The Complete Poetry

Author: Maya Angelou

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0812997883

Category: Poetry

Page: 336

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Throughout her illustrious career in letters, Maya Angelou gifted, healed, and inspired the world with her words. Now the beauty and spirit of those words live on in this new and complete collection of poetry that reflects and honors the writer’s remarkable life. Every poetic phrase, every poignant verse can be found within the pages of this sure-to-be-treasured volume—from her reflections on African American life and hardship in the compilation Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ’fore I Diiie (“Though there’s one thing that I cry for / I believe enough to die for / That is every man’s responsibility to man”) to her revolutionary celebrations of womanhood in the poem “Still I Rise” (“Out of the huts of history’s shame / I rise / Up from a past that’s rooted in pain / I rise”) to her “On the Pulse of Morning” tribute at President William Jefferson Clinton’s inauguration (“Lift up your eyes upon / The day breaking for you. / Give birth again / To the dream.”). Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry also features her final long-form poems, including “A Brave and Startling Truth,” “Amazing Peace,” “His Day Is Done,” and the honest and endearing Mother: “I feared if I let you go You would leave me eternally. You smiled at my fears, saying I could not stay in your lap forever” This collection also includes the never-before-published poem “Amazement Awaits,” commissioned for the 2008 Olympic Games: “We are here at the portal of the world we had wished for At the lintel of the world we most need. We are here roaring and singing. We prove that we can not only make peace, we can bring it with us.” Timeless and prescient, this definitive compendium will warm the hearts of Maya Angelou’s most ardent admirers as it introduces new readers to the legendary poet, activist, and teacher—a phenomenal woman for the ages. From the Hardcover edition.

The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou

Author: Maya Angelou

Publisher: Random House Incorporated


Category: Poetry

Page: 273

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Presents a definitive collection of poetry from Angelou's previous anthologies--Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water, Oh Pray my Wings Gonna Fit Me Well, And Still I Rise, I Shall Not Be Moved, On the Pulse of Morning, and Shaker, Why Don't You Sing? 50,000 first printing.

Mortal Refrains

The Complete Collected Poetry, Prose, and Songs of Julia A. Moore, the Sweet Singer of Michigan

Author: Julia A. Moore

Publisher: MSU Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 257

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In the late 1870s, this gifted writer of hilarious, bad verse had a national following. Mark Twain even wrote that he always carried with him a copy of Julia’s first book of poems, The Sentimental Song Book(1876). "I find in them the same grace and melody that attracted me when they were first published twenty years ago, and have held me in happy bonds ever since," he explained. Twain attributed the "deep charm" of Julia’s poems to her innocent habit of making "an intentionally humorous episode pathetic and an intentionally pathetic one funny." Twain immortalized Julia’s style in the writings of Emmeline Grangerford, a character in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. She also influenced the writing—in fact, the career— of the doggerel poet Ogden Nash, who reportedly said that her example convinced him to try to become "a great bad poet" rather than "a bad good poet." The late Walter Blair, a highly respected professor of American literature at the University of Chicago, put it like this in his introduction to the last published collection of Julia’s poems in 1928: If these songs [as Julia called her poems were only a little closer to the conventional modes of meter, rhyme, thought, and expression they would not impress us at all. Touched, however, by the magic wand of genius, the novel works of this great poet cause readers to slump down in their chairs, hold their agitated and aching sides, wipe tears from brimming eyes, and fill the air with the sound of distinctly raucous laughter. Mortal Refrainsis the first complete, published collection of Julia Moore’s work —poetry, short stories, songs (including sheet music), and newspaper interviews—compiled from the earliest published versions found in various public libraries, rare book collections, museums, and archives.

Collected Poems

Author: Edwin Rolfe

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252066405

Category: Poetry

Page: 352

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Edwin Rolfe's Collected Poems brings together the body of his work that we believe will be of greatest use to those readers with a general interest in American political poetry and with a specific interest in Rolfe himself. It gives people for the first time a comprehensive view of one of the more inventive political poets of the Great Depression, of the writer Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War regard as their poet laureate, and of a writer who used poetry as a weapon against the reactionary politics that dominated the United States in the 1950s.

Selected Poems

Author: William Carlos Williams

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811209588

Category: Poetry

Page: 302

View: 3864


Offers a collection of poems along with notes on the text.

The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde

Author: Audre Lorde

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393254402

Category: Poetry

Page: 512

View: 2286


A complete collection—over 300 poems—from one of this country's most influential poets. "These are poems which blaze and pulse on the page."—Adrienne Rich "The first declaration of a black, lesbian feminist identity took place in these poems, and set the terms—beautifully, forcefully—for contemporary multicultural and pluralist debate."—Publishers Weekly "This is an amazing collection of poetry by . . . one of our best contemporary poets. . . . Her poems are powerful, often political, always lyrical and profoundly moving."—Chuckanut Reader Magazine "What a deep pleasure to encounter Audre Lorde's most potent genius . . . you will welcome the sheer accessibility and the force and beauty of this volume."—Out Magazine

The Poetry of Robert Frost

The Collected Poems, Complete and Unabridged

Author: Robert Frost

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780805069860

Category: Poetry

Page: 607

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This definitive, paperback edition brings together more than three hundred fifty of Frost's poems, each one with annotations providing complete bibliographic information and noting any textual changes

Collected Poems 1912-1944

Author: Hilda Doolittle

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811223566

Category: Poetry

Page: 672

View: 1446


The Collected Poems 1912-1944 of H. D. brings together all the shorter poems and poetical sequences of Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961) written before 1945. Divided into four parts, this landmark volume, now available as a New Directions Paperbook, includes the complete Collected Poems of 1925 and Red Roses for Bronze (1931). Of special significance are the "Uncollected and Unpublished Poems (1912-1944)," the third section of the book, written mainly in the 1930s, during H. D.'s supposed "fallow" period. As these pages reveal, she was in fact writing a great deal of important poetry at the time, although publishing only a small part of it. The later, wartime poems in this section form an essential prologue to her magnificent Trilogy (1944), the fourth and culminating part of this book. Born in Pennsylvania in 1886, Hilda Doolittle moved to London in 1911 in the footsteps of her friend and one-time fiancé Ezra Pound. Indeed it was Pound, acting as the London scout for Poetry magazine, who helped her begin her extraordinary career, penning the words "H. D., Imagiste" to a group of six poems and sending them on to editor Harriet Monroe in Chicago. The Collected Poems 1912-1944 traces the continual expansion of H. D.'s work from her early imagistic mode to the prophetic style of her "hidden" years in the 1930s, climaxing in the broader, mature accomplishment of Trilogy. The book is edited by Professor Louis L. Martz of Yale, who supplies valuable textual notes and an introductory essay that relates the significance of H. D.'s life to her equally remarkable literary achievement.

The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers: 1938-1962

Author: Robinson Jeffers,Tim Hunt

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804718479

Category: Poetry

Page: 504

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The first three volumes of this four-volume work will present chronologically all of Jeffers' published work from 1920 to 1963. Jeffers' publishers sometimes adjusted his punctuation, presumably to bring the poems' punctuation into accord with grammatical convention. The texts for this edition revert to Jeffers' own preferences, insofar as the best methods of modern textual editing can reveal them.

Collected Poems

Author: Stevie Smith,James MacGibbon

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811208826

Category: Poetry

Page: 591

View: 5398


The English author's lively, witty style and morbid and macabre themes are revealed in a complete collection illustrated with her unusual drawings

New Collected Poems

Author: Marianne Moore

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374716056

Category: Poetry

Page: 480

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A landmark definitive edition of one of our most innovative and beloved poets The landmark oeuvre of Marianne Moore, one of the major inventors of poetic modernism, has had no straight path from beginning to end; until now, there has been no good vantage point from which to see the body of her remarkable work as a whole. Throughout her life Moore arranged and rearranged, visited and revisited, a large majority of her existing poetry, always adding new work interspersed among revised poems. This makes sorting out the complex textual history that she left behind a pressing task if we mean to represent her work as a poet in a way that gives us a complete picture. New Collected Poems offers an answer to the question of how to represent the work of a poet so skillful and singular, giving a portrait of the range of her voice and of the modernist culture she helped create. William Carlos Williams, remarking on the impeccable precision of Moore’s poems, praised “the aesthetic pleasure engendered when pure craftsmanship joins hard surfaces skillfully.” It is only in New Collected Poems that we can understand her later achievements, see how she refashioned her earlier work, and get a more complete understanding of her consummate craftsmanship, innovation, and attention to detail. Presented and collected by Heather Cass White, the foremost scholar of Moore’s work, this new collection at last allows readers to experience the untamed force of these dazzling poems as the author first envisioned them.

The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis

Author: Odysseus Elytis,Jeffrey Carson,Nikos Sarris

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801880452

Category: Fiction

Page: 715

View: 7288


In awarding Odysseus Elytis the 1979 Nobel Prize in literature, the Swedish Academy praised him "for his poetry, which, against the background of Greek tradition, depicts with sensuous strength and intellectual clearsightedness modern man's struggle for freedom and creativeness." Throughout his long career as a poet, Elytis (1911–1996) remained true to his vision of a poetry that addresses the power of language and connects the history and mythology of Greece to the physical world and to the realities of the modern age. Renowned for their astonishing lyricism and profound optimism, Elytis's poems capture the natural wonders of Greece and give voice to the contemporary Greek—and to a more universally human—consciousness. Originally published in 1997, The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis, translated into English by Jeffrey Carson and Nikos Sarris, was the first complete collection of Elytis's poems in any language. Included in this landmark volume were Elytis's early poems, influenced in equal parts by surrealism and the natural world; Song Heroic and Mourning for the Lost Second Lieutenant of the Albanian Campaign, his epic poem connecting Greece's—and his own—Second World War experience to the myth of the eternal Greek hero; his most ambitious work, The Axion Esti; and his mature poetry, from Maria Nephele to West of Sorrow. For this expanded new edition, Carson and Sarris have added sixty free verse and prose poems first published in Greek in the posthumous 1998 volume From Close By, as well as a set of song lyrics, The Rhos of Eros, and a cantata, The Sovereign Sun, previously omitted. All have been translated with the same care and elegance as the rest of Elytis's oeuvre, brilliantly rendering into English the Greek poet's lyrical voice and the richness of his diction.

American Poets and Poetry: From the Colonial Era to the Present [2 volumes]

From the Colonial Era to the Present

Author: Jeffrey Gray,Mary McAleer Balkun,James McCorkle

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610698320

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 723

View: 5451


The ethnically diverse scope, broad chronological coverage, and mix of biographical, critical, historical, political, and cultural entries make this the most useful and exciting poetry reference of its kind for students today. • Covers American poetry from the Colonial era to the present in roughly 300 alphabetically arranged entries • Features key contemporary poets, including those appearing in current journals • Brings together approximately 80 contributors who are among the most widely known scholars in the field • Supports Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Social Studies by helping students gain a greater understanding of language

The Collected Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Author: Paul Laurence Dunbar,Joanne M. Braxton

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813914381

Category: Poetry

Page: 396

View: 1669


A collection of the works of the nineteenth-century African American poet, whose dialetical style caused much controversy in the literary community

The Lost Works of William Carlos Williams

The Volumes of Collected Poetry as Lyrical Sequences

Author: Robert J. Cirasa

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838635766

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 342

View: 3816


In this book, Robert J. Cirasa contends that William Carlos Williams's The Collected Poems 1921-1931 and The Complete Collected Poems 1906-1938 are truly "lost" works of major accomplishment in the Williams canon. In each, Williams took as the basic element, or constituent sections, of these two large-scale literary structures the tacit lyrical sequences that had constituted his originally separate volumes of verse, also added new groupings as he made changes to the old, and fashioned them all into a unique series of lyrical sequence (a lyrical super-sequence) that gave unified lyrical definition and compelling lyrical immediacy to the whole of his poetic development. Together, the two works stand equal to Paterson in belying the still occasionally expressed view of Williams as primarily a miniaturist.

The Collected Poems of Charles Olson

Excluding the Maximus Poems

Author: Charles Olson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520920415

Category: Poetry

Page: 609

View: 5311


A seminal figure in post-World War II literature, Charles Olson (1910-1970) has helped define the postmodern sensibility. His poetry is marked by an almost limitless range of interest and extraordinary depth of feeling. Olson's themes are among the largest conceivable: empowering love, political responsibility, historical discovery and cultural reckoning, the wisdom of dreams and the transformation of consciousness—all carried in a voice both intimate and grand, American and timeless, impassioned and coolly demanding. Until recently, Olson's reputation as a major figure in American literature has rested primarily on his theoretical writings and his epic work, the Maximus Poems. With The Collected Poems an even more impressive Olson emerges. This volume brings together all of Olson's work and extends the poetic accomplishment that influenced a generation. Charles Olson was praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors. He was declared by William Carlos Williams to be "a major poet with a sweep of understanding of the world, a feeling for other men that staggers me." His indispensable essays, "Projective Verse" and "Human Universe," and his study of Melville, Call Me Ishmael, remain as fresh today as when they were written.

Complete Poems for Children

Author: James Reeves

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571307132

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 272

View: 9494


In the Oxford Companion to Children's Literature it says of James Reeves, 'His real achievement, however, lies in his poetry, which is generally regarded as the best British ''serious'' children's verse since Walter de la Mare - though the poems are usually far from serious in subject-matter.' In this complete edition, first published in 1973, the delight is two-fold as the poems are complemented by Edward Ardizzone's beautiful and witty illustrations.