Baseball America 2018 Directory

Who's Who in Baseball, and Where to Find Them

Author: N.A

Publisher: Baseball America

ISBN: 9781932391770

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The Baseball America Directory is the single-source reference for every team in every league, whether professional or amateur, where the key personnel reside, and how to get in touch with them. The Directory features key staff and contact information for all major league and minor league teams, as well as all Division I college teams and most significant leagues and other baseball organizations. It also includes all 2018 major and minor league schedules

100 Years of Who's Who in Baseball

Author: Douglas B. Lyons,Who's Who In Baseball

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493017225

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 216

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In celebration of the 100th issue of Who’s Who in Baseball—one of the game’s most venerable publications—comes a century's worth of the annual's iconic covers, insightful breakdowns of the players featured on those covers, and informative accounts of the baseball history tied to each year’s issue. 100 Years of Who’s Who in Baseball is a colorful, must-have book of baseball nostalgia for fans of the American Pastime. The start of the baseball season brings with it a host of annual traditions and reminders, and one of the most beloved—the annual Who’s Who in Baseball—arrives on newsstands across the country every Spring Training. The 2015 season marks 100 years of Who’s Who delivering year-by-year stats to generations of baseball fans to quickly and easily track a player’s performance from the minors to the majors. And while Who’s Who is trusted as an authoritative source of baseball statistics and has been used by generations of club executives, broadcasters, journalists, and fans—it’s the publication’s cover subject that each year generates as much hot-stove speculation and buzz as off-season rumors of trades, firings, and pitching rotations. In partnership with Who’s Who in Baseball, this celebratory book features each of the annual's 100 iconic covers in full color along with an account of why the player rated the cover and what was going on in baseball at the time. From baseball’s deadball era to the dawn of “replay review,” this collection offers a gorgeously illustrated history of the game.

Baseball America 2019 Directory

Who's Who in Baseball, and Where to Find Them

Author: N.A

Publisher: Baseball America

ISBN: 9781932391831

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The Baseball America Directory is the single-source reference for every team in every league, whether professional or amateur, where the key personnel reside, and how to get in touch with them. The Directory features key staff and contact information for all major league and minor league teams, as well as all Division I college teams and most significant leagues and other baseball organizations. It also includes all 2019 major and minor league schedules

Baseball in Europe

A Country by Country History

Author: Josh Chetwynd

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786451750

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 344

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Many are aware that baseball's European ancestry stretches back centuries, but few realize just how extensive the modern game's history is on the Continent and British Isles. Baseball as we recognize it has been played there since the 1870s, and in several countries the players and devoted followers have included royalty, Hall of Famers from the U.S. major leagues, and captains of industry. Organized by country, this heavily researched book delves into the history of baseball in 40 nations, describing not only the efforts to spread the game but also the culture of baseball unique to Europe. Appendices cover topics from major leaguers who have played in European domestic leagues to a glossary of baseball terms in seven European languages.

When Life Grabs You by the Baseballs

Finding Happiness in Life's Changeups

Author: Jon Peters

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946114051

Category: Baseball players

Page: 264

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Jon Peters had it all: record-breaking high school baseball pitcher, on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a beautiful girlfriend. His dream was to play pro baseball. Until his fourth arm surgery... Find out in this book how he's at last found value, fulfillment, and purpose as he shares the secrets he's learned to living a happy life.

Baseball Autograph Collectors' Handbook

Author: R. J. Smalling,Baseball America (Firm)

Publisher: Baseball America

ISBN: 9780945164104

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

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Completely revised and updated, this new edition provides entries for all players, managers, coaches, and umpires from the 1910 through the 1998 Major League baseball seasons. Players are presented by Major League debut year in alphabetical order, each listing features a player's current mailing address, last known address, or date and place of death. Smalling also offers a section on how to collect autographs as well as a glossary of terms.

Baseball America 2018 Almanac

Author: N.A

Publisher: Baseball America

ISBN: 9781932391756

Category: Sports & Recreation

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The Baseball America Almanac has always been the best baseball annual, and now it's the only book on the market that sums up the year in baseball from the majors to the minors and down through every amateur level as well. Numbers and commentary help fans recall all the great moments from the season that was 2017 The 2017 baseball season will be one to remember, and no book offers a more complete capsule of the year than the Baseball America Almanac, which takes you all the way from winter ball to the World Series. The 2018 Almanac has all the major league and minor league news and statistics, a review of every organization's season, comprehensive college coverage, a full recap of the 2017 draft, high school and youth baseball highlights, and even foreign league coverage

Pinstripe Empire

The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to After the Boss

Author: Marty Appel

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1620400472

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 656

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Is there a sports team more synonymous with winning than the New York Yankees? The team of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Ford, Mantle, Jackson, Mattingly? Of Torre, Jeter, and Rivera? Of forty American League pennants, twenty-seven World Championships, and nearly forty Hall of Famers? Like so many great American institutions, the Yankees began humbly, on the muddy, uneven grass of Hilltop Park. Eighteen years later the little second-class franchise won its first pennant. Today, the Yankees are worth more than a billion dollars. It's been nearly seventy years since Frank Graham wrote the last narrative history of the Yankees. Marty Appel, the Yankees' PR director during the 1970s, now illuminates the team in its hundred-plus years of glory: clever, maneuvering owners; rowdy, talented players; great stories behind the great stories. Appel heard tales from old-timers like Waite Hoyt, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, and Whitey Ford, and has remained close to the organization ever since. He gives life to the team's history, from the demise of Hilltop Park in the 1900s to the evolution of today's team as an international brand. With a wealth of photographs, this is a treasure trove for lovers of sports, the Yankees, New York history, and America's game.

Do You Want to Work in Baseball?

How to Acquire a Job in MLB & Mentorship in Scouting/Player Development

Author: Bill Geivett

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483590976

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 354

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Bill Geivett's- Do You Want to Work in Baseball? Do you want to know the process of acquiring employment in MLB? Have you wondered how baseball scouts evaluate players? Do you want to know more about professional baseball Player Development? Bill Geivett draws on his 28 years of experience in professional baseball to answer these questions. He offers his insights from his time as a player, scout, and front office executive. Do You Want to Work in Baseball? is more than a "how to" description of details to remember. It is filled with Bill's real-life lessons learned from the varied roles he has held for Major League Baseball Clubs including the California Angels, New York Yankees, Montreal Expos,Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Colorado Rockies. For anyone who desires a career in Major League Baseball or any professional sport, as well as, athletes, parents, and fans, Do You Want to Work in Baseball? is a unique practical look into a world that only a few have seen first-hand. This book details the necessary preparation and extensive work required to attain an interview or employment in today's competitive landscape of professional sports. It also details the process of scouting younger athletes and projecting their abilities into the future. Lastly, it takes the reader into a thought-provoking look at professional Player Development and the intricate processes and perspectives involved. The book includes some colorful stories about Tommy Lasorda, Joe Maddon and FP Santangelo, among others.

American Jews and America's Game

Voices of a Growing Legacy in Baseball

Author: Larry Ruttman

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496209923

Category: Social Science

Page: 544

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Most fans don’t know how far the Jewish presence in baseball extends beyond a few famous players such as Greenberg, Rosen, Koufax, Holtzman, Green, Ausmus, Youkilis, Braun, and Kinsler. In fact, that presence extends to the baseball commissioner Bud Selig, labor leaders Marvin Miller and Don Fehr, owners Jerry Reinsdorf and Stuart Sternberg, officials Theo Epstein and Mark Shapiro, sportswriters Murray Chass, Ross Newhan, Ira Berkow, and Roger Kahn, and even famous Jewish baseball fans like Alan Dershowitz and Barney Frank. The life stories of these and many others, on and off the field, have been compiled from nearly fifty in-depth interviews and arranged by decade in this edifying and entertaining work of oral and cultural history. In American Jews and America’s Game each person talks about growing up Jewish and dealing with Jewish identity, assimilation, intermarriage, future viability, religious observance, anti-Semitism, and Israel. Each tells about being in the midst of the colorful pantheon of players who, over the past seventy-five years or more, have made baseball what it is. Their stories tell, as no previous book has, the history of the larger-than-life role of Jews in America’s pastime.

Cuba's Baseball Defectors

The Inside Story

Author: Peter C. Bjarkman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442247991

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 386

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This book reveals the complete truth behind the wave of Cuban baseball talent coming to MLB, placing recent events in the context of Cuban baseball history before delving into the stories of the major Cuban stars who have left the island. It shares their personal histories, explains why many chose defection, and details their harrowing journeys.

Past Time

Baseball as History

Author: Jules Tygiel

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195089588

Category: History

Page: 258

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Discusses baseball's history and the game's relationship to American society from the 1850s until the present day.

Baseball in the Garden of Eden

The Secret History of the Early Game

Author: John Thorn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743294041

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 365

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A history of the rise and fall of baseball in America challenges popular beliefs about the game's evolution while revealing how it reflects popular culture, citing the roles of such contributing factors as gambling and religion.

The Phenomenon

Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life

Author: Rick Ankiel

Publisher: PublicAffairs

ISBN: 1610396871

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Rick Ankiel had the talent to be one of the best pitchers ever. Then, one day, he lost it. The Phenomenon is the story of how St. Louis Cardinals prodigy Rick Ankiel lost his once-in-a-generation ability to pitch--not due to an injury or a bolt of lightning, but a mysterious anxiety condition widely known as "the Yips." It came without warning, in the middle of a playoff game, with millions of people watching. And it has never gone away. Yet the true test of Ankiel's character came not on the mound, but in the long days and nights that followed as he searched for a way to get back in the game. For four and a half years, he fought the Yips with every arrow in his quiver: psychotherapy, medication, deep-breathing exercises, self-help books, and, eventually, vodka. And then, after reconsidering his whole life at the age of twenty-five, Ankiel made an amazing turnaround: returning to the Major Leagues as a hitter and playing seven successful seasons. This book is an incredible story about a universal experience--pressure--and what happened when a person on the brink had to make a choice about who he was going to be.

The Tropic of Baseball

Baseball in the Dominican Republic

Author: Rob Ruck

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803289789

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 217

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Looks at the history of baseball in the Dominican Republic and looks at the most prominent Dominicans to reach the Major Leagues

A Long Pitch Home

Author: Natalie Dias Lorenzi

Publisher: Charlesbridge

ISBN: 1607348705

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 3291


Ten-year-old Bilal liked his life back home in Pakistan. He was a star on his cricket team. But when his father suddenly sends the family to live with their aunt and uncle in America, nothing is familiar. While Bilal tries to keep up with his cousin Jalaal by joining a baseball league and practicing his English, he wonders when his father will join the family in Virginia. Maybe if Bilal can prove himself on the pitcher’s mound, his father will make it to see him play. But playing baseball means navigating relation-ships with the guys, and with Jordan, the only girl on the team—the player no one but Bilal wants to be friends with. A sensitive and endearing contemporary novel about family, friends, and assimilation.

Baseball's Roaring Twenties

A Decade of Legends, Characters, and Diamond Adventures

Author: Ronald T. Waldo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442274263

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 290

View: 9435


In Baseball’s Roaring Twenties, Ronald T. Waldo recounts the rollicking escapades surrounding a distinctive collection of players, managers, umpires, and fans that truly personified this era of baseball history. Waldo includes a mix of unique stories and amusing tales surrounding baseball greats like Babe Ruth, John McGraw, Connie Mack, Rabbit Maranville, and Casey Stengel, alongside less famous diamond performers such as Duster Mails, Jay Kirke, Jimmy O’Connell, and Possum Whitted.

Draplin Design Co.

Pretty Much Everything

Author: Aaron James Draplin

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1613129963

Category: Design

Page: 256

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Esquire. Ford Motors. Burton Snowboards. The Obama Administration. While all of these brands are vastly different, they share at least one thing in com­mon: a teeny, little bit of Aaron James Draplin. Draplin is one of the new school of influential graphic designers who combine the power of design, social media, entrepreneurship, and DIY aesthetic to create a successful business and way of life. Pretty Much Everything is a mid-career survey of work, case studies, inspiration, road stories, lists, maps, how-tos, and advice. It includes examples of his work—posters, record covers, logos—and presents the process behind his design with projects like Field Notes and the “Things We Love” State Posters. Draplin also offers valuable advice and hilarious commentary that illustrates how much more goes into design than just what appears on the page. With Draplin’s humor and pointed observations on the contemporary design scene, Draplin Design Co. is the complete package for the new generation of designers.