Art and Agency

An Anthropological Theory

Author: Alfred Gell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198280149

Category: Art

Page: 271

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Alfred Gell puts forward a new anthropological theory of visual art, seen as a form of instrumental action: the making of things as a means of influencing the thoughts and actions of others. He argues that existing anthropological and aesthetic theories take an overwhelmingly passive point of view, and questions the criteria that accord art status only to a certain class of objects and not to others. The anthropology of art is here reformulated as the anthropology of a category of action: Gell shows how art objects embody complex intentionalities and mediate social agency. He explores the psychology of patterns and perceptions, art and personhood, the control of knowledge, and the interpretation of meaning, drawing upon a diversity of artistic traditions--European, Indian, Polynesian, Melanesian, and Australian. Art and Agency was completed just before Alfred Gell's death at the age of 51 in January 1997. It embodies the intellectual bravura, lively wit, vigour, and erudition for which he was admired, and will stand as an enduring testament to one of the most gifted anthropologists of his generation.

Material turn: Feministische Perspektiven auf Materialität und Materialismus

Author: Imke Leicht,Christine Löw,Nadja Meisterhans,Katharina Volk

Publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich

ISBN: 3847404067

Category: Political Science

Page: 205

View: 2397


Das Thema Materialität wird innerhalb feministischer Forschungen in den letzten Jahren erneut diskutiert. Vor dem Hintergrund des material turn widmet sich der Band aktuellen Auseinandersetzungen mit Materialität und Materialismus. Dabei sollen zum einen bestehende Konfliktfelder zwischen Diskurs und Materialität sowie Struktur, Handlungsfähigkeit und Subjektivität aus feministischer Perspektive aufgezeigt werden. Zum anderen strebt der Band an, Potenziale einer verbindenden Perspektive auf 'neue' und 'alte' Konzeptionen von Materialität und Materialismen innerhalb feministischer Theorien und Praxen kritisch auszuloten.

Wir sind nie modern gewesen

Versuch einer symmetrischen Anthropologie

Author: Bruno Latour

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3050070153

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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Art's Agency and Art History

Author: Robin Osborne,Jeremy Tanner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470777273

Category: Art

Page: 240

View: 2505


Art's Agency and Art History re-articulates the relationship of the anthropology of art to key methodological and theoretical approaches in art history, sociology, and linguistics. Explores important concepts and perspectives in the anthropology of art Includes nine groundbreaking case studies by an internationally renowned group of art historians and art theorists Covers a wide range of periods, including Bronze-Age China, Classical Greece, Rome, and Mayan, as well as the modern Western world Features an introductory essay by leading experts, which helps clarify issues in the field Includes numerous illustrations

Streit der Interpretationen

Author: Umberto Eco

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783865725264


Page: 118

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"Das Mittelalter irrte, als es die Welt als Text verstand, die Moderne irrt, wenn sie den Text als Welt betrachtet." Zwischen diesen zeitlichen und inhaltlichen Extremen siedelt Umberto Eco den "Streit der Interpretationen" an. Interpretation bedeutet für Eco letztlich Verstehen der Welt und der Form, mit der sie in den Medien auf uns zukommt. An Beispielen von Sherlock Holmes bis zu Star Wars wird aufgezeigt, wie sehr wir im Zeitalter der Serie leben, wie oft der "gleiche Stoff" zwischen den Medien ausgetauscht und neu aufbereitet wird und wie wir hierdurch immer stärker auf das Wie statt das Was achten, wie wir zunehmend Interesse für ästhetische Verfahren zeigen und im Horizont einer endlos möglich scheinenden Variation einen Sieg über die Zeit erstreben. Bei aller Abstraktion, mit der Eco seinen Diskurs führt, bleibt er - und dies oft mit kämpferischem Humor - in seiner Auseinandersetzung mit Formen und Inhalten von Medienprodukten jeglicher Art der Praxis verbunden.

Art, Religion, Amnesia

The Enchantments of Credulity

Author: Donald Preziosi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136472762

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 152

View: 5519


Art, Religion, Amnesia addresses the relationship between art and religion in contemporary culture, directly challenging contemporary notions of art and religion as distinct social phenomena and explaining how such Western terms represent alternative and even antithetical modes of world-making. In this new book, Professor Preziosi offers a critique of the main thrust of writing in recent years on the subjects of art, religion, and their interconnections, outlining in detail a perspective which redefines the basic terms in which recent debates and discussions have been articulated both in the scholarly and popular literature, and in artistic, political and religious practice. Art, Religion and Amnesia proposes an alternative to the two conventional traditions of writing on the subject which have been devoted on the one hand to the ‘spiritual’ dimensions of artistry, and on the other hand to the (equally spurious) ‘aesthetic’ aspects of religion. The book interrogates the fundamental assumptions fuelling many current controversies over representation, idolatry, blasphemy, and political culture. Drawing on debates from Plato’s proposal to banish representational art from his ideal city-state to the Danish cartoons of Mohamed, Preziosi argues that recent debates have echoed a number of very ancient controversies in political philosophy, theology, and art history over the problem of representation and its functions in individual and social life. This book is a unique re-evaluation of the essential indeterminacy of meaning-making, marking a radically new approach to understanding the inextricability of aesthetics and theology and will be of interest to students and researchers in art history, philosophy and religion and cultural theory.

Theory After 'Theory'

Author: Jane Elliott,Derek Attridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136827404

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 322

View: 2467


This volume argues that theory, far from being dead, has undergone major shifts in order to come to terms with the most urgent cultural and political questions of today. Offering an overview of theory’s new directions, this groundbreaking collection includes essays on affect, biopolitics, biophilosophy, the aesthetic, and neoliberalism, as well as examinations of established areas such as subaltern studies, the postcolonial, and ethics. Influential figures such as Agamben, Badiou, Arendt, Deleuze, Derrida and Meillassoux are examined in a range of contexts. Gathering together some of the top thinkers in the field, this volume not only speculates on the fate of theory but shows its current diversity, encouraging conversation between divergent strands. Each section places the essays in their contexts and stages a comparison between different but ultimately related ways in which key thinkers are moving beyond poststructuralism. Contributors: Amanda Anderson, Ray Brassier, Adriana Cavarero, Eva Cherniavsky, Rey Chow, Claire Colebrook, Laurent Dubreuil, Roberto Esposito, Simon Gikandi, Martin Hagglünd, Peter Hallward, Brian Massumi, Peter Osborne, Elizabeth Povinelli, William Rasch, Henry Staten, Bernard Stiegler, Eugene Thacker, Cary Wolfe, Linda Zerilli.

Kunstvolle Wissenschaft

Aufklärung, Unterhaltung und der Niedergang der visuellen Bildung

Author: Barbara Maria Stafford

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783865724403


Page: 383

View: 3973


A Companion to Moral Anthropology

Author: Didier Fassin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118290585

Category: Social Science

Page: 664

View: 3565


A Companion to Moral Anthropology is the first collective consideration of the anthropological dimensions of morals, morality, and ethics. Original essays by international experts explore the various currents, approaches, and issues in this important new discipline, examining topics such as the ethnography of moralities, the study of moral subjectivities, and the exploration of moral economies. Investigates the central legacies of moral anthropology, the formation of moral facts and values, the context of local moralities, and the frontiers between moralities, politics, humanitarianism Features contributions from pioneers in the field of moral anthropology, as well as international experts in related fields such as moral philosophy, moral psychology, evolutionary biology and neuroethics

A Companion to Greek Art

Author: Tyler Jo Smith,Dimitris Plantzos

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118273370

Category: Art

Page: 888

View: 4410


A comprehensive, authoritative account of the development Greek Artthrough the 1st millennium BC. An invaluable resource for scholars dealing with the art,material culture and history of the post-classical world Includes voices from such diverse fields as art history,classical studies, and archaeology and offers a diversity of viewsto the topic Features an innovative group of chapters dealing with thereception of Greek art from the Middle Ages to the present Includes chapters on Chronology and Topography, as well asWorkshops and Technology Includes four major sections: Forms, Times and Places; Contactsand Colonies; Images and Meanings; Greek Art: Ancient toAntique

Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit

Drei Studien zur Kunstsoziologie

Author: Walter Benjamin

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518734059

Category: Philosophy

Page: 112

View: 5665


Walter Benjamin beschreibt in dem Aufsatz Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit die geschichtlichen, sozialen und ästhetischen Prozesse, die mit der technischen Reproduzierbarkeit des Kunstwerkes zusammenhängen. In die Reihe der kunstsoziologischen Arbeiten Benjamins gehören auch die beiden hier zum ersten Mal in Buchform veröffentlichten Texte: Kleine Geschichte der Photographie (1931) und Eduard Fuchs, der Sammler und der Historiker (1937). Sie erhärten Benjamins Einsichten am Einzelfall.

Shifting Stones, Shaping the Past

Sculpture from the Buddhist Stupas of Andhra Pradesh

Author: Catherine Becker

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199359407

Category: Art

Page: 321

View: 7743


In a wide-ranging exploration of the creation and use of Buddhist art in Andhra Pradesh, India, from the second and third centuries of the Common Era to the present, Catherine Becker shows how material remains and visual experiences shape and reveal essential human concerns. Shifting Stones, Shaping the Past begins with an analysis of the ornamentation of Andhra's ancient Buddhist sites, such as the lavish limestone reliefs depicting scenes of devotion and lively narratives on the mainstupa at Amaravati. As many such monuments have fallen into disrepair, it is temping to view them as ruins; however, through an examination of recent state-sponsored tourism campaigns and new devotional activities at the sites, Becker shows that the monuments are in active use and even ascribed innate power and agency. Becker finds intriguing parallels between the significance of imagery in ancient times and the new social, political, and religious roles of these objects and spaces. Whilethe precise functions expected of these monuments have shifted, the belief that they have the ability to effect spiritual and mental transformation has remained consistent. Becker argues that the efficacy of Buddhist art relies on the careful attention of its makers to the formal properties of art and to the harnessing of the imaginative potential of the human senses. In this respect, Buddhist art mirrors the teaching techniques attributed to the Buddha, who often engaged his pupils' desires and emotions as tools for spiritual progress.

A Companion to American Art

Author: John Davis,Jennifer A. Greenhill,Jason D. LaFountain

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118542495

Category: Art

Page: 680

View: 7602


A Companion to American Art presents 35newly-commissioned essays by leading scholars that explore themethodology, historiography, and current state of the field ofAmerican art history. Features contributions from a balance of established andemerging scholars, art and architectural historians, and otherspecialists Includes several paired essays to emphasize dialogue and debatebetween scholars on important contemporary issues in American arthistory Examines topics such as the methodological stakes in thewriting of American art history, changing ideas about whatconstitutes “Americanness,” and the relationship of artto public culture Offers a fascinating portrait of the evolution and currentstate of the field of American art history and suggests futuredirections of scholarship

Cultures and Globalization

Cultural Expression, Creativity and Innovation

Author: Helmut K Anheier,Yudhishthir Raj Isar

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473903793

Category: Social Science

Page: 488

View: 1038


'In the globalization 'game' there are no absolute winners and losers. Neither homogenisation nor diversity can capture its contradictory movement and character. The essays and papers collected here offer, from a variety of perspectives, a rich exploration of creativity and innovation, cultural expressions and globalization. This volume of essays, in all their diversity of contents and theoretical perspectives, demonstrates the rich value of this paradoxical, oxymoronic approach' - Stuart Hall, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the Open University Volume 3 of the Cultures & Globalization series, Creativity and Innovations, explores the interactions between globalization and the forms of cultural expression that are their basic resource. Bringing together over 25 high-profile authors from around the world, this volume addresses such questions as: What impacts does globalization have on cultural creativity and innovation? How is the evolving world 'map' of creativity related to the drivers and patterns of globalization? What are the relationships between creative acts, clusters, genres or institutions and cultural diversity? The volume is an indispensable reference tool for all scholars and students of contemporary arts and culture.

On Art in the Ancient Near East

From the Third Millennium B.c.e.

Author: Irene Winter

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004174990

Category: History

Page: 541

View: 4527


This second volume of Collected Essays, complement to volume one, focuses upon the art and culture of the third millennium B.C.E. in ancient Mesopotamia. Stress is upon the ability of free-standing sculpture and public monuments to both reflect cultural attitudes and to affect a viewing audience. Using Sumerian and Akkadian texts as well as works, the power of visual experience is pursued toward an understanding not only of the monuments but also of their times and our own.

A Companion to Modern African Art

Author: Gitti Salami,Monica Blackmun Visona

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118515056

Category: Art

Page: 648

View: 5959


Offering a wealth of perspectives on African modern and Modernist art from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, this new Companion features essays by African, European, and North American authors who assess the work of individual artists as well as exploring broader themes such as discoveries of new technologies and globalization. A pioneering continent-based assessment of modern art and modernity across Africa Includes original and previously unpublished fieldwork-based material Features new and complex theoretical arguments about the nature of modernity and Modernism Addresses a widely acknowledged gap in the literature on African Art