Chase Me Til I Catch You

The Knight Ranger

Author: James Julius Hutmacher

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1414076789

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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If you read The Horsewhisperer you'll love Pearl. He has taken the role of horse trainer into the arena of fascination where the reader can experience the love he had for horses. The little bad boy becomes a legend that lives and breathes his art. He surmounts all the odds to achieve excitement and love through his passion. He rescues the love of his life, Hannah, from physical and mental abuse then becomes the suspect in the murder of Benny Ahrens. He takes a cattle drive to the Nebraska plains with Hannah, Lone Bear and Sweet Water from the Red Cliff Nations of Wisconsin, along with his pals, Jesse and B.J. A cattle stampede is caused by storms in Wisconsin. It leads them to the traders, Vasques and Wilson, and the rescue of the slave Cynci from the Sauk Nations. The group rescues a courier rider tortured by the Ogallalla Sioux, who dies in the arms of the gentle Sweet Water. Transport yourself to another era and time that fascinates and enthralls the reader with every word.

It Happened in South Beach

Author: Jennie Klassel

Publisher: Love Spell

ISBN: 9780505526359

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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A Boston columnist finds herself in trouble--and in love!--when she takes over her aunt's curiosity shop in Miami.

It's Not Over Until You Win

How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be No Matter What the Obstacle

Author: Les Brown

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684835282

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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A step-by-step plan offers examples and exercises on how to determine and live by a set of values, experiment with failure as a formula for success, and take life beyond set limits

A Collection of Canadian Plays

Author: Rolf Kalman

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9780889240131

Category: Drama

Page: 400

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Land of Magic Spell, by Larry Zacharko; Which Witch is Which? by Beth McMaster; The Clam Made a Face, by Eric Nicol; Nuts & Bolts & Rusty Things, by Fred Thury; King Grumbletum and the Magic Pie, by David Kemp; Professor Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine, by Alan E. Ball; Cyclone Jack, by Carol Bolt; Billy Bishop and the Red Baron, by Leonard Peterson; Masque, by Ron Cameron; Catalyst, by John Ibbitson.


Author: Marianne Evans

Publisher: Pelican Ventures Book Group

ISBN: 1611168597

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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Country music bad boy, Chase Bradington is on the comeback trail. Fresh from rehab for alcohol addiction and transformed by the power of Christ, Chase is battling to rediscover the music he loves and a career he nearly ruined. Then he meets up-and-comer, Pyper Brock and instantly sparks ignite. Despite her rampant attraction to the handsome and talented icon, Pyper knows of Chase's reputation and soundly dismisses his romantic overtures. No way will Pyper make the mistake of falling for a man whose done battle with the bottle. What happens when Chase's quest to win Pyper's love breaks down chains of resentment and eases the long-buried wounds of her childhood? And what happens when Pyper's father shows up in Nashville, clean, sober and seeking a chance to apologize? Can Pyper follow a pathway to peace when it comes to her father? Can she fully trust Chase? Above all, can a sin-damaged past be released in favor of forgiveness?

The Merchant's Partner

Author: Michael Jecks

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471126447

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Agatha Kyteler is the neighbourhood witch, a healer and midwife, feared by superstitious villagers, but they wouldn't live without her, and continuously seek her help. When her body is discovered in a hedge, frozen and horribly disfigured, there are no clues as to who the murderer is. That is, until a local youth runs away… Sir Baldwin and Simon Puttock must once again join forces, determined to prove the boy's innocence.

Leona's Legacy

Memories of a Farmer's Daughter

Author: Kelly Simons

Publisher: The Guest Cottage, Inc.

ISBN: 9781930596177

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

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Leona Ahnen grew up a confirmed tomboy on her family's Southern Wisconsin farm during the 1930s, in the depths of America's Great Depression. Her poignant story, as told to friend and author Kelly Simons, is the recounting of the mutual struggle and never-ending work that bound her family and neighbors to the land and to each other. Leona's Legacy is a heartfelt, true tale of shared toil and celebration, gentle laughter and quiet fear, real suffering and honest joy. Leona's Legacy will take you back to a time when life was hard but simple, work physically demanding but satisfying, and children's imaginations powered them through adventures with Tom Mix and The Lone Ranger as they sat enthralled next to a crystal-powered radio set. Join Leona and her grade school classmates as they scheme to undermine a strict new teacher, go along for a wild ride on a runaway hay wagon, and feel the hair stand up on your neck during family ghost stories. Readers of all ages will appreciate this nostalgic trip over the back roads and barnyards of a rural America still untouched by the horror and cynicism of World War II. Let Leona's Legacy remind you of the real people and community values that still make our country strong. Book jacket.

Strong Vengeance

A Caitlin Strong Novel

Author: Jon Land

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429992786

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 1948


1818: In the Gulf waters off the Texas coast, the pirate Jean Lefitte and his partner Jim Bowie launch an attack on the Mother Mary, a slave ship carrying an invaluable treasure. The Present: Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself investigating the murder of the oil rig crew that had found the long-lost wreckage of the Mother Mary. The crew also uncovered something else beneath the surface of the sea—something connected to a terrorist attack about to be launched by a mad American-born cleric who has recruited an army of homegrown terrorists. With the stakes higher than any she has encountered before, Caitlin races to find the connection between the secret treasure of the Mother Mary and the deadly secret hidden on the bottom of the ocean. Caitlin's only chance to defeat the terrorists lies in the darkest reaches of the Louisiana bayou. In the end, only the strongest of vengeance can win the day. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Chase Me

Author: Aidy Award

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990406051


Page: N.A

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She's stolen a priceless relic from his treasure, and his heart.Ciara is the best damn wedding planner this side of anywhere, but she's no thief.That's exactly what the sexy-ass dragon shifter has accused her of - stealing his treasure.She's going to steal something of his alright, his sanity, if he doesn't let her go so she can get back to giving couples their happy ever afters.Its the best way to ignore the fact she's sure she'll never get one her own.Not with any man, or even a dragon.Jakob is either going to kill the sexy, curvy woman who denies she has The First Dragon's relic, or take her to bed and drive her as crazy as she's making him. Why does he want her so much he can't even properly interrogate her?Might have something to do with the way his soul is screaming at him to mark her, claim her, f*ck her, and make dragon babies with her.He can't give her his soul if she's already stolen it, or something darker and more dangerous has.

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

The Art of Living with Style, Class, and Grace

Author: Jordan Christy

Publisher: Center Street

ISBN: 1599952173

Category: Reference

Page: 208

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In a society driven by celebutante news and myspace profiles, women of class, style and charm are hard to come by. The Audrey and Katharines of the world continue to lose their luster as thongs, rehab and outrageous behavior burn up the daily headlines. But, despite appearances, guys still want a girl they can take home to their mom, employers still like to see a tailored suit and peers still respect classy conduct. So is it possible to maintain old fashioned virtues in a modern world without looking like a starchy Amish grandma? Christy shows women how in this guide to glamorous style, professional success and true love...the classy way. Full of fun assignments, notable names and real-life examples, Christy offers a new look at seemingly "old fashioned" advice. She covers diet, speech, work ethic, friends, relationships, manners, makeup, and fashionable yet modest clothing, showing modern ladies how they can be beautiful, intelligent and fun while retaining values and morals.

From Rags to Riches

Til Death Do Us Part

Author: Randy M. Reece

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465393269

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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From Rags to Riches Til Death do us Part In a quaint town near lake Erie, the mild mannered Henry Thomas Belt settled into his role in life. For thirteen years he struggled to live and send enough money back home to support his family in Stamford Ontario. Not far away but in 1888 it was if you only had enough to live on. His work never allowed time enough for a visit. Now with Christmas upon him, he thought of his father and sister and how much he missed them. Early one morning he received terrible news. His boss was found murdered the night before right after he had left work. Now out of work and a prime suspect in a murder, his life seemed doomed. To prove his innocence he couldnt go to see them. Stuck in his tangled web, Henry soon discovers there are miracles along with tragedies. Thinking he was the luckiest man on earth until he hits head on with the hand of fate. Read the journal he leaves behind accounting from the time he loses his job. To being a fugitive in a strange world of twisted circumstance. Did he ever find his true love? After all! Can true love keep you alive? It is dark and eerie in this old abandoned room of the Palmer Boarding House. With some of the wallpaper that is torn off and hanging in strips. Along with old blistered paint, that is peeling away from the wood trim. It looks tired and run down now and I feel a bit sad because of its ill kept state. This was once my room and I never would have thought Id be forced to stay here against my will. It has only been a few short months since I had to move out. Now I am back and I do not know how long I have to stay hiding in this unpleasant prison. Earlier today I had to take refuge amongst the scattered debris that was left behind in my apartment. I had heard footsteps coming up the stairs. A constable looked through the opened doorway into the room, as I watched him from the pile of boxes and old news prints. My heart beat frantically, I thought he could see me or would hear me, but he did not. He seemed satisfied that the room contained nothing more than rubbish or the occasional rat or mouse. He closed the door and continued down the hallway to check the rest of the upstairs. The officer would only find the bathroom and the small linen closet. I watched the door carefully, waiting for it to open again. To my relief, I heard him go downstairs. A little later I was sure the constable had left the building. Still I remained hidden for about two long and arduous hours. With the greatest of caution, I crawled upon my hands and knees toward the window, on the opposite side of the room. Slowly I ventured to peek out of the window with my nose pressed against the sill. There was no one to be seen on the street below. The lace curtains now tattered and dusty, blew to and fro in the breeze coming through the broken window pane. The curtains will help hide my presence here, I hope. Feeling the stress upon myself and worried what I was to do, I sat on the floor beneath the window, with my back against the wall. My eyes focussed on the debris in the room. I was trying to sort out the thoughts that were dancing around in my head. What am I going to do now? Nearly crying out loud. Survival became my ultimate choice and I soon knew what to do. Going from one abandoned apartment to another on the first floor, with the results of a few canned goods, preserves and flour. In order to cook anything without being detected, I would have to use the wood stove in Mrs. Lawrences old apartment downstairs. The brick buildings were constructed so close together that they had to join into one chimney. They would think that the smoke was coming from the other apartment house. The water at first reeked with reddish brown rust from the old pipes. It was difficult to locate a decent cooking pot without a hole in the bottom. Miss. Palmers apartment yielded the greatest treasur

Bearing Witness

Memories of Arkansas Slavery : Narratives from the 1930s WPA Collections

Author: Federal Writers' Project

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 9781557287472

Category: African Americans

Page: 428

View: 9698


In the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration created an archive of interviews with exslaves; this new collection brings together all 176 of the Arkansas slave narratives for the first time.

What a Woman

Author: Judi Fennell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101625503

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7426


After starting her housecleaning company, Manley Maids, one woman is determined to make it on her own. And what a woman she is… Now that Mary-Alice Catherine Manley—Mac—has her hunky brothers working for her, she can sit back and watch the business roll in. But her new assignment quickly tosses that plan out the window. Mildred, her grandmother’s best friend, needs her house cleaned and Gran has volunteered Mac for the job. The problem is Mildred’s cocky grandson. He thinks Mac’s at his beck and call, but she has a few things to tell him…aside from how hot he is. Jared Nolan is currently lying low, nursing some broken bones—and a bruised ego. The former professional baseball player let himself be used by woman once, and now it could rob him of his beloved career. No woman is ever going to call the shots again, which is why, when the bossy Mac shows up, he’s going to show her who’s really in charge. He’s just not prepared for the undeniable attraction between them. And with the two of them in one house, there’s no telling who will come out swinging… From the Paperback edition.

Tales from the New York Giants Sideline

A Collection of the Greatest Giants Stories Ever Told

Author: Paul Schwartz

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1613210329

Category: History

Page: 210

View: 8148


Few sports franchises can match the long, storied history of the New York Giants. Schwartz collects anecdotes and stories made famous--and infamous--in the teams history, bringing back cheers and a few tears as he recounts the teams highs and lows.

Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em

The Mysterious Loss of the WWII Submarine USS Gudgeon

Author: Mike Ostlund

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 076278430X

Category: History

Page: 544

View: 6214


Now in paperback, revised and updated, the stirring and authoritative account of one of World War II's most highly decorated submarines Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em is the first book to recount the tragic and mysterious loss of the World War II submarine USS Gudgeon. In April 1944, the highly decorated submarine USS Gudgeon slipped beneath the waves in one of the most treacherous patrol areas in the most dangerous military service during World War II. Neither the Gudgeon nor the crew was ever seen again. Author Mike Ostlund's “Uncle Bill,” the operator of a farm implements business, was aboard that ship as a lieutenant junior grade. Through extensive research of patrol reports in U.S. and Japanese naval archives, interviews with veterans who had served aboard the Gudgeon before its final patrol, and the personal effects of the lost men's relatives, Ostlund has assembled the most accurate account yet of this remarkably successful submarine's exploits, of the men aboard from steward to captain, and of what we now know about her demise. Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em details the memories and life lessons of the young men who went to sea aboard Gudgeon before its last patrol knowing hardly anything, and came home having seen too much.

The Breeder's Gazette

A Weekly Publication Devoted ... to the Interests of Live-stock Breeders

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Livestock

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