Blood Wars ~Blood Moon Rising~

Author: Stefania Breitenbach,Meikel Dahlmann

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3743891913

Category: Fiction

Page: 343

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~Zwei Rassen, zwei Perspektiven, zwei Schicksale - eine Geschichte~Chicago, 2035:Die Welt stand vor dem Ende, denn der Krieg zwischen Menschen, Vampiren und Werwölfen hatte seinen Tribut gefordert: Tote über Tote....Darunter auch Marius Drake, unser Oberhaupt. Und mein Vater....Mein Name ist Kayra Drake. Ich bin eine Vampirin. Allerdings nur zur Hälfte, denn ich bin ein sogenanntes "Mischblut" und das Einzige meiner Art. Und das soll auch so bleiben, wenn es nach dem neuen Oberhaupt des Clans geht. Aber ein Anderer giert nach meinem Blut, um Macht zu erlangen....†An eine Zeit vor dem verheerenden Krieg zwischen Vampiren, Menschen und uns kann ich mich kaum noch erinnern. Ich weiß nur, dass es viele Opfer unter allen Parteien zu beklagen gab. Dieser Krieg hat alles verändert! Raphael, der Anführer meines Rudels, spielte mit seinem Leben. Er ließ sich ein Serum injizieren, das die Werwolf-DNS stark mutieren ließ, wodurch er zu einem "Berserker-Lykaner" wurde! An jenem Tag entschied ich mich, dieses Leben hinter mir zu lassen. Doch dann traf ich SIE. Die Frau, die mein Leben fortan für alle Zeit verändern würde. Und ich muss sie beschützen, denn Raphael hat es auf ihr einzigartiges Blut abgesehen! Mein Name ist Michael Silver... und ich bin ein Werwolf.

Blood Destiny - Bloodmoon

Author: Helen Harper


ISBN: 3736310056

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

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It's a fine line between pleasure and pain Fast sieht es so aus, als würde es für Mackenzie Smith endlich etwas ruhiger laufen, nachdem sie in London bald ihren Buchladen eröffnet - wären da nicht die schrecklichen Albträume von Drachen, die sie heimsuchen. Oder eine Bande von Magiern, Gestaltwandlern und Fae, die Mack auf Schritt und Tritt folgen und nach ihrer Aufmerksamkeit verlangen. Als eine Dryade dann auch noch Mack um Hilfe bittet, scheint das Chaos perfekt. Dass ihr dabei aber Corrigan (aka Lord Pelzi!) in die Quere kommt, summiert das Ungemach gewaltig. Doch der größte Schmerz steht Mack noch bevor ... "Action, Humor und jede Menge Herz! Ich kann nicht fassen, wie unglaublich gut diese Geschichte geschrieben ist. Die Figuren haben so viel emotionale Tiefe, und die Story ist einfach nur großartig!" GoodReads Band 4 der abenteuerlich-romantischen Blood-Destiny-Serie


Feuer, Blut und Stahl

Author: Tara N. Malcoméss

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3844280677

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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Im 3.Teil kommt es zur Entscheidungsschlacht zwischen den Völkern der Nacht und der SrobJa

Blood Moon

Author: Chris Kreie

Publisher: Darby Creek

ISBN: 1512434833

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 96

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Mateo has waited all year for this weekend: a road trip with his best friends to view the fabled blood moon eclipse. Even better, they're riding in the jeep he rebuilt himself. But when a driverless truck appears out of nowhere, their fun turns to terror. Driven off the road, Mateo and his friends realize there's something sinister happening under the eclipse. Can Mateo and his friends escape the spirits of the blood moon, or will they be cursed forever?

Blood Moon

Author: Richard Dawes


ISBN: 1612358594


Page: 138

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The Tucson Kid escapes Mexico ahead of a gang of outlaws bent on revenge. He rides west into New Mexico and finds himself in the middle of a range war between a brutal rancher and a beautiful widow. As Tucson takes a stand in favor of the widow, he is caught in the cross-fire between the rancher's hired killers and the Mexican bandits who have finally caught up with him.

Blood Moon

Author: Udhaiyah Priya

Publisher: Partridge Singapore

ISBN: 1482894300

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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Aurora Volvo is the new girl in town: a clumsy, kind-hearted teenager and a fast runner with a knack for getting into trouble. It doesn't take long for Chloe, a fellow student and jealous track star, to blackmail Aurora after filming her rival in the school locker room showers. When Jacob Hoary Woulf, an intelligent, good-looking young man from the Origins bloodline, saves Aurora from further humiliation at the hands of Chloe and her friends, she can't help but be drawn to him. Against all odds, and unaware that Jacob is a werewolf, Aurora finds herself falling in love with him. But Aurora's life changes forever on her seventeenth birthday, when her family reveals a secret: They all, Aurora included, are vampires. Not only is Aurora horrified to learn the truth, but love between werewolves and vampires is forbidden-under penalty of death. Can her relationship with Jacob continue? Meanwhile, Damien, Jacob's older brother, is crowned prince of the werewolves. Soon afterward, he discovers that his longtime girlfriend, Abigail, is pregnant, and a struggle for power ensues, with Damien attempting to control not only Abigail's life but the fate of their unborn child. Romance combines with horror to make Blood Moon a tale that crosses boundaries between species, creating a world in which people and circumstances aren't always what they seem. And author Priya's unique script-novel format fuses two approaches to writing, lending a sense of immediacy to this remarkable story.

Blood Moon

Author: Edward Gorman


ISBN: 1605431575

Category: Fiction

Page: 261

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In an effort to catch a child killer, former FBI agent Robert Payne poses as a journalist to interview three suspects in a small Iowa town: an art teacher, a honey seller and an evangelist.

Blood Moon

Author: Alyxandra Harvey

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408831910

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 368

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When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, family secrets and forbidden magic put all of the Drakes in danger. Nicholas is caught between saving his little sister, Solange, or his girlfriend, Lucy. Who will he choose?

Blood Moon

Author: Nicolas Wilson

Publisher: Nicolas Wilson



Page: 64

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When the local vampire colony asks a favor of Knight, sheriff of Portland's magical government, he must team up with his vampiric counterpart to solve a series of murders rooted in forbidden magic. What they find could alter the future of vampiric society, and cause a magical war. Blood Moon is a standalone novella of 16,000 words or approximately 64 pages. It features characters from The Necromancer's Gambit (The Gambit #1) and Kindred Spirits (The Gambit #2), but you do not need to have read The Necromancer's Gambit to enjoy Blood Moon. WARNING: Contains strong adult language and graphic violent content.

Blood Moon

Author: Geoffrey Huntington

Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 1626810753

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 260

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The thrilling conclusion to the Ravenscliff series and “its brew of New England Gothic, character driven suspense and childhood magic” (Christopher Rice, New York Times–bestselling author). A returning threat roams the halls of Ravenscliff Manor—the mad sorceress Clarissa—but she is only one of many problems facing Devon March. His budding relationship with Cecily takes a hit when he discovers she might be his (gulp!) sister, while his pal Marcus is mysteriously linked with the savage, gorilla-like beast that turns up in Misery Point on nights of the full moon. The only way to solve these mysteries is to take another trip down the Staircase Into Time, with Devon emerging at the Ravenscliff of thirty years ago. A time when his guardian Amanda and the mysterious Rolfe are toddlers, and the Madman, Jackson Muir, is very much alive. Praise for the Ravenscliff series: “Seriously scary . . . Best described as Buffy meets teenage Goosebumps . . . Not for the squeamish!” —The Sunday Times “The terror begins on page one and never stops! This is my kind of book—filled with magic and dozens of frightening surprises.” —R.L. Stine, New York Times–bestselling author

Doctor Blood Moon

Author: Jack Walker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499070977

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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Doctor Blood Moon is a love story cum murder mystery cum coming-of-age novel. It centers on a physician striving to reach his full human potential after years in a smothering professional career and a bad marriage. The book is also about the risks and rewards of life in the city of Los Angeles. Johnny Blood, the leading heart surgeon in Southern California, grew up on a dirt-poor Crow Indian reservation in Montana. A basketball scholarship to UCLA was his way out. He attended Harvard Medical School on scholarship and eventually reached the peak of his profession through monk-like dedication. In spite of his success, his failing marriage and the mysterious death of a Nobel laureate patient rattled his self-confidence. As the novel begins, Johnny sets out to reinvent himself as a man, physician, citizen, husband, father, and friend through the agency of people on their own journeys: mainly a beautiful Greek film actress named Michaela and Johnny’s nephew, Nicky, an Afghanistan vet whom Johnny rescued twice, first from the Crow reservation and then from the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Blood Moon Rider

Author: Zack C. Waters

Publisher: Pineapple Press Inc

ISBN: 1561643505

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 126

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After his father's death in World War II, fourteen-year-old Harley Wallace tries to join the Marines but is, instead, sent to live with his grandfather in Peru Landing, Florida, where he soon joins a covert effort to stop Nazis from destroying a secret airbase on Tampa Bay.

Blood Moon Rising

Author: Kimberly Dayne Starr

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1410753638

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

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This is a black heritage children's series novel about three young boys who are the closest of friends. Their friendship and love for the game of marbles created a bond that held them together. The story takes place before the Civil Rights movement. Segregation dictated their life. They lived across the railroad tracks where life was a challenge. The schools they attended had crowded classrooms with two grades being taught in one room. The books they were taught from were second hand. They could not use the public library. Their living conditions reflected the era where poverty was widespread. But in spite of it all they succumb the inferior education and living conditions to become scholars and leaders in the field of medicine. One of the boys became Dr. Charles Drew, a leader in the preservation of blood. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams became a pioneer in operating on the human heart. The third boy was a victim of polio. Through their bold efforts and persistence to stay the course to fulfill their goals they became scholars and leaders. These young boys are a link between the present medical breakthroughs and a forgotten past thereby changing the face of the quality of life for all mankind.

Blood Moon 2

Author: Cody Toye, Chandre Bronkhorst

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468955047

Category: Fiction

Page: 1

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A Collection of the Twisted and Bizarre.From a Murderous Game Designer To a Deadly Poet, Here is a Dozen of Dark Stories to Feed Your Horrific Side.

Blood Moon Harvest

A Paranormal Romance

Author: SM Reine

Publisher: SM Reine

ISBN: 1937733327

Category: Fiction

Page: 60

View: 9464


Rylie’s home has been turned into a battle zone by attacking hunters–and by her conflicted heart. Her wolf and human sides are in love with different men, and neither Seth nor Abel will give Rylie up without a fight. To save her pack, Rylie will have to find out who Cain is. To save herself, she’ll have to choose between the man she wants and the man she needs.