The Pleadings Game

An Artificial Intelligence Model of Procedural Justice

Author: Thomas F. Gordon

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401584478

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The British philosopher Stephan Toulmin, in his The Uses of Argument, made the provocative claim that "logic is generalized jurisprudence". For Toulmin, logic is the study of nonns for practical argumentation and decision making. In his view, mathematical logicians were preoccupied with fonnalizing the concepts of logical necessity, consequence and contradiction, at the expense of other equally important issues, such as how to allocate the burden of proof and make rational decisions given limited resources. He also considered it a mistake to look primarily to psychology, linguistics or the cognitive sciences for answers to these fundamentally nonnative questions. Toulmin's concerns about logic, writing in the 1950's, are equally applicable to the field of Artificial Intelligence today. The mainstream of Artificial Intelligence has focused on the analytical and empirical aspects of intelligence, without giving adequate attention to the nonnative, regulative functions of knowledge representation, problem solving and decision-making. Nonnative issues should now be of even greater interest, with the shift in perspective of AI from individual to collective intelligence, in areas such as multi-agent systems, cooperative design, distributed artificial intelligence, and computer-supported cooperative work. Networked "virtual societies" of humans and software agents would also require "virtual legal systems" to fairly balance interests, resolve conflicts, and promote security.

Consumer Law

Cases and Materials

Author: N.A

Publisher: Thomson West

ISBN: 9780314161529

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The Third Edition has been completely updated to include current and emerging issues in Consumer Law. The text covers a range of topics, including advertising and marketing, consumer credit regulation, consumer privacy, payment systems, warranty law, debt collection, remedies and predatory lending (a "capstone" chapter). This text contains a balance of cases, problems (updated to reflect modern situations) and notes (discussion questions and references to the latest consumer protection scholarship), allowing the professor the maximum flexibility in choice of topics, and pedagogical methods. A complete teacher's manual and a new statutory supplement are also available.

A Factual Assessment of the Draft Common Frame of Reference

Author: Luisa Anatoniolli,Francesca Fiorentini

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3866538693

Category: Law

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This book contains a case-based assessment of the Draft Common Frame of Reference carried out by the Common Core Evaluating Group, which gathers a number of well-established and younger scholars coming from Eastern and Western countries of the European Union using the working method of the research project "The Common Core of European Private Law" ( The aim of the assessment is to test how the Draft Common Frame of Reference could work when applied in different national legal systems. To this end, a number of factual situations, i.e. hypothetical cases, have been drafted by the authors and solved through the application of both national rules and rules of the DCFR. Thereby, similarities and differences in the outcome of the cases have been analysed, together with difficulties - if any - in the application of the "Principles of European Law". The Common Core assessment has been carried out as part of the "Joint Network of European Private Law" Project (CoPECL), financed by the EU Commission.

Consumer law

cases and materials

Author: John A. Spanogle,Ralph J. Rohner

Publisher: N.A


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Law books, 1876-1981

books and serials on law and its related subjects

Author: R.R. Bowker Company

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Modern Consumer Law

Author: Katherine Porter

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

ISBN: 1454860855

Category: Law

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Modern Consumer Law is a lively, concise, problem-focused text on contemporary consumer law. It is the only text on the market conceptualized after Dodd-Frank and its creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The book takes a functional approach to consumer law, looking at types of transactions such as mortgages as well as kinds of laws such as disclosure rules. It examines core theoretical questions in an accessible way, revealing consumer law as a series of statutes built on the common law foundations of contract and tort. Organized into 28 class-sized assignments, the book is easy to adapt to a teacher’s preferences in terms of focus and class credits. The problems provide students with the opportunity to apply statutes to realistic situations and ask them to consider the perspectives of consumers, businesses, and lawmakers. Katherine Porter is a national expert in consumer law and a co-author of Wolter Kluwer’s The Law of Debtors and Creditors.

The Latin American Casebook

Courts, Constitutions, and Rights

Author: Juan F. Gonzalez-Bertomeu,Roberto Gargarella

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317026195

Category: Law

Page: 270

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Traditionally relegated because of political pressure and public expectations, courts in Latin America are increasingly asserting a stronger role in public and political discussions. This casebook takes account of this phenomenon, by offering a rigorous and up-to-date discussion of constitutional adjudication in Latin America in recent decades. Bringing to the forefront the development of constitutional law by Latin American courts in various subject matters, the volume aims to highlight a host of creative arguments and solutions that judges in the region have offered. The authors review and discuss innovative case law in light of the countries’ social, political and legal context. Each chapter is devoted to a discussion of a particular area of judicial review, from freedom of expression to social and economic rights, from the internalization of human rights law to judicial checks on the economy, from gender and reproductive rights to transitional justice. The book thus provides a very useful tool to scholars, students and litigants alike.

Problems and Materials on Consumer Law

Author: Douglas J. Whaley

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9780735558090

Category: Law

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This concise and accessible problem-oriented casebook takes students through the main issues of consumer law -- deceptive practices, product quality, and consumer credit. Lively and engaging, PROBLEMS AND MATERIALS ON CONSUMER LAW, Fourth Edition, is also an exceptionally strong teaching tool. This popular casebook is highly regarded for its: effective use of the problem approach, with straightforward and practical problems illustrating the relevant issues and their resolution and putting the consumer law statutes and regulations in context distinguished authorship from Douglas J. Whaley, who is nationally recognized for his ability to clarify complex topics and widely regarded as the master of the problem approach clear and lucid writing style thorough treatment of all aspects of consumer law; not just consumer credit, but also deceptive practices and product quality issues unique coverage of the Federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act regulating sale of vacation land skillful use of Quotes for the Attorneys Arsenal, statements from famous cases which eloquently encapsulate specific points concise, efficient, and effective format that allows the casebook to remain at a manageable length outstanding Teachers Manual that provides sample syllabi, answers all the problems in the text, and discusses the best ways to teach various topics Look for new material in the Fourth Edition on: the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (the FACT act), the new federal statute signed into law last year by President Bush, which imposes new duties on credit reporting agencies and those who use them and protects against identity theft problems the new Bankruptcy Act recently enacted by Congress after eight years of decisionmaking

Everyday Law for Consumers

Author: Michael Rustad

Publisher: Paradigm Pub


Category: Law

Page: 309

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"Your toolkit for prevention, redemption, and occasionally retribution." -Ralph Nader Whenever you purchase goods or services in a personal, household, or family capacity, you are entitled to the rights and remedies of state and federal consumer law. Realistically, only a very small percentage of consumer problems can be addressed by hiring a private attorney. Everyday Law for Consumers teaches practical self-help remedies that ordinary Americans can use to protect their consumer rights. Michael L. Rustad, a nationally known practicing attorney and legal scholar, translates into plain English the legalese that forms the basis for many common transactions, including consumer loans, credit repair, credit, consumer leases, usury, interest rates, Internet transactions, identity theft, distance contracts, home shopping, television advertisements, door-to-door sales, and telephone solicitations. Using real-life examples, sample complaint letters, and an appendix of further examples, this easy-to-read book empowers everyday people to become effective self-advocates in an increasingly consumer-driven society.