performance of those PEs, which for one reason or another must remain in the public sector, continues to be a source of concern to stakeholders. This book sets out in some detail the mechanisms for determining enterprise performance and a framework for assessing enterprise productivity across the board. It explains the concept and methodology of the performance contracting system and provides case studies from five countries to clarify the approach.

Understanding and Negotiating Turnkey and EPC Contracts

Author: Joseph A. Huse

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780421674103

Category: Construction contracts

Page: 973

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This work aims to keep criminal lawyers up to date with the latest cases and legislation, and includes longer articles analyzing current trends and important changes in the law. Drawing all aspects of the law together in one regular publication, it allows quick and easy reference

Nachverhandlungen von Public Private Partnerships – Analyse des Beitrags „Renegotiation of Concession Contracts. A Theoretical Approach“ von Guasch / Laffont / Straub (2006)

Author: Manuel Keitel


ISBN: 3956369092

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 19

View: 9654


In über 41% der Konzessionen (den Telekommunikationssektor ausgeschlossen), die bei Infrastrukturprojekten in Latein- und Mittelamerika in den Jahren 1985 bis 2000 vergeben wurden, kam es zu Nachverhandlungen. Am stärksten betroffen waren die Transportbranche und der Sektor Wasserversorgung/Abwasserentsorgung mit 55% bzw. 75% Nachverhandlungen. Im Durchschnitt traten diese bereits zwei Jahre nach Vertragsunterzeichnung auf (vgl. Guasch, 2004, S. 34). Auch in Großbritannien wurden 33% der Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projekte zwischen 2004 und 2006 nachverhandelt (vgl. Iossa und Martimort, 2012, S. 445). Die vorliegende Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit dem Beitrag von Guasch et al. (2006), in dem mittels eines Regulierungsmodells die Einflussfaktoren auf die Wahrscheinlichkeit von Nachverhandlungen von Konzessionsverträgen untersucht werden. Die Autoren erweitern dabei die Arbeiten von Laffont und Tirole (1993) und Laffont (2003), um auf dieser Basis ein Modell von firmen-initiierten Nachverhandlungen zu entwickeln. Neben den oben genannten Zahlen liefert vor allem die Tatsache, dass PPP in den vergangenen Jahren und Jahrzehnten ein zu-nehmendes Wachstum verzeichneten, einen Anlass für eine solche Untersuchung. So stieg beispielsweise das Volumen der neu abgeschlossenen Verträge in der EU von 2000 bis 2008 um über 61% auf ca. 24,2 Mrd. Euro. Allein in 2008 wurden 115 neue Verträge unterzeichnet, wobei Großbritannien für die Jahre 1990 bis 2009 mit ca. 52% der Projektvolumina den mit Abstand größten Anteil daran hat. Deutschland folgt mit ca. 4% an vierter Stelle (vgl. Kappeler und Nemoz, 2010, S. 7–8). In Kapitel 2 dieser Seminararbeit folgt eine ausführliche Analyse der Methodik und der Vorgehensweise von Guasch et al. (2006) bei der Modellentwicklung, sowie eine Zusammenfassung der theoretischen Erkenntnisse aus dem Modell. Das dritte Kapitel fasst die Arbeit zusammen und liefert eine Diskussion des Lösungsansatzes sowie mögliche Implikationen für die Praxis.

Contract I

Pre-contractual Obligations, Conclusion of Contract, Unfair Terms

Author: Research Group on the Existing EC Private Law

Publisher: sellier. european law publ.

ISBN: 3866530234

Category: Law

Page: 311

View: 2909


The Acquis Group â?? also known as the European Research Group on Existing EC Private Law â?? pursues the objective of presenting, in a restated form known as the Acquis Principles, the large and sometimes incoherent patchwork of existing EC private law. These principles reflect the current state of EC law in a structure which allows for the identification of commonalities, contradictions, and gaps. They function as a tool for the better understanding and improvement of EC private law. They are also intended to ensure that the existing EC law is appropriately reflected in the broader Common Frame of Reference. The principles include a commentary outlining the Acquis foundations, as well as definitions of core legal terms and a glossary on terminology. Formulated with the Acquis Principles in mind, Contract I is the first of a new series. It covers the areas of general EC contract law which surround the formation of contracts, including key rules on pre-contractual duties, the conclusion of a contract, and its content.


Business and Law Cases

Author: John Peter Williamson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Contracts

Page: 118

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