Autism and Spirituality

Psyche, Self and Spirit in People on the Autism Spectrum

Author: Olga Bogdashina

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub

ISBN: 9781849052856

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

View: 5735


Spirituality plays a vital role in the lives of many people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Drawing on interdisciplinary research as well as first-hand experiences of people with ASD, Olga Bogdashina shows how people with ASD experience their inner worlds and sense of self, and how this shapes the spiritual dimension of their lives.

Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development

Author: Elizabeth M. Dowling,W. George Scarlett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761928839

Category: Psychology

Page: 528

View: 8257


The Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development is the first reference work to focus on the developmental process of religion and spirituality across the human life span. Spiritual development is an important part of human development that has links to identity development, moral development, and civic engagement. This innovative Encyclopedia offers insight into the characteristics of people and their contexts that interact to influence religious and spiritual development over time. Editors Elizabeth M. Dowling and W. George Scarlett provide readers with glimpses into the religious and spiritual developmental trajectories of people from all over the world, from many different religious and spiritual backgrounds.

The Doctor Is In: My Success at the Crossroads of Autism and Spirituality

Author: Dr. Patrick V. Suglia


ISBN: 1304267687

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 268

View: 8930


This book takes you on a journey through the life and the mind of someone who accomplished what seems impossible for most people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It takes a rather intimate look at what makes Dr. Suglia tick and how he thinks. At the same time, practical advice is offered for helping challenged individuals to cope and to develop skills that can help them learn and develop. In the final chapters of the book, we examine spiritual yet not religious principles and teachings that Dr. Suglia has come to rely on as a source of healing and managing the stressors of life. Under the guidance of spiritual teachers, his journey continues through much geographical and social upheaval as the spiritual aspects of life give him an inner strength uncommon to most people with autism. Dr. Suglia offers advice to fellow people on the autism spectrum, helping them to discover life through an objective viewpoint while keeping in mind that there is a "bigger picture" to be explored.

Autism, Humanity and Personhood

A Christ-Centred Theological Anthropology

Author: Jennifer Anne Cox

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443891568

Category: Religion

Page: 255

View: 3230


Theological anthropology is charged with providing an understanding of the human, but there are numerous challenges to this. Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder, the main characteristic of which is difficulty in social interaction. In its severest form, a person with low-functioning autism may be both intellectually impaired and unable to relate to others as persons. Theological anthropology can exclude people who are cognitively impaired because it has historically upheld reason as the image of God. Recent theology of intellectual disability has bypassed this difficulty by emphasising relationality as the image of God. However, this approach has the unfortunate consequence of excluding people with severe low-functioning autism. This calls for a new approach to theological anthropology. Autism, Humanity and Personhood provides a Christ-centred, inclusive anthropology which does not exclude people with severe autism. The book takes a conservative evangelical approach to severe autism and the challenges it poses to theological anthropology. It considers significant aspects of salvation history – creation, incarnation, atonement and resurrection – in order to build a solid theological foundation for an inclusive theological anthropology. As long as we look within the individual, it is difficult to find a solid basis for the humanity of people who are severely intellectually and developmentally impaired. Instead of trying to ground humanity and personhood within the individual with autism, the book outlines an extrinsic basis for theological anthropology. That extrinsic basis is the gift of humanness and personhood from Jesus Christ, who alone is fully human and the true image of God. Jesus has overcome sin and death, which have wreaked havoc on the human person. Therefore, his incarnate life, death and resurrection are more than enough basis to declare that people with the most severe intellectual and developmental impairment are truly human persons.

Spirituality and the Autism Spectrum

Of Falling Sparrows

Author: Abe Isanon

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub

ISBN: 9781843100263

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 143

View: 3322


Defining spirituality as the spirit with which we confront concrete reality, this is the first book to focus on the spirituality of people with autism spectrum disorders. Drawing on verbal and non-verbal narratives, the author explores the individual's struggle to come to terms with his or her humanity, as well as the spirituality of those who can neither reflect upon, nor express, their own life experiences, and how this affects both them and their carers.

Autism and the God Connection

Redefining the Autistic Experience Through Extraordinary Accounts of Spiritual Giftedness

Author: William Stillman

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1402219784

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 799


Everyone who seeks a more compassionate and wise life will benefit from this wonderful, insightful, and beautiful book. It is a very short step from understanding autism and the God connection to understanding you and the God Connection. ---Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Master "Autism and the God Connection is a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. Mr. Stillman describes the discoveries that unfold from conversations that he has with people that have a difficult time with conventional communication. He is able to see, feel and hear people from different perspectives." --Nicki Fischer, executive director, publisher and editor, The Autism Perspective Magazine Autism impacts one out of every 166 children--ten times higher than just ten years ago. Despite the international scrambling of scientists to provide an explanation, there remains no single known cause for the rise in autism. Autism and the God Connection views autism through a spiritual prism, unlocking its hidden meaning. Through countless interviews William Stillman documents extraordinary examples of spiritual giftedness. Autism and the God Connection boldly challenges our traditionally held beliefs about people with disabilities. Readers looking for hope, inspiration and a deeper understanding of their loved ones will appreciate the affirming anecdotes of ordinary families.

Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Second Edition

Different Sensory Experiences - Different Perceptual Worlds

Author: Olga Bogdashina

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784501794

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 4494


Completely revised and updated, this book focuses on sensory perceptual problems as identified by individuals on the autism spectrum. Despite frequently being identified by individuals with autism as one of the main problems they face, sensory perceptual issues are still often overlooked by professionals. The author covers the sensory perceptual experiences and sensitivities seen in autism spectrum conditions, and the cognitive differences caused by them. She considers assessment and intervention, and makes practical recommendations for selecting appropriate methods and techniques to eliminate sensory perceptual problems and enhance individual strengths. Brought up-to-date with current research and the latest thinking on autism, this book enables teachers, parents, professionals and individuals with autism fully to understand and address the problematic aspects of the sensory perceptual differences of people with autism spectrum conditions.

Optimal Treatment for Children with Autism and Other Neuropsychiatric Conditions

Author: Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595796109

Category: Medical

Page: 210

View: 1733


1 out of every 6 children in America suffers from problems such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and aggression! Why? Is your child at risk? Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier provides a comprehensive and unique look at autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions providing vital information to parents, professionals and others concerned with neurodevelopmental disorders. Optimal Treatment for Children with Autism and other Neuropsychiatric Conditions presents autism and related conditions from all angles and provides parents and caregivers with a wealth of practical recommendations regarding treatment options. In addition: Learn about the history and cause of autistic spectrum disorders. See what role genes, the environment and vaccines play. Find out about behavioral, educational and the latest biomedical treatments available for autism and various other neurological disorders. Learn how to distinguish between genuine versus exploitative therapies in autism. Get information on the earliest manifestations of autism. Discover how the RESTORATION model can provide optimal treatment for people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier is a Christian pediatric neurologist who has developed the RESTORATION model. This was created to address complex problems seen in neurological patients, including those with autism.

Asperger's on the Job

Must-Have Advice for People with Asperger's Or High Functioning Autism, and Their Employers, Educators, and Advocates

Author: Rudy Simone

Publisher: Future Horizons

ISBN: 1935274090

Category: Psychology

Page: 156

View: 2653


Up to 85% of the Asperger's population are without full-time employment, though many have above-average intelligence. Rudy Simone, an adult with Asperger's Syndrome and an accomplished author, consultant, and musician, created this insightful resource to help employers, educators, and therapists accommodate this growing population, and to help people with Asperger's find and keep gainful employment. Rudy's candid advice is based on her personal experiences and the experiences of over fifty adults with Asperger's from all over the world, in addition to their employers and numerous experts in the field. Detailed lists provide balanced guidelines for success, while Rudy's "Interview Tips" and "Personal Job Map" tools will help Aspergians, young or old, find their employment niche. There is more to a job than what the tasks are: from social blunders, to sensory issues, to bullying by coworkers, Simone presents solutions to difficult challenges. Readers will be enriched, enlightened, and ready to work--together!

Mediale Medizin

Der wahre Ursprung von Krankheit und Heilung

Author: Anthony William

Publisher: Arkana

ISBN: 3641183901

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 464

View: 7265


Seit seiner Kindheit besitzt Anthony William eine einzigartige Gabe: Ein göttlicher Geist flüstert ihm äußerst präzise Informationen zum Gesundheitszustand seiner Mitmenschen ins Ohr. Diese medialen Botschaften zeigen nicht nur, an welcher Krankheit der Betroffene leidet, sondern auch, wie er wieder vollständig gesund wird – und sind dem heutigen Stand der Medizin oft um Lichtjahre voraus. Dieses Buch enthält erstmals das revolutionäre Heilwissen, das sich Anthony William in seiner langjährigen, erfolgreichen Praxis als medizinisches Medium erwarb. Es zeigt die wahren Ursachen von Krankheiten, die in der Medizinwissenschaft als chronisch oder unheilbar gelten, wie beispielsweise Rheumatoide Arthritis, Multiple Sklerose, Typ-2-Diabetes, hormonelle Erkrankungen, chronisches Müdigkeitssyndrom oder Borreliose. Neben der Ursache benennt William einfache, leicht gangbare Wege der Heilung: Detox, Superfoods, Ernährungstipps und eine reinigende 28-tägige Heilkur.

Unclouded by Longing

Meditations on Autism and Being Present in an Overwhelming World

Author: Christopher Goodchild

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 178450386X

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 1770


Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing.' Lao-Tzu (poet and philosopher) In this collection of short, contemplative, enlightening reflections, spiritual teacher and Quaker Christopher Goodchild, inspired by his own experiences, guides you through his spiritual and philosophical journey to his truest and most peaceful self. Written from a 'soul' perspective, the book reveals how, by looking beyond vulnerability to see innate strength, and searching beyond pain and turmoil to find peace and serenity, anyone can affirm their true humanity despite the hardships and distractions of modern life. Christopher's compassionate route through difficulties, doubt, grief and fear is marked with dynamic tenderness and an artful embrace of abundant sources of wisdom. Spirituality, psychology and philosophy are seamlessly woven together in an inclusive Quaker context, led by the common values of love and forgiveness. In a world increasingly weighed down with the baggage of the self, this book will speak to anyone searching for a more clear-sighted, meaningful presence in the eternal universe.

Schiffbruch mit Tiger


Author: Yann Martel

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104010323

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 3999


Schiffbruch mit Tiger? Diese Geschichte würden Sie nicht glauben? Kein Wunder. Fantastisch. Verwegen. Atemberaubend. Wahnsinnig komisch. Eine Geschichte, die Sie an Gott glauben lässt. Pi Patel, der Sohn eines indischen Zoobesitzers und praktizierender Hindu, Christ und Muslim erleidet mit einer Hyäne, einem Orang-Utan, einem verletzten Zebra und einem 450 Pfund schweren bengalischen Tiger namens Richard Parker Schiffbruch. Bald hat der Tiger alle erledigt - alle, außer Pi. Alleine treiben sie in einem Rettungsboot auf dem Ozean. Eine wundersame, abenteuerliche Odyssee beginnt. ››Martel schreibt wie ein leidenschaftlicher Paul Auster.‹‹ Times Literary Supplement ››Eine Reminiszenz an Italo Calvino.‹‹ Independent on Sunday

The Soul of Autism

Looking Beyond Labels to Unveil Spiritual Secrets of the Heart Savants: Easyread Large Edition

Author: William Stillman


ISBN: 1442954922

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 268

View: 1597


Discover the Spiritual Grace of People With Autism. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer ... combined. In Autism and the God Connection, William Still man presented extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness in autistic children and adults, persons often deemed intellectually inferior.

Poetry, Politics and Spirituality

Essays on Transcendence

Author: George Lysloff

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146913893X

Category: Poetry

Page: 270

View: 3763


Born in Paris, France from a Russian migr father and a Baltic-German mother, the author grewup in poverty, developed into a cosmopolitan minded individual. He studied medicine, worked as a psychiatrist and never stopped writing, fi rst in French, then in German and lastly in English. He immigrated to the US over 50 years ago and continued to expound on his poetry as well as his philosophical ideas, still very much infl uenced by his mostly French, but also more international, almost global views. He got married and sired three children, all quite successful. He presently lives in Wisconsin and the present book is his fourteenth-published product.

Autism, Spirituality, and Medical Mayhem

Author: Patrick Suglia,Rebecca Suglia

Publisher: Blue Pearl Publishing

ISBN: 9780692912089


Page: 228

View: 1895


In this book, Autism Spectrum Disorder is examined from differing points of view. Dr. Suglia examines potential medical and environmental triggers and discusses a rather progressive spiritual approach to understanding its prevalence in today's world. Throughout the book, many scientific and factual references are cited as evidence to support the statements being made. Dr. Suglia also shares deeply personal information about his own life's journey and his thought processes as a way of connecting with cohorts and people wishing to understand people with Autism Spectrum Disorder on a deeper yet pragmatic level.

A Friend's and Relative's Guide to Supporting the Family with Autism

How Can I Help?

Author: Ann Palmer

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857005670

Category: Psychology

Page: 224

View: 5612


When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), what the family really need, and often lack, is positive reassurance and understanding from those closest to them. This book is packed with advice on how extended family members and friends can provide the necessary support. Explaining the diagnosis and characteristics of ASD, this helpful guide uses examples from real families to illustrate the complex feelings that parents and each member of the family are likely to go through after a child is diagnosed. It gives practical tips on help that might be needed most, details the possible changes that will take place as the family adjusts and concludes with a comprehensive guide to other useful sources of information. This book will help strengthen relationships between parents and their extended family and friends, enabling a reliable support system to develop which will remain crucial to the child throughout their life.

Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs

Author: Bob Woodward

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781846426209

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 6653


'Bob Woodward, a respected member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and a senior co-worker at the Sheiling School, a Camphill Centre, draws on the practice both as a healer and curative educator in order to share key concepts of both areas of experience with the reader. Examples of individual healing sessions with children with a variety of special needs demonstrate the part that spiritual healing can play in calming emotional disturbance, and helping to restore harmony to body, soul and spirit: a marked improvement in the ability to relate to both peers and adults was noticed by carers and teacher.' - The Christian Parapsychologist Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs gives a fascinating account of individual healing sessions with children with complex special needs and moderate to severe learning difficulties. Drawing on his experience as a qualified spiritual healer and senior co-worker at The Sheiling School, a Camphill Centre, Bob Woodward shows how spiritual healing can help children with special needs to achieve peace and relaxation. From his perspective as both spiritual healer and curative educator, the author introduces the key concepts of both subject areas to the reader and explains how the two disciplines can be combined and applied, providing case examples of healing sessions with children with a range of special needs, including autism, epilepsy and emotional and behavioural difficulties. The author demonstrates the benefits of spiritual healing for these children as a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach that restores balance and harmony to body, soul and spirit. This unique book will be of interest to parents and professionals involved with special needs children, as well as practitioners of and those interested in spiritual healing.


Practical Advice from a Parent and Physician

Author: Michael A. Ellis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190259353

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 1403


When a professional states, "Your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)," it is enough to make your whole world fall apart. What does it mean to be on the autism spectrum? How will this affect your child's life, your life, the life of your family, and others you interact with? What sorts of medications, therapies, and alternative methods are used to help manage the disorder? What are the financial and legal ramifications? How will this affect schooling, your spiritual growth, and everyday life? These are just a few of the questions that will rapidly cross your mind. Caring for Autism: Practical Advice from a Parent and Physician delves into all these questions and more. As the father of a daughter with ASD and as a trained psychiatrist who specializes in ASD, Dr. Michael A. Ellis provides a holistic view of what comes after diagnosis. In user-friendly tones, he answers the most commonly asked questions about what it's actually like to live with ASD, what medications and therapies are available, and the global impact it has on the child's environment. With the help of his wife, Lori Layton Ellis, to provide a mother's perspective, Dr. Ellis shares personal stories of their 10-year journey in order to provide insight and support for anyone - patient, parent, caregiver - traversing the difficulties of autism.

Die Seele des Autismus

Warum wir die hohe Spiritualität von Menschen mit Autismus brauchen

Author: William Stillman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 3954470764

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 1951


»Wir sollten die Unterschiede zwischen uns feiern, statt sie zu fürchten!« - Dean Hamer, Autor von Das Gottes-Gen. Immer rascher steigt die Zahl der Menschen mit der Diagnose Autismus. Dabei ist eine allgemein gültige Ursache nicht bekannt. Hochrechnungen nach wird 2050 weltweit die Hälfte aller Kinder betroffen sein. Welchen Grund hat dieser dramatische Anstieg? Wir wissen, dass damit Fähigkeiten und Sensibilisierungen einhergehen, die uns heute noch unerklärlich sind. Ist Autismus vielleicht ein natürlicher Teil unserer Evolution? Wir können mehr darüber erfahren. Wir können uns in die Gedankenwelt dieser Menschen einfühlen. Wir können uns sogar selbst der zahlreichen Talente bedienen, die Kinder und Erwachsene mit Autismus auszeichnen. Es gibt so viel zu lernen von unseren Freunden mit Autismus über die Erweiterung des Bewusstseins. Sie gehen uns voran bei der Entwicklung einer neuen Menschheit. Das neue Buch des Autors von AUTISMUS UND DIE VERBUNDENHEIT MIT GOTT. Gewinner des Nautilus Book Award für Bücher, die unsere Gesellschaft verändern! William Stillman ist Autor von zehn Elternratgebern und weist selbst das Asperger-Syndrom auf. Als einziger Experte für Autismus und Spiritualität schreibt er für Fachmagazine, hält Vorträge, Workshops, macht TV-Auftritte und arbeitet als Berater für US-Behörden und Betroffene. Sein Schwerpunkt sind die besonderen mentalen Fähigkeiten von Menschen mit Autismus. Am vorliegenden Buch wurden bereits die Filmrechte vergeben. Die Mutter eines Kindes mit Autismus schreibt: »In zwanzig oder dreißig Jahren wird es vielleicht mehr autistische als nicht-autistische Menschen geben. Die Kinder, die zu den Führungspersönlichkeiten von morgen gehören werden, werden ziemlich wahrscheinlich autistisch sein und Größe besitzen ... Autismus ist Evolution!«