Blind Ambition

Author: Wendi Hayman

Publisher: Glory to Glory Publications

ISBN: 0998243523


Page: 140

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Wendi wanted to live the good life. Like many young girls, she grew up amused by the lifestyle of the rich & famous. Infatuated with designer clothes, handbags, shoes, luxury houses and cars, and the men she saw in rap music videos, Wendi decided this was how she wanted to live. Wendi's natural talent of dance and the attention she received when she danced, Wendi decided being a background dancer would be the avenue that she would use to mix and mingle her way into the luxurious lifestyle she longed for. Little did she know that her Blind Ambition to live amongst the rich & famous would lead her on a journey in life that she least expected. Wendi wandered into a decoy to her life's purpose as she got mixed up in a lifestyle partying and promiscuity in order to get to where she wanted to be. Eventually, she made her way into rap music videos but she never got the luxurious life she dreamt she would be living. Later on in life, Wendi was left feeling empty insignificant, lost, while dealing with low self-esteem and rejection. She no longer had a will to live as she felt her life was without purpose. However, God's grace and love wouldn't allow Wendi to give up on life just yet, she knew there had to be more. Blind Ambition offers hope and inspiration knowing that your life has purpose, regardless of failures or mistakes. Perhaps like Wendi you had ambition for the wrong thing. Regardless of how blind you may have been in your past, you too can have an ambition for your purpose and destiny.

Blind Ambition

Author: Gwen Hernandez

Publisher: Gwen Hernandez

ISBN: 0991607317

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

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IT’S ABOUT TO GET HOT IN THE JUNGLE Rescuing a kidnapped aid worker from St. Isidore’s dangerous rebels is just another day at work for former pararescueman Dan Molina. But his mission falls apart when the woman—who once shattered his heart—refuses to leave the island. Alexa Alyssandratos can’t return to her life as a nurse on the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean island, but she won't leave until she’s certain the orphans she cared for—especially one sick little girl—are safe from the rebels. Denied their ransom, a would-be dictator and his soldiers are hunting Alexa, and Dan is the only person who can protect her. Old passions reignite as she and Dan race to save the children before they disappear forever.

Blind Ambition

Author: Ever Lee Hairston

Publisher: Brown Girls Publishing

ISBN: 1625179154

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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As a child, Ever Lee Hairston faced one disappointment after the other. A product of share-cropping parents and raised on one of the biggest plantations in the South, Ever allowed those disappointments to diminish her self-confidence and sully her self-esteem. Not to mention, that for years, the young Ever hid a terrible secret, which she hadn’t told anyone – not her family, her friends, her teachers, and as she got older, even her employers. Ever Lee didn’t want to accept that she was slowly losing her eyesight. As darkness began to envelop her, and inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ever eventually decided to stop feeling sorry for herself and face her fears. Through two turbulent marriages, a host of setbacks, and a life that was getting harder and harder to manage, Ever encountered defeats, but was determined not to be defeated. Now, decades after she lost her eyesight, her powerful story is one of inspiration and ambition....and helping others realize their lives have purpose as they reach their full potential in spite of any obstacles in their paths.

Blind Ambition

The White House Years

Author: John W. Dean

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504041003

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 504

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A six-month New York Times bestseller: “Not only the best Watergate book, but a very good book indeed” (The Sunday Times). As White House counsel to Richard Nixon, a young John W. Dean was one of the primary players in the Watergate scandal—and ultimately became the government’s key witness in the investigations that ended the Nixon presidency. After the scandal subsided, Dean rebuilt his career, first in business and then as a bestselling author and lecturer. But while the events were still fresh in his mind, he wrote this remarkable memoir about the operations of the Nixon White House and the crisis that led to the president’s resignation. Called “fascinating” by Commentary, which noted that “there can be little doubt of [Dean's] memory or his candor,” Blind Ambition offers an insider’s view of the deceptions and machinations that brought down an administration and changed the American people’s view of politics and power. It also contains Dean’s own unsparing reflections on the personal demons that drove him to participate in the sordid affair. Upon its original publication, Kirkus Reviews hailed it “the flip side of All the President’s Men—a document, a minefield, and prime entertainment.” Today, Dean is a respected and outspoken advocate for transparency and ethics in government, and the bestselling author of such books as The Nixon Defense, Worse Than Watergate, and Conservatives Without Conscience. Here, in Blind Ambition, he “paints a candid picture of the sickening moral bankruptcy which permeated the White House and to which he contributed. His memory of who said what and to whom is astounding” (Foreign Affairs).

Blind Ambition

Author: Douglas F. Greer,Douglas Greer

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595151110

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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A medical thriller offering an insider's view of the world of impaired eyesight and laser eye surgery.

Blind Ambition

The End of the Story

Author: John Wesley Dean

Publisher: Polimedia Communications Publishers

ISBN: 9780976861751

Category: Political Science

Page: 614

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SUPERANNO Bestselling author, John W. Dean, addresses the growing efforts of the Nixon apologists' attempt to rewrite history, with a new afterword that closes the case to the Watergate scandal. “... with a brilliant Afterword that provides an up-to-date account of the Watergate affair, using new documentation...laying bare the sordid facts of Richard Nixon and all the President's men.” --Stanley Kutler, author of The Wars of Watergate & Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes. Original.

Blind Ambition

Author: Carol Ashby

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946139023


Page: N.A

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Historical novel set in Roman Empire during the reign of Trajan: What began as a bored man's decision to try a different road turns into an emotional and spiritual quest that changes the direction of his entire life.

Blind Ambition

The Remarkable Story of a 4-time World Disabled Water Ski Champion

Author: Janet Gray,Lorraine Wylie

Publisher: Gill Books

ISBN: 9780717145331

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 213

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Dr Janet Gray, MBE is blind. She lost her sight, due to a congenital family eye disease, over twenty years ago when she was just twenty-one years old.

Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want

Author: Patricia Walsh

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071833838

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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A goal-setting guide to top achievement from an award-winning engineer, champion paratriathlete, and IRONMAN world record holder Diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, Patricia Walsh became blind at the age of five. As a teenager, she lost what little vision remained due to surgical complications, and the straight-A student began a downward spiral into depression and hopelessness. But Walsh eventually had an epiphany: if she didn't do something--and fast--she would doom herself to a life devoid of meaning. Today, Walsh is an award-winning computer engineer and champion paratriathlete. She has raced in more than a dozen marathons and ultra-marathons and competed in two IRONMAN triathlons. In 2011, she set the world record for blind triathletes, shattering both male and female records by over 50 minutes. How did she do it? Patricia Walsh refused to be defined by any limits. In Blind Ambition, Walsh both inspires and educates by relating her unforgettable personal story while detailing her proven Fuel / Fire / Blaze approach to achieving any goal: Fuel: Set your base goals--those small, day-to-day tasks designed to collectively build toward your final goal Fire: Map important milestones on your journey to keep yourself on track and motivated Blaze: Your highest goals, your most burning desire made real--this is what happens when you add fuel to fire . . . Drawing on her experience of great adversity--and even greater success--she shows you how to set realistic milestones and describes a simple and effective process for mapping these milestones to daily tasks that will help you achieve what you previously thought unachievable. Every path has obstacles, but you can overcome them. Apply a champion's hard-earned lessons to achieve your goals and live a personally enriching and professionally rewarding life. All it takes is Blind Ambition. Go for the Gold! A Proven Model for Success from a World-Class Athlete "Patricia Walsh lays out an extremely effective framework for achieving your highest goals--in business and in life. I have personally seen Patricia apply this approach to great success at Microsoft. Anyone who reads this book will be that much closer to achieving their goals." -- Steven Sinofsky, former president of the Windows division at Microsoft Corporation "In a book filled with practical, actionable advice for true goal setting, framed by her experience with the toughest of real-world challenges, Patricia Walsh provides a no-nonsense framework for actualizing your goals and becoming resilient. Whether you are looking to excel in business, in sports, or in life, Blind Ambition will serve as your go-to guidebook for achieving breakthroughs, managing challenges, and fulfilling your own marvelous potential." -- Meg Hare, president of the board of Austin Women in Technology "Whether it is running your first 5K, competing in an IRONMAN, or completing an important work project, the steps and lessons shared in this book will help you get there. Patricia Walsh is an expert in overcoming challenges that stand in the way of reaching one's goal. This is an outstanding read!" -- Barry Siff, president of USA Triathlon and 10-time IRONMAN competitor "Patricia Walsh is a beacon, an inspiration, and a reminder of what is achievable. Blind Ambition is a must-read for those who want to maximize their amazing untapped potential by applying the lessons, concepts, and can-do attitude that Patricia embodies and shares so eloquently in this book. Highly recommended." -- Paul M. Craig, cofounder and president of Rudy Project North America and XX2i Optics

Show Me a Nigger and I'll Show You a Racist

The Mind of a Psychopathic Genius

Author: Yahdon Israel

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438976607

Category: Art

Page: 192

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History has been taught through illusions in order to divide and establish power. These constant illusions force the Psychopathic Genius to develop a stream of consciousness that evokes a maladaptive schizophrenic disposition. In this schizophrenic state, the Psychopathic Genius manifests recurring illusions that were once used to control as a means of controlling. As the story progresses, these illusions become so cliche that it forces the Psychopathic Genius to rebuke societal doctrine. This epic doesn't evolve, instead, it shows the continual war that we all fight: Protagonist vs. Antagonist, God vs. Satan, Adam vs. Eve, Rich vs. Poor, Old vs. New, Parent vs. Child, Black vs. White, Right vs. Wrong, Morality vs. Judgment, Society vs. Individual, Master vs. Slave and most pertinent to the Psychopathic Genius: Nigger vs. Racist. Step inside the lost paradise of a Brave New World. This book is rated PG: Psychopathic Genius... Vanity is the only sanity.

Blind Ambition

Author: Williams Arias

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781312754867


Page: 113

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Jonah is the proud and happy child of a noble family in a kingdom. The king shows signs of corruption while Jonah's father begins to gain favor with the villagers of the kingdom. Jonah's world takes a complete turn for the worst when he experiences the greatest tragedy of his sheltered life.

Cut and Run

Illegal Logging and Timber Trade in the Tropics

Author: Rob Glastra

Publisher: IDRC

ISBN: 1552500535

Category: Nature

Page: 112

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Illegal logging and trade in timber is a major cause of forest degradation in the world today. Not only does it threaten biodiversity-rich old growth forests, it also endangers the livelihoods of the traditional communities that are dependent upon them. But controlling this global problem is not a simple matter of enacting new laws and enforcing new regulations OCo the rules already exist. If countries are to manage their forest sustainably they must implement existing laws effectively, and they must do so now! Cut and Run offers readers valuable insight on how this might be done."

Blind Faith, Blind Ambition

A Vision for Success

Author: Eric W. Schaffert

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780983375906

Category: Self-Help

Page: 150

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Blind Faith, Blind Ambition is more than just the compelling story of a common man with uncommon faith creating extraordinary results. It's a recipe for how anyone can achieve this for themselves. Eric Schaffert was modestly born and raised in steel country, in Mahoning County - and has lived most of his life in that region. Yet he has become one of the most decorated sales professionals in the history of the world's largest pharmaceutical company. His secret to success is so simple, it's available to anyone. In the author's words: "Everything we see, experience or create in our life, our world, starts with a dream. The ability to dream big dreams is what has historically made America and Americans especially unique. There seems to be, however, a mentality in many areas that the American dream of finding success, however you wish to define it, is dead. More than a few have intimated that dreaming big dreams is a romantic endeavor without much utility in the real world. If someone had told me in 1976 that I would achieve both financial independence and fulfillment in my chosen profession, I would have said that's a wonderful vision. If that same person said I would also be associated with one of the world's pharmaceutical giants, be inducted into their sales Hall of Fame, and to then accept this award during a ceremony at Mar-a-Lago, the home of Donald Trump, I would have said this person's ability to dream big dreams exceeded even mine. Every one of us has a 'Mahoning County' in our personal history - where we were born, where we grew up, where we started our careers. I also believe each and every one of us has a 'Mar-a-Lago' in our personal dreams - that special destination we hope our life's journey will lead us to both professionally and personally. My story is not only about finding success and fulfillment in sales or business, but more importantly the business of life. Follow my journey to Mar-a-Lago. It is my sincere wish that I inspire you in at least some small way to not only dream but to also find the faith I have found, one that will sustain you in the pursuit of your dreams."

Many Thoughts of Many Minds

Being a Treasury of Reference Consisting of Selections from the Writings of the Most Celebrated Authors ...

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Quotations

Page: 682

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Blind Ambition

Author: G. Hauser

Publisher: Silver Publishing

ISBN: 9781453686195


Page: 328

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Dr. Jason Phillips had always resented living in the isolated town of Carlisle, England with its cold rainy long winters and small town mentality. Working as an orthopedic surgeon in Carlisle General Hospital, dating a pretty, but dim, nurse, Jason was forced to stay put in his unhappy surroundings by the lure of a large inheritance. Working on-call in casualty one night, Jason meets a twenty year old man who has just been hit by a motor car. Ewan P. Gallagher is an aspiring actor who was staring in a role at the local playhouse theatre. Young, fresh, talented and bold, Ewan fell for the handsome doctor at first sight, not hiding his attraction for the thirty-something year old single male very well. Eventually, the truth about Jason's sexual nature begins to complicate his simple life and as a final blow, his aging aunt makes him choose between his greed and his passion. CONTENT ADVISORY: This title is a re-edited re-release. Blind Ambition was formerly titled The Physician and the Actor and the sequel is For Love and Money.


Blind Ambition

Author: Chris Godwin

Publisher: St. Clair Publications

ISBN: 9781935786108


Page: 458

View: 9416


Shakar: Blind Ambition is an sci-fi adult fantasy told in the third person. Ayesha has her sights set on wedlock with Schezan, heir to the High Obajan, who is overall ruler of the Shakar race. Their attraction is mutual. Varoi is a warrior in search of his soulmate, with an outstanding score to settle with Schezan.Varoi is in pursuit of marauders when Ayesha makes contact; her timing is a potentially perilous distraction. Later, Varoi meets Ayesha and promptly declares his interest. She, however, is initially unimpressed.As she discovers more about both males, she becomes torn by divided loyalties and her inability to choose between Varoi and his rival, Schezan, and avoids contact with both. Follow their exciting adventures, which reveal a side of Schezan previously unseen, and lead Varoi, even at near-impossible odds, to risk his life for healing and love.