Collapse of Burning Buildings, 2nd Edition

A Guide to Fireground Safety

Author: Vincent Dunn

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 1593702337

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 347

View: 1337


1. General collapse information 2. Terms of construction and building design 3. Building construction: firefighting problems and structural hazards 4. Masonry wall collapse 5. Collapse dangers of parapet walls 6. Wood floor collapse 7. Sloping peak roof collapse 8. Timber truss roof collapse 9. Flat roof collapse 10. Lightweight steel roof and floor collapse 11. Lightweight wood truss collapse 12. Ceiling collapse 13. Stairway collapse 14. Fire escape dangers 15. Wood-frame building collapse 16. Collapse hazards of buildings under construction 17. Collapse caused by master stream operations 18. Search-and-rescue at a building collapse 19. Safety precautions prior to collapse 20. Why the World Trade Center Towers collapsed 21. High-rise building collapse 22. Post-fire analysis 23. Early floor collapse EPILOGUE: Are architects, engineers, and code-writing officials friends of the firefighters?.

Safety and Survival on the Fireground

Author: Vincent Dunn

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 9780912212234

Category: Reference

Page: 377

View: 9919


Learn from one of the leading authorities on how to identify hazards and avoid them. Dunn discusses the 15 most common hazards faced by firefighters, including cellar fires, collapse, peaked roofs, wildfires, interior operations, ladder operations, forcible entry, and others. Contents: Death and injury statistics Collapse rescue dangers Responding and returning dangers Searching for the fire location Advancing the initial attack hose line Operating above a fire Peaked roof operations Cellar fire dangers Propone gas Wildfire dangers Aerial ladder climbing Forcible entry dangers Master stream operation Outside venting danger Dangers of fire escapes Overhauling dangers Risk analysis Interior fire Exterior fire Safe firefighting procedures Firefighters' death and injury.

Truck Company Operations

Author: John Mittendorf

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 1593702183

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 471

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This basic, no-nonsense book is a necessity for all firefighters assigned to the truck, as well as members of fire departments who perform the numerous responsibilities of the truck on the fireground. Throughout the book, training tips are included to help you perform the various operations efficiently and effectively. Includes a study guide.

Strategy of Firefighting

Author: Vincent Dunn

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593701071

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 398

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This is a "how to" book written by a "know how" person for anyone who practices firefighting strategy. Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn is passing on to the next generation of firefighters the lessons ("strategy summaries") he learned from his years of firefighting experience. He describes firefighting strategies for the most common types of fire scenarios and identifies specific firefighting problems presented to an incident commander by occupancy and construction type. More importantly, he explains firefighting solutions and offers firefighting plans, standard procedures, action plans, ideas, guidelines, explanations, key steps, and systems of firefighting procedures. This book is not about tactics. It's about strategy - plans of firefighting, logical ways to solve problems at fires.

Fire Department Special Operations

Author: John Norman

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593701934

Category: Political Science

Page: 456

View: 2873


Ray Downey wrote the first edition of The Rescue Company in the early 1990s. Building on Downey's legacy, John Norman has written Fire Department Special Operations to take into consideration the earth-shattering events, funding increases, research advances, expanded capabilities, and changes in regulations and standards that have widened the knowledge gap since the publication of Chief Downey's book. Fire Department Special Operations is an excellent guide for agencies and individuals in establishing, staffing, operating, and maintaining heavy rescue units in the many forms they may take. It is also an ideal training resource for the officers and individuals assigned the duties that a rescue firefighter must accomplish.

Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices

Author: L. Charles Smeby Jr.

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1284042359

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 256

View: 3713


Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices, Second Edition covers the latest course objectives from the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education’s (FESHE) Bachelor’s Core Level Fire and Emergency Services Administration model curriculum. To effectively lead modern public safety organizations and the various components within them, individuals must possess a solid understanding of the always-changing issues that face the fire and emergency medical services. The second edition of Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices has been completely updated to deliver the very latest information needed to understand these challenges and will assist managers in making the proper decisions that can impact all aspects of their organization. The Second Edition features: Expanded emphasis on management and leadership of EMS operations. Updated budgeting financial strategies, including advice on how to overcome shrinking budgets and economic downturn. New guidance on hiring and diversity. Expanded coverage on training, education, and fire fighter safety. The following features are incorporated throughout the Second Edition: Chapter Objectives: FESHE Objectives and Knowledge Objectives are listed at the beginning of each chapter, including page references. Case Studies: Real-life incidents help stimulate student discussion and highlight important concepts. Facts and Figures: Provides useful and interesting history, facts, and other research relating to the fire and emergency services. Words of Wisdom: Presents powerful and informative quotes from organizational leaders and experts in their fields. Chief Officer Tips: Targeted advice to deal with common administrative issues and introduce techniques to implement change. Chapter Activities: End-of-chapter Fire and EMS activities reinforce important concepts and improve students’ comprehension.

Failure Point

How to Determine Burning Building Stability

Author: Howard Hill

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593702833

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 198

View: 1741


Describes building construction features and how to recognize collapse dangers for all types of buildings and construction methods. Includes: key elements that warn of imminent fire-induced collapse; how to prevent injuries to operating personnel; adapting risk/benefit techniques to manage firefighting personnel on the fireground; how building codes affect fire-induced building collapses.

Firefighting Principles and Practices

2nd Edition

Author: William E. Clark

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 0878149201

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 473

View: 8326


This classic look at the basics of firefighting provides up-to-date information on firefighting operations beginning with fire behavior and on through to fundamental approaches, strategy, coordination, and tactics of safe fireground activities. The book also discusses operational procedures of ladder and engine companies, along with preplanning routines that departments should follow, and finishes with a look at common fires, along with fires that could require special attention, including the “Big One.”

Firefighter's Handbook

Firefighting and Emergency Response

Author: Delmar Learning

Publisher: Delmar Pub

ISBN: 9781418073206

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1145

View: 8208


This comprehensive training manual provides you with need-to-know information critical for development of Firefighter I and II skills, as well as practical advice necessary for proficiency on the job. Meeting 100% of the 2008 NFPA Standard 1001, this [text] seeks to meet and exceed the requirements for firefighting training in order to lead candidates to success on the certification exam, as well as serve as a handy reference for refresher training. [The text] touches on new practices, technology, and initiatives that are a consideration for all firefighters. Current topics include a new chapter on large incident and disaster response, as well as new information on fire life safety initiatives, managing air supply and performing emergency checks, predicting building collapse, GPS technology, thermal imaging use in search and rescue, new considerations for hazardous materials and terrorism response, and much more! With a reader-friendly approach, [it] is a ... resource for all fire departments, academies, and colleges conducting initial and refresher firefighter training.-Back cover.

Fire officer's handbook of tactics

Study guide

Author: John Norman

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 1593700792

Category: Study Aids

Page: 220

View: 4541


Modern firefighting is a continually evolving science with new technologies constantly being applied to the fire service. In the latest edition of this perennial favorite, Norman examines these new technologies and how they affect fire ground tactics. He also details the new role firefighters play in homeland security.

Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics

Author: John Norman

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593702795

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 634

View: 2480


John Norman has updated his best-selling book, a guide for the firefighter and fire officer who, having learned the basic mechanics of the trade, are looking for specific methods for handling specific situations. In this new fourth edition, readers will find a new chapter on lightweight construction, a new chapter on electrical fires and emergencies, updates to many chapters including such topics as wind-driven fires, and many new illustrations.

Company Officer

Author: Clinton Smoke,Charles Keeton,Billy Wenzel,Bradford Boyd

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1435427254

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 464

View: 389


Based on the 2009 Edition of NFPA 1021, STANDARD FOR FIRE OFFICER PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS, the third edition of Company Officer provides vital information for those who seek certification as Fire Officer I or II. Learning objectives in this new edition were validated by a committee of experts from the field to ensure that the content meets the intent of the Standard and highlights contents for each of these two officer levels. Content was thoroughly reviewed and updated to reflect new technology, practices, and terminology to remain current in the field as well as to focus on issues critical to the fire officer today budgeting, labor management, legal implications of actions, and more. In the tradition of previous editions, Company Officer, Third Edition continues to provide valuable insight and advice for aspiring and current fire officers alike. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Investigating the Fireground

Author: Calvin C. Phillipps,David A. McFadden

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 0912212500

Category: Political Science

Page: 275

View: 2939


This second edition provides you with additional insight on the topic of fireground investigation, taking you through the various procedures necessary for reconstructing the events that led to the fire. Included are discussions related to fire behavior, heat sources, interior and exterior evidence, documentation, and reporting procedures, as well as new case studies. Contents: The scope and purpose of fireground investigation The influence of fire behavior on fire investigation Factors that influence fire behavior Heat/ignition sources Fireground observations Investigating the fire: building exterior Investigating the fire: building interior Vehicle fires Evidence Motivation for arson Answers to study questions.

Fireground Operational Guides

Author: Frank Viscuso,Michael A. Terpak

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593702590

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 285

View: 302


This important new book is designed to serve many purposes in the fire service, ranging from being a starting point and refresher guide for firefighters seeking promotions at any level, to being a field operational guide for on-scene Incident Commanders and Company Officers. It offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan for firefighters working in Acting Capacities, and can be used when developing SOPís, and when organizing and planning training evolutions. Itís definitely a book every firefighter, officer, and aspiring officer will want to own!

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Author: Jeffery Lindsey,Richard Patrick

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131181557

Category: Medical

Page: 276

View: 1998


The authors of this text, some of the best known in the industry on this topic, have written this book to provide guidelines, tools, and standards for safe and professional emergency vehicle operations. This valuable information, gathered from years of experience, references the NFPA 1002-98 code and can be put to use throughout the emergency responder's career.

The Combat Position

Achieving Firefighter Readiness

Author: Christopher Brennan

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books

ISBN: 1593702493

Category: Political Science

Page: 259

View: 4434


Firefighting is combat and should be viewed as a warrior's calling. Firefighters put themselves in harm's way to protect others, a selflessness rooted in the same noble drive as the military warriors who defend our nation. This book about combat is meant to be a guide for those who seek to follow a warrior's path, the path of the fire service warrior. Today's firefighter must be a warrior who will unflinchingly put his very life in harm's way to accomplish a mission, but who is also fully informed about the path being chosen. Embracing the philosophy of the fire service warrior, and striving for the ready position--the synthesis of physical and mental readiness that allows for optimum fireground performance--can reduce firefighter injuries and fatalities. The Combat Position: Achieving Firefighter Readiness will be an invaluable tool for firefighters, company officers, chief officers, and instructors.

Debunking 9/11 Myths

Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts

Author: David Dunbar,Brad Reagan

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781588166357

Category: History

Page: 170

View: 4908


Analyzes and refutes twenty of the most predominant theories involving the United States government's role in perpetrating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe-Equipped Buildings

Author: David M. McGrail

Publisher: PennWell Books

ISBN: 1593700547

Category: Architecture

Page: 358

View: 4440


This book establishes a proper firefighting mindset and promotes maintaining preparedness for the extreme physical and mental demands of firefighting operations in high-rise and standpipe-equipped buildings ... Among the many valuable topics covered in this book are: standpipe system pressure regulating devices, pressure restricting devices and pressure reducing valves; cautious and disciplined elevator use during high-rise operations; elevator rescue operations; proper engine company suppression selection, including techniques to operate more powerful firefighting weapons with limited manpower; air support operations during high-rise emergencies, with or without an internal resource.